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$27 Cake Vs. $1,120 Cake -
Published: 1 month ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 1 month ago

12, 919, 221 views

257, 531 Likes   14, 778 Dislikes

"It's like the lucid dream of cakes."

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Jennie Cta
'Jennie Cta' 13 minutes ago
Love the camera guy he's awkwardly cute! 😍😊
Sharhin Nur
'Sharhin Nur' 24 minutes ago
In my opinion they are both incredibly overpriced like if you agree
Bắp Ngô
'Bắp Ngô' 25 minutes ago
Where do they get money for all of these expensive food?
'PixelKittenNyaaa' 1 hour ago
27 bucks for a cake is still hella expensive O_o in my town you can get cakes like that for half the price.
illi Meister
'illi Meister' 1 hour ago
what happened to Keith?
bing pham
'bing pham' 2 hours ago
WAIT THIS IS THE LAST EPISODE OF $ vs $$ vs $$$?????????????????????
Chirby- Games & Vlogs
I want to shove all of that cake in my mouth
Afnan Zahran
'Afnan Zahran' 3 hours ago
The cake is a lie
'LockedWithChains' 4 hours ago
Right, this is killing me. What he''s talking about are macaRONS NOT macaROONS two entirely different things, I'm not sure if he's just saying it wrong because the captions have the right spelling but he is clearly saying macaROONS which are toasted coconut cookie things whereas all the imagery they are showing are macaRONS . fbdovsenklkejmrinjibn Issues hahahahaha
Xx †Leah† xX
'Xx †Leah† xX' 4 hours ago
Me:*sees the last cake*
Me: Also sees it feeds 80
Me: WTF I could eat that cake by my self.
'Equilixium' 4 hours ago
6:50 thinks back to last night
Tan Yuda Liti
'Tan Yuda Liti' 6 hours ago
Loved the part where they shared with the other members at the end... 😊
Tan Yuda Liti
'Tan Yuda Liti' 6 hours ago
Who's here for Adam???😋😋
Sue Lynn Cho
'Sue Lynn Cho' 6 hours ago
I like tiramisu and chocolate
'UNCHARTED' 6 hours ago
I don't even like cake but this video made me cum.
Mukey Cashton
'Mukey Cashton' 7 hours ago
whispers Calum & Luke
Doreen Mamaril
'Doreen Mamaril' 7 hours ago
I love the three musketeers I hope they would make more worth it
master R
'master R' 8 hours ago
Oh my god the cakes look soooooo good. well, so much for the diet!
Bawse? Yes!
'Bawse? Yes!' 8 hours ago
Really?? A cake sketch?? Rich heavens!?? Was I too broke?!!
Holly Neslund
'Holly Neslund' 8 hours ago
I live for bottega louie
kelsey ruddy
'kelsey ruddy' 10 hours ago
Can u like. Not end this series. K thanks
Jennifer Le
'Jennifer Le' 10 hours ago
Monica Winters
'Monica Winters' 11 hours ago
I'm here because Buzzfeed Blue Unsolved scared me half to death and I'm trying to calm down, honestly
'FoodAndGames' 12 hours ago
Does by "end this season" mean no more Worth it forever or is it until spring starts.
Austinisha Jones
'Austinisha Jones' 12 hours ago
5:40 1000 degree burning knife vs 48$ cake
Jenna Santos
'Jenna Santos' 13 hours ago
Can they make a cake that's an exact replica of the Hogwarts castle
Jarred Keeling
'Jarred Keeling' 14 hours ago
I think the next video u guys should do should be on tacos
da boss 123
'da boss 123' 15 hours ago
go to my YouTube channel plz
Peachy Random
'Peachy Random' 15 hours ago
They messed up (3 cakes in 3 days) wrong (3 cakes 1 day) XD
Legend Gamet
'Legend Gamet' 15 hours ago
I'm thinking about diabetes right now
Peachy Random
'Peachy Random' 15 hours ago
The $48 cake I would love #Chocalate whoop whoop
Arrsenia Co
'Arrsenia Co' 15 hours ago
I'm not a cake person but the Porto's Milk and Berries is my favorite thing to eat
Keith McKevic
'Keith McKevic' 16 hours ago
There was a cake at someone's funeral.... it was a crappy cake..... I'm sad now.
James Reiley
'James Reiley' 17 hours ago
I dont like cake
'Leayzz' 17 hours ago
I dont like coconut cake
kashika kumar
'kashika kumar' 17 hours ago
I m gonna eat cake after watching this
Cerelia Vu
'Cerelia Vu' 18 hours ago
U guys should do pho
Silenced Whisper
'Silenced Whisper' 18 hours ago
I love how one of them is so cynical while the other one is upbeat.
Decay NZ
'Decay NZ' 18 hours ago
$5 dildo Vs. $125 dildo
Maya Cozier Lefedvre
'Maya Cozier Lefedvre' 18 hours ago
I know you guys aren't Canadian but you should do one on poutine
Gerson G.
'Gerson G.' 18 hours ago
$1 blowjob vs $1000 blowjob :D
'Mr.RiceBoy' 19 hours ago
$ramen to $$$ramen
Makayla Xo
'Makayla Xo' 19 hours ago
When is a new one coming out?!?!
Hi, I
'Hi, I'm Icey' 20 hours ago
Hot knife vs cake
'erick7477719' 20 hours ago
make a freaking pie worth it
Angela Tashevska
'Angela Tashevska' 20 hours ago
what's that guy in the back name?
joel miranda
'joel miranda' 21 hours ago
Steven is always happy
Wolf Warrior
'Wolf Warrior' 22 hours ago
Did anybody en else get hungry or image the taste / eaten the cakes?
Adam Žucha
'Adam Žucha' 24 hours ago
Jose Olegs
'Jose Olegs' 24 hours ago
the cake is a lie.
'Humdrum.' 1 day ago
What happens to the left over food
'taesneeze' 1 day ago
am I the only one who hates fruit in cakes ?
'Scootzz' 1 day ago
You should make the Asian boy try a $200 dog vs. $1200 dog
Lamartin Sangkoyo
where is the new worth it ???
'Wolfania' 1 day ago
AAAARFG!!! I want cake and SNACKS! AAAAH 🎂
Drink Bleach
'Drink Bleach' 1 day ago
I guess these cakes weren't too crummy
Gamesing Productions
U should do the most expensive coffee
Choco Puddingzz
'Choco Puddingzz' 1 day ago
If I could I would go to Proof Bakery
'Moinmoin' 1 day ago
this 2. cake piece looks soooo good 😍👌
'vixxin19' 1 day ago
Why did they end this series?
'Castle' 1 day ago
They'd be cute together ( ◠‿◠ )
Anna Lubell
'Anna Lubell' 1 day ago
I am going to search a job at BuzzFeed, WHO'S COMING WITH ME???
Jasmine Cahayag
'Jasmine Cahayag' 1 day ago
ooo they should do ice cream next
'LadyAneh' 1 day ago
There really is nothing wrong with the word moist. It's a perfectly good word. Bear with me: "The wind blew in ,moist, from across the sea at the dawn."
"The cake was moist, and covered with berries picked from her garden: rasp, straw, and lingon."
"The pup's nose was moist as he sniffed my palm, trying in his own way to know what to make of me."
Caroline Steiger
'Caroline Steiger' 1 day ago
How does it go from$27 to$48 to$1,120
miss Shadow
'miss Shadow' 1 day ago
is it just me or does it annoy me when people mispronounce tres leches I'm like BOI GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frank Way Lee
'Frank Way Lee' 1 day ago
i love adam so muchhh
Ryan Rhodes
'Ryan Rhodes' 1 day ago
where is he getting all this money from lol
'Mystery20933' 2 days ago
spends over $1,000 on cake
chooses funfetti
Alessandra Jimenez
portos is so bomb ugh now i want portos
Alejandro Correa
'Alejandro Correa' 2 days ago
13:38 The guy in the back honestly looks like he's gonna throw up from so much cake
Lps peacemaker
'Lps peacemaker' 2 days ago
That Chocolate Espresso cake looks soooo good I want to try it!
Lily Moreno
'Lily Moreno' 2 days ago
Lol, the way Steven says "tres leches" 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Maddi Songer
'Maddi Songer' 2 days ago
The words explode, moist, and mouth should not be used in the same sentence
Industrial Four
'Industrial Four' 2 days ago
Filipinos make the best cakes. Just saying.
Lilahgoescrazy Again
Lilahgoescrazy Again
You should do this with donuts
Mark Benjamin San Pedro
I was eating pie while watching this video...

'Elite_SkillZz' 2 days ago
Where's the lamb sauce?
Lumberjack alex
'Lumberjack alex' 2 days ago
I ship these guys
Veola Perry
'Veola Perry' 2 days ago
Adam is the best 😂😂 he's like the quite adorable friend in the group
Jenny Lexi
'Jenny Lexi' 2 days ago
The camera man is so cute😂
Jordyn Padzensky
'Jordyn Padzensky' 2 days ago
It is MacarOn not MacarOOn
'AliBoom' 2 days ago
respect, the ~CWASSONT~
Victor Aguayo
'Victor Aguayo' 2 days ago
the way he says Tres Leche
'ParkourDude' 2 days ago
You just had a cake worth a car...
And got paid for it
Jazmin Salamanca
'Jazmin Salamanca' 2 days ago
Adam is an adorable bean and must be protected
Parker Brewer
'Parker Brewer' 2 days ago
Where is the next worth it??
Queen Cee
'Queen Cee' 2 days ago
I love Adam he's so sweet and cute 😂
koolaidmo randomclips
'DrGalaxy101' 2 days ago
I thought the last cake would have white truffle on it 😂
'PinkSugarPlum33' 2 days ago
But, to be fair the cake was only that expensive because you made it expensive. It would've been cheaper than the $27 if you paid for a cake for two people.
Iris Ariola
'Iris Ariola' 2 days ago
Someone cut the cake with a hot knife.
Yousuf Khan
'Yousuf Khan' 2 days ago
This is painful to watch 😂
Harjeet Dhillon
'Harjeet Dhillon' 2 days ago
did any1notice that the sketch had buzzfeed written on top of boteggas sketch
Allyy Rabbit
'Allyy Rabbit' 2 days ago
Adam looks so depressed.
Shaylynn Chartrand
Do burrito worth it
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