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Luci Loves the Snow -
Published: 8 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 8 months ago

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First and foremost, I'm so sorry for the vertical video. Its a serious character flaw that I'm trying to work through. Hopefully you can still enjoy this. Luci (short for Lucifer) is an extremely low, if any, content wolfdog. However, he was labeled as a wolfdog by his owners, and when he started acting out he needed to be placed in a facility that catered specifically to wolfdogs. He now has a forever home with Nika, a low content wolfdog who is his very best friend. While he has some major barrier issues and can seem very intimidating, it is all fear based and once you get to know him he's a big cuddle fluff. This video was taken during the winter, and since its so dang hot I figured it'd be a nice reminder of cooler days ahead. Enjoy Luci being a goof, and remember, winter is coming ;-)

lizbeth Arevalo
'lizbeth Arevalo' 3 months ago
That's so cute 💜❤
Stan Manioc
'Stan Manioc' 6 months ago
Hello there ! Becoming a musher has always been a dream of mine, would you have any advice on how to and where i could accomplish that dream ? Are you a musher yourself ? Hope to hear from you, love the videos, Luci is beautiful. Take care !
gamer viper and blue wolf
1st508th Airborne
'1st508th Airborne' 7 months ago
He's beautiful. I enjoy your videos and am a new subscriber. I film my wilderness hikes with my mid content wolfdog and my GSD. Stop by my channel sometime if you enjoy that stuff. :-)
'akaNarwhal' 7 months ago
Reminds me of an ostrich at the beginning
'Sloth930' 8 months ago
Some 1 help me I think I'm having a heart attck form all the cuteness
Aerin Draconis The Fox
I just found this channel and it made my day.
Thanks for making me smile.
van dy
'van dy' 8 months ago
'SaRs_Richiez' 8 months ago
No disliked good
Penelope Brainstorm
'Penelope Brainstorm' 8 months ago
He's making Wolfdog Snow angels! Thanks for sharing 😃
Bowser koopazilla
'Bowser koopazilla' 8 months ago
Jaz Per
'Jaz Per' 8 months ago
I love the vid and all the other ones but why only 32 seconds
Mohamed Assem
'Mohamed Assem' 8 months ago
i need a dog in my life
'D Q' 8 months ago
Did the owners name Him* lucifer after he started acting out? I'm glad he's with you now :)
'theicechinchilla' 8 months ago
"I FUCKING LOVE COCAINE!" - wolf, probably
'anne' 8 months ago
Aw, how adorable <33
Damien Patrick
'Damien Patrick' 8 months ago
Love it!
No Pls
'No Pls' 8 months ago
Where does it snow in July lol?
Ali Ahmad
'Ali Ahmad' 8 months ago
The description is funny
'ThatGuyGlenn' 8 months ago
Wolf dogs are so cool
khim khimchee
'khim khimchee' 8 months ago
+Oliver i have it too
khim khimchee
'khim khimchee' 8 months ago
@oliver yes I have it to
khim khimchee
'khim khimchee' 8 months ago
Yes Oliver I have it to
Mind Control05
'Mind Control05' 8 months ago
'Oliver' 8 months ago
I want to say this is cute, cause it really is, but for the life of me I cannot ignore the disturbing videos in the suggestions. Disney Princess Pregnancy? Feeding baby dolls? What the absolute fuck is wrong with Youtube? No I haven't watched anything related to that, but it only shows up when I watch videos of wolves and wolfdogs and I don't know why.

Again I love this video, it's absolutely adorable and I love wolves. But does anyone else have this problem with the suggested videos? Some of them are nightmare inducing!
'danielfromca' 8 months ago
dog snow angel :)
Carlos Mercado
'Carlos Mercado' 8 months ago
'Spintop' 8 months ago
How is it snowing in the middle of the summer?
'Rakuida' 8 months ago
oh look an upload from my favorite channel
'ShadeK' 8 months ago
This channel is literally the happiest, most uplifting and adorable thing in all of youtube ❤️❤️❤️
francheska quinonez
'francheska quinonez' 8 months ago
these videos always bring me joy🤗
'explorer' 8 months ago
That was the best 210 seconds of my life. Yes I am actually a dog.
Nick Wager
'Nick Wager' 8 months ago
That's so cute, my border collies do the same
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