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Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill. Epic Rap Battles of History -
Published: 3 months ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 3 months ago

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Winston Churchill: Dan Bull

Teddy Roosevelt: EpicLLOYD

John Schrank - Javi Sanchez-Blanco

Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Nice Peter

Written by:
EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter, Dan Bull, Mike Betette, Zach Sherwin, Dante Cimadamore

Senior Director of Studios:
Michelle Maloney

Atul Singh

Associate Producer:
Shaun Lewin

Production Coordinator:
Matthew Schlissel

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter

Mixed by:
Jose "Choco" Reynoso and Nice Peter

Mastered by:
Jose "Choco" Reynoso

Music Supervisor:
Dante Cimadamore

Beat Produced by:
Hollywood Legend Productions & Jose "Choco" Reynoso

Video Editing by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Nice Peter, Javi Sánchez-Blanco

Assistant Editor:
Josh Best

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Javi Sánchez-Blanco & William Crespo

Costume Designer:
Sulai Lopez

Costuming Assistant/Senior PA:
Morgan Christensen

Department Make Up Head:
Brittany White

Make Up Assistant:
Katie Middleton

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Kyle Herman

Andy Chinn

Production Assistant:
Roberto Lewis

Produced by:
Atul Singh for Maker Studios


'LongArmDinosaur' 3 minutes ago
I like how hey added in "speak softly, and carry a big stick."
Mr Egghead
'Mr Egghead' 1 hour ago
Winston Churchill
'Erbation' 2 hours ago
Dean winchester and Daryl Dixon please
Dawn Allen
'Dawn Allen' 2 hours ago
Vlad the impailer vs Vladimir Putin
Steak And Shrimp
'Steak And Shrimp' 3 hours ago
We need Super Man vs Vision
Alec Laube
'Alec Laube' 3 hours ago
Theodore...churchhill sucked donkey balls
J Music
'J Music' 4 hours ago
Betty White vs Larry King
Ethan Muncy
'Ethan Muncy' 4 hours ago
Roosevelt defiantly won.
Blest Carolus
'Blest Carolus' 7 hours ago
How about Douglas McArthur and George Patton?
deez nutz
'deez nutz' 7 hours ago
lol people really do think churchill won the ww2? 90% of the german casulties was agains soviets. all uk did was bomb the shit out of germany with air bombers. uk kill more civillian then soldier tbh. stalin won the ww2. after ww2 for while soviets was undoubtly stronges country in the world.
Sammy Pasa
'Sammy Pasa' 8 hours ago
can you pls do paul heyman vs paul bearer wwe
'Neme' 8 hours ago
2:17 - Lincoln's
How about a Tom vs Jerry battle sometime?
Jesus Christ
'Jesus Christ' 8 hours ago
as an american, Winston Churchill won
Daniel Ragin
'Daniel Ragin' 9 hours ago
Lindsay Lohan vs Amanda Bynes
The Marne
'The Marne' 10 hours ago
how about this Cullen Bohannon VS John Marston 2 amazing western protagonists but one from a tv show and one from a game both are amazing seems like a good matchup
Kevin Murry
'Kevin Murry' 10 hours ago
Sylvester Stallone vs Sylvester the Cat
Kevin Murry
'Kevin Murry' 10 hours ago
Jesse Owens vs Jesse Jackson
Andrew Jackson vs Jesse Jackson
Kevin Murry
'Kevin Murry' 10 hours ago
Carl Lewis vs Emmanuel Lewis
Kevin Murry
'Kevin Murry' 10 hours ago
George Wallace vs. George Jefferson
George Jefferson vs George Jetson
George Wallace vs. George Jetson
Kevin Murry
'Kevin Murry' 10 hours ago
Two historical heads of state. Another good one. Lyrics were on point too.
Mr. Zap
'Mr. Zap' 11 hours ago
terry crews vs. mike tyson plz.
Xavier  Martin
'Xavier Martin' 11 hours ago
Wait shouldnt this be Franklin D. Roosevelt?
EDM House
'EDM House' 11 hours ago
Pretty close battle
David Garcia
'David Garcia' 11 hours ago
I need one Hitler vs Stalin.
'ckowkay' 12 hours ago
its 1 am and im supposed to be writing a research paper on winston churchill. 

Well this is better than nothing I guess
Daniel Liu
'Daniel Liu' 12 hours ago
Saitama vs Captain Underpants
Xasxha Gaming
'Xasxha Gaming' 12 hours ago
Magnus Carlsen vs Paul Morhpy
Louis Mayes
'Louis Mayes' 13 hours ago
we need Alan Turing vs Ada Lovelace
Shannon Hammell
'Shannon Hammell' 13 hours ago
Charles Dickens vs Mark Twain.
Loi Phung
'Loi Phung' 13 hours ago
How about John F. Kennedy vs Fidel Castro? :D
The Tinker
'The Tinker' 13 hours ago
Neegan vs Vlad the Impaler
The Tinker
'The Tinker' 13 hours ago
Teddy won
jaxon bacon
'jaxon bacon' 14 hours ago
We need Catniss everdeen and Legolas
Xxkaosxx Beauchamp
'Xxkaosxx Beauchamp' 14 hours ago
Churchill rapped him
Liam Clifford
'Liam Clifford' 15 hours ago
Ronaldo v Messi
Alex Marsh
'Alex Marsh' 15 hours ago
how about markiplier vs jacksepticeye in a studio
'CocoaTwist' 16 hours ago
Geez stop screeching boi we get it X'D
dudie dud
'dudie dud' 16 hours ago
Donald Trump vs Barack Obama
Braylin Harris
'Braylin Harris' 16 hours ago
Hitler vs Theodore Roosevelt
'QuickSmasherEXE' 16 hours ago
A more accurate insult would be "While you were back home Being Dead"
A-Task Productions
'A-Task Productions' 16 hours ago
i enjoyed this one i also like both of the actors but teddy won
khaled khayyat
'khaled khayyat' 17 hours ago
elmo vs mickey mouse
Elias Lorch
'Elias Lorch' 17 hours ago
wahts up bitcheeeess
'TBFDGaming' 18 hours ago
Churchill won
Rogue Overkill
'Rogue Overkill' 19 hours ago
I still don't understand why they didn't make it F.D.R.
'RandomDiscoWASD' 19 hours ago
dan bull killed it
Ahmed Muawia
'Ahmed Muawia' 20 hours ago
What about napoleon vs Victoria
Can I buy the beat somewhere?
'EMERALDJOKER XD' 20 hours ago
This one was truly for the history nerds like me
Old boi Faggot
'Old boi Faggot' 21 hours ago
'SwordCraft' 21 hours ago
Can you do something with Dr Robotnic/Eggman? Roosevelt made me think of this.
Jake Ventura
'Jake Ventura' 21 hours ago
Iron man vs Batman
Andrew Shea
'Andrew Shea' 23 hours ago
Actually Churchill didn't fight until the end because they weren't at war with Japan
'andyofyork' 23 hours ago
This was hands down one of their best videos. The historical references were on-point and I love the beat!
'jdhelihed1' 23 hours ago
Ol' Winnie was a bad-ass.
bmodou boss
'bmodou boss' 23 hours ago
Winston Churchill
Константин Агибалов
Suvorov VS Napoleon
'Steven' 23 hours ago
Theo won
Bubbles Bruh
'Bubbles Bruh' 24 hours ago
This rap battle was actually hard to choose.
Sr. RussianDoge
'Sr. RussianDoge' 24 hours ago
Rule Britania!
'Xcalibur' 1 day ago
logan & X-23 vs joel and ellie (last of us)
Lara Croft vs nathan drake
Han Solo vs Star Lord
vortigan _22
'vortigan _22' 1 day ago
teddy one all the way
Nick Burkhardt vs dean winchester
'Tamahagane' 1 day ago
Hmm pope Alexander VI versus his son? maybe?
Wojciech Szacoń
'Wojciech Szacoń' 1 day ago
Churchill wins
Bush Hog
'Bush Hog' 1 day ago
Emenem vs macelmore
mugs swap
'mugs swap' 1 day ago
Erbs dead now bout a year ago used to be the shit but now it's just dead the raps are just bad been watching for 3 years but now sorry to say but you've died
Kieran Obrien
'Kieran Obrien' 1 day ago
I think that Winston Churchill won because he was the British minister during ww2
Massive Explosion productions
Winston had nothing to do with Gallipoli
'Puglous' 1 day ago
Billy the Kid vs. Zorro
Cody Riddle
'Cody Riddle' 1 day ago
john wayne vs wyatt erp
The Redrum
'The Redrum' 1 day ago
You should do GREEN ARROW vs HAWKEYE
Nate Bartolone
'Nate Bartolone' 1 day ago
Bo and Luke Duke vs starchy and Hutch
Aivot Narikkaan
'Aivot Narikkaan' 1 day ago
WWII Generals Battle: Montgomery, Patton, Zhukov, Rommel
Aivot Narikkaan
'Aivot Narikkaan' 1 day ago
"Steady there, I don't think is very fair for a British Bulldog to melee with a Teddy Bear" win
'halo437' 1 day ago
Closest rap battle I've ever seen
'Sofang' 1 day ago
Fan request: Samantha "Bewitched" vs Jeanie "I Dreamed of Jeanie"
The comedy three
'The comedy three' 1 day ago
A leprechaun vs Uncle Sam
Tristan Le Patriote Français
Washington vs Napoleon vs Putin vs Lafayette vs Churchill vs Ernest Hemingway vs Stalin
Derpy Frisk
'Derpy Frisk' 1 day ago
Portal rap battle:

GLaDO V.S. Wheatley
I haven't been this hyped during one of these since I saw Old Fritz in the Alexander the Great one. My favorite president against my favorite PM. They both kicked ass and I've been watching this way too many times but it's gold
Jack Attack
'Jack Attack' 2 days ago
Is anyone from the U.K. Offended how Winston talks
Theodore Dodge
'Theodore Dodge' 2 days ago
Theodore Roosevelt
'Nnamco' 2 days ago
1:37 Savage as fuck
Kayland Apolonia
'Kayland Apolonia' 2 days ago
Teddy, all the way fools!!! P.S. Churchill`s Mom was an American :-)
chris schroeder
'chris schroeder' 2 days ago
they should do ww2 axis vs allies
Livier Gonzalez
'Livier Gonzalez' 2 days ago
right won
'keyangel' 2 days ago
Lady Liberty versus Lady Justice
Stephanie Chateau
'Stephanie Chateau' 2 days ago
Geez. Even when Winston's trying to insult Teddy he only makes him sound more bad ass. yeah.. you can dodge bullets but .. uhm.. my words? lol.
Winston Churchill
'Winston Churchill' 2 days ago
I fucking won this you damp teddy bear! Go back to whittling wood bitch!
Haider Ali
'Haider Ali' 2 days ago
Stalin VS hitler Please
'Ironhornet' 2 days ago
legend says they are still battling to this day
'ITZ EYE PATCH xxX' 2 days ago
eminem vs 50 cent
Ura Nogirag
'Ura Nogirag' 2 days ago
Needs to be one with Putin
Cliff Irvin
'Cliff Irvin' 2 days ago
Pete and Elliott vs Elliott and ET
'chef12005' 2 days ago
I think i got to give this one to Roosevelt for this line:
"I'll bust a trust fund lush with my american muscle
So walk softly over here and give my big stick a suckles." LMFAOOOO
Anthony Kowitz
'Anthony Kowitz' 2 days ago
John Cena vs. Cm Punk
'Skyborg1' 2 days ago
Churchill whooped him
Ryan Mayer
'Ryan Mayer' 2 days ago
I. NEED. The karaoke version of this.
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