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Cut For Time: Children’s Show (Michael Keaton) - SNL -
Published: 1 year ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 1 year ago

1, 284, 996 views

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Toby (Michael Keaton) hosts a children's show with the help of his talking chair (Beck Bennett), clock (Pete Davidson) and jukebox (Kyle Mooney) but things are not as innocent as they seem.

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Alexis Yates
'Alexis Yates' 6 days ago
thi sreminds me of bluesclues
'FergWolfie' 2 weeks ago
It's weird to think that this guy is going to be the Vulture lol
kim fpy
'kim fpy' 2 weeks ago
Sari Mercury
'Sari Mercury' 3 weeks ago
What are the holes on the front of the jukebox for, Toby?
Lena Driedger
'Lena Driedger' 3 weeks ago
Is Pete Davidson not doing SNL anymore?
Meme Iselfaneye
'Meme Iselfaneye' 3 weeks ago
I gotta say, SNL's been stepping up their game recently, actually some pretty decent material.
Sharon Hanson
'Sharon Hanson' 4 weeks ago
It was funny all the way to when Michael Keaton unbutton his pants, then somehow it got gross. IDK. Just my thought.
Mel Ortiz
'Mel Ortiz' 4 weeks ago
That took a real twist!! 😐😂
Taylor Knight
'Taylor Knight' 4 weeks ago
No wonder why Blue's Clues got canceled
Akasha C-Z
'Akasha C-Z' 4 weeks ago
This is literally peewees play house
'forman208' 1 month ago
How did this not make the cut? This was hilarious
'JADRB2' 1 month ago
While watching this, think that Toby is Batman
'lildx82mr' 1 month ago
Blues Clues mixed with PeeWee Playhouse
Travis Adams Student Media
Well..... that..... uh.....well that.... escalated quickly.... Looks like it is almost JAIL time... :D
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!
Batman belongs in Arkham Asylum
Sami Shamroukh
'Sami Shamroukh' 1 month ago
"These are my hands" hahaha
zareh1234 studios
'zareh1234 studios' 1 month ago
is this blues clues?
'Anfubvinch' 1 month ago
haha Michael Keaton is literally the last person you'd want to be hosting a kids' show.. With his big mean pointy eyebrows. He would scare all the kids away
'R3systems' 2 months ago
What are the holes for?!
'clovely000' 2 months ago
these is my hands
'LucarioBB' 2 months ago
Aww Steve...
Chris Leal
'Chris Leal' 2 months ago
Someone was on a killer acid trip
'ZWheels' 2 months ago
0:20 Look at the jukebox guy
random name for a random girl
Tag yourself, I'M THE RAINBOW!
Anthony Barratt
'Anthony Barratt' 2 months ago
and he batman
THE Gary Williams
'THE Gary Williams' 2 months ago
dennis quaid.....
Rose Gotti
'Rose Gotti' 2 months ago
Miki Shiki Show
'Miki Shiki Show' 2 months ago
Wouldn't be funny if Keaton played in a sketch for 80-s batman?
Miguel Byrd
'Miguel Byrd' 2 months ago
"They're taking the house" 😂😂😂😂😂
Islam el-rayess
'Islam el-rayess' 2 months ago
Best Batman ever!
Colin Ward
'Colin Ward' 2 months ago
It's like pee wee's playhouse
Robert Haworth
'Robert Haworth' 2 months ago
This is edgy shit, combining the best (worst?) of Gen X nostalgia with violated expectations is...aww, hell, it oughta have been cut for ALL time!
'samspumpkin' 2 months ago
I'm Bat-Man
'josephpschuster' 2 months ago
No wonder SNL sucks nowadays! They cut all the funny sketches!
Verina Wrinn
'Verina Wrinn' 2 months ago
Anyone get 1999 flashbacks?
heather ennis
'heather ennis' 2 months ago
Michael Keaton like steve from blues clues
Matt S
'Matt S' 2 months ago
It's a legally safe combination of Blue's Clues and Pee-wee. Yay?
Unicorn Cave
'Unicorn Cave' 2 months ago
That dude creeps me out!!
Subu Sekhar
'Subu Sekhar' 2 months ago
lawl... shouldn't have been cut... keaton needs to do waayy more comedy...
Forrest Grimes
'Forrest Grimes' 2 months ago
How did this get cut?!
Marga Esperanza
'Marga Esperanza' 2 months ago
'Doofdood' 2 months ago
Michael is hilarious!
Sabine D. Maloney
'Sabine D. Maloney' 2 months ago
Pee Wee's Playhouse really messed me up as a kid. It was terrifying.
Dan Brew
'Dan Brew' 2 months ago
this is basically birdman with a different genre.
Brendan O
'Brendan O'Brien' 2 months ago
This is Joe still wearing Steve's clothes after he killed him. RIP Blue.
'LastFanStanding12' 2 months ago
It's crazy that this was cut for time considering the amount of effort that went into the set design. This kind of thing must happen all the time.
scatt jax
'scatt jax' 3 months ago
Why is Fonzie in the jukebox?
'Jarin' 3 months ago
This was so dark! I love it! More please
Kyle Durand
'Kyle Durand' 3 months ago
Why was this cut???
Shevi Bertman
'Shevi Bertman' 3 months ago
This was dark...
sometimes I just Warri
this is fucking funny omg
DJ Deckard Cain
'DJ Deckard Cain' 3 months ago
oh man, michael keaton is GOLD!@!@!$#!#
'JMein13074' 3 months ago
Given his earlier career, this sketch makes too much sense.
'MrTayloreh' 3 months ago
Michael was awful in this! But I like what they were trying
'Vinity' 3 months ago
"welp its eleven o'clock!"
'BETH THE KILLJOY' 3 months ago
This is like Blue's Clues,Pee Wee's Playhouse and some other weird little kid show were combined
Timothy Yasi
'Timothy Yasi' 3 months ago
This was cut? But it's better than most of the sketches!
Hannah Dacks
'Hannah Dacks' 3 months ago
dhmis flashbacks I need to stop watching this
'TheFeralhound' 3 months ago
Well that got dark really quickly
Chloe Grover
'Chloe Grover' 3 months ago
This is pretty funny even though it's dark, idk why they cut it
Gabriel Medina
'Gabriel Medina' 3 months ago
there sex holes fuck thats funny
Richard Ariefiandy
'Richard Ariefiandy' 3 months ago
and the juke box panicked... :))
Sam Rinkled
'Sam Rinkled' 3 months ago
Still hilarious
Ethan M alt-k
'Ethan M alt-k' 3 months ago
We just got a letter. We just got a letter. We just got a letter. Wonder who it's from? 🎶
'dMITRriy' 3 months ago
Green is not a creative colour.
Grace Bruckman
'Grace Bruckman' 3 months ago
This is dark.
Thomas Brennan
'Thomas Brennan' 3 months ago
this was god until there was no show
Mibo 65
'Mibo 65' 3 months ago
"doo dod doo, its story time. Right here and tell a story. Get The heck off me!"
Cynthia Campbell
'Cynthia Campbell' 3 months ago

Jordan W S
'Jordan W S' 3 months ago
Such a shame this was cut... Would have been one of the funniest of the nights!
jordonia sharrard
'jordonia sharrard' 3 months ago
Michael Keaton is really hot.
Lois Griffin
'Lois Griffin' 4 months ago
How come we never see the cameras, Toby?
'cinnamonsepticeye' 4 months ago
'openupandsmile4me' 4 months ago
I was ok until he started talking about having sex w the furniture.
Parker Kasony
'Parker Kasony' 4 months ago
Just grab all this gross drunk
'sha11235' 4 months ago
So he rang the bell and then just walked in??????
'Koopa368' 4 months ago
This is dark, and hilarious
Paulina Florast
'Paulina Florast' 4 months ago
Okay this was hilarious.
Mote _
'Mote _' 4 months ago
Gilligan from Gilligan's Island mixed with Moe from The Three Stooges
Дети Против
Remote Sword
'Remote Sword' 4 months ago
Well that was dark
'sexyniknowit76126' 4 months ago
Those holes in the jukebox were extra small size LOL
Madison Hulbert
'Madison Hulbert' 4 months ago
that turned dark quick..
Camden Tausworthe
'Camden Tausworthe' 4 months ago
Oh! They touched him during a repossession, that gives him grounds to sue.
Kurt Nakanishi
'Kurt Nakanishi' 4 months ago
Very heavily based on Pee-Wee's Playhouse
'rayblack2004' 4 months ago
dont hug me im scared
Clar Wikk
'Clar Wikk' 4 months ago
fucking brilliant
'BardicLiving' 4 months ago
Too much.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
'Obi-Wan Kenobi' 4 months ago
Blue's Clues with a parody of Pee Wee Herman
Nathan Miller
'Nathan Miller' 4 months ago
Anyone else find it Ironic that Michael Keaton would be in a kid's show?
Elias Mertens
'Elias Mertens' 4 months ago
This is depressing.
Josh Lee
'Josh Lee' 4 months ago
But...... These ain't even magical.
Cute Pumpkin
'Cute Pumpkin' 5 months ago
Gregory Turpin
'Gregory Turpin' 5 months ago
I'm gonna miss you pal
Breauna Carrow
'Breauna Carrow' 6 months ago
Joy One
'Joy One' 6 months ago
'jrunberg' 6 months ago
this is the definition of boisterous
Cupavi Kurcic
'Cupavi Kurcic' 6 months ago
What's this? Lorne cutting out the funny out of the broadcast version? Gee! I am shocked!
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