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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 months ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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'秦正欣' 4 minutes ago
Tell me that I'm not the only one who think Evan is outright cute
richard mitchell
'richard mitchell' 2 hours ago
8:33 yea there is 5 weeks in a month!
Jenny Yao
'Jenny Yao' 3 hours ago
I need more Evan in my life now
Speedy Tan
'Speedy Tan' 5 hours ago
Is it just me or Does she looks like Grant Gustin ?
'Kailcoolkail' 6 hours ago
What's his email
Summer McDonald
'Summer McDonald' 6 hours ago
He loks great! She started hot and ended hot soooo...
Nicolas Gregorianov
'Nicolas Gregorianov' 6 hours ago
"you wanna become doctor? Work harder!"
EXO Trash
'EXO Trash' 6 hours ago
Skelly Spooder
'Skelly Spooder' 7 hours ago
I want this
Brother Hood
'Brother Hood' 8 hours ago
be prepared to train without her
Ashlyn G.
'Ashlyn G.' 9 hours ago
Kelsey looks like Supergirl! Their faces are so similar
nick hayes
'nick hayes' 10 hours ago
Amanda Foster
'Amanda Foster' 11 hours ago
when the guy ends up having a better hour glass figure than you.. smh
Timo Hanker
'Timo Hanker' 12 hours ago
pre workout melatonin... but... but why???
Courtney Thor
'Courtney Thor' 13 hours ago
This is so cool.
Moll_teasersbeast_06 Queen
2:50 me at the sight of broccoli
Little Caty
'Little Caty' 15 hours ago
And are easy to get im
9 and I have a 8 pack
'emrocks5678' 17 hours ago
I like how he said they already were good but he was helping them look better. Not degrading at all and all his results were on progress
Charon Steven
'Charon Steven' 19 hours ago
where is the full workout plan? i need it!!!!
'K' 21 hours ago
This video results were much better than what I had come to expect from these Buzzfeed videos. I think it had to do with personal determination and the good coaching provided them by their trainer. These two should do more videos! The content is good, and I was genuinely surprised at the after shots.
Json Coding
'Json Coding' 22 hours ago
lol at 16 i was 5 ft 11 and weight 123lbs, male
'SwagWarrior' 22 hours ago
The thumbnail Photo look like VannosGAMING
Mabeleine Cheah
'Mabeleine Cheah' 22 hours ago
it is me or it actually improves his posture a bit?!
'TheCoolGamer' 23 hours ago
but girls with abs aren't hot
Mohit Karki
'Mohit Karki' 23 hours ago
want them to try tom cruise workout....i mean hw is dat guy so fit hes 54.
Tae Hong
'Tae Hong' 1 day ago
I ship them...
'Heyheydaddy' 1 day ago
This inspires me to work out lol
Tin Muffin
'Tin Muffin' 1 day ago
I train to be light Bruce Lee not Captin
Melody Cen
'Melody Cen' 1 day ago
Evan motivates me to do this but.... Food is just my life.. Sorry Evan ur under my food
Emily Kettle
'Emily Kettle' 1 day ago
Getting more sleep helps your muscles - I read at one am
Alyssa Mojica
'Alyssa Mojica' 1 day ago
I really like how Evan reacted so humbly and only made really thoughtful comments when reflecting, instead of being cocky/ macho and obnoxious like alot of guys do when they bulk up and ruin my happiness for them.
Lucky_ X
'Lucky_ X' 1 day ago
The asian guy sounds just like a guy named smike on YouTube
'Kim' 1 day ago
Kim Hang
'Kim Hang' 1 day ago
Can you post the 30 day work out regime?
Audree Nealy
'Audree Nealy' 1 day ago
Evan 😍
Eman A
'Eman A' 1 day ago
the guy who wants doritos body shape looks like min ho !
Lou Sassole
'Lou Sassole' 1 day ago
Estrella Rivera
'Estrella Rivera' 1 day ago
Omg the guy after the work!!! Wow 😳🔥😍
'EchoIsPro' 1 day ago
We trained like clickbait gods for 30 days.
Samuel Yeom
'Samuel Yeom' 1 day ago
0:44, the benefits of being a personal trainer
Julio El Chavez
'Julio El Chavez' 1 day ago
Hollywood supps= roids and HGH used to transform movie stars
Red Hunter
'Red Hunter' 2 days ago
this women is so beautiful
Mr Boonz
'Mr Boonz' 2 days ago
lmfao 6.6% he's not even 9%
Z1000 Rider
'Z1000 Rider' 2 days ago
so 30days are 5weeks in the US ?
Krafty Karrizzma
'Krafty Karrizzma' 2 days ago
Holy crap he really did become a Dorito!
Aurelia W
'Aurelia W' 2 days ago
Dorito Man
Manolo Lagd
'Manolo Lagd' 2 days ago
LOL! They can't wake up at 6! In IB I wake up at 4 and study for 2 hours then go to school
Donovan Campbell
'Donovan Campbell' 2 days ago
Omg, I'll never understand people who count calories.
Queen Plog
'Queen Plog' 2 days ago
She looks like Emma stone
Ok. So I just finished this diet/exercise regiment. It's nothing special (aside from a lot of work). Overall, I'd say I look slimmer but not as much as they seem to claim. If u want to know details , feel free to message me.
Andy Goodman
'Andy Goodman' 2 days ago
The girl is so hot
Ginger Gaming
'Ginger Gaming' 2 days ago
BuzzFeed is cancer
Mc Ren
'Mc Ren' 2 days ago
Dang! The girl turned smokin hot at the end of the 30 days!
'Micch20' 2 days ago
lol... as if. No way in hell he was a 6.X% fat... he ended with at least 12%
Diana Perea
'Diana Perea' 2 days ago
When you stop eating sugar than you just a little you feel so full.
Takunda Soup
'Takunda Soup' 2 days ago
Ivan Matias
'Ivan Matias' 2 days ago
you got pectus carinatum the asiatic dude
Milo Schwarz
'Milo Schwarz' 2 days ago
started on this page for more information about this is not sure if you are looking at it and I will be in a few days back.
peter panda
'peter panda' 2 days ago
I need a program for broader shoulders like Evans.
'YourDerpFriend' 2 days ago
Lets call him Dorito man
RandomTomboi XD
'RandomTomboi XD' 2 days ago
Now they know how waking up for school feels like xD
Nathaly Von Rosewald
tbh I was thinking Saitama's workout
jacob yeum
'jacob yeum' 2 days ago
nyea dude 6.6 lmfao
Words Don
Kelsey has the type of butt that doesn't really have much shape but jiggles a lit
Nikki Parson
'Nikki Parson' 2 days ago
That face at 2:28! She's fucking adorable! lol
Dennis Chen
'Dennis Chen' 2 days ago
The Korean guy did not end up with 6.6% body fat.  That looks a tad lower than before maybe 13-14%.  Plus if he did heavy compound movements like the deadlift, squat, and bench, he would've ended up with more muscle gains and strength instead of all the gimmicky stuff he did with the trainer.  I'm pretty sure Chris Evans implemented heavy compound movements as his staple lifts.  Of course the diet has to be in check as well.
'RFW' 2 days ago
I'm sorry but low carb high protein and no fat...she's throwing away the cheese! Also low sodium? A recipe for tachycardia
'Chelsey' 2 days ago
They're both so hot

I'm shook
Stupid Corrections
Some people wake up at 4:00 in the morning.
Cass Campbell
'Cass Campbell' 2 days ago
Is it me or does that girl kinda look like barry from the flash
mee overhere
'mee overhere' 2 days ago
6.6%??? bodybuilders who compete are 5%... best method to measure is the calipers... most accurate, obviously he's using a BMI electronic calculating method inputting height, weight, age, activity level etc... these are only as accurate following there own guidelines...
Strike IZ
'Strike IZ' 2 days ago
anyone know what the guy did to get bigger shoulders?
I play Pokemon go
'I play Pokemon go' 2 days ago
Now try OPM's training
'KwonJungring' 2 days ago
Kelsey looks like the girl from supergirl 😍
Nasser A
'Nasser A' 2 days ago
the before and after pic really looks the same just darker with the Asian dude
'maxcoseti' 2 days ago
never knew Phillip DeFranco was a fitness instructor
'e' 2 days ago
How can you workout without carbs?
Anna Herridge
'Anna Herridge' 3 days ago
real talk tho, can i have a copy of this workout
Sophie McIntire
'Sophie McIntire' 3 days ago
that diorite ratio is also the illuminati
Jannellie Lagares
'Jannellie Lagares' 3 days ago
I wake up at 5:00 Am for Elementary school.
chris chris
'chris chris' 3 days ago
now that workout/diet for 30 straight days is over they will blow-up fat and gain it all back and then some more in weeks to come.
Stephens Yu
'Stephens Yu' 3 days ago
"We woke up at 6:30am!!"
I go to school. Which means 6:30 every week day but I'm only in middle school
DerpyXDerp Derp
'DerpyXDerp Derp' 3 days ago
One Punch Man: Saitama's Training Regime..."100 push-ups! 100 sit-ups! 100 squats! 10km everyday!" for one or two weeks please~
bangtanprincess 07
Evan is so cute I can't even
Johnny NoGooD
'Johnny NoGooD' 3 days ago
Really playing that race card there.
'Arkey' 3 days ago
100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, and 10 KMS runs EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
Emma Rickard
'Emma Rickard' 3 days ago
wow so cool that is skucks as good job
'JamesGREEK26' 3 days ago
So, it is possible to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time? I thought it wasn't.
Little ARMY
'Little ARMY' 3 days ago
Am watching this while eating Oreo 😂😂😂😂😂
Stevemartens YT
'Stevemartens YT' 3 days ago
And I'm sitting here with a bag of doritos...
Tomy Lim
'Tomy Lim' 3 days ago
Steve Zim looks like that guy in Flash series xP
'LARAUJO' 3 days ago
best superhero ever
Tianshen Xue
'Tianshen Xue' 3 days ago
i really want an asian superhero
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 3 days ago
I never new a Dorito could be hot
'Rika673' 3 days ago
Thing is those actors work the hell out and have a diet that's like.....wha?! Just you have to keep it up all the time.
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