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15 Lies We Tell Ourselves -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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"2017 is gonna be a good year..."

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Elizabeth Jacobs
'Elizabeth Jacobs' 2 weeks ago
The Lie I tell myself is: just one more YouTube video!
another good lie is that there are more than 2 genders
Christina loves
'Christina loves' 2 months ago
Selena Mcnamara
'Selena Mcnamara' 2 months ago
i lie about only have one chocolate but then i have a lot.
Michael Zeitler
'Michael Zeitler' 2 months ago
A lie Buzzfeed tells themselves is that Trump will ruin America.
'CMTreptow' 2 months ago
HAHAHA! More like 15 things delusional people say.
Priyanka Gupta
'Priyanka Gupta' 2 months ago
" I won't eat the pizza in the fridge I'll eat the salad"
Two hours later
The lettuce went bad it's definitely not olives that's black
Dia Han
'Dia Han' 2 months ago
i am just gonna masturbate twice today....
Wow Lizzy
'Wow Lizzy' 2 months ago
I'll start studying..
Queen Calizzle
'Queen Calizzle' 2 months ago
Imma stop watching memes
Wolf Ash
'Wolf Ash' 2 months ago
hahahah lol at the end of the video that was hilarious 😂😂😂 i love that guy he is so funny
Ryan Steele
'Ryan Steele' 2 months ago
#1 lie:
BuzzFeed makes quality videos
'ihaveabigschlong' 2 months ago
"the wagegap is real"
Sly James
'Sly James' 3 months ago
I'm probably gonna get laid this year, I mean I'm 23 now, I look good and not all girls care about money
Jazz Dawson
'Jazz Dawson' 3 months ago
Buzzfeed aren't racist and sexist
Jon B
'Jon B' 3 months ago
Thought I would make it an even 20 lies:
16. Donald Trump is not my president
17. There are more than 2 genders
18. There is a gender wage gap
19. Buzzfeed is a credible news source
20. Being fat is ok
'er' 3 months ago
"I'm gonna start my homework in 30 minutes." an hour passes "I'm gonna start in 30 mins."
Elyse Collins
'Elyse Collins' 3 months ago
Bias buzzfeed back at it again
'Sloth' 3 months ago
4 ounces of carbournet wine (only carbounet wine) a day is good for you, thats it my guy
'J T' 3 months ago
fake news at its finest becareful what you are watching. ... people
Anej Rozman
'Anej Rozman' 3 months ago
wine actually is healthy if you drink it about once a week with a meal
Bibi Fathi
'Bibi Fathi' 3 months ago
"I only spent $10 on lunch so I should still have $60 in my bank account, there's no need to check my balance."
'doodiiebutt' 3 months ago
Devin's face is flawless 😱😱
mia estrada
'mia estrada' 3 months ago
just one chip
Lil Water
'Lil Water' 3 months ago
One day my dad will come back
Lets be honest
'Lets be honest' 3 months ago
Where's "Only White People Can be Racist?"
'S0rra' 3 months ago
that i still have the will to live
'TwistedBarbie' 3 months ago
Chill out Murica, your country WILL be fine for God's sake!!
ImThe RealMurdoc
'ImThe RealMurdoc' 3 months ago
0:28 is that a boy or a girl
'emmeencream' 3 months ago
I totally know what I'm doing!
Pim Qwin
'Pim Qwin' 3 months ago
New year, new me..... biggest lie of the century
'STELLAR!' 3 months ago
at home: "I have plenty of time to do my homework, it can wait!"
at school: "teacher, I'll do it next time, I promise!"
N.I. McClusky
'N.I. McClusky' 3 months ago
I tell myself that I'm actually going to be successful in life.
Amy Watson
'Amy Watson' 3 months ago
Why does buzzfeed always have to insert a snarky political comment in their videos? It's fine that the majority of them are liberals and aren't happy with the election outcome, but the way they portray it is really immature.
Ramon Gonzalez
'Ramon Gonzalez' 3 months ago
I'm single and I'm glad for it. I guess in the back of my head I kinda wanna be in a relationship.
'Linda' 3 months ago
NYEEehhhhh I'll do it tomorrow
Qwertygrl JV
'Qwertygrl JV' 3 months ago
Hashtag Aidan C
'Hashtag Aidan C' 3 months ago
Food is good because it helps me sleep at night
Alana Carter
'Alana Carter' 3 months ago
"I'll do my homework tomorrow"
'KYS INC.' 3 months ago
I wont be single my entire life
Liam Gallagher
'Liam Gallagher' 3 months ago
I don't lie to myself, I lie to others ha ha ha
J. Jonah Jameson
'J. Jonah Jameson' 3 months ago
Lemme guess, "I'm not privileged cause I'm white"?
Darth Shedinja
'Darth Shedinja' 3 months ago
You guys should've added "White people cant be racist"
Alma Forssell
'Alma Forssell' 3 months ago
Today I will do something creative!
'MAGNUS GARRETT' 3 months ago
The liberals had to ruin it again...
Derpy Potato
'Derpy Potato' 3 months ago
I'm gonna do good on my math test gets 50 percent
emø avacadø
'emø avacadø' 3 months ago
"i'm straight"
'WHAT A CUTE FACE -' 3 months ago
I have 7 korean boyfriends and +13 korean lovers

crying in the corner /kpop destroy ma life.
Trinity B
'Trinity B' 3 months ago
Just one more YouTube video and then I'll do my homework.... 3am: still watching what am I doing with my life
Diany Cárdenas
'Diany Cárdenas' 3 months ago
"2017 is gonna be a good year" Damn😂😂
nicki 1358
'nicki 1358' 3 months ago
I'm gonna wake up at 7am ...
EVERY DAY #mybiggestlieever
'cheeseturds' 3 months ago
Revoked my thumbs up at "i love being single". That's not a lie
'HeartBeatGaming' 3 months ago
''I'll go to bed after this game of CSGO/Rocket League/Special Force 2/any other game I have.''
'Ristro44' 3 months ago
"World peace is achievable in our current state. Everything's going to be fine. We can sustain this way of life, no problem! People just need to get on our level!"
What the FUHCK is happening to the world right now. Why is it so hard for us to change. Why is it so hard for us to look beyond our own point of view and to explain to others what our point of view might be in ways that aren't patronizing? I want world peace, I want a world where people aren't afraid of being picked on or taken advantage of because they don't understand things. I want a world where people take time to understand each other and try to work out a compromise instead of covering their ears.
But it doesn't seem like that'll be happening any time soon and that hurts. I don't know how to live in a world where people always argue.
Lp Alcantara
'Lp Alcantara' 3 months ago
I'm only facebook stalking my ex. no reason i just want to. What?!
Thomasshole Muller
'Thomasshole Muller' 3 months ago
I'm beautiful😂😂😂,that's my lie
Catherine Bong
'Catherine Bong' 3 months ago
This kind of ruined the good mood I had...I hope the positive things that I was feeling earlier weren't just lies to myself
Jasmine Rodriguez
'Jasmine Rodriguez' 3 months ago
"One more episode" watches 282822827 more episodes
The Random Chronicles
I actually do enjoy being single lol
Kirimi Chan
'Kirimi Chan' 3 months ago
I lie to myself by saying " staying in your room and watching anime all day is okay"
Jessica Rosa
'Jessica Rosa' 3 months ago
the lie i tell myself

im beautiful
Megan Sinclair-Lunn
'Megan Sinclair-Lunn' 3 months ago
You're not fat, Megan
wingardium leviosa
'wingardium leviosa' 3 months ago
Devin played cho Chang in AVPM
Morgan Smith
'Morgan Smith' 3 months ago
"I'll totally start that workout plan today.... tomorrow.... next week?"
Salma Ahmed
'Salma Ahmed' 3 months ago
هعوض في الفاينال. xD
'CALOSOURCE' 3 months ago
Im going to start doing homework
'Namjoon's Dimples' 3 months ago
I'm gunna start my diet tomorrow
ginger psycho
'ginger psycho' 3 months ago
I'm finally going to get a new girlfriend

Laughs miserably because most people avoid redheads
Lisa Marie
'Lisa Marie' 3 months ago
Is anyone else bored of Buzzfeed's passive aggressive Donald Trump jabs? I am a Democrat and I'm sick of it. Surely I cannot be the only one...
giuliana silva
'giuliana silva' 3 months ago
the margot robbie one is so real
Seabastion Salt
'Seabastion Salt' 3 months ago
everything is gonna be okay...
'ammugonevil' 3 months ago
lie 1-15 = relate to buzzfeed.. and how useful.. relevant and honest they are.....
Alisa Lawson
'Alisa Lawson' 3 months ago
that I'm going to start saving money
Home Style
'Home Style' 3 months ago
I tell my self I'll be okay
'ApexingTheApocalypse' 3 months ago
woah, junk food isn't cheap? I thought it was?
Arthur Arnaud
'Arthur Arnaud' 3 months ago
Transportation diminish half camp undergo exchange.
Steven Gee
'Steven Gee' 3 months ago
tessa baumler
'tessa baumler' 3 months ago
I am the last one 100% 😂😂😂😭 lol 😄😐
Magnolia Flower
'Magnolia Flower' 3 months ago
I'll totally get all of my homework done...
Ami rose
'Ami rose' 3 months ago
I can beat my procrastination! gets HW and ends up doing it at 11 PM
'Roosterg04' 3 months ago
im not fat
Bob Dollar
'Bob Dollar' 3 months ago
Alcohol kills brain cells, but only the weak ones.
Bob Dollar
'Bob Dollar' 3 months ago
I will lose weight this year.
Agnes Thorsen
'Agnes Thorsen' 3 months ago
Chairman increase tip automobile create promote occasion refugee.
'SparrowSquad' 3 months ago
I lie to myself that buzzfeed is not the reason I have all of the known STDs
'Hemmy' 3 months ago
That last guy is me. Every single week.
HoovySpells ENGLISH
'HoovySpells ENGLISH' 3 months ago
That I'll finally put my life together
Almog Zinman
'Almog Zinman' 3 months ago
wine is healthy
Random Person
'Random Person' 3 months ago
everything will be alright
Fu Talks
'Fu Talks' 3 months ago
hahaha true
Gabi Girl
'Gabi Girl' 3 months ago
Just one more episode on Netflix.....
Tan Howell
'Tan Howell' 3 months ago
I tell myself everybody is pretty XD
Gladiator in a Suit
'Gladiator in a Suit' 3 months ago
my most frequent lie is "good morning" because it ain't never a good morning if I'm awake and not in bed.
TheDemonPlays - Games
lie: buzzfeed is a good channel that produces good media and not utter crap
Jenna Candy
'Jenna Candy' 3 months ago
The shade on our new president though
Rotten Devils Cake Fujoshi
I'll be fine skipping school this year cause I can finish high school online lasting two years starting next year
Brooklynn Mannhardtewing
Stop being rude to margot Robbie
'Lil' Muffin' 3 months ago
Video- " What do you lie to yourself about ?"
Me - I'm pretty
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