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12 Amazing Feelings You Can't Resist -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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Ahh, the pleasure of peeling a sunburn.

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Ted Sheldon
'Ted Sheldon' 30 minutes ago
King_ Kairos
'King_ Kairos' 3 hours ago
jacking off
Blue Berry
'Blue Berry' 4 hours ago
Smoosh a foam, creams is a best !
Lola Martyanov
'Lola Martyanov' 6 hours ago
Shoving your hands through your birds' food bag....
Sun Kissed Pineapples
1. When your bedtime reminder comes on but it's the weekend
2. The cold side of the pillow (especially when you have a fever)
3. When it rains really softly at night
Kim Atong
'Kim Atong' 8 hours ago
mine's food!!
'Sayyxd1' 12 hours ago
Best feeling? Putting my hand in the toaster.
Sisi CyMoon
'Sisi CyMoon' 13 hours ago
This video makes me a bit anxious and I don't know why :v
Purple Sheep
'Purple Sheep' 13 hours ago
I don't like many of these.
Home Cookie
'Home Cookie' 14 hours ago
Smelling ramen
Gregor Petrović
'Gregor Petrović' 17 hours ago
to Play computer any of this shits
'Cybergaming' 17 hours ago
smelling my own farts
Lel a Dog
'Lel a Dog' 24 hours ago
Leading the team and winning the game in Dota 2
Steven  Nie
'Steven Nie' 1 day ago
Wait!!! My sunburn never peeled that perfectly...
Mak B
'Mak B' 1 day ago
since I have stretched ears, I have big earrings. When I put them in my ears while they're cold, it feels amazing. Cold ears might sound bad, but I love it
Nia Roberts
'Nia Roberts' 1 day ago
So satisfying omg
Party Dolphin321
'Party Dolphin321' 1 day ago
glue on hands tops!
Cris the human
'Cris the human' 2 days ago
my favorite feeling is peeling a scab
'Fluxie' 2 days ago
Yeona Soleng
'Yeona Soleng' 2 days ago
popping bubbleraps🇬
just before you cum
who agrees?
like plz
Griffin Morehouse
'Griffin Morehouse' 2 days ago
Jerking myself off
Its Ruby
'Its Ruby' 2 days ago
I like the shaviNg cream one and most of the other ones -
'The VAPORWAVE' 2 days ago
so much peeling
Alex Manfo
'Alex Manfo' 2 days ago
thats feels good :)
Alex Manfo
'Alex Manfo' 2 days ago
When I just wake up and I eat cold! ice cream
MCD ships
'MCD ships' 2 days ago
✔ when you wear tight clothes and you finally get to take them off.
✔soft blankets
David Doge
'David Doge' 2 days ago
Wrapping yourself in a blanket after it just came out of the dryer.
The cool side of the pillow.
Letting a necklace chain fall onto your hand.
Finishing a big test.
The smell of fresh laundry.
A nice, warm shower after a hard day's work.
The crunch of potato chips.
And finally, going to bed.
Hannimation awn
'Hannimation awn' 2 days ago
I love the feeling of being in a cocoon of blankets, I'd be in a nest in my duvet and I'd be drinking tea and reading Terry Pratchett :3
Kathy Ingram
'Kathy Ingram' 2 days ago
laying on a cold puffy pillow. especially when u tern over in the night and find a cold spot.
Neve Alliston
'Neve Alliston' 2 days ago
When you pop the foil on top of peanut butter or Nutella
Kizzy Smith
'Kizzy Smith' 3 days ago
I love getting in my bed and snuggling up into a ball in my cosy onesie ❤️❤️
'MARVEL FANDOM' 3 days ago
I thought those beans were Coco Pops.
natalja konomi
'natalja konomi' 3 days ago
My favorite feeling is
▶the cold side of the pillow
▶touching your soft hair after showering them
▶put perfectly the bedspread in the bed
Vadim Gataullin
'Vadim Gataullin' 3 days ago
Masturbate 💯💯
dima talakhadz
'dima talakhadz' 3 days ago
cum 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
seetha heera
'seetha heera' 3 days ago
beans daw😍😍
Such wow Minecraft
1. S.E.X
Big Black Cock
'Big Black Cock' 3 days ago
when it's freezing outside and then you take a hot shower
Shiro X
'Shiro X' 3 days ago
Rinsing off the menthol shampoo on my head with cold water especially on a hot day
'TwentyOneXDolanz' 3 days ago
Hearing that noise from the release of gas when you open a new can or bottle of soda
On a cold day sitting or having your feet by the heater
Cracking your knuckles
Having to pee really bad and then releasing it
Listening to a really good song
Drinking something refreshing on a hot day
Having your hair up loosely on a windy day so you can feel the wind on the back of your neck

Sophie Hamster
'Sophie Hamster' 3 days ago
ugdndjfixhd I love shaving creammmmmm
Its Jhey
'Its Jhey' 3 days ago
A nice cold bed
Rose Weasley
'Rose Weasley' 3 days ago
When you get those paints that you have a pointy thing on the lid to pop them open
Ayesha abdul aziz
'Ayesha abdul aziz' 3 days ago
Charlie Jones
'Charlie Jones' 3 days ago
Patting a cat  :D to all the lovely cats: I want to own u
Jordan & Whisp
'Jordan & Whisp' 3 days ago
Crushing egg shells with bare hands
Joosua3 GT
'Joosua3 GT' 3 days ago
Simply fapping.
Cool Girl56
'Cool Girl56' 3 days ago
Ewww peeling a sun burn????🤢🤢🤢
'RenrakS' 4 days ago
Cumming and getting an orgasm
Airidas Jancauskas
The fact when you wake up and its saturday not sunday is my favourite feeling
Dio Devline
'Dio Devline' 4 days ago
Popping the acnes!
Sasha Braus
'Sasha Braus' 4 days ago
Floating on warm water when you're freezing.
julianna kuan
'julianna kuan' 4 days ago
omgf that's the best .
Belen Lol
'Belen Lol' 4 days ago
does anyone like when the clothes are hot after the dryer
LER Derp
'LER Derp' 4 days ago
Just the sunburn. That. Was. Heaven. Most of you probably cringed. I died and went to heaven.
I drink Clorox.
'I drink Clorox.' 4 days ago
putting ur fingers in melted wax and taking it off when it dries.
ariax silver
'ariax silver' 4 days ago
My favorite feeling is the feeling of getting my heart ripped out of my chest by my crush
Nevaeh Jordan
'Nevaeh Jordan' 4 days ago
i never get sunburn....😢
Kali Rose
'Kali Rose' 4 days ago
I can resist all feelings.

I am a yandere
Clickbait Title Machine
Shoving hands in beans < Shoving hands in RICE
TReZ Legacy
'TReZ Legacy' 5 days ago
TheAmazing Kebab
'TheAmazing Kebab' 5 days ago
my fave is removing baes bra for sex.

JK my fave is scooping nutella.
I am single 😭
Isela Alarcon
'Isela Alarcon' 5 days ago
when you shave your legs and rubbing them while ur in bed feels like HEAVEN
Luka Krstovic
'Luka Krstovic' 5 days ago
a bj
barry harmes
'barry harmes' 5 days ago
jessy mations
'jessy mations' 5 days ago
The last one
Awesome Girl
'Awesome Girl' 6 days ago
Taking bra off
mikayla Hernandez
'mikayla Hernandez' 6 days ago
Taking off socks
LeaaniH - Ponies and more!
In the video -

1. I find it gross.
2. It hurts my head when I do it so no.
3. Eww no it feels like putting your hand in a box of beetles!!
4. Half the time it gets stuck so.. No.
5. Well I can barely ever begin peeling it off so no..
6. Meh, pretty nice but half the time I ruin it so no..
7. I don't wear bras. (I haven't developed)
8. Again, I find it gross.
9. Yeah, but I end up ripping the fuzz off so no..
10. I don't use lotion.. Ever.
12. Again, I don't use shaving cream.

What I like -

1. Scooping out new Nutella!!
2. Cold side of the pillow.. YAS
3. When things fit perfectly together in a box!
4. Jackets with fluff on the inside and a fluffy hood.. OMG YAS
5. Running my fingers through really soft hair.. OMG YAAS
Gracy Toy Schultz
'Gracy Toy Schultz' 6 days ago
digging my feet into sand
Jayne Kerger
'Jayne Kerger' 6 days ago
shaving my legs and then lie under a blanket on my bed.....feels so good
Samantha Pavia
'Samantha Pavia' 6 days ago
shoving my hand in the Plate of beans
Cat Queen
'Cat Queen' 6 days ago
Having fingers slide through your hair 💆🏼
'HoneydewCupcake' 6 days ago
Poking slime
Cold side of pillow
Stepping out of shower
'Saktuscactus' 7 days ago
My favourite feeling is opening a new Phone or Lego
The legend himself
only me that hate when you get some kind of cream on you when you are dry
Harry potter 4ever
You forgot one thing : POKING A SLIME😍😍😍
Melissa Tan
'Melissa Tan' 7 days ago
Pealing ur sunburnt area
PVA glue
Just LOL
'Just LOL' 1 week ago
my favorite feeling it watch YouTube
Michelle Serna
'Michelle Serna' 1 week ago
When you get a new phone and you peel off the clear plastic thing
Hazel Lovelock
'Hazel Lovelock' 1 week ago
that peanut butter looked disgusting
Kamo Kat
'Kamo Kat' 1 week ago
0:23 Me... Even cooked beans...?🙃
Adolf Hitler
'Adolf Hitler' 1 week ago
make me a sammich
'OhItzAnisa' 1 week ago
Smoothing shaving cream, putting hand under cold pillow, putting feet in cold sand :)
Thao Nguyen Dau
'Thao Nguyen Dau' 1 week ago
when i dont have sunburns, i put glue on my skin and peel it
Pierre Angelie Cabonita
The taste of a delicious Ice Cream 😋😌💖💘
RodianGamerSW And videos
SAND... And my puppy.
'HeyItsLia' 1 week ago
Fresh sheets
Cold side of the pillow
Clothes straight out of the dryer
Peeing after holding it in
When you paint your nails perfectly!
There are more but they are the main ones :)
mehakdeep hira Hira
standing under a cold shower after coming back home from a hot place
'Ekke' 1 week ago
A bullet in my head
Serious Almond
'Serious Almond' 1 week ago
when I cut a perfect line out of paper
Jazzy marshall
'Jazzy marshall' 1 week ago
i dont like shoving my hands in beans
Daily Dash Gameplay
Cold pillow and opening a box that I ordered in the mail
Charlotte Gaming
'Charlotte Gaming' 1 week ago
When you really need a shower than you take a shower
Jin the car door guy
When a simple burp cures nausea.
GamerZocker HD
'GamerZocker HD' 1 week ago
Tony best feeling is The Orgasm 😂👌
This is Menchie
'This is Menchie' 1 week ago
Is it just me or is it satisfying when I gush toothpaste out of the bottle
Eli& Alex
'Eli& Alex' 1 week ago
When I play basketball & shoot a jump shot & the ball swishes through the net perfectly
Tobito TV
'Tobito TV' 1 week ago
Petting my cat is the best feeling ever!
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