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Shaka Zulu vs Julius Caesar. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 4. -
Published: 2 years ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 2 years ago

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"It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life"

[Filmed on a Canon C500 camera, and Canon Compact Cinema Zoom Lens]

▼ CAST ▼
Shaka Zulu: DeStorm Power

Zulu Warrior: Klarity

Julius Ceasar: Nice Peter

Roman Soldier: EpicLLOYD

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Executive Producer:
Michelle Maloney

Directed by:
Nice Peter

Mike Betette

Atul Singh

Written by:
EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter and Zach Sherwin

Staff Writer:
Dante Cimadamore

Mike Betette

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter & Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Mixed by:
Nice Peter and Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Beat Produced by:

Video Editing by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, and Nice Peter

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Costume Designer/Art Director:
Sulai Lopez

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman and Ryan Moulton

Dept. Head Make Up and Hair:
Ashlyn Melancon

Key Make Up Artist:
Tara Lang

Trent Turner

Music Supervisor/Playback:
Dante Cimadamore

Production Coordinator:
Shaun Lewin

Gale Saldana


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Umair Fozail
'Umair Fozail' 57 minutes ago
Southern Slushie Chan
Looks like the ad strike ain't here wonder if their are particular factors🤔 must be the Clinton s
'Nabbenator12321' 5 hours ago
zulu won that
'BladeCrossEXE' 11 hours ago
Doc/O'Malley from Red vs Blue against Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Keith Heavner
'Keith Heavner' 18 hours ago
Montgomery vs Patton later Rommel shows up
'GUADALUPE AREVALO' 21 hours ago
Velázquez vs van Gogh
Joko Wonderland
'Joko Wonderland' 22 hours ago
cicero vs lucius malfoy would be really interesting
Inkyu Basu
'Inkyu Basu' 1 day ago
Hm, looks like every single one of those soldiers are Roman Military Officers, just look at their helmets. Normal soldiers don't get plumes on their helmets, only Optios, Officers like Praefectuses and Tribunis and Centurions get plumes.
'123Hoxas' 1 day ago
This was so good. I would've liked to see Caesar vs Charlemagne
Jason Brown
'Jason Brown' 2 days ago
Can you do the Kim dynesty vs the English Royal family
Tarlan Huseyn
'Tarlan Huseyn' 2 days ago
Pablo escobar vs Drake
Keith Heavner
'Keith Heavner' 2 days ago
Caesar won easy better commander and rapper
Aiden Slatick
'Aiden Slatick' 2 days ago
Caesar won
'tylerdragon00' 2 days ago
1:29 scorpion not ballista
Alexandra Walker
'Alexandra Walker' 3 days ago
i thought julius said: youre fucking with the most triumphant nerd of the triumvarate...
Valeria Velarde
'Valeria Velarde' 3 days ago
Marc Anthony (singer) vs Marc Anthony (Cleopatra's husband)
Kaleigh York
'Kaleigh York' 3 days ago
'Aedan McAREAVEY' 3 days ago
Julius Caesar died before the Roman Empire existed. (Also he was a Dictator when he ruled so it wasn't really a Republic.)
Kyle Trombley
'Kyle Trombley' 3 days ago
"I heard you had poison spit, where was it in this cypher"? That line was 🔥
Aaron Chumm
'Aaron Chumm' 3 days ago
Shaka Zulu won
ChimChims Insfiration
Who heard cypher and thought of Cypher part 4?
Jenna Bridges
'Jenna Bridges' 4 days ago
they should just make out already
Noah Thompson
'Noah Thompson' 4 days ago
what the fuck dude
'torbk' 4 days ago
As a rap act, its pretty close. Just that finishing line, it might go to Caesar. Though Shaka, telling him he got stabbed many times by his friends. It might go to Shaka. I can't decide. Perhaps, just by a whisker, the Zulu won this one.

- However, if you just consider the military forces, and tactics they used; while the Zulu's might be the best warriors in African history, and the fourth reserve to enter the battle a solid tactic, also the Romans used reserves, committed forces through signals and planned action. In the end, unarmored, tribal warriors, even excellent ones, were just the kind of opponent the iron-clad Roman Legion was designed and forged to beat.
- The Zulu's hide shields would be ruined by Pilum, turned heavy or torn, their stabbing spears would not find weak flesh, but segmentata plates or leather and chainmail, their center would be ground down by solid, shielded and formed cohorts, their horns blocked by auxiliary infantry, skirmishers or even encircled and ridden down by cavalry. Between archers, pilum, sword and plate, the pride of southern Africa would lie decimated and dead.
- To be blunt, the 25.000 Zulu that decimated the British rifles at Isandlwana would probably have been crushed by a single legion. No rifles that would jam from heat, no unarmored, loosely spread line to overrun, but be met by a solid wall of inflexible Roman might.
Soul Evans
'Soul Evans' 4 days ago
"You can grow my wheat for me after your beaten" holy shit
'Smanic' 4 days ago
Julius won cause that end line, savage
'Cisser' 4 days ago
1:24 Escuse me?
Guadalupe Constantino
Guadalupe Constantino
young bob
'young bob' 4 days ago
Caesar won hands down
Marcus Anton
'Marcus Anton' 4 days ago
Rome at the time of Julius Ceasar would have decimated the Zulus. Centuries passed away as did hundreds of millions primitive war loving enemies just ask the Gauls, Thracians, Carthaginians also African, the German hoards and hundreds of other groups most lost to history because they dared to challenge Rome. All used spears, horses, arrows, chariots, elephants all were badasses but none had the professionalism or the discipline of the legions. That being said the Zulus were not to be taken lightly.
Amaethon Jones
'Amaethon Jones' 4 days ago
Ave Caesar.
Dj lightning shimmer
Edi Amin (spelled that wrong maybe) v.s. king George
de tiger tank king
Caesar won
Haron Kerimu
'Haron Kerimu' 4 days ago
try shaka zulu vs kunta kinte!!!.. who else wanna see that?
Mcquackquack figins
they should do jacksepticeye vs markiplier
Jonathan Blake
'Jonathan Blake' 4 days ago
In terms of war Ceaser wins every time. In terms of this battle Shaka beat that ass
'VeggieBoi' 4 days ago
how about: kermit the frog vs. pepe the frog
'Aodaic' 4 days ago
Atilla The Hun VS. Vlad The Impaler.
Aaron Eggers
'Aaron Eggers' 5 days ago
Beatles vs Stones?
Víctor G.
'Víctor G.' 5 days ago
Venom King
'Venom King' 5 days ago
Not to mention Caesar won in my opinion, dissing the living shit out of Zulu, but also, if you took "rap"out of this battle Caesar would..... well try and imagine a battle between a cow and the Indominous (eff it, thats close enouph... 7 apostrephes to many? probaly, its 3 in the morning and the only reason im still awake is 4 cups of starbucks) Rex.
Cprockz15Plays Minecraft
Amazing era very underrated
good sir
'good sir' 5 days ago
Caesar was thousands of years behind shaka but he shows more signs of wealth and technology than shaka.
R. pizzamonkey
'R. pizzamonkey' 5 days ago
Yeah... even if Zulu's whol army had the "strength of a lion and the speed of a cheetah" they couldn't stand up to Roman technology. Metalworking is just too valuable, you run in with a spear and it gets deflected by a shield/ cut by a sword and you're screwed. You run in with a hammer and they push your hammer away with their shield and stab you in the gut.
Adam Joaquim
'Adam Joaquim' 6 days ago
I'm alone in thinking Shaka won?
Ntg The Wolf24
'Ntg The Wolf24' 6 days ago
Caesar vs Alexander the Great
Riley-James Pitt
'Riley-James Pitt' 6 days ago
Caesar got rekt by the Zulu warriors
Umar Farukh25
'Umar Farukh25' 7 days ago
Andreja Popovic
'Andreja Popovic' 7 days ago
putin vs mcdonalds
Andreja Popovic
'Andreja Popovic' 7 days ago
Drew Little
'Drew Little' 1 week ago
"Oh yes, you get stabbed many times by your friends." GEE ZUZ.
Brioz Mukshi
'Brioz Mukshi' 1 week ago
Shitpost Extraordinaire
Julius was the king of fucking up barbarians, why should this be any different?
Balu The Drax
'Balu The Drax' 1 week ago
And this why I have an A+ in social studies
'Killin' Weebs' 1 week ago
It's pronounced kai zar .... Profligate
Josias Pujols
'Josias Pujols' 1 week ago
is that destorm
Arthfael Online
'Arthfael Online' 1 week ago
You'll decimate their hordes Caesar? I seem to remember that means 90% survive, you actually did that to strengthen your own army. So they'll win the fight because 90% are fine and better than ever thanks to your efforts. Good job.
gr assassin 124 564
when he says "won't get fucked just be cleopatra in Africa is wrong,since cleopatra was greek in origin
Yassine Abadi
'Yassine Abadi' 1 week ago
dont play with afrca wr are barbar
EJR Games and Mapper
earaser met scissors he's the comanda who thinks he can dance a conon of the Savannah but when I go hand to hand with you I go hamma
mzk timekiller
'mzk timekiller' 1 week ago
I love how they show both shaka and Caesar attack styles at the end
Sans The Skeleton
'Sans The Skeleton' 1 week ago
Team Africa FTW
The halo warrior
'The halo warrior' 1 week ago
Minato Uchiha
'Minato Uchiha' 1 week ago
And be fucked by more than Cleopatra in Africa. That was savage asf!!!
Luis Rodriguez Montalvo
Julius is my choose
gr assassin 124 564
I believe caesar won,although shaka rapped pretty well caesar roasted

P.S. #whos watching in 2017;P
DiamondEnder 11
'DiamondEnder 11' 1 week ago
I feel like playing Civ VI
Rachael Murphy
'Rachael Murphy' 1 week ago
And so was the guy who was his army
Rachael Murphy
'Rachael Murphy' 1 week ago
the guy who was Shaka zulu was a viner
Simeon Manev
'Simeon Manev' 1 week ago
Indiana Jones vs Han Solo
'ForsakenSquishes' 1 week ago
I love this rap... basically race war
Angela Power
'Angela Power' 1 week ago
Caesar won 😂😂
Ppl Hh
'Ppl Hh' 1 week ago
Shaka zulu
'turtle' 1 week ago
the part where caesar said you can grow my wheat for me after your beaten i died and its rascitst
Itz Apex
'Itz Apex' 1 week ago
Where is Rome total war 2
Sumit Singh Thakur
Julius Caesar wasn't first of the empire. He was last of the republicans though.
MeerkatMan 26
'MeerkatMan 26' 1 week ago
Zulu. but if that were in a battle like an actual battle ,Caeser
Milan Pavlovic
'Milan Pavlovic' 2 weeks ago
"I'll pave roads with the bones of your goat-herding ass" game over...
Ronicko Keith
'Ronicko Keith' 2 weeks ago
THEY went hard
Erin C
'Erin C' 2 weeks ago
Irfan Radoncic
'Irfan Radoncic' 2 weeks ago
should of mentioned the brits against Zulu and how he died
'imperial' 2 weeks ago
dude was that destorm thats awesome
Hanna Crooks
'Hanna Crooks' 2 weeks ago
Shaka Zulu won
DiamondEnder 11
'DiamondEnder 11' 2 weeks ago
Charles the V of Spain vs Barbarossa
Schüller Andreas
'Schüller Andreas' 2 weeks ago
we wuz kangs ´n shit. One could think these two are contemporans but even european antiquity was more civilised and disciplined than all the african tribes in the 18th century including shakas zulu.
nahian islam asif
'nahian islam asif' 2 weeks ago
Caeser ma man
Antonio Cruz
'Antonio Cruz' 2 weeks ago
Julius won
Daniel K.
'Daniel K.' 2 weeks ago
Julius won
'CapsLockBroken' 2 weeks ago
It should gave been "pasty white hordes", not "hoards". Come on guys, proofread your captions.
'GeoOoo7' 2 weeks ago
Robert Petrin
'Robert Petrin' 2 weeks ago
HAHHAHAAHA if i wanted to shake spears i would wagle my biography savage
Emil Ahl
'Emil Ahl' 2 weeks ago
isn't the zulu background warriors supposed to have the traditional (veeeeery) shortened war stabbing spear, because those in this video looks a few inces 2 long.

ps: please correct me if im wrong about this, also sorry if i've spelled something wrong.
Enzo Gaming
'Enzo Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Caesar 1
SeeZhi Wong
'SeeZhi Wong' 2 weeks ago
Um shaka was not very fit and was kinda obese just putting that out there
'xXJeSuSXx' 2 weeks ago
Rome Total War is a great game, fuck the SPQR.
Shayna frank
'Shayna frank' 2 weeks ago
shaka zula won
Giliana Croitoru
'Giliana Croitoru' 2 weeks ago
markiplier vs jacksepticeye
Undertale Lord
'Undertale Lord' 2 weeks ago
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