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The Chainsmokers: Paris - SNL -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 3 weeks ago

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Musical guest The Chainsmokers perform "Paris" on Saturday Night Live.

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'Slug' 4 hours ago
My boys gettin better at vocals! Props to him for staying honest and not lip synching
Efrain Entrertainment
That drummer goes hard!
Lee Sapp
'Lee Sapp' 2 days ago
why is there so much hate? there are layers of musicality here that take a trained ear to hear.
'Ibra_Dza' 2 days ago
Damn they good , but I imagine how good it would be sounded with reall band , now it's seems kind a soulless , I don't know why , kind a weak , watching drummer I'm getting hyped
abel Budding
'abel Budding' 3 days ago
'ANewBeginning' 3 days ago
The black backup singer is so beautiful!!
Joe york
'Joe york' 4 days ago
they have great songs mayb its best to b on molly
Tom Adams
'Tom Adams' 4 days ago
They need to get Ryan Adams ,   Or Ray Lamontagne ,   Or Amos Lee ,   .  They have a great drummer ,  but besides him,  there is basically no talent in this band .
Гадель Сабиров
And who is playing up to Matt? What are the chainsmokers?
Alex Fishman
'Alex Fishman' 5 days ago
This is very underwhelming compared to Styles' SNL performance.
Ron Sydney
'Ron Sydney' 7 days ago
My guy Matt McGuire!!!!!!
Megan O
'Megan O'Connor' 7 days ago
Jason C
'Jason C' 1 week ago
So we are all in agreement that he was lip singing, right?
C. Cokernator
'C. Cokernator' 1 week ago
How many keyboardist/DJs does this song really need? And at 3:00 to the end, WTF with the drum stick crap for. The drummer is already killing it, freaking taking away the attention from him. The other keyboardist are doing all the job, and he is banging a freaking drum stick for nothing. And... boy wonder still can't sing. Yes, he's a freaking DJ/producer - so stop freaking singing!
Giulia Pell
'Giulia Pell' 1 week ago
I'm so sorry for the drummer. He is very talented. Why is he waisting his time with the chainsmokers?
'motherhenCABLETV' 1 week ago
Please let that woman do the whole performance next time
Tom Strahle
'Tom Strahle' 1 week ago
So who's the band with Matt McGuire?
laurabob5 minion
'laurabob5 minion' 1 week ago
You'd think if you were that shit without auto tune , you'd avoid performing on a live tv show
Brandon Yu
'Brandon Yu' 1 week ago
james h
'james h' 1 week ago
I love the chainsmokers! really good voices!
'Renee' 1 week ago
The lead singer needs to learn how to shift his weight when he's dance-walking, slightly awkward....
'ananas6969' 1 week ago
After watching this, go watch Rage Against the Machine live on SNL and try not to cry.
'LouisLuke' 1 week ago
My family member says that I like one of The Chainsmokers....I'm like "no". But here I am.
David Adkins
'David Adkins' 1 week ago
Damn, Finally. They got Matt (The Drummer) on a Big Show.

I'm Damn proud of him, Holy Hell.
hi!mari !
'hi!mari !' 1 week ago
the 1975 version is so much better than this trash
'JackSassyPants' 1 week ago
These are the most uninspired lyrics I've ever heard. Good thing literally everyone else except the main duo actually know how to perform and act like they care.
Aaron K.
'Aaron K.' 1 week ago
I'm not gonna lie, I really liked some older Chainsmokers songs like Kanye, which is amazing in my opinion. But as of late, they've been releasing a lot of tracks that are watered-down and all sound pretty similar. So I don't hate The Chainsmokers, but I'm really not a fan of their new music. (Also, IDK the singer's name but he should go back to DJing with his partner).
Stephanie Perez
'Stephanie Perez' 1 week ago
The chainsmokers are literal shit.
CGI Pakistan
'CGI Pakistan' 2 weeks ago
You are nothing without Auto Tune :D
Diabolical Butler
'Diabolical Butler' 2 weeks ago
Is that his mom singing backup
'CatSpirito' 2 weeks ago
The lead singer has a great voice but need to practise more since they
are big. Melodies are cool, but lyrics are that makes me say that
chainsmokers sucks... Like, seriuosly, write something better... cmon!
Karl VanBurkleo
'Karl VanBurkleo' 2 weeks ago
that guy isnt playing piano
Louis Rosenberg
'Louis Rosenberg' 2 weeks ago
mics were terrible
'Biopath' 2 weeks ago
'GATORBUBS' 2 weeks ago
Cough cough.. I love the Chainsmokers.. Cough... 😅
Nischal Rai
'Nischal Rai' 2 weeks ago
That drummer is fucking good.
Marissa Garza
'Marissa Garza' 2 weeks ago
'Tünde' 2 weeks ago
This performance was actually really good. But people will always find some mistake so they can openly hate on it. He did not use autotune, actually sounded great& I loved how they changed the song up a bit. The background singers were amazing too. Andrew isn´t a singer, but he´s trying and I admire that. I bet half of you hating on them wouldn´t have the balls to stand up on a stage to sing any song. So keep your nasty comments to yourself, and let others enjoy the music. Peace out.
'wildhopeXx' 2 weeks ago
His voice is so flat and boring oh my god. Literally no range.
Elle Etheridge
'Elle Etheridge' 2 weeks ago
I just want to know who that drummer is OMG 😍😍😍 Please someone tell me
Paola Sanchez
'Paola Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
Todd Dwyer
'Todd Dwyer' 2 weeks ago
We're all dumber for having seen this.
Ken Pudsey
'Ken Pudsey' 2 weeks ago
I'm impressed with this track,that guitar is awesome,yeah-wicked song!
Isabelle Schleider
'Isabelle Schleider' 2 weeks ago
I wished the cam was only sticked on Matt McGuire ( the drummer ), that would make the video more interesting
Zachary Tyler
'Zachary Tyler' 2 weeks ago
amazing as fuck
'AFXM.COM' 2 weeks ago
the chainsmoker & louis c.k both sucked
Jack Salihov
'Jack Salihov' 2 weeks ago
Good singing no matter who said anything
'Diatonic5th' 2 weeks ago
Fucking horrible. This is what happens when a laptop band tries to play live without their 100GB of Pro Tools plugins.
Jessica Johnson
'Jessica Johnson' 2 weeks ago
And I also get that they don't sound like a god damn angel singing but their music has helped me through tough times and I have a personal connection
Jessica Johnson
'Jessica Johnson' 2 weeks ago
OKAY IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE MUSIC THEN DON'T LISTEN TO IT! Jesus Christ is so simple... and I happen to think they have very nice voices. 🙃
Annabel Waterson
'Annabel Waterson' 2 weeks ago
find a new singer already
Selene Sarmiento
'Selene Sarmiento' 2 weeks ago
Tony Ann :) <3 good job
'sixalarm' 2 weeks ago
True and utter shlock.
'박성준' 2 weeks ago
Ok drew little good at live song his voice little boring
Apple Master 81
'Apple Master 81' 2 weeks ago
Just Got Out Of Bed Eh? Show Some Motivation
'seanji24' 2 weeks ago
How can i unlike this more? this guy's voice is many talented singers out there who deserve more of a chance
Shannon Smith
'Shannon Smith' 2 weeks ago
Am I the only one that actually thinks he did amazing singing? And he has improved a lot since closer. Stop the hate. The chainsmokers are talented and if they're not then why are they here right now? Stop calling them "mediocre frat boys" and start spreading positivity.
what so ever
'what so ever' 2 weeks ago
I think hating on the Chainsmokers has become the "new cool". I mean when are people going to learn that if they don't like someone there is always an option to NOT TO CLICK and ruin other people's happiness by shitting hatred
'carsonreed10' 2 weeks ago
Well. ... The drummer is good.
Timothy Rowe
'Timothy Rowe' 2 weeks ago
The sound mixing isn't very good, if the singer is quiet then turn up his mic.
'amynin44' 2 weeks ago
do not like them and their music is totally average
'charldaughter' 2 weeks ago
I'm only here for Matt. Fuck the other guys
'pedrodepres' 2 weeks ago
Matt Mc Guire live at SNL
Oh wait...
Brett Robbins
'Brett Robbins' 2 weeks ago
The hi-hats on left and right are mic'd separately. More than just for show. Awesome.
'SILVERAIN' 2 weeks ago
Yaaaaaasssssss maaaatttttt
'STA DRUMS' 2 weeks ago
Matt McGuire :) im so glad for him . amazing people.
Sajan Sanghvi
'Sajan Sanghvi' 2 weeks ago
This is comedy. Probably the funniest skit on SNL
Alessandro Scuderi
'Alessandro Scuderi' 2 weeks ago
These have some catchy good songs to blast at parties but their singer cant sing for his life. Dude needs to just lip sync and everybody would understand.
'evilportrait' 2 weeks ago
Imagine hearing them without playback and auto-tune. Who would spend money on this unoriginal, repetitive, Closer-copying garbage? #stopthechainsmokers #whotoripoffnext
Dylan Flores
'Dylan Flores' 2 weeks ago
He's actually singing! WOW!
Oliver Bradbury
'Oliver Bradbury' 2 weeks ago
That fill by Matt Mcguire at 2:00, absolute fireee!!
en p
'en p' 2 weeks ago
YoutubeIsLyfe -
'YoutubeIsLyfe -' 2 weeks ago
Those dance moves tho . The guy looks like a baby pigeon trying to fly.
Max Hamilton
'Max Hamilton' 2 weeks ago
My man Matt!
Paul Rosa Jr.
'Paul Rosa Jr.' 2 weeks ago
What is this shit?
La Ro
'La Ro' 2 weeks ago
so can anyone tell me why Louis CK isnt fan anymore?? these guys are one of the few groups that actually dont sound bad live
Ken Pudsey
'Ken Pudsey' 2 weeks ago
so,you either like them or hate them,there's no middle ground? that's what we call in England,the marmite effect,I'm gonna check a few more tracks out,see what side of the fence,i fall on!
'Leslie' 2 weeks ago
tbh i laughed
props to the drummer and the backing vocalists though
Juxie Mako
'Juxie Mako' 2 weeks ago
Came for Matt McGuire the drummer. His youtube is the tits
Ludda Budda
'Ludda Budda' 2 weeks ago
So fucking happy Matt is playing with the Chainsmokers
Josue Zuniga
'Josue Zuniga' 2 weeks ago
General Admission FrontRow Live May ♡ #WorldPeace
'Erica' 2 weeks ago
Drew Taggart must know that he totally sucks at singing, but he does it anyways. He's looks super uncomfortable while he's singing, like he's desperately trying not to sound awful. I like the studio versions of their songs, but there's no way they can go on tour unless they auto-tune the hell out of Drew.
Todd Self
'Todd Self' 2 weeks ago
Matt McGuire killin it! All the best for him!
Bram Van Echelpoel
'Bram Van Echelpoel' 2 weeks ago
why all the hate? i love what they're doing. the whay they're combining edm and pop is awesome, it's done in such a refreshing way. truly something different than everything i've heard before. all these shitheads complaining about their music are just being so ignorant to not hear this
Michael Duntz
'Michael Duntz' 2 weeks ago
Figured out what Hayden Christensen has been doing ever since Star Wars bombed.
Kelly Herson
'Kelly Herson' 2 weeks ago
I thought it was actually a good performance
Camila Geving
'Camila Geving' 2 weeks ago
i love the singers i forgot the guy singer name
Alicia Mary
'Alicia Mary' 2 weeks ago
I absolutely love the Chainsmokers but they REALLY suck live.
Unkwn Official
'Unkwn Official' 2 weeks ago
New boyband.
'InstrumentManiac' 2 weeks ago
Lol the lip syncing by the girls at 2:15 is so unbelievable yikes
'redline2115' 2 weeks ago
Auto tune alert, Ha ha, weak. You're watching SNL? Don't expect quality of any kind...
'tsamneb' 2 weeks ago
i actually used to kinda like this song, but this ruined it.
Kyle Herbz
'Kyle Herbz' 2 weeks ago
Whoever told this guy he's a good singer should be ashamed for what they've done 👎 lol
'ryanoco7' 2 weeks ago
i knew that these guys would be talentless losers and sound like shit live
'BosleyBeats' 2 weeks ago
I'm really proud of these guys.  This song seemed very risky to pull off live. I got chills watching this performance and made me reflect on my days performing.  Such a solid track and amazing performance. Loved the energy and I'm glad you all nailed it. Excellent layering of vocals; great harmonies... Just love it.  Keep it up Chainsmokers. Keep fucking rocking it.
DJ Karashmo
'DJ Karashmo' 2 weeks ago
Who else is staring at Matt in the back
'DarklordofDOOM57' 2 weeks ago
The drummer is wasting his time and talent. I'm sorry, but if you can't sing, just find a singer and stick to producing or whatever you were doing before.
These two guys don't deserve half the credit/fame/popularity/money they get.
Mary Whiteside
'Mary Whiteside' 2 weeks ago
What a horrible performance. Stick to recording in the studio. The drummer was great though.
Jimmy Hernández
'Jimmy Hernández' 2 weeks ago
Good song. Great producing. Blah performance. Even worse dancing.
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