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Weekend Update: Kim Kardashian - Saturday Night Live -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

4, 406, 830 views

17, 524 Likes   2, 362 Dislikes

Kim Kardashian (Nicki Minaj) explains her Paper magazine shoot was misinterpreted because the photos were missing the correct background.

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Moise Picard
'Moise Picard' 1 week ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂NICKI IS SO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fucked Up Faggot
'Fucked Up Faggot' 2 weeks ago
Terrible actress, terrible rapper
Jon Jones
'Jon Jones' 2 weeks ago
Minaj or kardashian ....same trash
Angel Victris
'Angel Victris' 3 weeks ago
To the people hating on Nicki Minaj. it's called having fun, have you heard or learned of it yet. you complain about how bad it is then you try to be Kim Kardashian and post it so we can see who's better. not trying to start an argument but it's cringe worthy when people complain over small and petty things. 😂😂
Amai Odayaka
'Amai Odayaka' 3 weeks ago
Fakeimpersonating Faker
Ariel Mc fangirl Mendez
Nicki Minaj is my favorite favorite pop star! and she is doing this kim Kardashian imataching
Ryan Paladino
'Ryan Paladino' 1 month ago
'Eisenfaust1991' 2 months ago
'Avenues' 2 months ago
Why does Kim look like that anaconda girl in this video???
'ᴄᴀɴᴄᴇʀ' 2 months ago
why am I crying
Sandy Candy
'Sandy Candy' 2 months ago
Seeeee her boooobs are pretty big than kim kardashian
Kris Chaitram
'Kris Chaitram' 2 months ago
'Daria' 3 months ago
Um no. She cannot act I'm sorry. Nasim does the best Kim impersonation.
Dorra Rahali
'Dorra Rahali' 3 months ago
So not funny
BriNajah Jones
'BriNajah Jones' 3 months ago
'rob73146' 3 months ago
Why does this video show up when I search for Nadim Pedrad?
Jimbo Jub
'Jimbo Jub' 3 months ago
Damn she has a million dollar smile
Kevin Clavijo
'Kevin Clavijo' 3 months ago
She didn't sound anything like Kim
'MrsLensherrr' 3 months ago
she's such a good actress!
'eustagoesout' 3 months ago
Looks legit
Kanade Lapis
'Kanade Lapis' 3 months ago
Poor Nicki she sucks compared to Nasim.
Arioon ag
'Arioon ag' 4 months ago
But isnt kim white?
Elina Olegovna Obeh
'Elina Olegovna Obeh' 4 months ago
Nicki's smile 😍
John Loyola
'John Loyola' 4 months ago
Who is that male reporter?
Conor Larkin
'Conor Larkin' 4 months ago
How much mold does Niki have under her nasty azz wig?
ThothHeart Maat
'ThothHeart Maat' 4 months ago
titties on point the whole show...
Adhara Gusdianto
'Adhara Gusdianto' 4 months ago
never see nicki become a comedian
Kelvin Ng
'Kelvin Ng' 5 months ago
Twinkle toes
'Twinkle toes' 5 months ago
They got the right one to act as kim knowing she's as fake as her
Brian Clauson
'Brian Clauson' 5 months ago
Stick to music for sure...she's sucks at acting bad
s rico
's rico' 5 months ago
photo backgrounds were funny but get a legit actress next time not another possibly bigger whore .
Latenightowl KM
'Latenightowl KM' 5 months ago
hh h
'hh h' 5 months ago
Nicki sounds like Janice from friends here
Chanel9345 Mrs.smith
'Chanel9345 Mrs.smith' 5 months ago
shit was dumb she sound like herself smh
Serena Arthurs
'Serena Arthurs' 5 months ago
"X=FULL FRONTAL!" This is actually funny, even Nikki is funny.
Kent Abrahams
'Kent Abrahams' 6 months ago
She still sounds like Barbie to me😕
'sinkiy' 6 months ago
America will burn. No wonder why the globalists are going to destroy America. Holy shit millions of human beings love her? We are so fucking doomed. God bless the godless and poor. awaken your kundalini and reach for the source, good lord...
Unicorn Queenmvm9
'Unicorn Queenmvm9' 6 months ago
Nicki is so good at playing Kim
Tanner Drahota
'Tanner Drahota' 6 months ago
Erd Bzkrt
'Erd Bzkrt' 6 months ago
Polar Bear
'Polar Bear' 7 months ago
It's that Kim?
Maria Borges
'Maria Borges' 7 months ago
Ev in
'Ev in' 7 months ago
love this 😍❤😂 nicki you rock 😜
Just_Kay 99
'Just_Kay 99' 7 months ago
Watching it over and over she slayed it
'Starr' 8 months ago
The pot calling the kettle black.
'FuriousGamer2005' 8 months ago
I am suprised Nicki Minaj's boobs never came out
Sigui Tim
'Sigui Tim' 8 months ago
I'm simple person, I see boobs, I press like.
Sigui Tim
'Sigui Tim' 8 months ago
I didn't really look at niki's face during this lmao
Michael Quinn
'Michael Quinn' 8 months ago
talentless cunt mocking a talentless cunt, the irony...
Kendle Taylor
'Kendle Taylor' 8 months ago
All I saw was Nicki ... Her accent is too heavy that it just sounded like herself talking
Jazz CBH
'Jazz CBH' 9 months ago
Raymond Lee
'Raymond Lee' 9 months ago
We all know how hard that male reporter tried to not look at those knockers
Josh Andrews
'Josh Andrews' 9 months ago
Nicki is so hot good gawd
Elizabeth cannottell
'Elizabeth cannottell' 9 months ago
As a Jew I lost it at the end.
'Jackie' 9 months ago
dan nicky your bobbies
Owen Chen
'Owen Chen' 9 months ago
Idk why people don't think this is funny but I found it hilarious 😂😂
SMD 014
'SMD 014' 9 months ago
Terrible impression. All she did was act like herself but with more hand movements.
ashira vildor
'ashira vildor' 9 months ago
so funny
'SuperShafster' 10 months ago
OMG that rack!!!!!!!!
'NaturalBlessing' 10 months ago
she sound like herself
Motor Mouth
'Motor Mouth' 10 months ago
But she didn't act anything like killing nasim does a way better job
m3rrya !
'm3rrya !' 10 months ago
No Nasim, no go.
Serenity Norman allen
'Serenity Norman allen' 10 months ago
It's actually nikki minaj i loved 😱😂😜😝😛😇😎😋😆
'virtuallyglorious' 10 months ago
She sucks
President of La La Land
Who else got turnt at the closing news music?
'Scavenger' 10 months ago
Kim Kardashian's ass is disgusting. It's all deformed and weird.
nekira hodge
'nekira hodge' 10 months ago
Collin looked like he was in love with Nicki @ 1:56 😳
'ADRIANA CAROLI' 11 months ago
Natural carry v Jlo
Quantus X
'Quantus X' 11 months ago
Yeah sorry we're you saying something? I saw tits.
Rene Hernandez
'Rene Hernandez' 11 months ago
that was awesome Nicki did her best and literally acted like Kim
Mary Duffee
'Mary Duffee' 11 months ago
when he tries to touch nickis back at the end and she gives him a weird look and he immediately takes his hand away
little miss sunshine
'little miss sunshine' 11 months ago
She looks very much like nikki minag
Bliss zagar
'Bliss zagar' 11 months ago
arianna grande shouldve done this impersonation. the whole time i was watching it just sermed like nikki m being herself.
'ItZhypertron' 11 months ago
Nickis acting was good she nailed Kim, the writing was boring and not really funny 😳
Ian Meadows
'Ian Meadows' 11 months ago
Nicki does a perfect job acting as Kim
Shazad Ali
'Shazad Ali' 11 months ago
she a fukin slut i wouldn't even do a shit on her
'jayjay07' 11 months ago
Hey Nicki, send me some of those photos. C'mon babe I know you want to. Nicki, I love you. Hard to comment with one hand.
'somekindofmonster7' 11 months ago
"Completely out of contecksss." God dammit, Nicki Minaj.
'coned' 12 months ago
top 5 most annoying celebrity playing top 1 most annoying "celebrity". what a terrible terrible idea.
Joakim Kennedy
'Joakim Kennedy' 12 months ago
The minute I realized Kim was played by Nicki I was done. Lol 😂😂😂
Louisluvs Lyonne
'Louisluvs Lyonne' 12 months ago
Nicki Minaj is no Nasim Pedrad
'AdryenaVevo' 12 months ago
It was meant for her to look like she was reading stuff off the screen she was supposed to be Kim... tf? she was supposed to look stiff
Kameron Ramirez
'Kameron Ramirez' 1 year ago
Nicki is reading shit off of a screen that's not acting
'Nicole' 1 year ago
"Lekime!!" omg
Pixie Vega
'Pixie Vega' 1 year ago
mori de risa con su imitacion.. buenisimo jajajjajja
Jayquon Lee
'Jayquon Lee' 1 year ago
Nicki Fine Asf
Coffee Toffee
'Coffee Toffee' 1 year ago
I found this pretty funny, actually :)
Irate People
'Irate People' 1 year ago
Nicki Menage is such a butterface
'nflfan242' 1 year ago
If u don't like her acting just stare at her tits honestly
Angel Zamora
'Angel Zamora' 1 year ago
lol put his hand on her back looking at her breasts. she immediately gave him the look to get his hand off her lol o was cracking up
Symone Jones
'Symone Jones' 1 year ago
Kim talks like this all the gd time
Kayla Moore
'Kayla Moore' 1 year ago
it's NIKKI MINAJ! ( I think that's how you spell it?)
'Mely'sTube' 1 year ago
This was terrible...
'Wolfman7870' 1 year ago
And as of writing this comment, Meek Mill is still hitting dat. Damn...
Chica Gaming
'Chica Gaming' 1 year ago
it should be Niki if it is niki
Cinthia Gomez
'Cinthia Gomez' 1 year ago
She's not an actress people. Stop criticizing
'Krisan18' 1 year ago
lol...nicki so funny tho.
Jaden Callahan
'Jaden Callahan' 1 year ago
Her Pistols Go.........
Pure Ironn
'Pure Ironn' 1 year ago
Starring at Nikki's boobs the whole time
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