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Can You Guess Which Wine Is More Expensive? -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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They’re all cabernet sauvignon.

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Allboy `
'Allboy `' 2 months ago
Black people are trash at wine
Zhe Zhang
'Zhe Zhang' 2 months ago
because of
'TheRealDanBond' 2 months ago
because science
'singhrais' 2 months ago
I watch these because of Kelsey
B memetrash
'B memetrash' 3 months ago
Is that Keith from I Made America
The Gameing Addict
'The Gameing Addict' 3 months ago
$20 is cheap for wine. Also 200 isnt expensive wine. You retards
Katrina S
'Katrina S' 3 months ago
that one girl in the full ravenclaw outfit... i feel you except slytherin
AA Sharp
'AA Sharp' 3 months ago
The blonde girl looked drunk by the end of it
'Michael' 3 months ago
You guys should do this seven or eight more times.
Bryan Ed
'Bryan Ed' 3 months ago
Keith's palate is amazing
call me daddy
'call me daddy' 3 months ago
i wish we were in the old times when women had no rights
'PUDZIAN' 3 months ago
i hate lesbians and gays
Fred and George Weasley Fan
Is that girl with glasses a Ravenclaw?
YummyBethany - Music, Vlogs, Diys and More!
Haven't they done this video once or twice before?
Nabiya Ri
'Nabiya Ri' 3 months ago
3:40 ...I actually thought the smaller glass looked a lot nicer and more elegant^^;
Matthew Walsh
'Matthew Walsh' 3 months ago
No but I can manspread here d ︠ ︡ b
'NIneDJcali' 3 months ago
Now do ketchup!!
'Tmaralee' 3 months ago
Nice to see an Australian wine in there :)
Kalonder Forthewin
'Kalonder Forthewin' 3 months ago
You already did this you money-loving sluts! xD
Blake  West
'Blake West' 3 months ago
Why don't they guys only; drink each other's semen and try to guess whose is who's?

I'm sick of the wine tasting challenge.
Maximus Tory
'Maximus Tory' 3 months ago
they have done this like 20 times
Lexi Mae
'Lexi Mae' 3 months ago
Red wine or white wine?
'PAYTON RIDES' 3 months ago
who thinks buzz feed should make buzzfeedwine for all the wine videos they make!
Gooby Pls
'Gooby Pls' 3 months ago
Literally in my recommended is a video with the same concept
Keilani M.
'Keilani M.' 3 months ago
I died at the beginning when they said "because science" and "because kindness"
'CrushingMissy' 3 months ago
Hello Margaret River wine out of nowhere 1:24 I can barely recognise Western Australian wine in Western Australia, and they just have it on Buzzfeed on the other side of the world?
Bria Penn
'Bria Penn' 3 months ago
BuzzFeed is obsessed with alcohol and wine
Alex Gibson
'Alex Gibson' 3 months ago
It's completely subjective you bunch of spastics
'Paputsza' 3 months ago
Didn't they do this at least five times? Buzzfeed needs to accept it has an alcohol addiction.
Chakshu Tikoo
'Chakshu Tikoo' 3 months ago
wtf ? are u doing buzzfeed
Angel Rivera
'Angel Rivera' 3 months ago
Eliza Pancakes
'Eliza Pancakes' 3 months ago
I think buzz feed is running out of ideas ....
Kara Lawlor
'Kara Lawlor' 3 months ago
it's funny how cheap wine is in Spain. My parents loved that lol
Niklas Etholen
'Niklas Etholen' 3 months ago
the thumbnail man looks like the teen from teen react but older version.
Piaras Masterson
'Piaras Masterson' 3 months ago
again ?
maybe some new content ?
Cara James
'Cara James' 3 months ago
once bought a litre of wine for 69 cents in Lisbon, Portugal... that was interesting...
Vivian Do
'Vivian Do' 3 months ago
That chick always wears that ravenclaw sweater, I just can't help but notice I'm a hufflepuff myself
Katrine B. Harr Dybdahl
Didn't you JUST do this?
Philip Graham
'Philip Graham' 3 months ago
Papa bless
Dirk Rot
'Dirk Rot' 3 months ago
cheap vs expensive coffee taste test!!
Oz Ink
'Oz Ink' 3 months ago
As someone who's studied wine for a while, this pains me just a little bit
'LameWeirdo' 3 months ago
if Kelsey failed this, i would've been disappointed.
ash mcc
'ash mcc' 3 months ago
Hey Buzzfeed, I though you hated men.
how many times are they gonna remake this video
'sarahott' 3 months ago
Kelsey is hilarious! I love that she knows her wine!!! 😂
'POTATO π' 3 months ago
who else thought that the "CABERNET SAUVIGNON" was the wine brand
Leo Liam
'Leo Liam' 3 months ago
Is BuzzFeed hell bent on getting their employees drunk on wine?
'Blue' 3 months ago
They've done this like six times
'NGMonocrom' 3 months ago
Okay, Chris mentioned it once. But seriously, should BuzzFeed conduct an intervention for Kelsey? I'm not being sarcastic. Seriously guys.....
Mari Rivera
'Mari Rivera' 3 months ago
Kelsey is my spirit animal
radioactive ood
'radioactive ood' 3 months ago
Can someone tell me where can I get that cheapest wine 🍷
radioactive ood
'radioactive ood' 3 months ago
When sadness was not given a chance to talk lmao 😂
'happyk930' 3 months ago
BuzzFeed click bait: put one of the Try guys in the thumbnail
Lucy Roo
'Lucy Roo' 3 months ago
wow thought I already watched this video a week ago...
'monart' 3 months ago
buzzfeed should really stop promoting drinking. the blonde woman comes across like an alcoholic. alcoholism is not funny!
sapphyre wairepo
'sapphyre wairepo' 3 months ago
HOW DOES $2 WINE EXIST??? The cheapest wine you can get here at a supermarket is a 6% at 7.99 NZD which is 5.50 USD so you need at least 3 because its weak af. Im so in the wrong country
'PowWow' 3 months ago
More Try Guys videos BuzzFeed. They are the only original thing/videos you guys do on this channel so more of that please.
Fetus Eater
'Fetus Eater' 3 months ago
i wonder if any Kieth was manspreading next to her
Hadass Douek
'Hadass Douek' 3 months ago
Seriously Buzzfeed! How many times are you going to do this video???
Crissy Shannon
'Crissy Shannon' 3 months ago
Ty rant
'Ty rant' 3 months ago
Between 0:50 - 0:55 What every guy wants to hear his girlfriend say.
'jedidiah72' 3 months ago
Please do a taste test that is all the same wine and you tell them the are expensive AF.
Shusui A.
'Shusui A.' 3 months ago
I'm a garbage person who drinks garbage wine xD gold
'ramsidepp' 3 months ago
i knew kelsey would get it
'Brie' 3 months ago
because kindness
A Very Salty Comment
'A Very Salty Comment' 3 months ago
Did they actually know it was all the same?
Lilly Riddick
'Lilly Riddick' 3 months ago
Why doesn't buzz feed upload as many videos anymore?
'Whatever' 3 months ago
they're probably more expensive because they're imported from France or something, because here in Chile we have really great wine and it's cheap as hell!
Tenzin Zingkha
'Tenzin Zingkha' 3 months ago
same people and the same type of video, really buzzfeed?
'De4thScythe' 3 months ago
Am I the only one who read it as "Can You Guess Which Mine Is More Explosive"?
'Arabycat' 3 months ago
wtf are all these wine videos??
Paul Wilson
'Paul Wilson' 3 months ago
i hate you buzzfeed
Tom Zborovsky
'Tom Zborovsky' 3 months ago
I'm very confused about all these glasses
'DatVideoDoe' 3 months ago
You didn't even wait more than a week to post the literal exact same video
'Antarctica' 3 months ago
White people know their wine.
Kae Hume
'Kae Hume' 3 months ago
dude, Kelsey is bomb at this
Vivi Halim
'Vivi Halim' 3 months ago
as expected the blonde one got it right
she is the kind of party girl
Destros Gaming
'Destros Gaming' 3 months ago
Wine without wine mom... WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!!??
Emiko Andrews
'Emiko Andrews' 3 months ago
Another day, another alcohol related Buzzfeed video. Could y'all let up?
'Morbid_Mudkip' 3 months ago
I swear they did this twice within the same month
'KMike68Camaro' 3 months ago
Wine being darker has zero to do with being more expensive
Isolde E-G
'Isolde E-G' 3 months ago
I doan kyer
Ashlena Brown
'Ashlena Brown' 3 months ago
This has no science in it buzzfeed, don't hurt yourself trying, please it burns me too.👎😳
Kayla Cuik
'Kayla Cuik' 3 months ago
More try guys
'Rachel' 3 months ago
Kelsey's definitely an alcoholic
Elf UndDreißig
'Elf UndDreißig' 3 months ago
Is this guy the poor PewDiePie?
Dan Phillips
'Dan Phillips' 3 months ago
"People guess cheap vs expensive wine" "Cheap vs expensive wine taste test" "Italy vs Cali wine taste test" "Can you guess which wine is more expensive" cool...... lets be honest the only reason we're subscribed to this channel is for the try guys
'J R' 3 months ago
When you start to run out of video ideas
Walid Kara
'Walid Kara' 3 months ago
this had no science in it. Buzfeed, don't try science, you'll hurt yourself.
'kcnewa' 3 months ago
is it just me or has 92% of buzzfeeds videos been about wine recently
Spencer Peck
'Spencer Peck' 3 months ago
tl;dr half get it right, half don't.
Chelsea Mower
'Chelsea Mower' 3 months ago
I loved Kelsey's immediate reaction to the expensive wine
Mare Maradin
'Mare Maradin' 3 months ago
My god, how many videos are you gonna make about this?!
'HeyItsShelly' 3 months ago
Ok pls stop
Justin Hiatt
'Justin Hiatt' 3 months ago
Hasn't buzzfeed done this before?
'VaryShneaky' 3 months ago
"Because Science", proceeds to add an unnecessary variable that skews the experiment.
Kiwi The Beauty
'Kiwi The Beauty' 3 months ago
Yo BuzzFeed you did this video last week! Seriously you just did this video and Kelsey was in it too! What's going on guys???
'batboy' 3 months ago
"Im a garbage person who drinks garbage wine" same
kat shannon
'kat shannon' 3 months ago
Did Buzzfeed not do this video the other day? With Kaitlin Olsen? Do you have no more original ideas?
Jenny fez
'Jenny fez' 3 months ago
ppl at buzzfeed wants to get drunk and they are using this kinda videos as an excuse.
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