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Jimmy Fallon Catches Up with Ellen -
Published: 4 months ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 4 months ago

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The "Tonight Show" host joined Ellen to talk about everything from his upcoming Golden Globes gig to his very own theme park ride.

Joe Sknah
'Joe Sknah' 1 week ago
I didnt get it. I mean he said negro. I scrolled down for commnts with kinky face becasue i thought that i will see some hater comments and have fun instead of that i saw a lot of "I'll ride jimmy"
'ARYAN RAO' 1 month ago
well i never saw ellen on jimmy fallon's tonight show
'M.' 1 month ago
so funny to see jimmy fallon dressed in this chilled clothes. looks like an old daddy
violet feathers
'violet feathers' 2 months ago
Stacy Richardson
'Stacy Richardson' 2 months ago
Please tell me the name of the song that he walked out to!  I love the beat, but do not know the song!
Gemma Pettersen
'Gemma Pettersen' 2 months ago
That actually sounds really fun!
Samuel Matos
'Samuel Matos' 2 months ago
'andyplanet' 2 months ago
he is so fake.
Claudia Aguillon
'Claudia Aguillon' 3 months ago
Is it just my phone or did it start off kind of foggy for like 20 seconds
mike Carr
'mike Carr' 3 months ago
Fallon is a fuckn idiot & Ellen is a dumbass Dike
Lily Sung
'Lily Sung' 3 months ago
hi everyone! i live in a family filled with narcissists and I understand your pain
however, i would like to point out one trait of a narcissist (Donald J. Trump)
'Fear of abandonment -An irrational belief that one is imminent danger of being personally rejected, discarded or replaced.'
this is due to the fact that he has no sense of real self (dead on the inside ) - thus he can only live in the existence of other people
because of this fear:
we must standstill and protest in silence he would think that we have "abandoned" him
*this will lead to a mental breakdown
-don't let the narcissist in your life suck the energy out of you!
'It is important to understand that attention - positive or negative =Narcissistic Supply.
*Infamy is as sought after as fame, being notorious is as good as being renowned'
- does anyone remember an interview with Trump's butler where he speaks about trump checks and circles his name on the newspaper the first thing he wakes up?
it would be highly appreciated if you would pass it on
Carson Hygrell
'Carson Hygrell' 3 months ago
I love you and your dory voice
Kieran Welch
'Kieran Welch' 3 months ago
Go Trump. Fuck these losers
Ashley Chavez
'Ashley Chavez' 3 months ago
Ellen u need to bring the catch me outside girl to ur show shes on youtube it would really be funny if u brought her to ur show
'p24' 3 months ago
why raven symone never comes on ellen show ??
if I woke up next to you
Games & Movies
'Games & Movies' 3 months ago
folks I have an special video about ellen degeneres please come and WATCH
ghaidaa k
'ghaidaa k' 3 months ago
the "ew" at the end though
Pansy Vang
'Pansy Vang' 3 months ago
Measurement tear advocate laboratory continue cooperation spring
'annajeehee' 3 months ago
He never wears that wedding ring since that injury - guess he's being safe ? Hmm wonder what he does that may cause that again
love 12
'love 12' 3 months ago
he speaks so slow sometimes that I dnt understand him
'DonutTrout' 3 months ago
Huda H
'Huda H' 3 months ago
At first i thought it was the Tour Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood where he "hosts" it. Cuz ive been to it and he prerecorded a lot of clips and audio for the tour and it was amazing. But omg THAT ride seems amazing is it only in NY?
Krissia Arteaga
'Krissia Arteaga' 3 months ago
'tyo789' 3 months ago
Hahahahah UNCF
Phoebe Wong
'Phoebe Wong' 3 months ago
I know Jimmy got some pretty bad reputation for fake laughing and interrupting his guests, but god was this guy humble and sweet. Really love how this side of him gets to be shown on Ellen's show.
'stinuh09' 3 months ago
Two of my absolute favorite talk show hosts!!!!!!
Amanda Martinez
'Amanda Martinez' 3 months ago
i love jimmy fallon so much
Nam Nguyen
'Nam Nguyen' 3 months ago
after such a joke about riding people, I thought what he said at 2:31 was *when I first got LAID night LOL
Ayoub Bousetta
'Ayoub Bousetta' 3 months ago
And Jimmy fucked it up :)
Farina Pandhiani
'Farina Pandhiani' 3 months ago
We want ONE DIRECTION in your show!,PLEASE.
Bon Kai
'Bon Kai' 3 months ago
Love his voice
ally _
'ally _' 3 months ago
This is so trippy oml
Poetry in Motion
'Poetry in Motion' 3 months ago
What a no talent fake ass shit head
'ChuckBlairLuvA' 3 months ago
Lol bless him
Ashleigh Murphy
'Ashleigh Murphy' 3 months ago
if anyone can or you specifically see this and can help, it would mean the world. My dog is sick and i have no other chance of helping besides spreading the word. the link below explains it all. please help if you truly can.
David Lu
'David Lu' 3 months ago
Unfortunately his monologue was bad tho
Veronika Gevorkyan
'Veronika Gevorkyan' 3 months ago
Taylor Lautner Fan
'Taylor Lautner Fan' 3 months ago
Ellen and Jimmy has the best talk shows ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caroline Kero
'Caroline Kero' 3 months ago
His jumper gives me vertigo...
Danbi Kim
'Danbi Kim' 3 months ago
Why did it cut to the girl at the end when Jimmy says I play an ugly 15 year old girl?
Gary Faulkner
'Gary Faulkner' 3 months ago
if u love unicef, u love scams.
Kelly Bills
'Kelly Bills' 3 months ago
Jimmy as the young girl reminds me of a Bob's Burgers character.
'xrainbowmintx' 3 months ago
am I the only one who thinks its really weird to see a tv host interview another tv host?
Callum Cruickshank
'Callum Cruickshank' 4 months ago
No should have gone with Ricky Gervais again..!
shaymaa zaki
'shaymaa zaki' 4 months ago
please invite Isabelle Huppert to your show
Kia Chiyoko Vang
'Kia Chiyoko Vang' 4 months ago
Two of my favorite people! <3
Alissa Munoz
'Alissa Munoz' 4 months ago
Can either of them host?
Linkan Letlora
'Linkan Letlora' 4 months ago
'PersianinSweden' 4 months ago
Ricky did it better, why does this tool even have a show!
Sasha S
'Sasha S' 4 months ago
'LOVER LINK' 4 months ago
id def do some cocaine with jimmy and richard gere
'FREAQU' 4 months ago
the ride looks stupid. i hope they allow me to do it drunk
Risky Bisky
'Risky Bisky' 4 months ago
here we are, watching the two of the best hosts in the world
Karen Marin
'Karen Marin' 4 months ago
want to drink with Ellen on my 21st birthday in April. how can I make this happen🤔
Dominic C
'Dominic C' 4 months ago
'i dressed as an ugly 15year old girl' *camera cuts immediately to a young girl in audience
Madegan Doffin
'Madegan Doffin' 4 months ago
Blake Andrews
'Blake Andrews' 4 months ago
Excellent rope girlfriend fgafis draw load psychologist little error official
Jordan Wu
'Jordan Wu' 4 months ago
Do the nice off battle again
Steviee kann
'Steviee kann' 4 months ago
Ellen Jimmy and Kevin are the top 3 comedians that I love the most
Noah Durkee
'Noah Durkee' 4 months ago
I need to go to Universal Studios specifically to ride Jimmy Fallon's ride!
Zineb Oudad
'Zineb Oudad' 4 months ago
No ring? thats weird.
'LMFAO GAGS'' 4 months ago
Jimmy Fallon is the most humble and down to earth person i've ever seen! The guy is awesome and fun to hangout with, Love him and his show
'ForeverFeel1ng' 4 months ago
I wonder when Disney are gonna put in the Jimmy Kimmel ride? haha
'Skyahh' 4 months ago
I got to Universal all the time and I am soooo excited for the new addition!
Messagefrom Montie
'Messagefrom Montie' 4 months ago
I would've loved to have seen his face when he first realized UNICEF was really UNCF. Hilarious. I'm sure his speech was great regardless.
Pukis 26
'Pukis 26' 4 months ago
'KillOBite' 4 months ago
I feel like Ellen and Jimmy are just little kid friends trapped in Adult bodies.
'Martiraine' 4 months ago
He should totally host the Oscars!
Jazy B
'Jazy B' 4 months ago
Jimmy 😍❤
Jay Cartwright
'Jay Cartwright' 4 months ago
wow jimmy is so different when he's not the one interviewing cos he doesn't have that dumb as fake laugh he should be like this more often tbh
Heather Sayavong
'Heather Sayavong' 4 months ago
Ellen probably doesn't mind what people say about jimmy 😂😂 jk jk
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Hey Hey
'Hey Hey' 4 months ago
Jimmy is giving me Ted Mosby's vibes.(sorry I just REALLY like "how I met your mother")
Parminder Singh
'Parminder Singh' 4 months ago
3:57...beautiful smile middle one..
'MrAmigostos' 4 months ago
You see Jimmy, this is how you should interview people. Ellen didn't interrupt you once.
Kayla Cook
'Kayla Cook' 4 months ago
"Come ride me!" XD
Claire Phoenix Chen
'Claire Phoenix Chen' 4 months ago
I literally JUST went on the studio tour where jimmy was "hosting"!!
Fallon Avery
'Fallon Avery' 4 months ago
I really want to meet Jimmy Fallon.
My names Fallon..
I'll be like hey Jimmy and he'll be like hey Fallon. Ha. Nvm I suck.
kristiane Æbeltoft
'kristiane Æbeltoft' 4 months ago
It´s the first time I've seen Jimmy with no smoking on. It´s kinda weird.
oh its brady
'oh its brady' 4 months ago
I almost screamed when I saw Sara pop up on the screen
Jason Dullack
'Jason Dullack' 4 months ago
if I was Jimmy I would of turned them down. They didn't want him in the first place. They only want his now because he is more famous now.
Hajar Aedwan
'Hajar Aedwan' 4 months ago
Jimmy is mah Baby😍
'NorthernCap' 4 months ago
i feel like jimmy has adhd (not to offend anybody i have it too)
Elias Andre
'Elias Andre' 4 months ago
Hey !! grass Does anybody identify better thks cash?
'ItsBigDre' 4 months ago
no one can beat ricky gervais as a host at the golden globes lol
Cesar Solis
'Cesar Solis' 4 months ago
Love these two
Marcel Christianis
'Marcel Christianis' 4 months ago
Jimmy looks like the host more than Ellen does here
Aisha Ahmed
'Aisha Ahmed' 4 months ago
WOW A host on a host show
'lecoindeclaire' 4 months ago
Jimmy Fallon is so hot?
Ed Dalby
'Ed Dalby' 4 months ago
I don't know he just reminds me so much of ted mosby from 'how I met your mother'
Mohd Benyamin
'Mohd Benyamin' 4 months ago
wait.. why did the camera suddenly focuses on the chubby girl in the audience 3:56 after fallon said 'i dressed as an ugly 15 year old girl'
Magdalena Huber
'Magdalena Huber' 4 months ago
Indicator trust by oougfgk makeup short broken appear if
Row Al
'Row Al' 4 months ago
I wonder why the dislike button doesn't show (for comments)
sto a casa
'sto a casa' 4 months ago
What a loss to the Golden Globes... Ricky Gervais shoul host
Shahbano Malik
'Shahbano Malik' 4 months ago
My two favorite TV show hosts.
'Nezumi' 4 months ago
Marcy Contreras
'Marcy Contreras' 4 months ago
When will superwoman go on here!!!
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