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Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts - Behind The Scenes -
Published: 3 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 3 years ago

2, 594, 704 views

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Pretty Hurts - Behind The Scenes. (C) 2014 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

'damitayogirl' 12 hours ago
Can someone please tell me what it meant when that woman ate a cotton ball at 1:26?
claudia lisboa
'claudia lisboa' 6 days ago
esta musica <3 esta mulher um dia que eu nao esculte esta musica <3 muito amor muito amor <3 este é o pensamento devemos nos amar nao querer entar no padrao
'Verneika' 1 week ago
and I am 10 this is my moms phone
'Verneika' 1 week ago
I love you more than enny thing you are my role model and my superhero
Anaya Hodges
'Anaya Hodges' 4 weeks ago
so many haters be hating on Beyonce because she is famous and she got potential and everything and they just want to be her so they just hate on her
Hope Roxas
'Hope Roxas' 1 month ago
Sia is such an amazing poet, and Beyoncé is EXCEPTIONAL in portraying her words. This is one powerful collaboration, fite me on this.
Julia Castro
'Julia Castro' 2 months ago
brasileiros ?
Suuh Tube
'Suuh Tube' 2 months ago
'Foodie' 3 months ago
I love this song. Its amazing to see how they created the video :D
I know this is stupid
I almost cried at this while I was in the car with my family but I've heard it millions of times before and almost cried them times too
'Jess' 4 months ago
i love her so much
Nompilo Mpulo
'Nompilo Mpulo' 4 months ago
a lot of girls can relate to this song, even me.
Barbie Liu
'Barbie Liu' 4 months ago
She must've spent so much money on making these videos
Atticus Belmonte
'Atticus Belmonte' 4 months ago
Sok Knocar
'Sok Knocar' 6 months ago
perfection is a disease of a nation pretty hurts pretty hurts
niknak Edwards
'niknak Edwards' 6 months ago
What interview was beyonce doing in this video
Melina Lieswanti
'Melina Lieswanti' 7 months ago
Oh hai Melina 😏
ana luiza
'ana luiza' 7 months ago
vast alaz
'vast alaz' 7 months ago
I sing this song on birthday I love this song it made me cry in my birthday u had an farewell so I cried
Jay M W
'Jay M W' 7 months ago
Why did the woman eat a cotton ball
_Savage _
'_Savage _' 8 months ago
so I don't matter who wrote it gosh she song it beautifully and sia did a good job on the writing
'Jazmyn PRESLEY' 8 months ago
i know it is just a video but it seem so real that is what make me cry every time i watch and listen to this song
Daniel Karpf
'Daniel Karpf' 8 months ago
How can 1K people dislike this video?
Lola D
'Lola D' 9 months ago
this made me cry 😢
Jamie Fitz
'Jamie Fitz' 9 months ago
It hurts trying to fit in really hard in society in being popular. To get people to like you, you feel you have to change certain things about yourself to be accepted although you'll feel sad on the inside for how society is structured
Leonardo Akauan
'Leonardo Akauan' 9 months ago
this remind me so much of the video hollywood by madonna such as the theme of the song and the scene were shes getting botox too
Rosie Gonzalez
'Rosie Gonzalez' 9 months ago
I made a cover of this song,can you please check it out?😍💞❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻
Neonna king
'Neonna king' 10 months ago
it doesn't matter who wrote the damn song... just take the message and go!
blissful .flower
'blissful .flower' 11 months ago
This is history
vio lol
'vio lol' 11 months ago
"Sia wrote this'
YES BITCH because Sia is a songwriter and Beyoncé is a singer. next time you cry because didn't Film the Video but the camera man? Or that she didn't record the song, but the Team? people need To grow up and open their eyes.
'3732kenn' 11 months ago
Please release Sia's demo!
What Beautiful
'What Beautiful' 11 months ago
Kayana Kayoncé Da Goddess
such a beautiful queen 👑
'Love_Angel' 12 months ago
I sing this every time. I get my hair straightened 😩😲😵
Sidney Klipklop
'Sidney Klipklop' 12 months ago
pressure that society puts on us? ..dear beyonce, i honestly love your music but you are part of the society you`re blaming
Natalie Cosstick
'Natalie Cosstick' 12 months ago
sia wrote this song
Ariana Grande Fan
'Ariana Grande Fan' 1 year ago
Love u bey
Louise Casey
'Louise Casey' 1 year ago
Love u
'Tubular' 1 year ago
kim kylie where y'all at
'LailaMusic' 1 year ago
Hey :) please check out my cover to this song on my channel x
girly parfite
'girly parfite' 1 year ago
Matt Asg
'Matt Asg' 1 year ago
mais c ki 7 vieille pute? mdr
Beauty Bee
'Beauty Bee' 1 year ago
I miss this Beyoncé...
Latonya Mitchell
'Latonya Mitchell' 1 year ago
pretty does hurt
Latonya Mitchell
'Latonya Mitchell' 1 year ago
it make me wanna cry
Adaeze Chukwurah-okolo
why did one of the contestants eat a cotton ball
'sfbj' 1 year ago
She should have done this video without wearing any makeup to put out its true meaning!
Andy Montes
'Andy Montes' 2 years ago
Melissa random
'Melissa random' 2 years ago
Hearing you talk makes me feel good and makes me love myself the way i am i never did that before you are my inspiration for life
joan dwi putra
'joan dwi putra' 2 years ago
This song is really touching ! thanks SIA you're awesome , that's why I love you
Charles Courtois
'Charles Courtois' 2 years ago
I wanted to see if she mentionned the fact that Sia wrote this... Well,
J. Fearrington
'J. Fearrington' 2 years ago
Nisa Ward
'Nisa Ward' 2 years ago
I'm a bit confused, in the middle of the video a couple girls moved away from Beyoncé........WHO MOVES AWAY FROM BEYONCÉ???!!!
'MommamiaTV215' 2 years ago
Melina is great Beyoncé I Iove this song & video reminds me of unpretty by TLC the message behind both songs need to be exposed 4ever
Erendira Rios
'Erendira Rios' 2 years ago
Can i see you bounce
wierd promises
'wierd promises' 2 years ago
I loveyou
Savannah Smith
'Savannah Smith' 2 years ago
Hey there! I did a mashup of this song on my channel! If you have the chance, please check it out! :)
'Mayah_rose2' 2 years ago
This is a great song I love it!😍
'Mayah_rose2' 2 years ago
I love you Beyoncé
Jane Lynch
'Jane Lynch' 2 years ago
gotta love her we <3 u
Milly Vlogs
'Milly Vlogs' 2 years ago
How good would it feel to throw a trophy on the floor?
'BlackFashionGlam' 2 years ago
One of the most beautiful songs from Beyoncé, so deep ... she seems really sincere, but that's just my point of view : no hate !
P.S : Melina Matsoukas & Beyoncé voices look similar, or is just me ?
Lolita Gosling
'Lolita Gosling' 2 years ago
This vid made me love the song even MORE
Iman Burley
'Iman Burley' 2 years ago
Thank you Sia for writing this song and thank you Beyonce for singing it lol LOVE the message <3
La primera vez que vi el video original, en el momento final se ve cómo se elige a la ganadora del concurso... Beyonce le da un beso y le entregan el premio a la muchacha, le hacen una toma de cerca a Beyonce, recuerdo q vi su cara de frustrada y no pude contener las lágrimas xq sentí como sería estar en su lugar, esforzarse en algo, dar todo de ti, y alguien inferior y con trampa te gane...
CaramelAnd SqueakyRC
they should make a contest/pageant  for people being themselves. And instead of one person winning, everyone should win.
Alexis Rodgers
'Alexis Rodgers' 2 years ago
I love the message of this song, this song speaks the truth.
Doris Barkler
'Doris Barkler' 2 years ago
Sia wrote this!!
BeyFan Bey
'BeyFan Bey' 2 years ago
That's amazing!! The message is so powerful!
Tennis Court Maintenance
This is one of the best songs I've heard!
Goh Kelly
'Goh Kelly' 2 years ago
I love this song, when i heard it.
Good song
otma diovanna
'otma diovanna' 2 years ago
Sure™ Wt
'Sure™ Wt' 2 years ago
Sorry for u Trill barbie :-C
Klaod Nell
'Klaod Nell' 2 years ago
Its so great to hear Soa's vocals in the background. The artistic documentation is great!
Hi. Okay bye.
'Hi. Okay bye.' 2 years ago
its a shame that sia wrote this beautiful song but gave it away 
Unorthodox Hooligan
'Unorthodox Hooligan' 2 years ago
I get the message of the song and the video, I really do but Beyonce is ENTIRELY too beautiful for me to take it as " love yourself as you are " so I use this song as a workout and eating healthy motivation song. So that in time I will look like my best self.
Khumo Maimela
'Khumo Maimela' 2 years ago
I used to jus like Beyoncé now I'm a fun
Khumo Maimela
'Khumo Maimela' 2 years ago
I used to jus like Beyoncé now I'm a fun
the true princesses
'the true princesses' 2 years ago
I think that she is much a good role model
'nawal10' 2 years ago
I love Bay but when I heard her voice I didn't recognize it as hers! How did it get so deep??
Jessica Dennis
'Jessica Dennis' 2 years ago
Was crying and subscribing
Jessica Dennis
'Jessica Dennis' 2 years ago
Love this video
Baby Girl 1808
'Baby Girl 1808' 2 years ago
Pretty Hurts is also a story of her own life.. Beyoncé has worked her ass off since 16, normal people don't venture into careers until their 20s after college. Beyoncé is a household name and people hold her to high values so she has to represent for the people that support her. That burden on her shoulders is heavy. She barely gets rest, especially during album launches and tours. She works hard for her legacy. 

Everyone expects her to be perfect because she displays perfection. But who wouldn't go on the job they love and perform perfectly? 

Pretty Hurts. Rumors hurt. Beyoncé is an entertainer, a student, a teacher, a daughter, a mother, a businesswoman, a singer, a powerhouse, a HUMAN. 
Ara Cebrián
'Ara Cebrián' 2 years ago
Love you Beyonce♡
Aleksandra Popovic
'Aleksandra Popovic' 2 years ago
Amazing message
Roberta Walker
'Roberta Walker' 2 years ago
'soilgrasswaterair' 2 years ago
This could actually be replaced by an Oscar or golden globes or mtv award or whatever award in the entertainment business and it´s the same. In all those fields people starve them self, purge, have plastic surgery to fit this frame of what is considered beautiful in the minds and eyes of the industry and we all support it when we  buy that song/record or pay money to see a movie. And so it will go on and on until someone is brave enough and actually say, I won´t have it. Beyonce say, this is how it is, but she is not putting down her foot, then what is the point? So we should say, "oh you have it so tuff"? A feminist is strong and don´t just say they are a feminist they live by it and don´t cave for stupidity.
Braiser Mag
'Braiser Mag' 2 years ago
Amazing! Amazing! 
#annie baillong
'#annie baillong' 2 years ago
Diva ♥
'Rihanna BIGBANG' 2 years ago
Ellie Blandford
'Ellie Blandford' 2 years ago
more beyonce in this video next time plz..... xxxxxxxxxxx
'Light'In Mike' 2 years ago
Everyone Follow Me on Instagram @djswagman
'IT'S NOVA LUV' 2 years ago
Only thing I hate is she doesn't live by her words....anybody can make a video but u have to live by example do what u say
'jcmmanuel' 2 years ago
This is great. The whole beauty and "photoshopping" thing tells more about how crazy the companies are that work with these artists, than it tells about the artist. Because the latter may not necessarily want all of this. So Beyonce is expressing something here about how the system works, and how the artist has to "work with the system", while at the same time they may also want to be themselves. And I think it is courageous to expose this subtle message in a video - because it is essentially a message against the extremes imposed by an entertainment industry which is too much focused on making money out of these artists and not really doing a lot in terms of social happiness. These artists (like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna and so on) are nevertheless in a unique position where they can speak up - like speaking up for all women of the world, for instance. They are probably the best feminists women can dream of. There are negative ways to look at artists, but there are also those positive things and the latter may deserve more attention if we are dealing with artists who understand the system and try making something great out of it - in spite of the often paradoxical situation.
Olivia Anderson
'Olivia Anderson' 2 years ago
My dad has a crush on beyonce lol:):p
Olivia Anderson
'Olivia Anderson' 2 years ago
Her aspiration in life is definitily not to be happy has she not seen her face in all her other videos like drunk iin love she looks pretty happy .? By the way guys if anyone tells u that your fat punch them or if they tell you that your ugly dont let them get to you becsuse they have nothing better to talk about and people are diffrent so they are absolute idiots
Heather Cronin
'Heather Cronin' 2 years ago
Ha Ha birch kiss my
Zanniece Finesse
'Zanniece Finesse' 2 years ago
You are flawless and pretty does hurts love you so much for the since I was 4😘
rudel mamerto
'rudel mamerto' 2 years ago
Thanks Sia :)
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