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Published: 1 month ago By: SSundee

By: SSundeePublished: 1 month ago

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Watch as SSundee and Crainer test out the new I am stone challenge and who will be better at hiding!! Who will be able to blend in with their surroundings the best, and who will get shot in the face first... LOL, Thanks for watching, I appreciate the support and any ratings would be greatly appreciated also!

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Neo(Made the gamemode!)

Kehaan's Links(Who made this lucky block)

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Ilir Mema
'Ilir Mema' 44 minutes ago
Ilir Mema
'Ilir Mema' 45 minutes ago
i knew it he was birt
Markuss Semjanihins
'Markuss Semjanihins' 2 hours ago
sundee eho are u?
pvzgamer i play pvz alot
lol music
'Kittie1223' 4 hours ago
do more pleeeaaassseee
Gwendolyn Lowery
'Gwendolyn Lowery' 5 hours ago
SSundee you opened Crainers block
Kitten & lighting
'Kitten & lighting' 7 hours ago
Your last block was a noise from sims 3
Diana Lalashius
'Diana Lalashius' 9 hours ago
do a sponge Bob lucky block challenge.
David Henry
'David Henry' 15 hours ago
I'm sooty
Renni Marston
'Renni Marston' 21 hours ago
Castle _crashersdude
'Castle _crashersdude' 22 hours ago
Stephen Miller
'Stephen Miller' 1 day ago
Keehan equals life
'최원화' 1 day ago
sundee i love your vids and i subed
The Jade Wolf
'The Jade Wolf' 1 day ago
Once I won a game of hide and seek by going inside the freezer(my aunt was the one who found me😆)
Archer Belsheim
'Archer Belsheim' 1 day ago
What is this... a barbe girl
Archer Belsheim
'Archer Belsheim' 1 day ago
I sub!
David Lay
'David Lay' 1 day ago
love +collestone=life
Trevor Schallert
'Trevor Schallert' 2 days ago
brian cheatham
'brian cheatham' 2 days ago
brian cheatham
'brian cheatham' 2 days ago
dam ssudea your the best
Mr. Highlight
'Mr. Highlight' 2 days ago
Could a get 5 likes it is my birthday
'coolgirl1020304' 2 days ago
I subscribed
Stacey Stoeckert
'Stacey Stoeckert' 2 days ago
Michael Henson
'Michael Henson' 2 days ago
$$$$$$$$$$ coddle ston $$:):):):) $$$$$$
Michael Henson
'Michael Henson' 3 days ago
coddle + coddle = coddle ston!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) $$$$$$
Derek Hondl
'Derek Hondl' 3 days ago
ssundee play beds wars
'BoMsH' 3 days ago
R.i.p gabe the dog :( you will be missed
Clever Ninjas
'Clever Ninjas' 3 days ago
he had a stick in his hand thoe
Jeff the killer creepypasta
I subed
'mmToasty' 3 days ago
Sometimes I wonder what the ages of all 7,000,000 Subs are. I Picture 40% of the Subs to be 12 or younger.
Mr.LuckyBo y
'Mr.LuckyBo y' 3 days ago
And is this the same video as i saw or what this is the same video
Mr.LuckyBo y
'Mr.LuckyBo y' 3 days ago
Im 13
Pearbpet W.
'Pearbpet W.' 3 days ago
I am lagging like crazy
9Lives 101
'9Lives 101' 3 days ago
ssundee u should do a try not to laugh on ur previous lucky block vids like if u agree
Joseph Walker
'Joseph Walker' 3 days ago
im a fan ssundee
Abigail Pedroza
'Abigail Pedroza' 3 days ago
Hi Bye
'Hi Bye' 3 days ago
hi ssundee
Joanne Mumaw
'Joanne Mumaw' 4 days ago
Hacker alert
Josephine Gerardo
'Josephine Gerardo' 4 days ago
lol i always hear a dota 2 sound
Demon Shadow
'Demon Shadow' 4 days ago
I have 'I'M a Barbie girl' on my mp3 I hate the song
Dylan White
'Dylan White' 4 days ago
Ivan Reyes
'Ivan Reyes' 4 days ago
i subbed
'TheGamingLlama' 4 days ago
I've been subbed for a long time SSundee
MIP Bradley 17
'MIP Bradley 17' 5 days ago
ssundee that snip snip looks op!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cillian Kelly
'Cillian Kelly' 5 days ago
Richard Leigh
'Richard Leigh' 5 days ago
I subbed
Juliana Zamora
'Juliana Zamora' 5 days ago
make more 60 second videos
Tonya  Smith
'Tonya Smith' 5 days ago
Manuel Alejandro Vargas Mota
I'd like to see another one of this type...
Sandra Rogers
'Sandra Rogers' 6 days ago
naruto lucky block
Dead Runner
'Dead Runner' 6 days ago
ahh Ssundee you didnt use giant shuriken or the stick or cloud in a bottle.
sahadat hossain
'sahadat hossain' 6 days ago
chaos gaming
'chaos gaming' 6 days ago
I sub
Al & Pat Budd
'Al & Pat Budd' 7 days ago
thank you
Carson Wittkower
'Carson Wittkower' 7 days ago
I'm 10000000000
Carson Wittkower
'Carson Wittkower' 7 days ago
Sorry probably the only 14 -year-old
Carson Wittkower
'Carson Wittkower' 7 days ago
I subscribed!!
Angelina and Arianna A
👾🤡🙂goon video
Jordan Souto
'Jordan Souto' 7 days ago
happy birthday
An angel ring looks like the golden snitch
'justin' 1 week ago
David Dees
'David Dees' 1 week ago
the sleep emogi is singing we are number one
Vang Grawly
'Vang Grawly' 1 week ago
This comment will never get pinned.
Playlist Maker
'Playlist Maker' 1 week ago
I subscribed
Happy Magic26
'Happy Magic26' 1 week ago
Are they aloud to take the other person's items they get from a lucky block
OSI Hunter
'OSI Hunter' 1 week ago
i'm poppy poppy poppy
Milo Blanton
'Milo Blanton' 1 week ago
I love this hide and seek can you do more?
EpicNoah July72001
yes #...huu
Hashir Ahmad
'Hashir Ahmad' 1 week ago
I subscribed
The Magnificent Sans
RIP Gabe the dog
wesflip05 gamer
'wesflip05 gamer' 1 week ago
im 11 😑
Jason OReilly
'Jason OReilly' 1 week ago
Im new and I just subscribed. Love your videos!!! :)
Finn Jury
'Finn Jury' 1 week ago
cobblestone the life cobblestone is love cobblestone is the best in ssundee
Simple_ Ninja
'Simple_ Ninja' 1 week ago
Stop it.
Get some help.
Chase Rinehart
'Chase Rinehart' 1 week ago
rfdttdgtfb hi
Ray Ernsb
'Ray Ernsb' 1 week ago
btw the one that said "i told I not to tuch it" is from Arthur a show im PBS Kids my little cuzin watches it
'Thorn' 1 week ago
Am I the only one who saw Crainer instantly the first round, and starting yelling at SSundee, "HE'S RIGHT THERE!"
TieganTaco Gaming
'TieganTaco Gaming' 2 weeks ago
We are number one but Gabe The Dog sings it remix
Andrew Lucero
'Andrew Lucero' 2 weeks ago
ninja moves!!!!!!
mr trollface
'mr trollface' 2 weeks ago
I subed
christopher paul
'christopher paul' 2 weeks ago
luke bridenbecker
'luke bridenbecker' 2 weeks ago
videos are awesome
'JustAZombie' 2 weeks ago
Dota 2 sounds Wow Ssundee Play Dota 2
Twisted Reaper
'Twisted Reaper' 2 weeks ago
craner blew ssudee out of the water
The Gamer
'The Gamer' 2 weeks ago
What the fuuuuuuuuuck
Sherry Ruan
'Sherry Ruan' 2 weeks ago
I just relized that ssundee is wearing 2 headphones
'MKTeGaming' 2 weeks ago
I love how he says "what is this" to every lucky block he breaks ❤️🤣🤣
Chad Andrews
'Chad Andrews' 2 weeks ago
seven deadly sina not a kid show it on Netflix
Nathaly Hernandez
'Nathaly Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
i 'll be nice to poor kend i don't how to spell his name
Zeid Belem
'Zeid Belem' 2 weeks ago
C. Cc.
juan septiceye
'juan septiceye' 2 weeks ago
i left a like for kehaan
Mr Gear
'Mr Gear' 2 weeks ago
Rose Soto
'Rose Soto' 2 weeks ago
everytime he opens a lucky block he says the number and the says "what is this?"
Robert Russell
'Robert Russell' 2 weeks ago
when your watching the video in the middle of it press fn and the number 0 at the same time.
Dark Note
'Dark Note' 2 weeks ago
You should do a emo lucky block IDK
Brandon Eveleigh
'Brandon Eveleigh' 2 weeks ago
I subscribed
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