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Florida Georgia Line - Good Girl, Bad Boy (Static Version) -
Published: 6 months ago By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO

By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVOPublished: 6 months ago

1, 969, 351 views

13, 340 Likes   600 Dislikes

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Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Good Girl, Bad Boy. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Ashley Howley
'Ashley Howley' 3 days ago
OMG I love this song!
Lyle Chasing Hawk
'Lyle Chasing Hawk' 5 days ago
I have a friend and he's a bad boy and I have a good girl
Ricky Baker
'Ricky Baker' 7 days ago
good ass song
I Hope they make an official Video.
Rasmus Eriksson
'Rasmus Eriksson' 2 weeks ago
great song. a bit of a shame that they have recorded the refrain to sound like one breath since it's impossible to sing it like that live! Nevertheless a very good song and a nice arrangement.
Enzo de los santos
'Enzo de los santos' 2 weeks ago
i love this song!!
Stelles スバル
'Stelles スバル' 2 weeks ago
I'm a fucking badboy but I love a good girl. So i think we can't be togather
Shanique Gordon
'Shanique Gordon' 3 weeks ago
at the moment i am falling for a bad boy.... <3
Alex Drenin
'Alex Drenin' 3 weeks ago
everybody thinks my girlfriend can change me
Christyy Gee
'Christyy Gee' 3 weeks ago
Raped the replay button , my gosh
Miguel Eduardo
'Miguel Eduardo' 3 weeks ago
this song make video
Dakota Dyess
'Dakota Dyess' 3 weeks ago
me and my hubby love the the song fgl 💖💗💖💗💞💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💟💞💞💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💞💟💗💖💟❣💟💟💟
David McCann
'David McCann' 4 weeks ago
They should make a video
Kristina Jonson
'Kristina Jonson' 4 weeks ago
This explains me and husband lol
Lillian Moore
'Lillian Moore' 4 weeks ago
She's a good girl, sky blue turquoise
Fallin' for a bad boy, drivin' that Detroit
Big block, cruisin' up the blacktop
Turnin' up a corn row, scarecrow, farm house, gravel road
Comin' for a good girl, countin' down the sunset
Never been broke heart, racin' like a Corvette
michael baker
'michael baker' 4 weeks ago
after that crap song HOLY, i lost a bit of faith in FGL, but they brought me back in with this song. absolutely loving it
'fleetwood2016' 4 weeks ago
Bailey Hill
'Bailey Hill' 4 weeks ago
florda gaorgia line forever. i love you guys keep makin videos and go on a tour in canada omg plz
Tyler Simpson
'Tyler Simpson' 4 weeks ago
This song is so my life right now....
Betania Almeida
'Betania Almeida' 1 month ago
Amando mais vocês a cada música. 🎵🎶🎵🎶

Venham ao Brazil! 😍
raki tic
'raki tic' 1 month ago
good video
Karley Sanders
'Karley Sanders' 1 month ago
i love this song sooooooooooooo much i also like dig your roots.
Macie Brasseaux
'Macie Brasseaux' 1 month ago
this song reminds me of me and my bae😍
Autumn Clark
'Autumn Clark' 1 month ago
In love with this song!!! Too bad my bad boy decided to leave this too good girl behind.
'aciddripsk8' 1 month ago
518 ppl ride a Detroit
See You Later
'See You Later' 1 month ago
My life story
NEW Productions
'NEW Productions' 1 month ago
I kinda fell for a bad boy, but he eventually changed his ways to become the man I love deeply
Dawn Billman
'Dawn Billman' 1 month ago
Florida Georgia love all of you God bless you always ALL of u my kind of music
Nick Kachmarik
'Nick Kachmarik' 1 month ago
this song gets to me everytime...
Kyle Lawrence
'Kyle Lawrence' 1 month ago
music video
Kieran Celli
'Kieran Celli' 1 month ago
I fell for the bad boy and we've been together for ten years!!!! I LOVE MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshua Garvin
'Joshua Garvin' 1 month ago
why isn't this on the radio. one of there best.
Go Bro
'Go Bro's' 1 month ago
That is 507 edits
Wrestling and rappers Fame
nice beat af
Garrison Ezzell
'Garrison Ezzell' 1 month ago
blessed to be from here .. 😂
Paul Jr
'Paul Jr' 2 months ago
Wow! Florida Georgia Line can not come out with a song that is bad. Love the flow
Maria Salas
'Maria Salas' 2 months ago
absolutely in love with this song!!! definitely true!!!
david cody
'david cody' 2 months ago
hell yeah awesome
Colin Fowler
'Colin Fowler' 2 months ago
William Sherrieb
'William Sherrieb' 2 months ago
I need more! FLG a true drug on life : ))
Katilyn Stout
'Katilyn Stout' 2 months ago
This song is all I ever listen to and I love u
Kristina Renee
'Kristina Renee' 2 months ago
Keith Cretelle
'Keith Cretelle' 2 months ago
absolutely love this song
Ryan Ibbotson
'Ryan Ibbotson' 2 months ago
to Florida Georgia line this is a badass song keep up the good work I really wish I could see you in concert
'katiev9494' 2 months ago
Random ..but this reminds me of Tim and Lyla from Friday night Lights
Shawna Austin
'Shawna Austin' 2 months ago
love this song💘
taylor Valentine
'taylor Valentine' 2 months ago
I love y'all's songs!!!!!!!!!!My sister got 4 tickets to see ya'll and she is so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer Buchmann
'Jennifer Buchmann' 2 months ago
The Best🌸🌸🌸🌸
'theevilmeister' 2 months ago
Tanya Moellenberndt
'Tanya Moellenberndt' 2 months ago
Love this one another great one
anthony vert
'anthony vert' 2 months ago
Nice to hear some music these days that is about my faith. Never liked rap or hip hop or that criminal stuff. Bless FGL
Brittney Sprouse
'Brittney Sprouse' 3 months ago
Justin Eliff
'Justin Eliff' 3 months ago
I was having low hopes on this song but after listening to it it's excellent one of my favorites
Jamie Bell
'Jamie Bell' 3 months ago
My bf and I love this song so we made it our song. :)
'AnotherZombie' 3 months ago
I'm hoping this song gets a video, this is mine and my gf's song
Bboy Sid
'Bboy Sid' 3 months ago
Love you from india
Roseann Lee
'Roseann Lee' 3 months ago
Awesome ass song
Melina Melody
'Melina Melody' 3 months ago
Terrell Watson
'Terrell Watson' 3 months ago
Brandy Freeman
'Brandy Freeman' 3 months ago
love this song!
Abigail Morgan
'Abigail Morgan' 3 months ago
this reminds me of Aphmau and Aaron but the other way around a bad boy falling for a good girl
Dylan Fulk
'Dylan Fulk' 3 months ago
Hands down the most successful duo in country since Brooks and Dunn. Well done! Some of the best music around these days.
'gamerpro49' 3 months ago
Best song ever
Crystal C
'Crystal C' 3 months ago
This song. omg this song. absolute perfection.
Toi Robinson
'Toi Robinson' 3 months ago
I need me a bad boy
Brian Hudson
'Brian Hudson' 3 months ago
How lame to see a picture and not a video
Cheyenne Norman
'Cheyenne Norman' 3 months ago
Cool kids
'Cool kids' 3 months ago
SharpOperator #246
'SharpOperator #246' 4 months ago
love all there songs never hated one but this one I don't even understand it Don't make much since I don't like this one that's the first time I can say I hate a Florida Georgia line song
Sam Beecher
'Sam Beecher' 4 months ago
Willa Jackson
'Willa Jackson' 4 months ago
love love love this song
Jeffrey Mcdaniel
'Jeffrey Mcdaniel' 4 months ago
Hunter Nunn
'Hunter Nunn' 4 months ago
Hunter Nunn
'Hunter Nunn' 4 months ago
I have this to play almost the hole time and may we all and holy and confession ,music is healing, island are my favorite s9ngs lol
Hunter Nunn
'Hunter Nunn' 4 months ago
trying to be a good girl falling for a bad boy lol
Ken Malan
'Ken Malan' 4 months ago
Come one Florida Georgia line make a music video for this because this just hit 1 million views !!! Would love to see it
Justin Johnston
'Justin Johnston' 4 months ago
Anyone care to share what the hell a "static version" sounds like the studio track that's on the album, so I'm confused.
Paige Ettinger
'Paige Ettinger' 4 months ago
358 idiots disliked this song lol
'AnotherZombie' 4 months ago
by far my favorite song on this album
Altrean Chapman
'Altrean Chapman' 4 months ago
I love these guys thy are awesome and they're my favorite band in the whole wide world
'MAN LOST' 4 months ago
Emokitty 2021
'Emokitty 2021' 4 months ago
this song is awesome!!
Marina Bourner
'Marina Bourner' 4 months ago
I like your girlfriend they are hot!!!!!!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Morgan Snyder
'Morgan Snyder' 4 months ago
LOVE THIS SONG! You guys know what gets us!
Aaron Cedillo
'Aaron Cedillo' 4 months ago
Love it the first time I heard it's me and my girlfriend 😅😅
Connor Edwards
'Connor Edwards' 4 months ago
I love this song and decided to do my own cover! It's easy to find on my channel, and I'd love to hear what y'all think! Thanks in advance :)
Jacob Steed
'Jacob Steed' 4 months ago
sounds like what I do
Chris Eichelberger
'Chris Eichelberger' 4 months ago
One thing about LOVE & LIFE is that it's gonna be an all in, throw your cards down win or lose type of fight NO matter who you are or what you may seek to do. You've gotta play the game right and never QUIT because that's when you truly lose out on any and everything that could've been, should've seen, type of memories. Remember life is meant to take you high and low just hold on tight and smile throughout the entire ride you never know who you may find around the next turn...
winged wolf
'winged wolf' 5 months ago
please guy's we need the video so bad and make it fit good 😉
winged wolf
'winged wolf' 5 months ago
my type of love story 😚
Mekaylia Morris
'Mekaylia Morris' 5 months ago
Alain bruno
Mekaylia Morris
'Mekaylia Morris' 5 months ago
@Alain bruno
Mekaylia Morris
'Mekaylia Morris' 5 months ago
niggers be hating
Mekaylia Morris
'Mekaylia Morris' 5 months ago
fav song
Jessica Grose
'Jessica Grose' 5 months ago
This song is 100% my relationship
'S D' 5 months ago
The best song ever!!
Ice Huntz
'Ice Huntz' 5 months ago
My fav song can't stop listing to it
Jennifer Buchmann
'Jennifer Buchmann' 5 months ago
Adam Miller
'Adam Miller' 5 months ago
I wear out this album
Ethan Vance
'Ethan Vance' 5 months ago
This song speaks for a lot of shit I've been through. That girl can change you like a mf. Love is special. (No homo)
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