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Golf Trick Shots | Dude Perfect -
Published: 10 months ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 10 months ago

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Christian Bisgaard
'Christian Bisgaard' 6 hours ago
The Best shot was the hole In one TYLER IS THE BEST!!!
Bug Davis
'Bug Davis' 8 hours ago
check out " HMiller Golf " great youtuber just started and could use some support. doing a $500 giveaway
Beth Halpain
'Beth Halpain' 2 days ago
I love that
TimeFor Reaction!
'TimeFor Reaction!' 3 days ago
What he did at the end when he put in his mouth was super holarious
Glass of milk
'Glass of milk' 4 days ago

for the ones that don't know, it was a joke.
andrewhmongyang Yang boys
My favorite shot was hole in one
Andy B
'Andy B' 4 days ago
Just from watching these videos of them hitting various golf shots tells me a lot on how they go about these supposed trick shots in other things they do ...there is nothing mystical about these guys
Micael Graves
'Micael Graves' 5 days ago
I got a ruffles ad before this that had dude perfect in it

Or ty,cody,coby,cory,garret,
Kshitij Prasad
'Kshitij Prasad' 6 days ago
hole in one shot was the best
Leighton Howard
'Leighton Howard' 7 days ago
Who got the ruffles ad
Trevor DelBarba
'Trevor DelBarba' 7 days ago
Notice the golf balls are soccer balls
K&J Queen
'K&J Queen' 7 days ago
hole-in-one was the best hahahahaha
Youtube God Clashers
Youtube God Clashers
I'll take one 10 peice and a drink also I will take a big mac
'Hawk鿄' 7 days ago
Hole in one
Kinged 201
'Kinged 201' 1 week ago
was it necessary for Cody to break the glass
Anthony Zamora
'Anthony Zamora' 1 week ago
your youtube chanel is the best in the hole wide world yall are perfect
Leah Sanborn
'Leah Sanborn' 1 week ago
I love this song
Leah Sanborn
'Leah Sanborn' 1 week ago
they should make a panda edition :D
Colton S
'Colton S' 1 week ago
that's a resilient chicken boy!
Awesome Boy
'Awesome Boy' 1 week ago
The pipe cleaner was my favorite!
'Skiman05' 1 week ago
51 seconds one of the balls didn't make it
brandon montero
'brandon montero' 1 week ago
dude perfect you guys should find more people to join your team
Matix Gaming
'Matix Gaming' 1 week ago
That's a resilient chicken boy ;)
James Hazzard
'James Hazzard' 1 week ago
good luck finding the golf balls
Carlos Zuñiga
'Carlos Zuñiga' 2 weeks ago
the song?
Rizliya Ghani
'Rizliya Ghani' 2 weeks ago
They are unique
Joshua The Gamer
'Joshua The Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Omar Hanif
'Omar Hanif' 2 weeks ago
Very impressive!
AJthunder ____
'AJthunder ____' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else notice he said 45 degree angle but it was a 90 degree angle
Daniel_samsel Samsel
Purple hozier
Αχιλλεας Μπαλλας
The window shot was teh best guys ..Ugh !!
Juan Cena
'Juan Cena' 2 weeks ago
my favorite shot was tyler's hole in one
Jordan mcverry
'Jordan mcverry' 2 weeks ago
'basher214' 2 weeks ago
This was posted one day after my birthday!!!
Jackaboy 101
'Jackaboy 101' 2 weeks ago
It's 90 degrees ty
Jacob Hackenberry
'Jacob Hackenberry' 2 weeks ago
Nice video
JoelOnateGaming Ling strike
X-R Low Screamer Gong ringer
Pug Nation
'Pug Nation' 2 weeks ago
YouTube Perfect
'YouTube Perfect' 2 weeks ago
Last One
Ryan Taeckens
'Ryan Taeckens' 2 weeks ago
Could nobody see that not all the balls made it on the last obstacle in the beginning
Soccer Brothers
'Soccer Brothers' 2 weeks ago
trumps butt
'trumps butt' 2 weeks ago
That song is so gangsta
Fredrik Jensen
'Fredrik Jensen' 2 weeks ago
Overcome entitle author journal after criminal diversity.
'MillionSmileNL' 2 weeks ago
Dan you do a field hockey edition
shai salem
'shai salem' 2 weeks ago
When are you getting your diamond play button
Thomas Rynsburger
'Thomas Rynsburger' 2 weeks ago
Building again call realistic constant frame tourist
Evangaline Velasco
'Evangaline Velasco' 2 weeks ago
this is the most white thing ever
Ryan Houser dan
'Ryan Houser dan' 3 weeks ago

'chrixxtv' 3 weeks ago
6:15 Fake?
Колян Коляныч
'TheGymGirls722' 3 weeks ago
Do a hockey edition
Coolio Smith
'Coolio Smith' 3 weeks ago
that comeback shot didnt look real
'xJJ32' 3 weeks ago
Lol garret broke the window and was like "....Meh baaad"
Jacob King
'Jacob King' 3 weeks ago
How do you make that line behind your shot
Ethan Lyons
'Ethan Lyons' 3 weeks ago
Garret won the headshot thing
Randy Jordan
'Randy Jordan' 3 weeks ago
Spot the difference 💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿📀💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿
Jaxon and and Caden
'Jaxon and and Caden' 3 weeks ago
check are videos
Charlie-thomas Jackson
The hole in one
Azeen Saleemi
'Azeen Saleemi' 3 weeks ago
which song it is
Elsa Andrea
'Elsa Andrea' 3 weeks ago
the show is it 2017
Jolina Palmera
'Jolina Palmera' 3 weeks ago
Coby coby coby coby cobbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
EG Creek
'EG Creek' 3 weeks ago
I'm your biggest fan
Anthony gamer YT hoi im temmie!
0:59 why he break glass dangers
snappledudeperfect Jade
WNC Wolfe Team
'WNC Wolfe Team' 3 weeks ago
you almost made this video on my birthday.Its april 5th
brissia monroe
'brissia monroe' 3 weeks ago
like for tyler
'CAPTAIN NO-FACE' 3 weeks ago
This video came out on my bday!
Henning Clemmensen
'Henning Clemmensen' 3 weeks ago
awasome , you are the best
Ashton Edson
'Ashton Edson' 3 weeks ago
mystic Pojkarna
'mystic Pojkarna' 3 weeks ago
do a tennis videio
Sham Pasha
'Sham Pasha' 3 weeks ago
make a cricket edition
Abby Evenson
'Abby Evenson' 3 weeks ago
you must have to be really creative in order to think of all of those trick shots
'jacobcool14' 3 weeks ago
You got 15 million subs OMG
Toby Beaulac
'Toby Beaulac' 3 weeks ago
Coby and ty sounds like there voices are the same
Dc dudes
'Dc dudes' 4 weeks ago
I want chicken nuggets
'killerheath04' 4 weeks ago
These guys' dance moves are so weird... i love it!
'flor1da' 4 weeks ago
Incredible deal 50% off 5 hybrid Taylor Made!
Jake Mcloughlin
'Jake Mcloughlin' 4 weeks ago
He broke the window! ............. Me
Ethan Gregerson
'Ethan Gregerson' 4 weeks ago
Which trick was everyone's favourite?
Russmoney *dollar sign*
Did Garett actually break the window?
Krystal Titsworth
'Krystal Titsworth' 4 weeks ago
there so awesome me love them
Tyler Brodrick
'Tyler Brodrick' 4 weeks ago
The hole in one
kevin Alvarez
'kevin Alvarez' 4 weeks ago
The happy monster instead of the rage monster
Nick Smith
'Nick Smith' 4 weeks ago
This was published on my bday sweet
Conner Andrews
'Conner Andrews' 4 weeks ago
Jeff Hallowes
'Jeff Hallowes' 4 weeks ago
It's thick
Ayden Santana
'Ayden Santana' 4 weeks ago
They should do a mini golf vid
Thinh Nguyen
'Thinh Nguyen' 4 weeks ago
What song is this I need to know
jeremy jackson
'jeremy jackson' 4 weeks ago
with all this talent why not become golfers
Space potato Gaming
'Space potato Gaming' 4 weeks ago
Anyone else come here just binge watching DP
'CUBE PRODUCTION' 4 weeks ago
AwesomePerson31 Beastmode
Why do they not make more Stereotypes?
Gaming with GatorZack14
april 14 is my actual bday
Bishesh Budhathoki
'Bishesh Budhathoki' 4 weeks ago
hole in one
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