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Doing Anything For Someone You Love -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 weeks ago

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WARNING: This video contains sensitive material related to suicide and mental illness.

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'ariana' 8 hours ago
"how are you doing today sir?"

"oh you know, im slowing dying inside."
phoebe tribbiani
'phoebe tribbiani' 1 day ago
whats his name? i like his acting
Ben Fuhrmann
'Ben Fuhrmann' 1 day ago
Love the way she womansplained him at 5:25
fishi i
'fishi i' 2 days ago
why this dude look like big Krit? haha
'Penguinssss' 2 days ago
I like dudes character a lot. He expresses deep pain in such a relaxing way that I can relate.
Alice Caithness
'Alice Caithness' 2 days ago
That mail man was too innocent.
'TammiBloo' 2 days ago
I've been following this series in order, but can some one explain what happened in that flashback from 5:40 to 5:54? The whole job bit and the rejection stamp on the paper lost me. Also what was that paper and why was the girl in the brown sweater crying? I didn't get it at all. Help please.
Alyssa W.
'Alyssa W.' 2 days ago
If I were the mail guy I'd try my best to reassure Michael and give him a suicide hotline number...
bryan villafana
'bryan villafana' 2 days ago
I think this guy is supposed to be autistic, like these social interactions are way more awkward than they should be, probably because we're seeing them from his perspective
Gabrielle Boulet
'Gabrielle Boulet' 2 days ago
The delivery guy is ME AF😂
S. Williams
'S. Williams' 3 days ago
love how this series is centered around mtg and the black lotus card
'edgar215' 3 days ago
The noose is all wrong. You're supposed wrap from the bottom up around both ropes, and then it goes through the loop at the top. I count 6 wraps instead of 7, and I doubt it'll self tighten when he kicks the chair. It'll probably just unravel and he'll eventually squirm out of it. Also, if he's really compulsive he would've cut off the tag end. Not suicidal, just learned a bit about knots fishing, hunting, hiking.
'Brysdollies' 3 days ago
"slowly dying inside" "hmm?" "I'm doing great" ME
Brenna Mahoney
'Brenna Mahoney' 7 days ago
this series is what's currently distracting me from my issues... how ironic
and oddly nice
Isaiah Rodriguez
'Isaiah Rodriguez' 1 week ago
3:11 ME
'peachypanda96' 1 week ago
Anyone else play magic the gathering and wonder why you would have to match the value of a display case to the value of a card? Literally never heard of this :')
Our Piped Dreams
'Our Piped Dreams' 1 week ago
Sandy A.
'Sandy A.' 1 week ago
Am I the only one who doesn't get the part about the card?
'p4ul1010' 1 week ago
I want to jnow the order of this miny series
Lars Chue
'Lars Chue' 2 weeks ago
Depression and Suicide comes from society and the expectations we create from it.
'Lily' 2 weeks ago
haha MTG
Potoo the Kakapo that
Lloyd Nix
'Lloyd Nix' 2 weeks ago
When do they ever ask what the card is for the case?
Gisela Lee
'Gisela Lee' 2 weeks ago
I think the postmen knew about the noose, he's just trying to help
'TokkiTiko' 2 weeks ago
for some reason I feel like connected to this but I don't know how though? Like I feel the connection and sometimes I feel like that way as well but in reality I know that I'm not suppose to like I don't know to explain it. It just comes and goes.
Ari Lopes
'Ari Lopes' 2 weeks ago
"Slowly dying inside"
Jacqueline Rodriguez
im sooo confused
cheillee Lewis
'cheillee Lewis' 2 weeks ago
lol dying 7:02 her face though.
...this is deep.
Taylor Wehle
'Taylor Wehle' 2 weeks ago
I love the use of classical music in these vids
'Kat' 2 weeks ago
Can't wait for the next episode!!
'DanDann' 2 weeks ago
5:54 ftw
Shariq Torres
'Shariq Torres' 2 weeks ago
When Quinta put her hands over Garrett's mouth, that was too funny 😂😂😂
Shariq Torres
'Shariq Torres' 2 weeks ago
All these people looking at this man going to kill himself.
Kiwi The Beauty
'Kiwi The Beauty' 2 weeks ago
For people having a hard time finding this series in order I made a list. BuzzFeed is not making it easy to find them in order so check out the series titles this is pt 1-4.

PT.1 Finding A Reason To Stay
PT.2 The One That Got Away
PT.3 Do Anything For Someone You Love
PT.4 When You Can't Help Your Parents

It's a really good series. Happy watching!
Guro Larsen
'Guro Larsen' 2 weeks ago
Is there a way for me to watch these "moving on "videos in the right order?
G. Mork
'G. Mork' 2 weeks ago
Where is part one? I can't find it. =/ Also how to find out who directed this..or at least who wrote these videos besides just "videoteam".
'HeySophie' 2 weeks ago
can someone explain what happened from 5:40 - 5:50 ?
'PinkPerfectPeach' 2 weeks ago
When Quinta said you don't deserve it, I felt like SCREAMING
ericku zavala
'ericku zavala' 2 weeks ago
i have that dockers shirt :'v
'DOESJUSTIN' 2 weeks ago
more I was eating for this
Justine Richardson
'Justine Richardson' 2 weeks ago
So far in love with this series TBH
cheese fat
'cheese fat' 2 weeks ago
By the ghost of Michael Jackson 😂
Chenhazee Elissasammy
6:11 when an artist draws in public
Diego Davalos
'Diego Davalos' 2 weeks ago
If this supposed to be funny at some parts? Honest question
kinglor plays
'kinglor plays' 2 weeks ago
Buzzfeed can u make these videos come out quicker
Master Articuno
'Master Articuno' 2 weeks ago
What part is this
Natasha Trimble
'Natasha Trimble' 2 weeks ago
"Oh you know, slowly dying inside" is literally me
Jordan Gyulai
'Jordan Gyulai' 2 weeks ago
what is he moving on from
Momo Kurana
'Momo Kurana' 2 weeks ago
Honestly I love this series so much. So so much. (It might sound sarcastic but it's not. I seriously love it)
Kelly Ross Mustachio
"flannel wearing, leon bridges" 😂😂😂
GB fan
'GB fan' 2 weeks ago
best actor on buzzfeed
'DXLTA' 2 weeks ago
so is this just Buzzfeed explaining to people that a piece of cardboard can be worth so much? no offense, lifetime TCG nerd myself.
'iEatEmos' 2 weeks ago
Yeah, the chick was super rude, not only on the phone but to the protagonist. There could be lots of reasons why he had the card other then that he's "unworthy and rich". Perhaps like someone collected and he inherited the cards. I mean, MTG started in 93 so depending on how old he is, he could have as well, and since he was very young he didn't realize the worth of the card till later. Also, nerds can look like everyone else (see: the people gathered around him), why would she assume just because he's wearing flannel and nicely shaven that he's not into nerdy things?
'lexy9210' 2 weeks ago
I don't get it. :|
Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire
So the story so far is that, a guy is about to kill himself and apparently he can't because forsome reason the universe is opposed to it. hmm fair enough. I killed myself a long time ago and the universe just watched me do it with a bag of popcorn.
Adolf Hipster
'Adolf Hipster' 2 weeks ago
Why do they have to see the card to let him buy the card case. If he doesn't have it you still get payed.
Lucie Belle
'Lucie Belle' 2 weeks ago
When the door opened the the other way omg I died 😭😭😭
Audrey Makar
'Audrey Makar' 2 weeks ago
oh my god i love that guy so much i wish we could be together forever. <3. we are alot alike.
Sandhya K
'Sandhya K' 2 weeks ago
Okayy I love this video... Gave so much clarity to the previous videos... love it..
'heyit's jemma' 2 weeks ago
can someone please explain this video to me... I watched the last too which I understand
hero awesome
'hero awesome' 2 weeks ago
Well that was intense
Conor Harris
'Conor Harris' 2 weeks ago
This series makes me really sad but it's really good
Autumn Pritchard
'Autumn Pritchard' 2 weeks ago
I don't get this
Latte Goat
'Latte Goat' 3 weeks ago
the beginning hurt my soul... ouch
Miss Cyanide
'Miss Cyanide' 3 weeks ago
Why does this have like no views compared to most other videos
Monoranu Andrei
'Monoranu Andrei' 3 weeks ago
such a good series. this guy is a great actor. can't wait for the next episode
Shawn Robinson
'Shawn Robinson' 3 weeks ago
this is so good
Lizzie Johnson
'Lizzie Johnson' 3 weeks ago
how is this related to doing omething for someone you love
Sarah Gawle
'Sarah Gawle' 3 weeks ago
Question from someone who doesn't play: I know the Black Lotus is HELLA RARE, but like is it a good CARD? To use? To play?
'Vosfur' 3 weeks ago
how is he still alive anyway with nothing in his house
'Q' 3 weeks ago
Love this
DaTwisted Chaoz
'DaTwisted Chaoz' 3 weeks ago
I have the exact same phone case...
Abby Mercy
'Abby Mercy' 3 weeks ago
these are so important
Clare Uppenbrink
'Clare Uppenbrink' 3 weeks ago
Black Lotus shipped without a case? Hmmmmmm nope I don't think so
Arantxa García C.
'Arantxa García C.' 3 weeks ago
this is a very dark video
Umar Ahmad
'Umar Ahmad' 3 weeks ago
Nooooo have Kate and him stop doing the roommate thing.... you know that everyone loves....
Isabella Foley
'Isabella Foley' 3 weeks ago
Omg I love this series's it's so real how he's doing it for someone he loves
Edwina Mapenzi
'Edwina Mapenzi' 3 weeks ago
But why the Leon Bridges shade though?
Hirah Z
'Hirah Z' 3 weeks ago
totally can see the camera crew in the reflection
Changedma Name
'Changedma Name' 3 weeks ago
He is such a beautiful man
Sam S
'Sam S' 3 weeks ago
I love this show a lot. It's really well done!
'Nugg3tb0i' 3 weeks ago
Stop including the unfortunately Ashley promo it ruins th feel of the short film
'TheBubbleoh' 3 weeks ago
This series is actually really good :D
'shehustler' 3 weeks ago
thanx buxzfeed, i am really into this series. it may be something people don't like to talk about but the prospective needs to be seen and it's amazing
'IglooDweller' 3 weeks ago
Is that the end..? Is there another part?
brie dos
'brie dos' 3 weeks ago
He is so fine
'reyreydavis' 3 weeks ago
DroppinNoEase HD
'DroppinNoEase HD' 3 weeks ago
they better make more episodes of this series
Rain Dougherty-Wolf
'Rain Dougherty-Wolf' 3 weeks ago
3:10 is me every day
denise echols
'denise echols' 3 weeks ago
the fact that he actually kinda looks like Leon bridges is so funny💀
Kylie dillman
'Kylie dillman' 3 weeks ago
2:10 ish the black dude is acting like such a jerk 😂😂 jk
'Vin' 3 weeks ago
I've been saying this is my favourite buzzfeed series this whole time, but I actually think this is my favourite series on youtube. thank you for making this
'scamander' 3 weeks ago
Overlord Pug
'Overlord Pug' 3 weeks ago
Only thing that went through my mind was "what a f@#$&%* betch!"
Ariana Allen
'Ariana Allen' 3 weeks ago
is this suppose to be part 2 from the video "Finding A reason to stay?"
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