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SML Movie: Jeffy's Pet! -
Published: 2 months ago By: SuperMarioLogan

By: SuperMarioLoganPublished: 2 months ago

3, 458, 270 views

40, 580 Likes   1, 436 Dislikes

Jeffy sees Junior's dog and decides he wants a pet!

Lomelistudios 124
'Lomelistudios 124' 2 months ago
stuffed animal abuse
Alexander Clark
'Alexander Clark' 35 minutes ago
A nigger for a pet
Cat Gaming
'Cat Gaming' 35 minutes ago
Awwww The hamster Is cute
Rattata the Rat
'Rattata the Rat' 1 hour ago
The worst pet would be jeffy
Elizabeth  Swiney
'Elizabeth Swiney' 2 hours ago
Tino Boggs
'Tino Boggs' 3 hours ago
A spider
the amazing videos
'the amazing videos' 6 hours ago
how is the hamster alive
'sansxfoxica4life' 9 hours ago
5:36 when Jeffy said pencilfart look at the hamsters face!! XD
Old mr.vloger Old crav
skullkid3000 300
'skullkid3000 300' 12 hours ago
a big spider
'Killerdude3GT' 13 hours ago
My nickname is hammy
OG_ Gaming
'OG_ Gaming' 13 hours ago
hey pipi sucker
Demetrius Wilson Jr
'Demetrius Wilson Jr' 13 hours ago
a jeffy
Vibe Nation
'Vibe Nation' 14 hours ago
A cat
Delilah Williams
'Delilah Williams' 14 hours ago
Phidel Price
'Phidel Price' 14 hours ago
Alexandro Deleon
'Alexandro Deleon' 14 hours ago
is that a real snake
Beto hernandez
'Beto hernandez' 14 hours ago
i love pepisuck
'MyBraxton1' 14 hours ago
Luke Smash
'Luke Smash' 15 hours ago
i would never have a tralantra
Cole Riemer
'Cole Riemer' 16 hours ago
I would never own a cat
Susan Angeles
'Susan Angeles' 16 hours ago
Eating a living thing is called vore
Alexis Patino
'Alexis Patino' 16 hours ago
Aiden Flello
'Aiden Flello' 16 hours ago
snakes have venom not poison theres a difference
Luke Hines
'Luke Hines' 16 hours ago
A snak
Unknitbubbles85 xX
'Unknitbubbles85 xX' 16 hours ago
Logan, first of all JR gave him the idea of getting him a pet and jeffy said OK ILL ASK MY DADDY
carlos sorto
'carlos sorto' 16 hours ago
jeffy pet names 5:16
Unknitbubbles85 xX
'Unknitbubbles85 xX' 16 hours ago
Snake=worm worm=snake sworn=snake worm jeffy ssssss
Christian Hernandez
'Christian Hernandez' 16 hours ago
i have a hamster named hammy
'23Hamstersinabowl' 17 hours ago
Madison Davis
'Madison Davis' 17 hours ago
a shark cause it will gobble on you
Bruh Jeff
'Bruh Jeff' 17 hours ago
I would not want to have a tiger
Calvin Whitson
'Calvin Whitson' 17 hours ago
A zebra. No offense to zebras they are just hard to take kare of
Isabella Guerra
'Isabella Guerra' 17 hours ago
I would never Want a Jeffy
missing no
'missing no' 17 hours ago
SML question: Jeffy.... I would never want jeffy... #latesquad
gage brown
'gage brown' 18 hours ago
A poop Turtle
Nash Wheeler
'Nash Wheeler' 18 hours ago
Filthy Frank would be proud
spicy kids
'spicy kids' 18 hours ago
a spider
'Cruciferaxe' 18 hours ago
a perverted dog
Tanner Teserio
'Tanner Teserio' 19 hours ago
1: PP Suck Died at 46 seconds of life so MARIO lied
2: #ChefPPStopRamenAbuse
Wesley Raney
'Wesley Raney' 19 hours ago
ur vids are super funny but ur fucking sick bc who abuses damn animals like tf
cookie cat life
'cookie cat life' 19 hours ago
'QuinnPlayz' 19 hours ago
A dick
Brianna Molina
'Brianna Molina' 19 hours ago
i would never want a jeffy as a pet
Lillian Fitts
'Lillian Fitts' 20 hours ago
'LUIS LOPEZ LOPEZ' 20 hours ago
Skyler  Taylor
'Skyler Taylor' 20 hours ago
Deffintily not a snake
'Beastjxm' 20 hours ago
I would not like having jeffy as a pet then I would 💩On my self and be like r u fucking high to his mom when she dropped him of
TatePlayz YT
'TatePlayz YT' 21 hours ago
I would not want jeffy as my pet
Diep Duong Thi Ngoc
'Diep Duong Thi Ngoc' 21 hours ago
A dinosaur or King Kong
Ty_ Rex
'Ty_ Rex' 21 hours ago
An animal I would never want to own as a pet is Jeffy
sonya strange
'sonya strange' 22 hours ago
a snake
Joe Ramirez
'Joe Ramirez' 22 hours ago
my sister
Lopez boy productions/RomeoLopez
an as$#!ole
Vernina Scott
'Vernina Scott' 23 hours ago
jiffy  teeth
Mackenzie Fewer
'Mackenzie Fewer' 23 hours ago
I'd never want a chinchilla their scary.but I love snakes.
Vernina Scott
'Vernina Scott' 23 hours ago
pablo sixto 805
'pablo sixto 805' 24 hours ago
cock head
'Officerjoaquin9000' 24 hours ago
A boa constrictor
Yanet Garibay
'Yanet Garibay' 24 hours ago
Snake 🐍 or a poison snake 🐍
Alpha Zan
'Alpha Zan' 1 day ago
Kylan Cockerham
'Kylan Cockerham' 1 day ago
Maria Figueroa
'Maria Figueroa' 1 day ago
ham sandwiches already taken
Alejandro Martinez
Laya Brown
'Laya Brown' 1 day ago
Spider, chameleon, snake, fish (because they are super boring), I think dat it.
Blue And flu
'Blue And flu' 1 day ago
A ant
Shadow Ronaldo 21
Byrdy 20
'Byrdy 20' 1 day ago
I have the same xbox headset :3
Gamer Hawk
'Gamer Hawk' 1 day ago
Codys mom because she's a PIG
CowCow Gamer
'CowCow Gamer' 1 day ago
it probably was plugged in but then Mario unplugged it???.
Jordan Derberry
'Jordan Derberry' 1 day ago
A lion
DeathStriker Murder709
You you are a stuipid kid Jeffy because you brought a hamster by a snake when the eat them 🐍🐹=☢☢☢☢☢
Creative baby Drake
I would never want to own crocodiles
Spicy Plays
'Spicy Plays' 1 day ago
Every video is hilarious with Jeffy
Jake Hoina
'Jake Hoina' 1 day ago
For jeffys irresponsibility
I must end him
Jake Hoina
'Jake Hoina' 1 day ago
Did they actually use a real snake in this video?
alex grant
'alex grant' 1 day ago
Were Any Of These Animals Harmed In Real Life?
Gavin S
'Gavin S' 1 day ago
I got 2 snake and I don't know why people are scared of them they are harmless animals if you don't agate them ☺
Heather Johns
'Heather Johns' 1 day ago
r.I.p pee pee suck😭
'AK47kwon987' 1 day ago
Diego Sorto
'Diego Sorto' 1 day ago
i was watching this with my cat
Super Logan239
'Super Logan239' 1 day ago
When I saw the fish food cantainer i realized that they got it from the same place I got it I have a beta fish
kitty loverashlynn
the animal i would never ever want to own is a jeffy
Xx BlackApple586 Xx
A rock
Henry Potato
'Henry Potato' 1 day ago
Who wants to eat my Pepe
'bspeckhead' 1 day ago
Charity Crews
'Charity Crews' 1 day ago
I would never want to tarantula
Irma Hernandez
'Irma Hernandez' 1 day ago
my sister because she bites and sometimes shes anyone like jeffy
Flint and Steal
'Flint and Steal' 1 day ago
a lion🦁 🔫😎
Bronson Gilchrist
Stuffed animal lives matter
fluffcornmuffin fluffcornmuffin
I can tell you, I wouldn't want a f*cking snake as a pet, but snakes are pretty cool
yg 4 thou
'yg 4 thou' 1 day ago
a dick fuck no
Jenny Zicca
'Jenny Zicca' 1 day ago
a rat
Crazy YoshiBoys
'Crazy YoshiBoys' 1 day ago
That's not a worm that's
a snake
Clara Roche
'Clara Roche' 2 days ago
Did you actually throw the hamster down the stairs
Bobby Tellechea
'Bobby Tellechea' 2 days ago
a Rattlesnake :(
McCree Roblox videos
I know what animal I don't wanna get a cat the end XD
Maria Laura Grande
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