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Knick Knack Paddywhack, Give a Wolfdog High Five -
Published: 11 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 11 months ago

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Nikki is a solid mid content wolfdog who really digs high fives. She was taken in by the sanctuary after her owners decided she was too mouthy (wolfdogs can be bitey little snap monsters, which is part of the reason that we discourage them as pets for most people). She lives with her pack mate, Moon, in an acre large enclosure and has cut down on human nibbling significantly now that she has adequate stimulation, exercise, and space. The video has no sound because I didn't feel that exposing the world to my super high pitched shrieks of "High five!" was a very considerate thing to do.

Adam Fitzpatrick
'Adam Fitzpatrick' 2 months ago
I love it when they act like puppies, it's so adorable
'Oliver' 3 months ago
Is it just my computer or is there no sound?
Anneka Svenska
'Anneka Svenska' 6 months ago
so cute, glad you have a positive channel about wolves and wolfdogs, as there is so much mis-information out there
Jesus Salinas
'Jesus Salinas' 9 months ago
I love your video's
Trooper Chick
'Trooper Chick' 9 months ago
lol :D
Sidney Sena
'Sidney Sena' 11 months ago
What the that guy just high five that wolf 20 times
'BronillaBear' 11 months ago
That just made my day
Daily Mail
'Daily Mail' 11 months ago
Hi Sarah, I hope you are well. I am getting in touch from the video desk at the Daily Mail Online. I really like this video - very cute and funny! I am just wondering if you have any audio to go with footage at all? If so, we would be very keen to use it on our website if that would be fine with you. Thanks and all the best. If you would not mind getting in touch at [email protected] that would be great. Best wishes, Rory.
Vice Bacon
'Vice Bacon' 11 months ago
look at the fucking smile on his face, this is the best thing ive seen all day :)
Skyler Aerts
'Skyler Aerts' 11 months ago
Oh my goodness, that smile was so precious <3
Loneranger 46
'Loneranger 46' 11 months ago
cute and funny 1 to 5 I'll give it a five star
fyre faerie
'fyre faerie' 11 months ago
omg this is so cuuuute!
Lauren Puppyraincloud
'Lauren Puppyraincloud' 11 months ago
those wolfs will properly eat them later
Totally Pro Feminist
'Totally Pro Feminist' 11 months ago
+1 sub
bmo Mars
'bmo Mars' 11 months ago
how did you get them?
'Kunai' 11 months ago
Can I get one in Florida???
'RiceGum' 11 months ago
so cute more vid. your the best you tuber thumb up
Michael Stone UDA
'Michael Stone UDA' 11 months ago
Joshua Starr
'Joshua Starr' 11 months ago
I used to own a samoyed (had to leave him with my mom when I moved country) , which is nothing near a Wolf although they do resemble a Wolf, and this page reminds me of him and the love animals bring. more videos please <3 perhaps a little longer too
Shupeng Wen
'Shupeng Wen' 11 months ago
Stripes Without A Tiger
Joe Ker, don't get a wolf dog. They're dangerous, expensive, and they often end in sad stories. It's very expensive to feed them. They often are very strong. I know one who knocked over heir owner "rough-housing" and the owner broke their arm. They also can be very emotional. I know the story of one wolf dog Maxy who's owners left on a trip. A chihuahua got into the yard and Maxy mauled it. Maxy either had to be euthanized or send to a refuge. Ask Mission Wolf. Many of their wolves have stories like that. Do you want to risk that too?
cunning wolf
'cunning wolf' 11 months ago
Randy Monger
'Randy Monger' 11 months ago
Definitely keep uploading I would love to see more even just watching their daily routuines
Randy Monger
'Randy Monger' 11 months ago
Yi Liu
'Yi Liu' 11 months ago
sooooooooo cute
Jack Fletcher
'Jack Fletcher' 11 months ago
OMG SO CUTE!!!! 😍😍😍
Manny R
'Manny R' 11 months ago
I want to see more videos lol
Damien Patrick
'Damien Patrick' 11 months ago
You can make an entire channel around this content and get tons of followers and use the money to help take care of these awesome creatures. Good luck!
'Immor†alJeremy' 11 months ago
How do you make viral videos? You gave two and as far as I can tell have very little actual following?
F&V Everything Equine
'F&V Everything Equine' 11 months ago
I adore wolves. A sincere thank you for uploading these videos ♡
Art Wall
'Art Wall' 11 months ago
Plz keep uploading!
Aber Drown
'Aber Drown' 11 months ago
i close my eyes and the video is finished
'Flowingmane502' 11 months ago
Dominic Edcel
'Dominic Edcel' 11 months ago
Is this like legit wolf? Like wolves that hunt in the middle of the night? Those kinds of wolves?
Elchka The White Wolf
'Elchka The White Wolf' 11 months ago
Elchka The White Wolf
'Elchka The White Wolf' 11 months ago
'FACTONER' 11 months ago
that... is.... AWESOME!!! haha
Deplorable Todd
'Deplorable Todd' 11 months ago
Your videos are amazing! I see that your new posting videos and was just wondering why they're so short? Is that all the phone data can hold? I know I run to that problem all the time. You definitely should also get a go pro to film these beautiful wolves. But at least make sure the videos are at least 2 to 5 minutes and that would be great I think you're going to get millions of followers eventually. Pretty amazing! Thanks for the videos.
'Farencius459' 11 months ago
My friend used to have a wolfdog, but she had to be put down for being a "disturbance." That, of course, meaning she got out all the time and ran into people's yards... Some disturbance 😑
Phantom Phelix
'Phantom Phelix' 11 months ago
Haha, I do that with my dog too!! Adorable!! Thanks for uploading more!!!
'Louloe' 11 months ago
Ahh such a sweetie!
'hasywoo' 11 months ago
This is the best.
Joe Ker
'Joe Ker' 11 months ago
So I live in Wisconsin and I have 2 cats but I want a Wolfdog puppy eventually. Is it dangerous? Yes I'm ignorant and I love wolves.
Markez Singltary
'Markez Singltary' 11 months ago
second motherfickers
Bradleigh Billion
'Bradleigh Billion' 11 months ago
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