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12 Amazing Feelings You Can't Resist -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 2 months ago

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Ahh, the pleasure of peeling a sunburn.

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'비하디야' 3 hours ago
I've never had a sunburn
'MuslingAtPowers' 5 hours ago
i feel this is sexist
Lee yoo min
'Lee yoo min' 15 hours ago
not going to school or wake up and realize it's December
Derpalishes Snail
'Derpalishes Snail' 17 hours ago
OOOO SMELLING MONEY it smells sooooo good....only dollas tho🐮
Derpalishes Snail
'Derpalishes Snail' 17 hours ago
Sunburns peel? me:eww totally gross....goes and peels glue off hands
Mj Rose
'Mj Rose' 23 hours ago
Just because people stick their hands in beans for fun...
Pink Fluffy Unicorn
I hate the feeling on dry glue
Megan March
'Megan March' 1 day ago
I've always loved when you get a new dvd and you stab the plastic over the hole and drag the pen/ Bobby pin/ whatever relatively sharp thing that was laying nearby down and it makes beautiful ripples... Nobody I know understands this.
I also love new mugs and new blankets.
'Dolphinfox17' 2 days ago
When I open my yogurt and scoop into it.
Volatile HD
'Volatile HD' 2 days ago
Jerking off is a good feeling
The Friend of Ashix, Adam Nevada
Touching baby hands. Alot of them.
Ace Dynamike
'Ace Dynamike' 3 days ago
So they're assuming everyone who watches this video is a girl?
Billiam Lefebvre
'Billiam Lefebvre' 3 days ago
Fresh, clean bedsheets
The Galactical Galaxy
Putting your hand in flower
Sophie Unicorn sprinkles
Peeling dryed PVA glue of your hands!!
Kpop Trash
'Kpop Trash' 4 days ago
But shoving your hands in flour is the best!
Lynette Easter
'Lynette Easter' 4 days ago
Popping bubble wrap!!!
Katelyn Minton
'Katelyn Minton' 5 days ago
ReAnn Smith
'ReAnn Smith' 5 days ago
I do the dry glue one all the time
Watermellon Girl Rules
Taking off an itchy sweater or pants
New soft blankets
Covering up under a warm blanket
Warm showers
Taking off sweaty outfits with the breeze on your sweaty skin
A great back scratch that was itching for a lot of time
Lavender Febreze
'Lavender Febreze' 6 days ago
After a long day a cold pillow an sheets💕👌🏻
Lizz Mancera
'Lizz Mancera' 6 days ago
A great feeling is to orgasm 😂😂
doodle wonder
'doodle wonder' 6 days ago
sadly my hair is pretty kinky, so pulling a ponytail would be painful...
Anya Bogdanova
'Anya Bogdanova' 6 days ago
eating food is my favorite
'chrissagia2004' 6 days ago
Putting on warm clothes from the dryer, putting your head on the cold side of the pillow and having no school so you get to sleep in
'Frida' 7 days ago
Silvia Santos
'Silvia Santos' 7 days ago
so true
'CodingFurnace' 7 days ago
Olivia Lee
'Olivia Lee' 1 week ago
Rosalina Pan - Ingleborough PS (1491)
I like shoving my hands into sand dunes of millet. You know, the millet in those plastic boxes at Tnt and Btrust. The Chinese supermarkets.
Grace Gee
'Grace Gee' 1 week ago
ooooh yeeees in my mind
Christine Verbruggen
running your hands through kinetic sand... sooo satisfying
Amber Blaha
'Amber Blaha' 1 week ago
cold side of the pillow
finishing a book or a long essay
smelling pages of a new book
freshly shaved legs on bed sheets
Annie Synix
'Annie Synix' 1 week ago
1. Forgetting to do homework but when you came to school the teacher forgot that there was homework.
2. peeling off dry lip skin by rubbing my finger on lip.
3. cold side of pillow
4. waking up and realize it's the weekend
5. having no homework
6. how water reacts when something touches it
7. Not forgetting anything
8. having no scratches on screen after dropping it screen side on the ground
9. wake up without your hair going messy
10. getting to end a really good dream before waking up.
11. growling tummy, sounds satisfying
12. Owning someone in a talk fight and everyone says "OOOOOOOOOOOO!"
Annie Synix
'Annie Synix' 1 week ago
peeling off dry lip skin with teeth then eating it.. No? just me? ._.

Well this is awkward
tina spam
'tina spam' 1 week ago
pop a small pimple
have a hot bath
Cassey Robertson
'Cassey Robertson' 1 week ago
When u have a really bad headache sleep and wake up and it's gone.
Rockin Robyn
'Rockin Robyn' 1 week ago
when your in class and you lean back in a chair and you can hear and feel every single bone in your back crack
'Kity' 1 week ago
hot day + cold shower

nothing better
I Theo I
'I Theo I' 1 week ago
when someone yells cheeki breeki in stalker
Siripatsorn Jinrakthamma
I love the peanut butter
Gamer Teddi
'Gamer Teddi' 1 week ago
hands in beans😊
Sille klysner Kjems
Peeling the plastic of a phone/tv
Paloma is awesome 123
Peeling calases
Jessica Baldwin
'Jessica Baldwin' 2 weeks ago
When mud dries and you can pick it off !! 😄😄😄
Piggu Gudu
'Piggu Gudu' 2 weeks ago
i like warm days but with a little wind.... slicing through fondant with an extra sharp knife.... when it rains really hard but i am inside.... waking up and realising i can fall back to sleep... Having no more exams... But i don't love applying lotion because i always feel the need to do my entire body, head to toe, even if i do just one limb :|
Alyssa Flores
'Alyssa Flores' 2 weeks ago
Smooshing shaving cream
how to and what to do channel
peeling sunburns are so good
'TaterQuinn' 2 weeks ago
Flipping that pillow at night.......
Tap Tap Productions
'Tap Tap Productions' 2 weeks ago
Tasting your favourite food
Emma Harmon
'Emma Harmon' 2 weeks ago
Slime.Mainstream? Me? Nooooooo
Luke Schwartzmeyer
'Luke Schwartzmeyer' 2 weeks ago
0:47 I want dat cheese so baaaaaaad!!!!!
'Hellkat4567' 2 weeks ago
Taking out a scoop of apple sauce and then putting it back in
Chichi D
'Chichi D' 2 weeks ago
Peeling the plastic from lights switch and in the mouse of a laptop
Hannah Bomberg
'Hannah Bomberg' 2 weeks ago
Peeling plastic off phone
bubblegum queen17
'bubblegum queen17' 2 weeks ago
the peanut butter is soooo satisfying
Shayla Powell
'Shayla Powell' 2 weeks ago
drinking water after being out in the sun for a while
hannah rover
'hannah rover' 2 weeks ago
the feeling of new slime u just made
The Wild Ophie
'The Wild Ophie' 2 weeks ago
Cold shower on a hot day
Andrew Shank
'Andrew Shank' 2 weeks ago
Popping a pimple
Alone Gt
'Alone Gt' 2 weeks ago
Maybe when i make a beautiful goal in football...

Coming to goal
Watching to the goalkeepper with deadly watch
Ball hitting to crossbar
Team mates : Omg... :O :O :O

(That happend to me xD)
Seham Yahya
'Seham Yahya' 2 weeks ago
smooshing shaving cream
Skye B.
'Skye B.' 2 weeks ago
Removing socks after a long day...
Hilary Chan
'Hilary Chan' 2 weeks ago
U forgot poking wasabi
Lee George
'Lee George' 2 weeks ago
1. Putting a cpu in the socket. Putting ram in place
Jordan McIntire
'Jordan McIntire' 2 weeks ago
stretching and sleeping. just me? o_okay
'Fanta's World' 2 weeks ago
Taking a tight ponytail off
Kim Yoon A
'Kim Yoon A' 2 weeks ago
Watching BTS', Got7's, EXO's, or NCT's dance practices. So perfect and in-sync.
Badaboop Badabeep
'Badaboop Badabeep' 2 weeks ago
Maya Watts
'Maya Watts' 2 weeks ago
I like the feeling of these things sleep and peeling skin off sunburn
Jad was here
'Jad was here' 2 weeks ago
My favorite feeling is screeching my fork against a plate
Lɪsᴀ Kɪʀɪ 2 TM
Poking slime that makes amazing sounds
unicorn G
'unicorn G' 2 weeks ago
my fav felling is opening a tight ponytail 😅😭☺️ omg
Inspiring my Infires
As someone with very curly hair taking out ponytails only comes with tears and pain
'KittyCatAlaysia' 2 weeks ago
All of them are the BEST feeling ever and of course .. peeling off the sunburn skin..
I Like Turtlez
'I Like Turtlez' 2 weeks ago
When you made it to the bathroom on time.
Cookiix_ Chan
'Cookiix_ Chan' 2 weeks ago
Rice it just feels SO nice
Chad Holmes
'Chad Holmes' 2 weeks ago
0:07 that actually makes me extremely uncomfortable
Hot pie and ice cream in you mouth at the same time 🤤
Angel Pudasaini
'Angel Pudasaini' 2 weeks ago
Bra one was so accurate lol😂😂
Palvinder Mahal
'Palvinder Mahal' 2 weeks ago
the post ponytail head scratch is my favourite
Maria Lennie Salindo
0:09 Guys, Have you tried using glue in your hands and peeling it? I did XD
Cutibuddy *meow*
'Cutibuddy *meow*' 2 weeks ago
showing off with your special effects... at least for buzzfeed's satisfaction
'Laurcake8' 3 weeks ago
When you've had a ponytail holder on your wrist for a long time and then peeling it off and the scratching it feels so amazing
'Laurcake8' 3 weeks ago
I saw this on Snapchat
Catrina Does Art :D
'Catrina Does Art :D' 3 weeks ago
Cold side of a pillow😍😍😍
lpsmlp fnafkinz
'lpsmlp fnafkinz' 3 weeks ago
I love peeling glue off my hands
Ryan is v shook!
'Ryan is v shook!' 3 weeks ago
I've never had a sun burn so I wouldn't know, but wouldn't it hurt it you pulled it off??
Mermer Data187
'Mermer Data187' 3 weeks ago
Smashing shaving cream
Ms Drawlicious
'Ms Drawlicious' 3 weeks ago
Clean sheets,just shovered and lay in bed and the tempature is PERFECT!
CryBabe XOXO
'CryBabe XOXO' 3 weeks ago
Idk why but it satisfies me everytime I staple any papers with a stapler
Samantha Larson
'Samantha Larson' 3 weeks ago
An alternative to sunburns: spread school glue all over your arm, let it dry and peel it off at once😂
Happy Squid
'Happy Squid' 3 weeks ago
'Lucy' 3 weeks ago
When you're really sick you blow your nose and all of the mucus going up and down your throat all comes out
'Panthera' 3 weeks ago
I'd cringe if I watched someone peel skin off. I prefer glue
Baltic Tiger
'Baltic Tiger' 3 weeks ago
putting hand on my budgie food.....
Kaitlin Grace
'Kaitlin Grace' 3 weeks ago
This is the most real video I have ever seen in my life!🙌🏻😂
Cece Rasheed
'Cece Rasheed' 3 weeks ago
Am I the only one who likes to bite off my lip skin with my teeth?? That habit is so bad I woke up in the morning with cracked/dry lips and while I was yawning, the sides of my lips cracked and it started bleeding. It still hurts...😞
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