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Golf Trick Shots | Dude Perfect -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 1 year ago

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Benjamin Esh
'Benjamin Esh' 5 hours ago
easily the best song they have ever played on this channel
'Septicle' 8 hours ago
Real Golf Players Can't Do This!
sathya sairam
'sathya sairam' 9 hours ago
next u have to do is with magnet
'MiniPerfect' 13 hours ago
how long did it take to make that whole in one
Beth Halpain
'Beth Halpain' 19 hours ago
nice... dropping em four at a time, hell yes tyla.......
Beth Halpain
'Beth Halpain' 19 hours ago
uummmm good shot Tyler!
Last Gamer
'Last Gamer' 2 days ago
The comeback is my favorite
joe ballard
'joe ballard' 2 days ago
the rube goldburg start
Jahsiah Bowie
'Jahsiah Bowie' 2 days ago
6:25 one of the twins "dude, your so drunk"
'Rizecod1,0000' 2 days ago
That hurts my ears
'Rizecod1,0000' 2 days ago
Copy right
Aydyn Khurdamiev
'Aydyn Khurdamiev' 2 days ago
Why is Cody always eat the camera at the end? 😂
Austin Rehman-stenz
'tracetheheeler' 3 days ago
hole in one
John Luke
'John Luke' 3 days ago
man yall probley tried that a few times lol good shot but yall suck bro yall need a life
my favorite one is the one from 0:00 to 7:29
you know how they say not eyeryone is perfect well apparently they havent met Dude Perfect
Matthew Wright
'Matthew Wright' 3 days ago
Did he really break something after he made the "simple chip"???
Nihal Rastogi
'Nihal Rastogi' 4 days ago
i wish i had a life like them :p
'KING CON VLOGS' 4 days ago
My question is how many golf balls they needed for this video
Ian Verran
'Ian Verran' 4 days ago
Winston Qin
'Winston Qin' 4 days ago
tyler (aka ty) always wins...coby, not at all
Kim Cole
'Kim Cole' 4 days ago
Hole in one
Gilles E
'Gilles E' 4 days ago
Tyler just can't shut up, i bet he got beat up a lot in school...
rhyah miyasaki abesamis
inlove the music in the intro
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 5 days ago
* takes a month to make the intro*
Jon Sweat
'Jon Sweat' 5 days ago
more purple hoser
Golden boys TM
'Golden boys TM' 5 days ago
Nick Stratton
'Nick Stratton' 5 days ago
I've always wondered why in every Trick shot video ty does the majority of
The Shots
Isn't that unfair
He also wins most of the battles
Kid Manea
'Kid Manea' 5 days ago
the fore iron chicken smasher is what i call a birdy
Hasangi Jayarathne
i like tylers hole in one shot
Jamie Rawlings
'Jamie Rawlings' 5 days ago
Nice vid, check out my trick shots video:)
GG Gamer last name
at 5:37 why didnt they show the broken window... did it really brake
thomas descoteaux
'thomas descoteaux' 7 days ago
Wtf was that intro
Jacob Ghebremariam
2:00 did Ty say the face with the least amount of damage is the winner
Ethan Tremble
'Ethan Tremble' 7 days ago
It was a90 degree turn
'Tibbles' 7 days ago
Are the sound effects in this video WiiSports?
Silam Singh
'Silam Singh' 7 days ago
I love you son
Marzenka Jakubowska
Hole in one
Hey We Wello
'Hey We Wello' 7 days ago
Happy Gilmore all over again!
rupal adithi
'rupal adithi' 1 week ago
comeback is awesome
J Steeler
'J Steeler' 1 week ago
Did Garrett actually hit a window though or like a mirror????
Liam Crossman
'Liam Crossman' 1 week ago
i got my first hole in one at 12
Kasey Mathew
'Kasey Mathew' 1 week ago
Around the corner with a nice "tinnng"

. . . that we can't hear over the music. 😡
Shane Sterling
'Shane Sterling' 1 week ago
That moment when you have been playing golf for over 15 years and u still have never had a hole in one 😑
hi pihcu
'hi pihcu' 1 week ago
really just really
Brandon Braun
'Brandon Braun' 1 week ago
this content is the equivalent of a rice cake, just bland. At least rice cakes don't annoy me this much tho.
Aadi Vlogs i
'Aadi Vlogs i' 1 week ago
At 3:17 gar said f won which means f word
Brice ivan
'Brice ivan' 1 week ago
I want to see you guys
Joe Cox
'Joe Cox' 1 week ago
Your the best YouTubers in the world
TOJ Tekkerz
'TOJ Tekkerz' 1 week ago
That's a resilient chicken boy
Caden Krogman
'Caden Krogman' 1 week ago
DP can u guys do a mini golf stereotypes video or mini golf edition. Please.
Chas McSoccer
'Chas McSoccer' 1 week ago
What if Cory would have missed the giant glass thing in the beginning of the video
'Iainus240' 1 week ago
4:58 That 4 iron chicken smacker shot.... that CLEARLY shouldve been called the "Cock Shot!!"
Pro Bros
'Pro Bros' 1 week ago
Subscribe and click our pitcher bitches
Pro Bros
'Pro Bros' 1 week ago
'HLD_GOLF 01' 1 week ago
Please do a golf trick shots 2
'PL4N ZR0' 1 week ago
I didnt hear the tingggg sound
Sluggerman93 Joey Kocvara
hole in one was my fav
Jackson Scott
'Jackson Scott' 1 week ago
Joseph Consalvo
'Joseph Consalvo' 1 week ago
Hey Dp come to The TD Garden
Cruz jovan Bunoan
'Cruz jovan Bunoan' 1 week ago
Dude perfect
Cade Rowell
'Cade Rowell' 1 week ago
Nice air guitar ty and congrats on the whole in one
AydenP Vlogs
'AydenP Vlogs' 1 week ago
Comment if your watching in 2017
'A G' 1 week ago
How did they do these trick shots there really some dudes that are oerfect
Devin Syhanath
'Devin Syhanath' 1 week ago
"What a perfect lie", but you see Ty use the club to get it into position
'RyRySmallFry' 2 weeks ago
2:47 is it just me or are they all wearing the same shoes
'BATMAN #4' 2 weeks ago
you should do what happy Gillmore did at the end of the MOVIE
Graydon Mole
'Graydon Mole' 2 weeks ago
It was a 90 degree not 45
gawgetm loco47
'gawgetm loco47' 2 weeks ago
I have Thant song
Dailey Outdoors
'Dailey Outdoors' 2 weeks ago
you should do a golfing with clubs at a golf course
'LIME TIME' 2 weeks ago
So you will read this comment. Comment if that's true
Buckets Trick Shots
'Buckets Trick Shots' 2 weeks ago
Great job
Buckets Trick Shots
'Buckets Trick Shots' 2 weeks ago
Can you check out our Chanel? Thanks
Sanchia Radford
'Sanchia Radford' 2 weeks ago
You dudes are awsome
Hellen Teixeira
'Hellen Teixeira' 2 weeks ago
Seth Shepard
'Seth Shepard' 2 weeks ago
The hole in one
Barri Lloyd
'Barri Lloyd' 2 weeks ago
you should do world records golf edition
MM Studios
'MM Studios' 2 weeks ago
I swear dude perfect has telekinesis
Ina Azriena
'Ina Azriena' 2 weeks ago
'AlphaGMD' 2 weeks ago
6:18 wtf lol
Mabel Pine
'Mabel Pine' 2 weeks ago
I alway get forget who the twin name and what they look like
Lance Evensen
'Lance Evensen' 2 weeks ago
He said 45 degree angle instead of 90
King Maven
'King Maven' 2 weeks ago
Dude perfect garret had the least amount of damage
fidah shah
'fidah shah' 2 weeks ago
Cgi is pretty awesome
Huzaifa Amir
'Huzaifa Amir' 2 weeks ago
the last shot
'bangtanbaby' 2 weeks ago
what CANT yall do??? omg amazing
'GamerNickyAndVlogs' 2 weeks ago
4:33 not actually a birdie because you used 4 balls to get it in. STROKE 4!!!
'Azlyn' 2 weeks ago
the last shot , im french
elian garcia
'elian garcia' 2 weeks ago
Tyler is the best
'CRcrown GAMING' 2 weeks ago
minecraft to to
'minecraft to to' 2 weeks ago
literly im havin chiken nugets tonigt
Bro Vlogs
'Bro Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
Tys hole in one
'TREY M' 2 weeks ago
I actually want chicken nuggets
HaZ 11
'HaZ 11' 2 weeks ago
6:28 I am so drunk
S 2
'S 2' 2 weeks ago
dp can you make cricket video please please
Jennifer Thornton
'Jennifer Thornton' 2 weeks ago
always tyler
Francis Muniz
'Francis Muniz' 2 weeks ago
Roope Kankaanpää
'Roope Kankaanpää' 2 weeks ago
Dylan Campbell
'Dylan Campbell' 2 weeks ago
Same thing with that hole in one that Ty had. It wasn't really a trick shot.
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