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Tinashe - Company -
Published: 2 months ago By: TinasheOfficialVEVO

By: TinasheOfficialVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

10, 534, 027 views

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Karlee Thompson
'Karlee Thompson' 6 hours ago
💘 this song
'MrsDenise83' 7 hours ago
I always thought Ciara was the best dancer in the game (yes better than ya'll precious Beyonce) but Cici has some real competition
Adrian Rodrigues
'Adrian Rodrigues' 8 hours ago
Que delícia de música, amém Tinashe
Deep Thoughts
'Deep Thoughts' 9 hours ago
chase digg
'chase digg' 10 hours ago
dude i love her so much lol
'JerseyBred323' 10 hours ago
The Janet and Aaliyah influences are strong in this video.
Nikola Cvetković
'Nikola Cvetković' 11 hours ago
Underrated AF because of the general public who tends to fap on music videos and get drunk while listening to some seamless crap. Get some taste, shitheads.
aubrie sanders
'aubrie sanders' 11 hours ago
tinashe you're really great and got good music 😚💘💋
Douglas Reis
'Douglas Reis' 13 hours ago
moon loves sun
'moon loves sun' 13 hours ago
Rejane Drew
'Rejane Drew' 13 hours ago
que música em... kkkkk
Elizabeth Taylor
'Elizabeth Taylor' 16 hours ago
I hope this young lady gets more PR. Very talented. She makes me want to take my middle-aged butt back to dance class.
Nurul Khairunnisa
'Nurul Khairunnisa' 18 hours ago
the choreo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
sheila persaud
'sheila persaud' 19 hours ago
hottest song ever
Kevi Herrira
'Kevi Herrira' 19 hours ago
Am I the only who comes to watch her male dancers?
'Mini' 19 hours ago
who else is wants to learn this dance <3
Caroline Molakkal
'Caroline Molakkal' 20 hours ago
I've never seen a sweatshirt so short... literally shorter than a crop top
'vxCece15xv' 20 hours ago
1.25-.15 Speed is golden plus regular speed
cns2015 nz
'cns2015 nz' 22 hours ago
love it
Precious Dynamite
Tinashe is so underrated I thought she would never make another song she should already be at 1M subscribers
Simran Aujla
'Simran Aujla' 1 day ago
Phelicia Navajo
'Phelicia Navajo' 1 day ago
KriShauna Fisher
'KriShauna Fisher' 1 day ago
the dark skin in the black shirt and white pants is a snack
Diana Perez
'Diana Perez' 1 day ago
Everybody in this video KILLED IT, big shoutout to Jojo Gomez for creating amazing things & continuing to grow & evolve!
'TUrNdOwN4Pepe' 1 day ago
I wish I was as good as a dancer as she is✨
Olivia Hutchins
'Olivia Hutchins' 1 day ago
don't you wish you were her for just a day
'Yatsary' 1 day ago
Cisco KILLED IT!!!!!
Angelina Ramirez
'Angelina Ramirez' 1 day ago
¿Alguien sabe como se llama el chico que baila con ella? Es para una tarea :v
Speed Flexie
'Speed Flexie' 1 day ago
Love the aesthetic, this eras is full of aesthetic even memes
Gail Sylvester
'Gail Sylvester' 1 day ago
She can dance her ass off.She is very talented!!!!
Zaina Chowdhury
'Zaina Chowdhury' 1 day ago
First comment tf?
Angelina Lulli
'Angelina Lulli' 2 days ago
she sings AND dances i love her !
'ANGEL BREEZY' 2 days ago
jus realize deja in the video 😭
Senait Ashenafi
'Senait Ashenafi' 2 days ago
Damn that white boy fine!
Laprietahh Millones
I love the song,lov3 the choreography but I personally think that they should of been more in the video rather just only be dancing because honestly it looks like any other choreography video I eat h on the daily. you kno.
caroletta robinson
Nice moves
'NORA RODRIGUEZ' 2 days ago
Shout out to my booty call. Ey. 📱
nomin erdene
'nomin erdene' 2 days ago
I'm getting Kyle Hanagami vibe aaaaand Jake is dancing with Tinashe
Momooo 22
'Momooo 22' 2 days ago
I got you by Bebe Rexha has 70million views and it's a shitty song and this video with nice choreo and a excellent performance and singer only 10M ? I just don't understand...
Dana Ro
'Dana Ro' 2 days ago
Obsessed with this, totally
vanessa smith
'vanessa smith' 2 days ago
0:30 should be the thumbnail
Kz Erum
'Kz Erum' 2 days ago
I really loves her moves
Cellar Door
'Cellar Door' 2 days ago
I feel like she's gonna fade into oblivion...
C. Pickett
'C. Pickett' 2 days ago
Love the choreo in this video
'soulstar005' 2 days ago
actually love this video and song.
shahida jones
'shahida jones' 2 days ago
who else though of super Mario Bros while listening to this
'Jraybay' 2 days ago
She gives off an Aaliyah vibe fr.
Asia Saunders
'Asia Saunders' 3 days ago
tries to learn all of dance
'EMILY ANUNDA' 3 days ago
lots of love to tinashe her music just kills me
Rochelle Curra
'Rochelle Curra' 3 days ago
Bart 122367
Rochelle Curra
'Rochelle Curra' 3 days ago
Nathaniel UncleDrew
So beautiful!
If I knew her address, I'd be hiding in the bushes out front!
CindyN Cole
'CindyN Cole' 3 days ago
the dancing it better than the song lol 😍 But YASS
'HoseokBANGTAN _' 3 days ago
Any Army here?
'crewcabangr' 3 days ago
Hunter-Storm Jones
she is killin it, on this video
Kripa G
'Kripa G' 3 days ago
When Jay Park watch this tho... expecting a collab soon. It'd be amazing!
Laila Brown
'Laila Brown' 3 days ago
This sounds like a song a stripper would dance to😂
Nikki xo
'Nikki xo' 3 days ago
I love the song✌❤✌❤ but the video may be a bit too much don't you think?
kushondra Willis
'kushondra Willis' 3 days ago
All I can see is dance moves that is sick .Then I hear music next.I stuck on how great these dance moves is.Whoever did the coregraphy knows there shit.
'laurenkayel' 3 days ago
love her so much
'likedbymany' 3 days ago
Only 10 million. y'all sleep she full package idk why the viewers don't receive her well? tbh I could see her being mixed because she full package and I'm not even a big fan of hers but she got it. thoughts?
Shameka Johnson
'Shameka Johnson' 3 days ago
this girl is dancing her f**** ass off she deserves a round of a f**** applause
'Ziana' 3 days ago
i wonder if jay park has seen this yet.... probably...
kim namjoon aka rm
Jhope where u at ?
Angelina Ramirez
'Angelina Ramirez' 3 days ago
Me encanta demasiado, tanto la canción como el video♥♥
Alex Hernandez
'Alex Hernandez' 3 days ago
Britney Spears Needs To Hire this Choreographer!
Melody Spencer
'Melody Spencer' 3 days ago
Lol the dance is amazing like
Leeza Belkina
'Leeza Belkina' 3 days ago
the last part gave me chills damn
Jonathan Henrique
'Jonathan Henrique' 3 days ago
very god coreografy
Aalaylon Anderson
'Aalaylon Anderson' 4 days ago
the boy behind is cute and i want take a video with you next time okay priome dont lie
Selthon Olegário Melo
Brit-Army here! Tinashe <3
Novz Ocbian
'Novz Ocbian' 4 days ago
love her
'AMO_Gurls KJJ' 4 days ago
I was enjoying the music❤ till 3:36 that sound scared tf out of me 😑
Robyn Alisha
'Robyn Alisha' 4 days ago
Damn everything about this is FIRE .
Luandson Melo
'Luandson Melo' 4 days ago
a bicha dança pra caraio
Ivory Angel
'Ivory Angel' 4 days ago
hot video
ily bangtan
'ily bangtan' 4 days ago
imagine hoseok and tinashe doing something like this
Isolde E-G
'Isolde E-G' 4 days ago
'Tanamara' 4 days ago
Yep thought it was Jojo choreography
Josh Bates
'Josh Bates' 4 days ago
I remember watching this video like 12 times and wondering if JoJo choreographed the video or at least featured in it. Turns out she does both! Amazing job as always
'ParkYoonmin' 4 days ago
when eres army y corea y mas te dice que ella es la ap de jhope y vienes para ver si te pareces😂😂:'v
'meow8867' 4 days ago
thr way she dances with that guy alone reminds me of this feeling
Yang Mina
'Yang Mina' 4 days ago
Chiquita bebe 💖✨
'Dyyll' 5 days ago
im a bear and even i think she is HOT
Rashad Dahzar
'Rashad Dahzar' 5 days ago
thought this was a long take but after further observation I realized it wasn't and my feelings got hurt...still a good video
Anthony Dawson
'Anthony Dawson' 5 days ago
I listen to it everyday
kpop is life
'kpop is life' 5 days ago
Jay Park and Jhope know what's good.This woman is pure sexiness and talent.Even better than some mainstream artist rn :/ I guess talent is not enough for the industry.
I've heard her singing live and her vocals are no joke
Hector  Paniagua
'Hector Paniagua' 5 days ago
she got 10 million yes 😀😀😀😀😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏
'PolishChick9376' 5 days ago
This video gives me life! Listen to this once a day!
Sabrina jauregui
'Sabrina jauregui' 5 days ago
Andres Castillo
'Andres Castillo' 5 days ago
Love it!!!! Tinashe is a real sexy babe and this video is the sexiest thing I've ever seen!!!
Nadir K
'Nadir K' 5 days ago
2:53 😂😂😂
Amariah Ayala
'Amariah Ayala' 5 days ago
"I'm nothing like your girlfriend" 🙈
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