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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 weeks ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Beijing Premiere
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Blue dimond
'Blue dimond' 22 minutes ago
im 10 years old and I great up at 6
'Kami' 51 minutes ago
I was expecting 100 km, 100 situps, 100 squats and 10km every single day...
Kam H
'Kam H' 1 hour ago
6.6% body fat ,I can't believe
Vincent folkesson
'Vincent folkesson' 2 hours ago
Oros Abaddon
'Oros Abaddon' 2 hours ago
ugh, that Asian guy through in the race card. Totally didn't expect that from Buzzfeed.
Rohanuz Dragoneel
'Rohanuz Dragoneel' 2 hours ago
You could train like that or you could do; 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, and a 10km run everyday. Warning: You'll probably lose all of your hair
Gonjo Guaiya
'Gonjo Guaiya' 2 hours ago
I want to be a Dorito, but my body is Onion Ring. Round and Empty in the middle. NEED MOTIVATION
'CopYrighT99' 2 hours ago
She is hot
Anneko chan
'Anneko chan' 3 hours ago
Dont watch this while eating chips. Its gonna make you feel bad. :c
'T ForEVER' 3 hours ago
I just watch her face from begin to the end.
Her face looks like Chrissy Costanza.
who's agree?
'[blurryface]' 3 hours ago
Okay Evan was beautiful both ways but hOLY SMOKES HIS SHOULDERS WOAH
Gabriel Bäcke
'Gabriel Bäcke' 3 hours ago
No way he's 6% body fat, at 10-12 you can clearly see his abs. He is 14-15 at best
sharath kumar
'sharath kumar' 3 hours ago
there's no physiquely well built Asian super hero ?? look at Krish.
has boat a better physique than the Thor or captain America
Lightning Strike
'Lightning Strike' 3 hours ago
'sotirisss' 6 hours ago
6.6% body fat is just bs
'Batman' 6 hours ago
Im sorry but doesnt Superman lift like 827271837282728272 trucks a day with like one or two hands?
Spookayyy Scarer
'Spookayyy Scarer' 6 hours ago
Evan why are u zow handsome?
Last Stand
'Last Stand' 6 hours ago
6 am!? Bro I wake up 4:30
The Iron Donut Squad
Nah I would train like ..... "ONE PUUUUUUUUUNNNNNCCCCHHH MAN"
Aidan Kays
'Aidan Kays' 6 hours ago
He literally became an anime character
Viana Lu
'Viana Lu' 7 hours ago
we need Evan in more buzzfeed videos!!!!!!
Thotbreak Kid
'Thotbreak Kid' 7 hours ago
Kelsey is cute huh
Diane Elizabeth
'Diane Elizabeth' 8 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks that Kelsey and Evan could be a couple. They look cute together. I'd ship them.
Amy R
'Amy R' 9 hours ago
When she talks she sounds like Blake Lively
luke parker
'luke parker' 9 hours ago
who is the girl she reminds me of my crush but not blonde!!😍😍
'butterynut' 11 hours ago
What if your diabetic type 1 and your blood sugar is low and you have to eat something with sugar in it to bring it up
'Aphagalis' 11 hours ago
but what is Chris Evans' workout? they dont mention mention any specifics on what exercises they actually did and no links in the description either?
Amy Juda
'Amy Juda' 11 hours ago
+ Cancerous tumor :D i like ncs music
Amy Juda
'Amy Juda' 11 hours ago
click the blue words
for satisfyment
Brandon Rios
'Brandon Rios' 11 hours ago
The only thing the guy in the thumbnail gained was a hat
Scott K
'Scott K' 11 hours ago
I'll be honest. I see no difference.
'DrSkewer12345' 12 hours ago
whose here from the misc
'masso172' 12 hours ago
if only this happened in real life
'teletable' 12 hours ago
does lightning mcqueen need car insurance or life insurance?
FitzChivalry Farseer
'FitzChivalry Farseer' 12 hours ago
when I have a real job I want to get a PT
'Miscer' 12 hours ago
That is not 6.6% body fat. At 6.6% you would see the striation from his muscle fibers. Most athletes who compete on stage isn't at 6% body fat. He is around 13-14%
Rachel Fagan
'Rachel Fagan' 12 hours ago
Family of Sammy 101
'Family of Sammy 101' 12 hours ago
I love that ending tho " your close!" "I'm gonna eat it." OMFG I WAS LAUGHING MY HEART OUT
Nathan Vecchio
'Nathan Vecchio' 13 hours ago
he is not 6% body fat
Olivia Orlando
'Olivia Orlando' 13 hours ago
His chest is bigger than hers?!?! his chest is 36 in. and hers is 34.
Imagine 1st
'Imagine 1st' 13 hours ago
where's dem 8 packs....
Lili Sz
'Lili Sz' 14 hours ago
superheroes stressing out about the cheese in their salad? pssht, I think not.
HeyGuysIts nicole
'HeyGuysIts nicole' 14 hours ago
Train like Bruce lee for 1 weeks
'YamiCabar' 14 hours ago
I didn't focus on anything else than onto Evan's Dorito Body. Dayum.
t sel
't sel' 14 hours ago
Anyone know of some one that does more in-depth videos about the technique they were using? Or something similar.
Seungyun Choi
'Seungyun Choi' 14 hours ago
I want Evan's genetics
Animoo Ayah
'Animoo Ayah' 15 hours ago
11,000,000 in a week? hooowwww
Ali B
'Ali B' 15 hours ago
The girl (sorry I missed her name) reminds me of Blake Lively a bit in some scenes.
'JD HI' 15 hours ago
please train me
No Way
'No Way' 16 hours ago
what a joke
both the before and after pictures are minutes apart.
not weeks.
the figures they give are bullocks.
watch furious pete body transformation in one day and you'll see.
Kristy Lok
'Kristy Lok' 16 hours ago
I low key want to do this, but then I realize that I like carbs and I'm like, nah
Mc Midas
'Mc Midas' 16 hours ago
5:35 Dank-sgiving Day
Brannigan Farnsworth
'Brannigan Farnsworth' 16 hours ago
Blake lively much?
'Peo's Place' 17 hours ago
Beaux, my sister can wake up at 2:00 am
'Peter2kx' 17 hours ago
There is no way that that's 6% bodyfat. Bodyfat is something that we still can't measure precisely sadly but the general norm, he defiantly is not 6%.
'MuraUsagi' 17 hours ago
I'm so amazed and really motivated to start working out again <3
Jill G
'Jill G' 18 hours ago
The only way to Heaven is through a relationship with God through Jesus. To have a relationship with God you need to read and memorize the Bible daily.
WeeklyGaming FL
'WeeklyGaming FL' 18 hours ago
Ok I'm 14 and I weigh only 10 lbs less than him (I'm also 6'1"
Plumber hooper
'Plumber hooper' 18 hours ago
Angelise martinez
'Angelise martinez' 19 hours ago
I'm eating Oreo pie wile watching this😂😭🤔
'AHDK GT' 19 hours ago
Here goes another Dorito.
Recardoe Rodriques
'Recardoe Rodriques' 19 hours ago
is that vanoss
'Melanin 'n' Rice' 19 hours ago
Soy un Dorito
Alikraft _
'Alikraft _' 19 hours ago
Super-heroes don't train... gosh
Mr Cheeser
'Mr Cheeser' 19 hours ago
Whats in and out
'Acejd' 19 hours ago
6amwakeup, that's a sleep in haha I'm always tired by 930pm, turn off the phone screen and lights around then and I'm asleep by 1030 :) Gotta be disciplined for good health and results.
'ISRAEL' 19 hours ago
LMAO look at the rope 3:17
'babby' 20 hours ago
god evan is so handsome
david d
'david d'aubioul' 20 hours ago
go train whit kali muscle😆
'Diana101' 20 hours ago
I get up at 5:00am five days a week and i don't get a hot body because of it! You guys are atleast gaining something physically!
'MyOctopusbrain' 20 hours ago
Josh Hernán 2
'Josh Hernán 2' 20 hours ago
I really need this how can I find out the size through my whole body to even everything out and work it out
Madison Northup
'Madison Northup' 21 hours ago
Anyone else REALLY want to do that now? I'm sure that would help with dance.
Not A Ricer
'Not A Ricer' 21 hours ago
5 or 7 days a week?
oliver defusco
'oliver defusco' 21 hours ago
The satamina work out is what i really want to see
Petunia Paul
'Petunia Paul' 21 hours ago
Thats not 6 percent body fat lol
Maria Shimajiri
'Maria Shimajiri' 21 hours ago
no u don't make a good superhero. Your monolid makes me uncomfortable. ..JUSTTTTT SAYINNNNNN 😂😂😂😂
'OMalley05' 21 hours ago
I love this
Aynil Genan
'Aynil Genan' 21 hours ago
Greek yogurt? Really? There is no such a thing like this. PLEASE. Turkish people own yogurt. Greek people stole it..
'KickBull' 22 hours ago
I'm in shape.

Pretty sure round is a shape...
Toxic Hazmat
'Toxic Hazmat' 22 hours ago
Would have been more interesting if they did it with someone over 200 pounds.
'youknowwhoiam' 22 hours ago
my dad lost 9 pounds in a week, can he get some props doods
'TheNoziDam' 23 hours ago
She looks like the female version of Grant Gustin...
'HDHero' 23 hours ago
What about saitama???
nsn nj
'nsn nj' 23 hours ago
Buzzfeed shoud do a video on the wim hof methed☺👍👍
'StarGazerLuminosus' 23 hours ago
i find it hard to believe he's at 6.6 percent body fat
Valmont Choi (Valmonite)
Awesome video and motivating!
Zachary Alexander
'Zachary Alexander' 24 hours ago
Really? I`m gonna have to wake up at 5.45 or 6 am soon just for school. I thought the Korean guy studied in Korea judging from his accent...
جان حداد
'جان حداد' 1 day ago
حدا يفهمنا شو صار
Cheshire Cat
'Cheshire Cat' 1 day ago
Evan looks like Tadashi from Big Hero 6 especially with the black cap.
BrandonPlayz - Gaming & Lets Plays!
She looks a little like emma watson
Gamer_ Namer
'Gamer_ Namer' 1 day ago
sugabean _
'sugabean _' 1 day ago
Derek The Dimple
'Derek The Dimple' 1 day ago
Who's here from FreeLee? XD
bodyfat 6.6% ?!?!? never...
Jeremiah Chua
'Jeremiah Chua' 1 day ago
Left behind... Golliwoow
'柳承敏' 1 day ago
don't know what the hell changed
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