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Coming Out -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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This is what it’s like to come out of the closet.

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La chaine de Benji
'La chaine de Benji' 47 minutes ago
Thank you :)
Puff and Fluff
'Puff and Fluff' 1 hour ago
I love the "I'm gay" "I know" whisper because sometimes people know us before we know us, and that's someone you should keep
Joslyn Daniel
'Joslyn Daniel' 13 hours ago
This is some quality Buzzfeed.
Social Divergence
'Social Divergence' 14 hours ago
When she took the woman for trump sign out of the trash and put it in the recycle i screamed a little
Thaja Rajkumari
'Thaja Rajkumari' 15 hours ago
is she for real?
Angels Blood
'Angels Blood' 21 hours ago
she: "Im gay"
he: "i know"
Ouchh 😂😂😂
Josie Alyvia
'Josie Alyvia' 1 day ago
If I had a dollar for every time someone told me "You're not gay guys just don't want to date you" I'd have enough money to hire a prostitute to finally take their virginity.
Chris Joner
'Chris Joner' 2 days ago
Me rolling in the floor and crying like a crazy
Shadow Dragon
'Shadow Dragon' 2 days ago
It was amazing how the dad accepted it. I know I and many others won't get that chance. I cried when the dad had the rainbow tie.
'TheGaysScientist' 2 days ago
For years, I stayed in the closet thinking something was wrong with me. I came out last year to one of my Best friends who didn't except me- I still cry over him to this day but now- since I came out I'm the happiest version of myself that I've ever been
Doughnut Turtle
'Doughnut Turtle' 2 days ago
I respect anyone no matter what I don't know why other ppl can't see the same way and just judge them
'chrissagia2004' 2 days ago
I'm bisexual and my parents noticed me and punished me for being that way...
Obergruppenführer Ernst
[ I ask that above all, that you have an open mind while reading this comment and wait until reading the entire comment before criticizing anything that I say or believe in ] I can guarantee I'll practically be crucified for saying this, but homosexuality is not natural in humans whatsoever, and can be considered a mental disorder. Everything in nature can reproduce, sexually or asexually, homosexual humans can not. Whether you are religious or an atheist, all of what I've said still applies, more so if you are an atheist who believes in evolution than a religious Christian in fact. Someone could say "they were born like that, it's natural" however considering that they have what could be considered a mental illness which prevents them from reproducing and that less than 0.8% of the American population alone is actually homosexual, there is certainly evidence which supports the claim that homosexuality is not natural. Someone may say "there are animals that are homosexual" however the matter is homosexuality in humans, not animals. Someone may disagree with that statement with "humans are animals", scientifically speaking yes, however humans are so much more intelligent and advanced, there is little to no comparison between humans and even the most intelligent animals. Someone may oppose my overall statement that homosexuality is unnatural and the percentage is so low with "there's such a low percentage of the human race which has natural blonde or red hair" however this trait does not affect whether or not somebody can reproduce naturally, and has hardly any affect with human biology or any similar matter. I'm certain that I'll be dismissed by many as "a Nazi bigot who hates gays", however I do not hate people for being homosexuality, as I see it it is like a disability in a way, they can't do much to help it. What I am opposed to is that people today are taught to "embrace it" in the sense that it is as normal as heterosexuality. As any mental illness or disability, I believe it should be researched, and treated, however there aren't any effective ways to treat this, and based on the views of many, it doesn't seem to be in the general interest of many. Someone (at least someone with a more open mind) may ask "how is it a mental illness and not just an abnormal human trait" it can be considered a mental illness as it prevents the subject which is homosexual from reproducing as he was intended to do so, whether you believe it is how nature intended if you believe in evolution, or how God intended if you are religious.
Amour Alyssa
'Amour Alyssa' 2 days ago
This video actually has a lot of meaning which I think is really good, not everyone can accept the fact that people are gay but in my opinion if someone you love comes out as gay you should try your best to accept it no matter your religion, tradition or customs.
Tanuja Sharma
'Tanuja Sharma' 2 days ago
I swear I started crying when her dad hugged her 😭
LegoBrick 69
'LegoBrick 69' 2 days ago
aw, that tie...
Little Kumi Crafts
the last girl is so beautiful!!
Briana Ortiz
'Briana Ortiz' 2 days ago
Wait is chantel gay or she was just acting and that's it?
Stretchy Rubber
'Stretchy Rubber' 2 days ago
So was she gay or bi? The ending was kind of confusing...
Why do Google allow people to have so long names?
It's not that easy BuzzFeed.
'Anonymous' 2 days ago
You were all thinking type guy in the green suit "Im gay"
'Nebriis' 2 days ago
Kyfuotfo7t6rc7tco7rc Jgvuyfuyoc79
I can belive she is lesbian, like I am not aganenst (PS...dont no how to spell that word) gay people but I want ex her to make #ashdrew (ashlie+andrew)come true I literely start criyng now?😰😥😣😟😢
Svpreme K
'Svpreme K' 3 days ago
im gayer than skittles 🏳️‍🌈 Im a girl:)
London Purvis
'London Purvis' 3 days ago
This made me cry. I know too well what this is like- especially the moment when her father walked away just because she said she was gay.
Sh00k Canadian
'Sh00k Canadian' 3 days ago
lol my friend came out to me but over text as a bisexual. the conversation was "i'm gay af" "yeah i know"
'jazzmochi' 3 days ago
Melodie B
'Melodie B' 3 days ago
Yayyyyy I love this sm
Francisca Zamorano
Jumps from table

Melodie B
'Melodie B' 3 days ago
I'm pan???
Dylan Moore
'Dylan Moore' 3 days ago
I came out as bi to my friends and family a while back. They were very supportive and I'm so grateful.
Otaku Girl
'Otaku Girl' 3 days ago
I relate to that too😧☺
Andrea Perez
'Andrea Perez' 3 days ago
Has nobody realized how much weight our Ashley has lost ?! 😭‼️
Buff7 Gamer
'Buff7 Gamer' 3 days ago
isn't it lesbian
'Dayneq' 3 days ago
this video helped me to come out to my parents. Thanks BuzzFeed
Joah D Grapher
'Joah D Grapher' 3 days ago
kim-Jon-un is Gay.
'Ashley1epic' 3 days ago
Anyone got advice for coming out? I'm pansexual, and I wanna tell my parents but I'm scared out of my mind. I told a few friends and they seemed really weird about it, even though one of them's actually gay. Everyone says that they'll understand, and love me no matter what, but that doesn't make me feel any better. I've been trying to say it for a year and it's killing me, somebody help. ;-;
dead queen
'dead queen' 3 days ago
"im gay"
"i know"
we all have that kne friend who knows before us.
YO I HAVE A BOW TIE THAT IS THE BOW TIE VERSION OF THAT TIE. Like the exact one I know their from Spencer's lmao my friend has it
HoloPhantasia HoweltersHere
'I'm gay'
me: man jumps down in green suit 'IM GAY'
Ragini Parkhi
'Ragini Parkhi' 4 days ago
Chantel looks so hot in this !
jimmy phadphom
'jimmy phadphom' 4 days ago
I'm straight
Kelsi Radar
'Kelsi Radar' 4 days ago
I'm confused at the end does she become straight again
'Joltz' 4 days ago
bunch of pigs
Keenan Chu
'Keenan Chu' 4 days ago
The importance of acceptance by loved ones is so paramount that I don't think a lot of people are capable of fully understanding just how much it affects a person as a whole.
amanda valdez
'amanda valdez' 4 days ago
I am afraid to tell my family that Iam a lesbian
blood drool
'blood drool' 4 days ago
me: mom i'm pan
mom: it's a phase
me: no I've literally had crushes on guys and girls my whole life mom
the wafflemaster3000
I love this
'M. TELLIOS' 4 days ago
Maybe you should retitle to "depression"
Trisha C
'Trisha C' 4 days ago
I hope I get the YAY reaction!!!😂 you don't have to kiss them to know!!
LaSombra CS:GO
'LaSombra CS:GO' 5 days ago
What are you? GAY?!
Priyadarshini Karmakar
is chantel gay?
Shubam Tandel
'Shubam Tandel' 5 days ago
wtf .. the last thing i want is for ashley to be gay ..........noooooo
Track Gurl
'Track Gurl' 5 days ago
Her sweater at 3:08 is pretty sick
semihowell 》
'semihowell 》' 5 days ago
3:20 same
'DRUNK MERMAIDS' 6 days ago
Coming out is honestly so hard but when you finally do, it just feels amazing. Learning to love yourself and accepting you who are has to be one of the most gratifying feelings ever.
Kristina Plays Msp
It's not gay it's lesbian 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
Sean Hardge
'Sean Hardge' 6 days ago
Mateusz Gaming
'Mateusz Gaming' 6 days ago

Haley Masters
'Haley Masters' 6 days ago
I'm legitimately sobbing watching this. There's so much accuracy in this & then there's these moments of acceptance I wish I could of had & have in the future in regards to my coming out. This was so powerful
Bbyx MSP
'Bbyx MSP' 6 days ago
when she put the bag over her head i died with laughter im sorry
Wolf Gamer
'Wolf Gamer' 6 days ago
Good thing my parents don't care if I'm gay or straight
Evelynne Sebastian
"You haven't even kissed a girl!" Well thats because i just came out!
infinite sis
'infinite sis' 6 days ago
Gosh i'm so scared. I'm meeting my brother next week and i'm will tell him that i'm bi😱😂🙄
Shibe Champagne
'Shibe Champagne' 6 days ago
that's so cute
Lucy Stoneman
'Lucy Stoneman' 6 days ago
0:11 - 0:14 must have been extremely awkward to film
calypso clark 2
'calypso clark 2' 6 days ago
that girl at the end was so cute
Dillian Stockman
'Dillian Stockman' 7 days ago
they are still talking about this dam
badboy 69
'badboy 69' 7 days ago
Miheal Keehl
'Miheal Keehl' 7 days ago
What does being Gay have to do with destroying Trump signs? Or is Buzzfeed just that biased?
Aviv Rubinstein
'Aviv Rubinstein' 7 days ago
[insrert green alien meme]
jana jay
'jana jay' 7 days ago
i always wonder how it is when you are really attracted to a boy or girl, i mean same sex. i guess the same, but it seems so interesting, how its feels. Where i live noone even talks about that, boys even hit gay guys, its something so so different, so unusual.
Magdeline Motionless
this is probably one of my favorite buzzfeed videos
'mek86.2' 1 week ago
She seemed more depressed than anything else
Duyen Nguyen
'Duyen Nguyen' 1 week ago
'Lolliepopper' 1 week ago
I think I'm gay.
John Rathee
'John Rathee' 1 week ago
Music (Y)
Cindy Herring
'Cindy Herring' 1 week ago
If I get 15 likes I'll come out.
Never Ash
'Never Ash' 1 week ago
this is so beautiful
Marcela Sandino
'Marcela Sandino' 1 week ago
Kinda wanted Jen to be in that but honestly still perfect. 🖤🖤👌🏻😍
'Avamouse113' 1 week ago
0:11 cRYIG AG
Babyblue zazil
'Babyblue zazil' 1 week ago
this is so me
Lili Madison McDonald
the dad with the rainbow tie i'm emotional
Thatgirl Pops
'Thatgirl Pops' 1 week ago
This made me cry
Csilla Kiss
'Csilla Kiss' 1 week ago
When her dad walked out wearing the rainbow tie...😢😍❤
'zafera' 1 week ago
was throwing away the women for trump sign necesarry? like sure i don't agree with the dude a lot of the time but can we not call people fuckin nazis for having different opinions lol
Vy Phung
'Vy Phung' 1 week ago
Chanteeeeeeel ❤️
Mar D.
'Mar D.' 1 week ago
0:42 How all your friends react.
'Keah' 1 week ago
Every time I say a sentence
I'm going to say I am a girl
I went to the club I'm a girl
I met a guy I'm a girl
We went in the car I'm a girl
We chilled on the couch I'm a girl
He whispered in my ear I'm a girl
Eliška Boldy
'Eliška Boldy' 1 week ago
Ashley is the only reason I watch buzzfeed...
Girl Writer
'Girl Writer' 1 week ago
Not gonna lie this is the most I've ever related to a Buzzfeed video.
Kit the Manakete
'Kit the Manakete' 1 week ago
same, I've always wondered if I'll EVER get a girlfriend.
Adely Vasquez
'Adely Vasquez' 1 week ago
when I came out as pan to my best friend who is a guy his exact words where " I KNEW IT!! "
Kasey Lock
'Kasey Lock' 1 week ago
I'm Bi-sexual and state it proudly when asked. My parents know this, but don't care of my sexuality. :o)
Melanie Butler
'Melanie Butler' 1 week ago
why did she take the trump sign down
Melanie Butler
'Melanie Butler' 1 week ago
ewwwwww you can do what you want but that's just gross
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