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Florida Georgia Line - While He's Still Around (Static Version) -
Published: 6 months ago By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO

By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVOPublished: 6 months ago

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Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing While He's Still Around. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Dylan Fulk
'Dylan Fulk' 2 days ago
"These guys aren't country"
This sounds pretty damn country to me
Marley Silver
'Marley Silver' 1 week ago
Wildlife- 1995
'Wildlife- 1995' 1 week ago
This song is so Awesome and True I have cried many times to this song they should play this on the radio!
Caline Koh-Tan
'Caline Koh-Tan' 2 weeks ago
hits me hard too. flew home but too late.
Dylan Fulk
'Dylan Fulk' 1 month ago
THIS needs to be their next music video.
Takagi Wataru
'Takagi Wataru' 1 month ago
I like this song a lot ^_^ I made a video with this song
Nick Burnett
'Nick Burnett' 1 month ago
Damn. Wish I had a relationship with my dad. Can't believe how much we've already missed out on with each other.
Weaverland Bikes
'Weaverland Bikes' 1 month ago
I got that phone call a year ago when my sister died. this song came on the radio last weekend and I almost had to cry in front of my friends. "Truth Music"
Kayleigh Heeney
'Kayleigh Heeney' 2 months ago
Not hating becuase I absolutely love Florida Georgia Line but why doesn't Tyler sing in this?
Kayleigh Heeney
'Kayleigh Heeney' 2 months ago
Who else has been a Florida Georgia Line fan since day 1?? I have ❤
Austin Burgad
'Austin Burgad' 2 months ago
My absolute favorite song on the new album! It's very sad but I love it so much!
Wildlife- 1995
'Wildlife- 1995' 2 months ago
I even cry or come really close to it every time I hear this song I love this song I love FGL I think all their songs are great cant wait for their next album and I will always be a FGL supporter I recommend picking up a copy of their Dig Your Roots album if you like this song
Bryson Shadley
'Bryson Shadley' 2 months ago
this song is so sad
RedNeckGamer 768
'RedNeckGamer 768' 2 months ago
Song tears me up everytime
Kutie M
'Kutie M' 3 months ago
🙁 hearts me hearing this song lost my father last year...
rickey deel
'rickey deel' 3 months ago
This song is so sweet
Douglas Donaldson
'Douglas Donaldson' 3 months ago
Nick I'm sorry for your lost my freind
Tina Vandermosten
'Tina Vandermosten' 4 months ago
Jayden Conn
'Jayden Conn' 4 months ago
this should be a single love the song
Cody Gallagher
'Cody Gallagher' 4 months ago
omg so good
Lorenzo Silva
'Lorenzo Silva' 4 months ago
first time I heard this song I was on my way home from hunting Dove...2 minutes in I was in tears:o
Country Rebel 74
'Country Rebel 74' 5 months ago
FGL here's your next song for radio. It's an instant number 1. I bought the CD the day it came out, and was listening to it on my way home. First time I heard this I literally cried
Ichiya Nayasukin
'Ichiya Nayasukin' 5 months ago
thank you for making this song! it is just so touching... i'll keep cheering you guys on forever FGL
Heather Dawn
'Heather Dawn' 6 months ago
touch my heArt. this song is the best song ever
'ohheypaula' 6 months ago
Omg this song made me bawl my eyes out wtf. All the feels. Beautiful.
Nick Hooten
'Nick Hooten' 6 months ago
I lost my younger brother 2 weeks ago. I am only 20 years old and he was 18 years old. I work from 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. so I am always gone before everyone else gets up. That morning 2 hours into work I get a call from my 16 year old brother saying that he wasn't answering his alarm and they found him and he was gone. He went to sleep and just never woke up. So this song really hits me hard with the part "'Cause you never know when the phone is gonna ring sayin' heaven had it out to make you wings and all those things that you were gonna do are just tear drops rainin' on a church pew." at 0:38. I miss him. I wish we could have done more together.
ntambi dean
'ntambi dean' 6 months ago
I like these guys !! are u watching too guys !!!🙌🙌👍💪
Scott Morgan
'Scott Morgan' 6 months ago
I lost my Dad over 30 years ago and this song hit me like a ton of bricks. I was in college when he passed, so I missed the last few years of his life. I didn't get to do so much with him. He never met my sons. My wife never got to meet him. I treasure the things that we did get to do together. He was and is my hero, not a perfect man, but he was my DAD and I love him and I miss him!!
Piano Dancers
'Piano Dancers' 6 months ago
your never gonna know when the phone is gonna ring saying heaven headed out to make you wings and all those things that you were gonna do are just tear jops a raining on the church pew so im gonna try to say it before i gotta pray it hoping that hes looking down and tell him that i love him while hes still around

the saddest words of this song but the most emotional,best,loving song i have ever heard

Jello Wolf
'Jello Wolf' 6 months ago
wat happens if u never got to spend time with him cause he pushes you outa of his life 😞
Taylor Hansen
'Taylor Hansen' 6 months ago
unfortunately I lost my father when I was five and I don't remember him and I never got to spend much time time with him because he was always at work or out with his friends. So this song hits home for me.
Francis LavanVEVO and Fantastic gamer
I had to meson this song because it made me sing it all day at school man :)
Mike Oxlong
'Mike Oxlong' 6 months ago
Heard about the death of Jose Fernandez and then listened to this song. Hit me in the feels
Dennis Horl
'Dennis Horl' 6 months ago
Who cried
Orion Prather
'Orion Prather' 6 months ago
I love it so much. It's making me tear up. This is my #1 favorite.
'SonFron' 6 months ago
One of the best lyrics I've heard
Rosanna Knudsen
'Rosanna Knudsen' 6 months ago
This song hit me hard and spoke to my heart. They should do a music video for this song.
Kitty Purrs
'Kitty Purrs' 6 months ago
you boys are sweet as pie...
Armamdo Gonzalez
'Armamdo Gonzalez' 6 months ago
For those of you who have your parents still around, listen to the lyrics it's amazing. Don't wait for tomorow to tell them how much you love them and care for them, might be too late.
John Garcia
'John Garcia' 6 months ago
Love this song ! Reminds me of my father
Kanishk Singh
'Kanishk Singh' 6 months ago
Touched my heart!!!
Charumart Klumngen
'Charumart Klumngen' 6 months ago
beautiful song
Maddie B
'Maddie B' 6 months ago
Beautiful song
'm0nkEyz100' 6 months ago
This song hit me hard....
Michelle Storm
'Michelle Storm' 6 months ago
It isa perfect song ...again
colton gamble
'colton gamble' 6 months ago
C 7 A Y means gay just sayin
Karolyne Linno
'Karolyne Linno' 6 months ago
OMG perfeita essa música ❤❤
colton gamble
'colton gamble' 6 months ago
Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this song is C 7 A Y
Grace Rouse
'Grace Rouse' 6 months ago
5th view
Grace Moore
'Grace Moore' 6 months ago
This song!!💜
Grace Rouse
'Grace Rouse' 6 months ago
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