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SML Movie: Jeffy's Pet! -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: SuperMarioLogan

By: SuperMarioLoganPublished: 2 weeks ago

1, 945, 467 views

30, 169 Likes   983 Dislikes

Jeffy sees Junior's dog and decides he wants a pet!

Þórarinn og Þórhallur
is that a real snake?
Traoresfan 208 Is back
'Traoresfan 208 Is back' 8 minutes ago
a snake
because it can choke you
roseanna barnett
'roseanna barnett' 15 minutes ago
a snake
Awesome Cutecake2005
'Awesome Cutecake2005' 19 minutes ago
Oh nvm
Awesome Cutecake2005
'Awesome Cutecake2005' 20 minutes ago
Did u guys actually throw the hamster down the stairs!
Re makeing sml with fnaf Prater
Squred :what can I have to eat?
Jeffy: I don't even know
Jmo gamer
'Jmo gamer' 56 minutes ago
a pet i would never have is jr.
Amina Mohamed
'Amina Mohamed' 1 hour ago
What is your address?
Andrea[ Villa
'Andrea[ Villa' 1 hour ago
bald cats
timmy sapp
'timmy sapp' 1 hour ago
Andrea[ Villa
'Andrea[ Villa' 1 hour ago
the hamster is so cute
Tenisha Tyrell
'Tenisha Tyrell' 1 hour ago
a 6666
Gamer pop
'Gamer pop' 1 hour ago
Gamer pop
'Gamer pop' 1 hour ago
A pengun
Terek gaming/vlogz
worm because they are slimey
Selena Castro
'Selena Castro' 2 hours ago
I hate spiders so I don't want it for a pet😓😾
diego fart men San
'diego fart men San' 2 hours ago
i love this Chanel
Jaiden Rivera
'Jaiden Rivera' 3 hours ago
hamster never 💀 the hamster never was in the ball
ShadowKiller X
'ShadowKiller X' 3 hours ago
spiders. i can not do spiders
Electric Trial Captain Zak
A cat
Jr Velazquez
'Jr Velazquez' 4 hours ago
this shit sucks
Gary Kiely
'Gary Kiely' 4 hours ago
I wud never own the jeffy species
Katarzyna Orłowski
'Katarzyna Orłowski' 5 hours ago
Simona Damian
'Simona Damian' 6 hours ago
'ERIC HAGGSTROM' 6 hours ago
Hi pp suck 2
Nate Osborn
'Nate Osborn' 9 hours ago
Sml Question Anwser: My Mom
Ivan Venegas
'Ivan Venegas' 9 hours ago
I like hop hop
Ramiro Marquez
'Ramiro Marquez' 9 hours ago
😵I would never own a indien scorpien😵
Hellen Chan
'Hellen Chan' 10 hours ago
what happened to pepeauck😗
Hellen Chan
'Hellen Chan' 10 hours ago
a snake
'Killian' 10 hours ago
I never want a snake
Chelsea Levy
'Chelsea Levy' 10 hours ago
A snall, slug, and armadillo
judy haines
'judy haines' 10 hours ago
i got a gorilla and named it harambae 2
Kim Wilbur
'Kim Wilbur' 11 hours ago
Jeffy goes to the grocery store with Mario and Rosalina and causes trouble
Kim Wilbur
'Kim Wilbur' 11 hours ago
Can you make a jeffy video called jeffy goes grocery shopping
Kim Wilbur
'Kim Wilbur' 11 hours ago
Lol amazing video
AhmadandAbasAmazingPlushies 101
Yo SML keep up the good work you almost have 1 million three hundred thousand subs already you might have 2 million by November or December
Tape It!
'Tape It!' 11 hours ago
SML you should make a jeffy video were "Jeffy Gets A Tattoo"!
BlackCreeper85976 Minecraft
'minecrafters' 11 hours ago
I would hate to have a dog
Javon Moss
'Javon Moss' 11 hours ago
Ha pee pee suck

Teeg TV
'Teeg TV' 12 hours ago
Mr. Wormy
Hiroshi St. Louis
'Hiroshi St. Louis' 12 hours ago
Actually I would not want Jeffy as a pet
Hai-Yen Duong
'Hai-Yen Duong' 12 hours ago
Watch out my brother likes being mean to people
Alycia Fetty
'Alycia Fetty' 12 hours ago
Donna Norris
'Donna Norris' 13 hours ago
The Awsome guy
'The Awsome guy' 13 hours ago
I wish I have a hamster
Layne Wilson
'Layne Wilson' 13 hours ago
A turatula
Eliezer Rosario
'Eliezer Rosario' 13 hours ago
Ivan Rodriguez
'Ivan Rodriguez' 13 hours ago
man i dont have internet
Epic awsome games #SK
i would never want to own a snake
Matthew Ye
'Matthew Ye' 14 hours ago
a jeffy
Master Zedge
'Master Zedge' 14 hours ago
Lpsgamergirl Gamer
'Lpsgamergirl Gamer' 14 hours ago
Rip T-Rex 1:21-1:30
Lpsgamergirl Gamer
'Lpsgamergirl Gamer' 14 hours ago
Jeffey was being stupid as hell when it was 1:17 his helmet was like right in front :P
Hugo Velasco
'Hugo Velasco' 14 hours ago
Yeni Zúñiga
'Yeni Zúñiga' 14 hours ago
was that a real snake
Tucker Trapp
'Tucker Trapp' 15 hours ago
Your videos are the best
PopTartzGaming 55
'PopTartzGaming 55' 15 hours ago
Aww...pee pee su-...MELVIN is adorable!!!! X3
FNAF CircusBaby 25
'FNAF CircusBaby 25' 15 hours ago
Wait it's not plugged in Jeffy, what are you listening to??
'PVP_DESTROYER' 15 hours ago
junior: look at the worm

chef peepee: WTF IS THAT!!
'superdudesextreme' 15 hours ago
I would like a snake/hamster/fish/pingas thing
Erich Wolf
'Erich Wolf' 15 hours ago
I laughed so hard when Mario said it was not plugged in
Joel Arredondo
'Joel Arredondo' 16 hours ago
Challenge Friends
'Challenge Friends' 16 hours ago
The pet I would never want to own is cody's mom
Dennis Finkel
'Dennis Finkel' 16 hours ago
Stuart Cadmen
'Stuart Cadmen' 16 hours ago
3 more days til we see Jeffy's parents.
LegoReader12345 hello
thats a cute hamster and i love snakes
Nathan Mcgaha
'Nathan Mcgaha' 16 hours ago
not animal abuse it was fake dude they to him out put something in it
Karate Pants 414
'Karate Pants 414' 16 hours ago
Probably ham sandwich

Christian Belvin
'Christian Belvin' 16 hours ago
Manpreet Kaur
'Manpreet Kaur' 16 hours ago
You're mom
Alexi Almanzar
'Alexi Almanzar' 17 hours ago
Logan want to be mean but this is never you never made one an episode Sunday moon this guy he makes Pokemon Sun and Moon episodes he has a quarter million thousand subscribers you need a you need a bigger it up so you need to make on a Sunday Moon decimal
Zach Green
'Zach Green' 17 hours ago
A DINOsaur
The demon Turn down
'The demon Turn down' 17 hours ago
What happened to the fish?
Debra Bowser
'Debra Bowser' 17 hours ago
a cat
chase Glenn
'chase Glenn' 17 hours ago
guinea pig
Morphing Geek
'Morphing Geek' 17 hours ago
*no hamsters or fishes were harmed or eaten during the making of this video, please stand by as jeffy eats chompy next lol
'BEBE BERTIN' 17 hours ago
Jeffy he's an animal
Killerx Illusions
'Killerx Illusions' 17 hours ago
a g da raffe but my favorite animal is obama
'Freddyfanplayz' 17 hours ago
Harrison Littrell
'Harrison Littrell' 18 hours ago
A Grizzly Bear.
Knowyourstrengths Aj
'Knowyourstrengths Aj' 18 hours ago
i will never own a koala. rumor has it they like potatos
Cierra sartorius
'Cierra sartorius' 18 hours ago
Can u plz stop Jeffy Jeffy on this channel because there's this kid at my school that's being inappropriate because he's copping Jeffy jeffy so plz stop him on this channel
Death by Cuteness/ Death the fox
A gecko
'Jake' 18 hours ago
Nick Savage
'Nick Savage' 18 hours ago
A Pension
fanguy Foxy
'fanguy Foxy' 18 hours ago
His helmet flew away again!! Mario : JEFFY WHERES UR HELMET!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeffy : oh I don't even know in listning to Hop Hop
Romeisha Roberson
'Romeisha Roberson' 18 hours ago
Lonetoad Xbox
'Lonetoad Xbox' 19 hours ago
Pee pee suck really 🙂
Michael Maestas
'Michael Maestas' 19 hours ago
John Clish
'John Clish' 19 hours ago
it actually took jeffy 19 seconds to kill him
'heroman588' 19 hours ago
Jacquelibe Reed
'Jacquelibe Reed' 19 hours ago
I love love Love your videos they aer funny but the funniest. one is when JEFFY was plaing the quite. game Daddy I want a thousand dollars daddy 😄😄😃😄😄
Leroy Wentworth
'Leroy Wentworth' 19 hours ago
a frican radle snake
Fallen Angel206
'Fallen Angel206' 19 hours ago
I would never want to own a tarantula or a scorpion as a pet!!! No way!!! Not in a million years!!!!
Fallen Angel206
'Fallen Angel206' 19 hours ago
That snake Junior found was nonvenomous. Can't Mario distinguish between a poisonous snake and a non-poisonous one?
'Anna's Playhouse' 19 hours ago
I wish I could name my pet peepee suck
'DOLLPRODUCTIONS' 19 hours ago
I would never want to own a shark because it would bite my face off
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