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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 months ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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Businessman revealing superhero costume under suit
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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Beijing Premiere
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'Captain America: Civil War' - Photocall
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Sarah Paeltz
'Sarah Paeltz' 3 minutes ago
Wish I had this program to push me😂
Olivia Caroline
'Olivia Caroline' 1 hour ago
I want a personal trainer now
ula - i
'ula - i'm ok' 2 hours ago
So no one's going to talk about how hot Steven got?
Patrick Rößler
'Patrick Rößler' 2 hours ago
He smells the packaged fried chicken ??? Seems legit
Wendy Fenton
'Wendy Fenton' 2 hours ago
Cool vid. But before and after comparison photo's are typically supposed to be taken in the same or near identical light conditions and with the same clothing on.
Nonna Yurbuzness
'Nonna Yurbuzness' 3 hours ago
She's hot, reminds me of Erin Heatherton
'ChelseaLouise' 4 hours ago
Really loved this video. It is very encouraging to watch. I used to work out on a daily basis and slipped out of it after not seeing the results I wanted. Definitely going to start working out again after seeing the transformation you guys made!
'CatsAreTheBest' 5 hours ago
I ship it.
Vash Stampede
'Vash Stampede' 5 hours ago
Jeez quit complaining! Your getting training to look like a superhero, what you thought batman got them gains all from workouts! It take diet and exercise to look like that!
Daily Beauty
'Daily Beauty' 6 hours ago
i love you sexy
'theOtherHalf' 6 hours ago
Damn. She looks like Superwoman.
FoJq Yx
'FoJq Yx' 10 hours ago
Wait...they FUCKING NEVER WOKE UP AT 5????? How much sleep do you fucking need?????? AND a FUCKING 5 POUNDS????? AND YOU ALREADY GET SORE MUSCLE FOR THIS KIND OF TRAINING?????
Le Loominati
'Le Loominati' 10 hours ago
any of yous got bald?
OPM ref
'Okaykyler' 11 hours ago
She looks like Monica church
Fate Wisdom
'Fate Wisdom' 12 hours ago
she lowkey turned out hella fine
'BB-8' 13 hours ago
Evan can play Amadeus Cho, the new Hulk. The character is Korean American too.
Am YinG
'Am YinG' 13 hours ago about Wong from Doctor Strange 😂😂😂 He’s Asian
'thisiskaleidoscopic' 13 hours ago
makes me want to work at buzzfeed.. getting all these perks while making videos.. damn
Robert Cohen
'Robert Cohen' 14 hours ago
Last time I checked 6.6% body fat equates to being A: super skinny to the point that it looks like you are about to die from starvation or B: you are literally shredded, and there is some evidence of steroid use. Just a heads up most natural body builders are typically lean meaning a body fat percentage between 10-15%.
's3cr3tpassword' 14 hours ago
I think people are forgetting that action stars are paid an insane amount of money to look good..... so yeah, makes it a little easy when you got money involved
'Simonne' 15 hours ago
I'm gonna watch this when I'm feeling unmotivated
Brendan Lemke
'Brendan Lemke' 15 hours ago
In the thumbnail he all he did was stand differently
'MoovieDude' 15 hours ago
Yeah woohoo and bravo to the celebrities who trained hardcore for a movie role but that is usually only for a short period of their life and they are literally getting paid millions of dollars with the best personal trainers to do it. Hats off to the average joes and janes out there going this hard every day because its their passion.
Jiggy C.
'Jiggy C.' 16 hours ago
Jesus he's 6 foot 155 lbs!? he should look skinnier than that.
SVBoyPlays_ 21
'SVBoyPlays_ 21' 16 hours ago
I am
John Snow
'John Snow' 16 hours ago
See I would do this but my bed is lookin really comfortable
Isabella Beverley
'Isabella Beverley' 17 hours ago
Kelsey and Evan would make such a great couple!
Andiee Martinez
'Andiee Martinez' 17 hours ago
Just high protein
Andiee Martinez
'Andiee Martinez' 17 hours ago
No not true girl I carry lower belly fat
Andiee Martinez
'Andiee Martinez' 17 hours ago
Wow so I'm smaller
'KawaiiGi' 19 hours ago
Who else feels so lazy?
Roman Atwood Fan
'Roman Atwood Fan' 21 hours ago
I can't even find the difference in the thumbnail
tacit ronin
'tacit ronin' 21 hours ago
"the dorrito shaped shoulder"?! HAHAHAHAHAHA
'Random_Person' 22 hours ago
The results you expect after like Four pushups.
'e 'DON' 23 hours ago
100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and run 10 km every single day.
Papa Smurf
'Papa Smurf' 23 hours ago
The dude is just dehydrating them and he knows that
Jesus Senpai
'Jesus Senpai' 23 hours ago
lmfao the thumbnail is 50% posing and lighting, decent progress in 30days but the day 1 posing is just made to look small and bad
Pinoy Zoi
'Pinoy Zoi' 24 hours ago
Kelsi is so sexiiiiiiiiiii
Katie George
'Katie George' 24 hours ago
When they talk about diet problems, I think
"this is what its like to be a celiac"
Isaac L
'Isaac L' 1 day ago
i really wanna know the diet plan to try it myself
Shreya Giduturi
'Shreya Giduturi' 1 day ago
Bag Man
'Bag Man' 1 day ago
They fucked
Rixie Caramel VDD Jabonete
I wanna do this but im just a child
The guy on the cover got a six pack in 30 minutes
'AnimalLover1405' 1 day ago
carbs dont make you fat, fat make you fat
eunice yi
'eunice yi' 1 day ago
EVAN 😍😍😍😩
'Pocholo3g' 1 day ago
Lol he is not even 10%
'JOOCE FOR LYF :3' 2 days ago
The diet is killing me
Jennifer Carranza
'Jennifer Carranza' 2 days ago
I need that rutine! and I need it now
Brabra Duncan
'Brabra Duncan' 2 days ago
This make anyone else exercise?
Diana monster
'Diana monster' 2 days ago
I'll do this when I finally graduate cuz I just don't have the time to do this everyday :0
Maksim Yorsh
'Maksim Yorsh' 2 days ago
there is no way you can go from 8.4% to 6.6% in 30 days and stay healthy
Glenn Cocoa
'Glenn Cocoa' 2 days ago
daaamn, guys with broad shoulders are my weakness.
Jane Doe
'Jane Doe' 2 days ago
They shouldve trained like saitama ( one punch man)
Akira Neko
'Akira Neko' 2 days ago
Evan is so hot omg
Keemstar ́s Popcorn
of course, in the beginning they make the people say they like the heroes same sex and race as themselves..... we are talking buzzfeed
Lama Kandil
'Lama Kandil' 2 days ago
You get a Dorito figure by eating apples,you get an apple figure by eating Doritos....
666 Kate
'666 Kate' 2 days ago
if someone organised this all for me, i would be able to do it, but i struggle to organise without a set routine.
but once a routine is in place, easy peasy lemon squeazy
Pablo *-B-*
'Pablo *-B-*' 2 days ago
I will get hate by this but.......

I don't like in-n-out
Hunde :D
'Hunde :D' 2 days ago
Boy Evan is so f*ckin hot
CoolBean FanGirl
'CoolBean FanGirl' 2 days ago
I ship
Delaney Progen
'Delaney Progen' 2 days ago
he looks like yg in that hat
'fakefake539' 2 days ago
awesome work guys
Kasey Sanchez
'Kasey Sanchez' 2 days ago
Evans hot
Jas Min
'Jas Min' 2 days ago
he is so hot :
'Aliyah' 2 days ago
I have to get up at 6:00 every day for school. it susks
Sagar Pruthi
'Sagar Pruthi' 2 days ago
They have uneven shoulders.
'CashMeOussideTUBE' 2 days ago
This guy seemed like one of those fake, gym trainers
Raspberry Narwhal
'Raspberry Narwhal' 2 days ago
'Jessie' 2 days ago
Oh you never wake up at 6:30 in the morning well, welcome to school life
Yu KaLam
'Yu KaLam' 2 days ago
that's 6.6% body fat? You must be joking
Mr. Puglet.
'Mr. Puglet.' 2 days ago
inspiring But I think I'm going to eat pizza.
Victoria Dillinger
why throw away the cheese ? it is fine for low carb
TAK Ism.
'TAK Ism.' 2 days ago
i wanna do this but I'm 2 broke .
Dwayne Ward
'Dwayne Ward' 2 days ago
Go doritoman! 😂
aditi shringarpure
The end is super cute. Like, not only did they become even more gorgeous after the one month but they also became good friends and it was adorable when he was eating the dorito and she was like good job
UltimateZoella Games
Me : Ok lemme get fit
Me ten minutes later : Yeah nah this ain't working (goes and gets a bag of chips)
Vieyiti Kouadio
'Vieyiti Kouadio' 2 days ago
Notice that they don't do these with the plus sized people, but are always advocating towards how weight doesn't matter and we are all equal?
john martin
'john martin' 3 days ago
Fatties getting triggered watching this lol
Smøl bean! At the chemical fall øut beebøs
not enough representation of asian superheroes???? NEED I MENTION THE GREEN HORNET???
Jose Perez
'Jose Perez' 3 days ago
lol " I want that dorito ratio"
ElementalPig115 - Zombies and more
The reason I think Evan gong wants to train as Chris Evans because Evans name is in Chris's name
Pony Pegasister
'Pony Pegasister' 3 days ago
'Grock99' 3 days ago
vocal fry is so annoying
Samantha Sherman
'Samantha Sherman' 3 days ago
wow. as if they both weren't hot enough before.
JellyBeans 4ever
'JellyBeans 4ever' 3 days ago
Can I train with John Cena's trainer?
Zachary Lee
'Zachary Lee' 3 days ago
The blonde girl had great physical results. Now if she could just work on eliminating her vocal fry and uptalk.
guwop guwopper
'guwop guwopper' 3 days ago
bruh all these people use enhanced drugs if you think elsewhise your crazy. Im drunk so take my opinion for granted.
'googleplussux' 3 days ago
ya look the same
'TheTabaK23' 3 days ago
They should have made him eat more so that he got big.
Chakka Boola
'Chakka Boola' 3 days ago
either they don't know how to calculate the bf% or this guy has the worst genetics being at 6,6% bf
Milka c:
'Milka c:' 3 days ago
Pause at 3:17 and look at what he is holding... I am so dirtyminded. But.. just look at the coach's face. xD
'BreezyGwen' 3 days ago
Evan's superpowers:

"I can taste how much sugar, or how much sodium something has."
Zackary Doyle
'Zackary Doyle' 3 days ago
Basically protein? More like steroids
'ThruTheDarkness' 3 days ago
Buzzfeed, why did you for the body stats have the R (right) leg on the left?
a drianshipperqueen
5:51 when hogwarts attack
Mailuu love
'Mailuu love' 3 days ago
Evan is Tadashi Hamada
Jillian Wilson
'Jillian Wilson' 3 days ago
omg even is so cute
'cool ranch' - Doritoman
Maria Bourgani
'Maria Bourgani' 3 days ago
I watch these every time before I work out to get motivated. Am I the only one?
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