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High School Theatre Show - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

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27, 346 Likes   737 Dislikes

Six high school students (Kyle Mooney, Taran Killam, Reese Witherspoon, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, Beck Bennett) stage an avant-garde production dedicated to John Lennon and Shonda Rhimes.

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MachoManhunter CC
'MachoManhunter CC' 7 hours ago
The last scene tho
Anita Rao
'Anita Rao' 18 hours ago
They need to make more of these.
'Blah' 2 days ago
This is why at my school we get scripts. That have plot. We did the snow queen.
'ARB San' 2 days ago
I wish they had this in my high school
Amnesia Nox
'Amnesia Nox' 4 days ago
Oh my God. 😂😂
Gurpy Colors
'Gurpy Colors' 5 days ago
1:28. Well we can "love" on facebook now so......
Pastel Pigicorn
'Pastel Pigicorn' 5 days ago
Can I just say

I hate theater kids
Snoozy Luna
'Snoozy Luna' 6 days ago
kinda sad that I was in a shockingly similar to this in high school
Nadi B
'Nadi B' 1 week ago
"Whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper, SHOUT!" Why did that part kill me 😂
Asra Shuaib
'Asra Shuaib' 1 week ago
okay but why do I go to Woodbridge High School
Nahren Neno
'Nahren Neno' 2 weeks ago
You go into theatre thinking you will be doing cool plays, but you get hit with the topic "oppression" and is told to run with it. I've been running with it for the past 4 years I can do this shit in my sleep
'Dumpknoedel' 2 weeks ago
it's so weird because the actor's comedic timing is still perfect and the talent shines through...
Freddy Thornton
'Freddy Thornton' 2 weeks ago
the guy who shrugs every line just cracks me up omfg
'GenieLogic' 2 weeks ago
I'm sorry but I loved that girl's hair. The colors are just awesome.
'JadeSkylar8753' 2 weeks ago
The part with the bang we were black had me in tears😂😂
Rico F
'Rico F' 2 weeks ago
Ergh bloomin' Taran making everything funnier. Those arm movements...
Scared Antelope
'Scared Antelope' 2 weeks ago
Yvonne Rentap
'Yvonne Rentap' 2 weeks ago
It's so bad that it is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Castiel Novak
'Castiel Novak' 2 weeks ago
I mean I really like SNL and most of their skits are funny but this one and only a few others really make me laugh out loud.
Rachel O
'Rachel O' 2 weeks ago
I love this series, I enjoyed drama at school but some of these are so accurate
salted crypts
'salted crypts' 3 weeks ago
reese is really cute with that hair, js
Erik Lerström
'Erik Lerström' 3 weeks ago
Even Tarans "bang" is good
'xThePinkApple' 3 weeks ago
this is exactly like most school, youth and church theatre performances I've seen, it's amazingly accurate
'DIAMOND DANIELS' 3 weeks ago
why is this so accurate
Seojin Lee
'Seojin Lee' 3 weeks ago
that call guys dancing was a bit annoying
mexican lawyer
'mexican lawyer' 3 weeks ago
reese whiterspoon's moves are so femenine, such a beautiful girl 😍😍
Helen Gilbert
'Helen Gilbert' 3 weeks ago
Html And Animal Jam
'Html And Animal Jam' 3 weeks ago
Those transitions tho
'Rubensteinsrevenge' 3 weeks ago
Really makes you think... and also, there's such a great subliminal message regarding drugs. Brava!
'EVA SALANDER' 3 weeks ago
Honestly ... this is pretty accurate
Polar Panda
'Polar Panda' 4 weeks ago
that was the funniest thing ever love Shonda Rhimes
Nicole Rozanski
'Nicole Rozanski' 4 weeks ago
They had people come to my school today and do something like this except it was about bullying and it was the weirdest thing I ever saw
Gavin Reddig
'Gavin Reddig' 4 weeks ago
This is high key true
Sam Coatsworth
'Sam Coatsworth' 1 month ago
Is that Victoria Justice?
Rachel murphy
'Rachel murphy' 1 month ago
Just to be clear all the theatre kids have made something like this and yes we knew it sucked but it was so fun to make.
Fast forward a couple years into the don't need to be a nerd to become president anymore 😂
'Bewitched4Life' 1 month ago
i love how much Kate gets into this. love her expressions
'It'sALovelyDay' 1 month ago
This is offensively accurate
Migue Alonso
'Migue Alonso' 1 month ago
This is so good!
Black Dahlia
'Black Dahlia' 1 month ago
This has Brad and Sue written all over it
Nicolas Mercado
'Nicolas Mercado' 1 month ago
I don't find reese funny :S :S at least in this skit, elizabeth's was better...
'alexvesel1' 1 month ago
No joke, we had an anti-AIDS play completely made up by the kids in my school and it went exactly like this.
Andrew Taylor
'Andrew Taylor' 1 month ago
This is hilarious!!!
Tess H
'Tess H' 1 month ago
"....and we will all be laying on stage asleep. LIKE OUR CONGRESS."
Contentment AJ
'Contentment AJ' 1 month ago
I really like the colourful hair.
'ammare' 1 month ago
I dont get the satire in this. Isnt this sort of sketch decent enough for a high school level theater? I mean we are not talking about professional theater company but high school kids who are elementary in their skills. Can someone interpret what snl is trying to convey with this?
Chicken Permission
'Chicken Permission' 1 month ago
I also just noticed that Beck and Kyle were cuddling at the end, and I had a tiny seizure, that was so adorable!<3
Cody Blaisdell
'Cody Blaisdell' 1 month ago
I'll bet anything that that whole cast of students were Hillary supporters
Jake James
'Jake James' 1 month ago
"TRUST ME. I MADE CUTS." -- Man, Cecily Strong is the best.
Jethro Watts
'Jethro Watts' 1 month ago
Is it me, or did that scene with the seeing the daughters first steps appear to be promoting traditional gender roles and the removal of women from the workplace so as to allow them that amount of time with their new born children. Btw I'm not a sexist, it's just what I picked up from that scene.
'lovelytimeable' 1 month ago
rush rush stress stress
Saad Mansoor
'Saad Mansoor' 1 month ago
Bang, bang ...bang, guess what that is what happens for charging for lame shows.
'Sarah' 1 month ago
These are so funny omg
zach sparks
'zach sparks' 2 months ago
Reece Witherspoon is a goddess 😍
Shahd Alali
'Shahd Alali' 2 months ago
kamila taufiq
'kamila taufiq' 2 months ago
honestly i really like this play its so fucking epic, its so artistic and raw and real. except the last part haha..
John Regardt Rhode
'John Regardt Rhode' 2 months ago
whisper whisper whisper whisper whisper whisper whisper whisper SHOUT!!
Chicken Permission
'Chicken Permission' 2 months ago
I love Kyle's purposely bad and cringey acting, it's amazing! xD
nqobile madziba
'nqobile madziba' 2 months ago
Fucking liberals
carlos saenz
'carlos saenz' 2 months ago
anybody laughs at 1:46
Barna Szabo
'Barna Szabo' 2 months ago
'Dani' 2 months ago
This makes me want to die 😵🔫
Erica Bourland
'Erica Bourland' 2 months ago
the "next time don't like--love" one was lowkey good
'AwesomenessRequired' 2 months ago
Ayyyy Judge Judy!
ShadeJade 163
'ShadeJade 163' 2 months ago
am I supposed to not get it
'ladydiskette' 2 months ago
I was in HS Drama Club back in 00' and 01' and from reading the comments down here, I am thankful I had a Drama Club teacher that didn't make us do these kind of plays, he put on actual performances, with stories and plays that had subtle socio-economic allegories that made much more of a impact than the skit's avant-garde performance.
rachael leggett
'rachael leggett' 2 months ago
dude how does Reese Witherspoon get hotter looking like she got barfed on by a hot topic? so unfair lol
pete mitchell
'pete mitchell' 2 months ago
This is why people hate us liberals. This is why people hate us teenage liberals. Because SOME OF US are obnoxious pieces of shit with no sense of common decency or self awareness. Bad apples spoil the bunch.
Travis Adams Student Media
.. resse witherspoon dyed her hair to look emo lol
HEY you cute
'HEY you cute' 2 months ago
Reese looks kiiinda like Eliza from the 100 idk
Hector Gonzalez
'Hector Gonzalez' 2 months ago
And guess what? WE WERE BLACK.
'I'm Broadcaster' 2 months ago
This is sooo funny xD
Bill Angell
'Bill Angell' 2 months ago
As a liberal, I agree with this condemnation of liberals.
'KraTheBae' 2 months ago
maybe the reason theater kids do this is so they can build up a resistance to shame and therefore do all the weird shit in movies
McKenna Hervey
'McKenna Hervey' 2 months ago
Oh my god. I could feel my chest contracting in a physical cringe at the end of each scene.
Maya Riley
'Maya Riley' 2 months ago
This is so funny
Maya Riley
'Maya Riley' 2 months ago
Reese witherspoon 😂😂
Brian Michael Finn
'Brian Michael Finn' 2 months ago
awful... please get new writers
'alsunpilsut' 2 months ago
"Your daughter's really good!" "She is actually my stepdaughter and no she's not." :D
Lys M
'Lys M' 2 months ago
Lys M
'Lys M' 2 months ago
too accurate.
SpC Kiro
'SpC Kiro' 2 months ago
They need to do more of these
Christina G
'Christina G' 2 months ago
This makes me cringe so hard because things like this exist😂😂😂
'famousstar796' 2 months ago
These theatre skits are so hilarious and true. I love how the SNL cast always finds a way to make you laugh and think.
'Zarkow' 2 months ago
SJW's doing Theater.
Andy Martin
'Andy Martin' 3 months ago
Did anyone else notice that woman laugh at 0:40 when there wasn't even anything funny yet.. wtf
'DavidFiveThirteen' 3 months ago
is it weird that i actually kinda liked the play?
Charlie Sacco
'Charlie Sacco' 3 months ago
Whisper whisper whisper whisper whisper SHOUT
'BathingZooZoo' 3 months ago
Reminds me of black mirror
'AidanK' 3 months ago

and guess what...
Zoe Elizabeth
'Zoe Elizabeth' 3 months ago
Reese should dye her hair like that in real life.
':D' 3 months ago
I miss Taran
'TheSuperNarwhalrus' 3 months ago
I'm so glad my highschool doesn't do this shit. their plays aren't /great/ but they are actually plays and they do actually try. I suddenly appreciate my school's drama department a whole hell of a lot more.
Alexandra Ryan
'Alexandra Ryan' 3 months ago
Accurately the theater in my old high school
'Jakov' 3 months ago
That guy robot dancing fucking kills me
Addie C
'Addie C' 3 months ago
That girl with the brown hair with colored highlights is the main character of legally blonde
Future Mr.President
'Future Mr.President' 3 months ago
This got funnier with Kenan Thompson instead of Leslie Jones.
'pop5678eye' 3 months ago
Some of the commenters here just really don't get it...
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