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High School Theatre Show - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

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29, 656 Likes   781 Dislikes

Six high school students (Kyle Mooney, Taran Killam, Reese Witherspoon, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, Beck Bennett) stage an avant-garde production dedicated to John Lennon and Shonda Rhimes.

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Viktoria Renae
'Viktoria Renae' 21 hours ago
I just want Reese's hair in this sketch
Safia Lynn
'Safia Lynn' 1 day ago
From the perspective of a middle schooler, this skit in all honesty pisses me off. In some aspects this is true but not every production is crap. I just finished putting on Oklahoma at my school and we were given compliments that we did better than our high schoolers. I feel this is extremely exaggerated of what middle school theatre is really like. Yes sometimes everything is a train wreck but other times the shows are pretty badass. Not every school is like mine however where we have some outstanding actors and actresses, singers and dancers. For real though, I promise you if this is how your going to picture and assume how Junior High theatre is, you're going to miss out on what could be some outstanding performances
latent fuss
'latent fuss' 2 days ago
omg Kyle laid down on Beck at the end I SHIP THEM SO HARD
Lewis 970
'Lewis 970' 3 days ago
Is that Reese Witherspoon in the purple hair?
Lewis 970
'Lewis 970' 3 days ago
Is that Reese Witherspoon?
Marisol C
'Marisol C' 3 days ago
Taran's moves during the transition had me DYING
'itsjustregan' 5 days ago
I kinda hate to love this
Night Wing
'Night Wing' 6 days ago
High school showcase is the best sketch series ever
'Noriarty' 6 days ago
Kyle sleeping on Beck at the end ♥
'f0p12' 7 days ago
1:26 "next time don't like; love." has a whole new meaning with the different facebook reactions haha
'tigerlily' 2 weeks ago
Everyone knew at least one girl with Reese's hairstyle in high school lmao
Janae Fuller
'Janae Fuller' 2 weeks ago
This gone suck
'BoggessBroadway' 2 weeks ago
'BoggessBroadway' 2 weeks ago
when youre in high school and you wish your shows were on this level
RKRts Animations
'RKRts Animations' 2 weeks ago
This is definitely my school's drama program, except it's all my teacher's terrible writing.
E Koenig
'E Koenig' 2 weeks ago
This is soooooo accurate omg
Baisakhi Chatterjee
'Baisakhi Chatterjee' 2 weeks ago
"Next time don't just like, love"
It's even funnier because facebook now has love reactions
Turd Ferguson
'Turd Ferguson' 2 weeks ago
Uh great sketch aside does anyone want to point out how much of a fucking babe Reese Witherspoon is?
'greenghost2008' 2 weeks ago
This is how I feel when I see feminist slam poetry.
'greenghost2008' 2 weeks ago
I wish I was skinny enough to sqaut that far.
'ricosuavee44' 2 weeks ago
This would be even better if Leslie jones wasn't just awful in it
Ella Kalnes
'Ella Kalnes' 2 weeks ago
The arms get me every time
Arianna Velez
'Arianna Velez' 3 weeks ago
Hannah Lynch
'Hannah Lynch' 3 weeks ago
"Are you rich?"
"No, I just have good posture. I'm homeless."
That Really White Christian
The drama at my school doesn't have these kinds of performances. We actually have plots to ours because they are actual plays and not things like this. But I feel this is accurate for so many schools
'WindingRoad12' 3 weeks ago

Emilie Feivelson
'Emilie Feivelson' 3 weeks ago
is it sad that I go to a art school and this is totally a performance that would happen
my name is my name
'my name is my name' 3 weeks ago
the cringe hahahahhaha
John Veitch
'John Veitch' 4 weeks ago
1:26 You know, I think the Facebook staff actually listened to him.
Magical Cheesecake
'Magical Cheesecake' 4 weeks ago
am I the only one who is a HUGE theatre kid and gets the deeper massage in this
Emma Hansen
'Emma Hansen' 1 month ago
What was the whisper, whisper, whisper, shout thing about? XD ...i dont get it
bi tch
'bi tch' 1 month ago
so so accurate
Bethany Earl
'Bethany Earl' 1 month ago
What's funny is at 2:57 they actually have a good point
'Rkameta' 1 month ago
Alana Lucille
'Alana Lucille' 1 month ago
my theatre showcase was much better than this but these are the ideas my friends had and it was horrible
Penguin Community
'Penguin Community' 1 month ago
Not much of an ending.
Megan Coleman
'Megan Coleman' 1 month ago
As a theater nerd I must ask- why is this so accurate 😂
Dark lord Lynch
'Dark lord Lynch' 1 month ago
This is my favorite snl sketch
'finn's baby' 1 month ago
seriuosly wtf is this?
As a theatre student, these transitions kill me inside.
'Cooper&Ali' 1 month ago
Literally these are my drama showcases, I've never seen anything more relatable
'eva's library' 1 month ago
this is painful to watch
Charlie Jay
'Charlie Jay' 1 month ago
I'm cringing way too hard
Katie Lawson
'Katie Lawson' 1 month ago
and guess what... we were all black
awkward Bean
'awkward Bean' 2 months ago
Agatha Rex
'K T' 2 months ago
I love this
B Graziano
'B Graziano' 2 months ago
This is one of my favorite snl sketches it's so accurately funny 😂
'coldheart6926' 2 months ago
'TheWborden' 2 months ago
These are so funny
sarah H.
'sarah H.' 2 months ago
i was in random acting plays like this. in high school. Our teacher had us do it. This hilarios. ♡
'alissaskorikofficial' 2 months ago
This is scarily accurate to Streetsville High Schools drama club...
'lyn's life' 2 months ago
I must have gone to one of the few high schools where every production after school had a plot. Then again it was a magnet school.
Margarita Luisa
'Margarita Luisa' 2 months ago
omg, those comments, you can not tell me that's what your theatre clubs were like... that's certanly not what happend at our school
greetings from germany
Chloe Grover
'Chloe Grover' 2 months ago
As a high school theater kid, this makes me cringe so hard xD
duhh morg
'duhh morg' 2 months ago
when they said "bang bang" i was like "BANG SHE SHOT ME ONE TIME BANG SHE SHOT ME TWO TIMES"
Alyssa Aguirre
'Alyssa Aguirre' 2 months ago
I'm not sure what high schools a lot these people in the comments went to, but this is nothing like what my theater class was like at all 😂😂
'Anonymous' 2 months ago
Highschool students aren't even that dumb😂💀
AmirAli Tn
'AmirAli Tn' 2 months ago
God dayumn Reese Witherspoon was hot in this sketch...
80sobsessed Kid
'80sobsessed Kid' 2 months ago
Like like like like like!
'dot' 2 months ago
Anneloes Barth
'Anneloes Barth' 2 months ago
I went to an arts middle/high shcool in Europe, This is super accurate. At least for the 12-14 year olds. It gets weirder as they grow older.
MachoManhunter CC
'MachoManhunter CC' 2 months ago
The last scene tho
Lovegood Schuyler
'Lovegood Schuyler' 2 months ago
They need to make more of these.
'Blah' 2 months ago
This is why at my school we get scripts. That have plot. We did the snow queen.
'ARB San' 2 months ago
I wish they had this in my high school
Amnesia Nox
'Amnesia Nox' 2 months ago
Oh my God. 😂😂
Gurpy Colors
'Gurpy Colors' 2 months ago
1:28. Well we can "love" on facebook now so......
Pastel Pigicorn
'Pastel Pigicorn' 2 months ago
Can I just say

I hate theater kids
Snoozy Luna
'Snoozy Luna' 2 months ago
kinda sad that I was in a shockingly similar to this in high school
Nadi B
'Nadi B' 2 months ago
"Whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper, SHOUT!" Why did that part kill me 😂
Asra Shuaib
'Asra Shuaib' 2 months ago
okay but why do I go to Woodbridge High School
Nahren Neno
'Nahren Neno' 2 months ago
You go into theatre thinking you will be doing cool plays, but you get hit with the topic "oppression" and is told to run with it. I've been running with it for the past 4 years I can do this shit in my sleep
'Dumpknoedel' 2 months ago
it's so weird because the actor's comedic timing is still perfect and the talent shines through...
Freddy Thornton
'Freddy Thornton' 2 months ago
the guy who shrugs every line just cracks me up omfg
'GenieLogic' 2 months ago
I'm sorry but I loved that girl's hair. The colors are just awesome.
'JadeSkylar8753' 3 months ago
The part with the bang we were black had me in tears😂😂
Rico F
'Rico F' 3 months ago
Ergh bloomin' Taran making everything funnier. Those arm movements...
Scared Antelope
'Scared Antelope' 3 months ago
Yvonne Rentap
'Yvonne Rentap' 3 months ago
It's so bad that it is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
purple strahberry
'purple strahberry' 3 months ago
I mean I really like SNL and most of their skits are funny but this one and only a few others really make me laugh out loud.
'littlemissoptimism' 3 months ago
I love this series, I enjoyed drama at school but some of these are so accurate
salted crypts
'salted crypts' 3 months ago
reese is really cute with that hair, js
Erik Lerström
'Erik Lerström' 3 months ago
Even Tarans "bang" is good
'xThePinkApple' 3 months ago
this is exactly like most school, youth and church theatre performances I've seen, it's amazingly accurate
'DIAMOND DANIELS' 3 months ago
why is this so accurate
Seojin Lee
'Seojin Lee' 3 months ago
that call guys dancing was a bit annoying
mexican lawyer
'mexican lawyer' 3 months ago
reese whiterspoon's moves are so femenine, such a beautiful girl 😍😍
Helen Gilbert
'Helen Gilbert' 3 months ago
Html And Animal Jam
'Html And Animal Jam' 3 months ago
Those transitions tho
'Rubensteinsrevenge' 3 months ago
Really makes you think... and also, there's such a great subliminal message regarding drugs. Brava!
'EVA SALANDER' 3 months ago
Honestly ... this is pretty accurate
Polar Panda
'Polar Panda' 3 months ago
that was the funniest thing ever love Shonda Rhimes
Nicole Rozanski
'Nicole Rozanski' 3 months ago
They had people come to my school today and do something like this except it was about bullying and it was the weirdest thing I ever saw
Gavin Reddig
'Gavin Reddig' 3 months ago
This is high key true
Sam Coatsworth
'Sam Coatsworth' 3 months ago
Is that Victoria Justice?
Rachel murphy
'Rachel murphy' 3 months ago
Just to be clear all the theatre kids have made something like this and yes we knew it sucked but it was so fun to make.
'Chicagoisso2yearsago' 3 months ago
Fast forward a couple years into the don't need to be a nerd to become president anymore 😂
'Schuster' 3 months ago
i love how much Kate gets into this. love her expressions
'TheBlackDahlia' 3 months ago
This is offensively accurate
Migue Alonso
'Migue Alonso' 3 months ago
This is so good!
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