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SML Movie: Jeffy's Pet! -
Published: 3 months ago By: SuperMarioLogan

By: SuperMarioLoganPublished: 3 months ago

4, 044, 110 views

45, 204 Likes   1, 638 Dislikes

Jeffy sees Junior's dog and decides he wants a pet!

'AJL' 3 months ago
stuffed animal abuse
Caro Lina
'Caro Lina' 36 minutes ago
A mango
Afyouni Fadi
'Afyouni Fadi' 2 hours ago
A rat
the unamed miner
'the unamed miner' 3 hours ago
i will never get a dog because i'm a muslim my pet is a hamster same of jeffy hes name is sam
chris skinner
'chris skinner' 6 hours ago
golden hamster
CJ Gaming
'CJ Gaming' 9 hours ago
Animal cruelty
Dat Boi
'Dat Boi' 11 hours ago
Pee Pee Suc One
Homie Dodo bird
'Homie Dodo bird' 12 hours ago
Are all those animals your pets?
Tomas Lombardo
'Tomas Lombardo' 12 hours ago
galaxydragon playz
'galaxydragon playz' 12 hours ago
Carlitos Carlos
'Carlitos Carlos' 13 hours ago
Pepe suc3
'Mr.Bartson' 14 hours ago
Bubba Gustafson
'Bubba Gustafson' 14 hours ago
A camel
Dust Shine
'Dust Shine' 14 hours ago
If that was a real hamster junior threw by 4 seconds I'd be unsubscribed
King Savage
'King Savage' 15 hours ago
i would never want codys mom to be my pet
Sarag Gi
'Sarag Gi' 15 hours ago
A ..... Darkiplier creepy I want a Markiplier dough
Nico merlo vlogs
'Nico merlo vlogs' 16 hours ago
Probably an animal would be jeffy
Malik Naim
'Malik Naim' 16 hours ago
A jeffy
Pacmanteam Guthrie
'Pacmanteam Guthrie' 16 hours ago
Wait how did he never noticed choppy before
'ALEEN Land' 17 hours ago
Danny King
'Danny King' 17 hours ago
OK pee pee suck
Danny King
'Danny King' 17 hours ago
Jeffy funny as hell omm
Irma Rodriguez
'Irma Rodriguez' 17 hours ago
'IHeartLegos53' 17 hours ago
"Hey PeePeeSuck2, what doin'?" (What?!)
Heyyy J
'Heyyy J' 18 hours ago
I would never want a rihno as a pet
zordo plays
'zordo plays' 19 hours ago
no t Rex's or hampster were harmed in the making of this film
zordo plays
'zordo plays' 19 hours ago
spiders I would never own a spider
Jackson Cush
'Jackson Cush' 19 hours ago
A cat
Jaxon Stanbury
'Jaxon Stanbury' 19 hours ago
I would never want a dead pet
Nathaniel Cobbs
'Nathaniel Cobbs' 19 hours ago
I'll name my fishy pee pee suck eats it jeffy what do want your new pet to be named? "PEE PEE SUCK 2" 😂😂
Rylie F
'Rylie F' 20 hours ago
A animal I would never want would be a fish because I had so many fish cause they keep on dying that I could not remember there names
Adam Bowers
'Adam Bowers' 20 hours ago
a snapping turtle
Rylie F
'Rylie F' 20 hours ago
Mario:he will kill the pet in five seconds
Jeffy:no four!
Alexis Chery
'Alexis Chery' 20 hours ago
shark maybe
Tony liker vids
'Tony liker vids' 20 hours ago
jeffy now
Noah De Luca
'Noah De Luca' 20 hours ago
a tiger
Sm Pro
'Sm Pro' 20 hours ago
I wouldn't want harambe as a pet because if he ever wants to protect me someone will shoot him
Wamadam FMM
'Wamadam FMM' 21 hours ago
Eithan Oram
'Eithan Oram' 23 hours ago
I would not like to have codys mom
Call of Duty ww2 fan
'Call of Duty ww2 fan' 23 hours ago
I hate snakes 🐍😡😡😡
christopher soto
'christopher soto' 24 hours ago
the pet I would love to have is a bear
Ahmad Musleh
'Ahmad Musleh' 1 day ago
my sister
Cedric Uy
'Cedric Uy' 1 day ago
the animal i would never have is a girrafe cuz i like turtles :)
They will pee on my peepee
Patient Madman
'Patient Madman' 1 day ago
Peepee suck to
Bailey Fitterer
'Bailey Fitterer' 1 day ago
Make one called the ring
Cookie Doge
'Cookie Doge' 1 day ago
I lost the bus from watching these
Hellboy the killer plushie
a big fat juicy snake
Leviandlayton Ellis
my mum
wolfpack21 the best
a pig
'B B' 1 day ago
I have that same kind of snake a ball python
Fish Fans 101
'Fish Fans 101' 1 day ago
'DavidLe067' 1 day ago
Rocket star Vlogs
I don't want that hamster nasty
Rocket star Vlogs
Benny 420
'Benny 420' 1 day ago
Jeffy would be the worst pet
Angery Top Man
'Angery Top Man' 1 day ago
The boa is so cute
Sandra West
'Sandra West' 1 day ago
Imma name Im pee pee suck 🐠
Chance Thompson
'Chance Thompson' 2 days ago
I wouldn't like a duck I used to have one but he keeps on pooping in the pool
Liam Tourand
'Liam Tourand' 2 days ago
I'm calling pita
Godly Boss
'Godly Boss' 2 days ago
#SMLQuestion Juniors dog
Sir Puncake
'Sir Puncake' 2 days ago
OlDCanDy Plaz
'OlDCanDy Plaz' 2 days ago
A dog lol sorry dog lovers
'exxex69' 2 days ago
'exxex69' 2 days ago
Michael Brookshire
yo mama
sheryl galarse
'sheryl galarse' 2 days ago
I hate to own a monkey
Dylan Mock
'Dylan Mock' 2 days ago
A spider😣
'ScouterBlock' 2 days ago
I would never name my animal Pee Pee suck
Cosmo Films
'Cosmo Films' 2 days ago
Hamster abuse
sugar bear
'sugar bear' 2 days ago
a Girl Drrdol they Bite you i HATE!!! teme
'GREGG NITW' 2 days ago
I had a hamster named hammie she lived for 2 years
'Gameinator' 2 days ago
did you really throw that hamster down the stairs
Apple Juice!!!
'Apple Juice!!!' 2 days ago
I subed
Jessica Abel
'Jessica Abel' 2 days ago
The Diamond Sword
'The Diamond Sword' 2 days ago
Pee pee slap
son ic
'son ic' 2 days ago
J And B Nation
'J And B Nation' 2 days ago
A peepee suck 3
Andy C
'Andy C' 2 days ago
Aiden Vincent Toast1987
What kind of plush is Jeffy?
VxNd Ace
'VxNd Ace' 2 days ago
i would wouldn't want a giraffe or elephant or shrek
'goldenenderdragon' 2 days ago
jeffy will be terrible pain for me and my mom and my friend and my dad
'MrKnanook' 2 days ago
ya know that the "worm" Bowser jr found is poisonous
hannah yasay
'hannah yasay' 2 days ago
Spiders or snakes
Jeralyn Henriquez
'Jeralyn Henriquez' 2 days ago
Snake or lizard
The Coalition Pug
'The Coalition Pug' 2 days ago
Hey peepee suck two whatudoin?
Christopher Cascio
You are one of my favorite you tubers of all time.
Gessiel Prieto
'Gessiel Prieto' 2 days ago
a human
Kaige Pagel
'Kaige Pagel' 2 days ago
Peepee sock the 1st
c. h.
'c. h.' 2 days ago
How did you get that 🐍
Scratch The cat
'Scratch The cat' 2 days ago
I would never want a pet dick
The gaming Goat
'The gaming Goat' 2 days ago
a monkey
RyZe BeTa
'RyZe BeTa' 2 days ago
I wonder what your girlfriend/wife thinks about u playing with toys for a living
Joshua Lavery
'Joshua Lavery' 2 days ago
My brothers new name is pee pee suck. Lololol 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅
Cristian Suarez
'Cristian Suarez' 2 days ago
i subscribed by the way i like your video
Imortal 10
'Imortal 10' 2 days ago
I won't want Jeffey as a pet
Marley Kretser
'Marley Kretser' 2 days ago
Mine would be a unicorn
Louis Smith
'Louis Smith' 2 days ago
Jakes Lateforgametime
Animal abuse
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