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Weekend Update: Cecilia Gimenez on Cristiano Ronaldo Bust - SNL -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 3 weeks ago

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5, 404 Likes   167 Dislikes

Cecilia Gimenez (Kate McKinnon) defends sculptor Emanuel Santos' bust of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Sian Waller
'Sian Waller' 14 hours ago
The first thing that sprang to mind when I saw it was "Baby Ruth?!"
'alanfender123' 14 hours ago
'minne4rlife' 24 hours ago
Gosh I love Kate! And Collin! They crack me up!
Ninja Acid
'Ninja Acid' 1 day ago
Dennis Borjonmarquez
great ....I'm in love with another lesbian she's so cool
Marie Cox
'Marie Cox' 1 week ago
This is one of the funniest bits ever! I've watched it so many times and I'm still in tears laughing. "I got a fish in my mouth - I'm tryin' to keep it in there!" LMAO!!
'Kesharedswag' 1 week ago
I thought they hired Melissa bc they needed a latina comedian. She could've easily done this latina role herself, but she only got 1 cameo in this episode.
Monroe Morgan
'Monroe Morgan' 1 week ago
Is that statue real or just a joke?
Andre Blanco
'Andre Blanco' 2 weeks ago
Kate McKinnon is going to be a legend
Andrew Leibs
'Andrew Leibs' 2 weeks ago
Kate McKinnon is so freaking talented! One of the best SNL cast members ever.
Greg Williams
'Greg Williams' 2 weeks ago
And he said to me..."huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"!!!
Chez TheDon
'Chez TheDon' 2 weeks ago
Kate McKinnon is amazing
'girlzeyeview' 2 weeks ago
OMG I'm crying!!
Gonçalo Martins
'Gonçalo Martins' 2 weeks ago
Some people really can't understand jokes
Joaquin Bello
'Joaquin Bello' 2 weeks ago
kate mckinnon is amazing at snl
'Courage' 2 weeks ago
Lol gorgeous Ronaldo turned into a bronze bust of a man who looks like he's constipated....smh 😂
'Courage' 2 weeks ago
At least Kate (as Cecilia) called it football - seriously America, that health & safety version of rugby game you play is NOT football. ⚽️ - this is football!!!
'J F' 2 weeks ago
That sculpture is like the horrible Lucy statue that was created a few years ago.
'lovexsqualor' 2 weeks ago
colin's a fucking hottie tbh
M Garcia
'M Garcia' 2 weeks ago
This was hilarious!!! But I couldn't even believe that mess of a bust was real, so I googled it. Yep, it's real. Too funny.
'DRgonzoraps' 2 weeks ago
you are blessece-celia
Uno Dos
'Uno Dos' 2 weeks ago
All she has to say is that she tried to physically portray what's going on in Cristiano's mind... and the sculpture suddenly becomes genius.
'87leafar' 2 weeks ago
Omg 😂😂😂😂
John Jacob
'John Jacob' 2 weeks ago
Ronaldo is the man. He is the best player and role model
John Jacob
'John Jacob' 2 weeks ago
I laughed my ass off
ruben cardoso
'ruben cardoso' 2 weeks ago
poder tuga caralhooooo!!!!
Emanuel Cordeiro
'Emanuel Cordeiro' 2 weeks ago
this bitch needs to get a horse's dick inside her arse and leave comedy for the professionals.#notfunnyanymore
Pedro Paiva
'Pedro Paiva' 2 weeks ago
The bust is Cristiano before washing his face...
'cld' 2 weeks ago
Its football, not soccer!
Lani T
'Lani T' 2 weeks ago
^_^ lmao
jo elive
'jo elive' 2 weeks ago
omg hahahahaha
'J F' 2 weeks ago
I wonder how hung Colin is? He's really hot.
'yecefer85' 2 weeks ago
Cecilia sounds like Tony Montana lol
João Godinho
'João Godinho' 2 weeks ago
Who the hell is "Reynaldo"????
'Hawaiidirtrider' 2 weeks ago
question that every artist asks....What would he look like if he had a stroke lol
'albertz' 2 weeks ago
How many times am I gonna say this- LOVE YOU KATE. She is a gem.
Hansel Gretel
'Hansel Gretel' 2 weeks ago
128 Spaniards disliked the video because they found it racist. The Portuguese loved it because Portugal was mentioned on SNL. I'm Portuguese, by the way.
'Aking213' 2 weeks ago
You are blesehhhddd cehhsilia lmaoooo
Peace Issues
'Peace Issues' 2 weeks ago
That sculpture looks more like that SNL anchor than it does that sports guy. Lol
'Brian' 2 weeks ago
Funny. But they should probably get some Latin cast members. It's only been like 50 years
Matthew Son
'Matthew Son' 2 weeks ago
Lmao was she referencing Lennie in Of Mice and Men when she talked about the bunny?
its me
'its me' 2 weeks ago
God I love this woman! She's so fucking hilarious.
Aefwa Efwe
'Aefwa Efwe' 2 weeks ago
This is her best work, omg... I haven't laughed this hard from a SNL skit in a long time.
Kate Kovacs
'Kate Kovacs' 2 weeks ago
People, people, let's not argue but admire Kate and her dimple. Peace. <3
Xavi Neira
'Xavi Neira' 2 weeks ago
She is so funny
'marishkaspirit' 2 weeks ago
well at least her accent doesn't sound italian this time...kate is such a great actress i love all her roles but she didn't get this one right...still has to work on the spanish accent but it's better than the last one of this character at least its an impovement..
Youtube Time32 Millet
1. I wish the actors would stop laughing during the bit.
2. Does SNL not have a Spanish woman on their cast to play this part?
Merve Kurt
'Merve Kurt' 2 weeks ago
Cecilia tell Olya, we missed her too much.
Carlo de Guzman
'Carlo de Guzman' 2 weeks ago
This made me cry laughing
'heyfreshy' 2 weeks ago
this was great!
'gnuibrunst' 2 weeks ago
2:17 did she just turn irish?
'GreenSorceress' 2 weeks ago
lol the face looks too small for the head
Victor Lazslo
'Victor Lazslo' 2 weeks ago
when are americans going to realize some day that Spain and Mexico it's not the same country?
Hannah Taylor
'Hannah Taylor' 2 weeks ago
I cringe every time I see that statue
Thomas Hopkins
'Thomas Hopkins' 2 weeks ago
Thadyn Du Pont
'Thadyn Du Pont' 2 weeks ago
I'm dying!
'unclvinny' 2 weeks ago
She gets funnier every week!
'lateefp80' 2 weeks ago
Kate is blowing up
win tang
'win tang' 2 weeks ago
I don't get why certain ppl get hired for things like this. Like when blockbuster was dying. any person on the streets could have told them it's was a bad idea to not change to online movie rentals. Pepsi commercial... so many people could have told the director and Pepsi ppl it was a bad idea. This statue did the sculptor even ask for a second opinion. Do any of them ask for second opinions? This world makes no sense! CEO getting paid millions only to have the companies disintegrate. Anyways this skit made me laugh so much. Thanks SNL and Kate!
mm ix
'mm ix' 2 weeks ago
That bust looks like the ancient Roman Emperor "Nero"
Jon F
'Jon F' 2 weeks ago
Best skit SNL has had in awhile
Austin Smith
'Austin Smith' 2 weeks ago
She is the face of SNL
Sami Motaghedi
'Sami Motaghedi' 2 weeks ago
i watched this a few times, it was so funny!!
Carl Thomas
'Carl Thomas' 2 weeks ago
Kate McKinnon is hilarious 😂
Jake Marsing
'Jake Marsing' 2 weeks ago
I felt like Kate was a bit underused this week.
Jim Elliott
'Jim Elliott' 2 weeks ago
actually the bust kind of looks like Collin
Lauren Beckett
'Lauren Beckett' 2 weeks ago
Kate McKinnon is the best part of this show 👍🏼👍🏼
Live Sports
'Live Sports' 2 weeks ago
Why she always touch him last time she kissed him I think she very much loves him
anton tk
'anton tk' 2 weeks ago
Kate's accent is so funny and spot on
Dr. Fig Videos
'Dr. Fig Videos' 2 weeks ago
Kate is a genius. Always the funniest part of SNL.
'MrFFHN' 2 weeks ago
Hell Yeah we made it to SNL! PORTUGAL CARALHO
Ernest Kovach
'Ernest Kovach' 2 weeks ago
More SNL anti Catholic monstrous drivel that is why SNL sucks...
Jemiah DaPap
'Jemiah DaPap' 2 weeks ago
2:10 think he smelt vag on that finger?
Jemiah DaPap
'Jemiah DaPap' 2 weeks ago
Anyone remember the first Kate Middleton portrait? That was pretty funny
Tokugawa Heavy Industries
Cecilia Gimenez is to Kate McKinnon what Aunt Linda is to Kristen Wiig.
yohan cruyff
'yohan cruyff' 2 weeks ago
i really dont see it. it looks just like cristiano
Creature Of the night
The statue looks like me
'525Lines' 2 weeks ago
It looks like a John K character.
faho0ody wbas
'faho0ody wbas' 2 weeks ago
Americans be like "Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?"
Alta Bird
'Alta Bird' 2 weeks ago
Her voice completes it perfectly
Peter Bruce
'Peter Bruce' 2 weeks ago
carole Hayden
'carole Hayden' 2 weeks ago
STOP with the caption effort!!!
'nasachusetts' 2 weeks ago
'SeoulCalStudios' 2 weeks ago
America - soccer

Rest of the world - Football

'RobiMed' 2 weeks ago
Well, at least now Americans know where Portugal is and that it exists! Thank you, bad statue of Ronaldo
alicia burney
'alicia burney' 2 weeks ago
😂😂😂😂😂I'm in tears!!!
'smusherface' 2 weeks ago
Kate McKinnon is awesome. Best impressionist on SNL! Love Baldwin's Trump, but McKinnon has so much range, and her Jeff Beauregard Sessions and Kellyanne Conwoman, I mean, Conway, are the best. Did a really good Hillary too.
Nick G.
'Nick G.' 2 weeks ago
That's not even the real sculptors name lmao ok
Wilon Nurse
'Wilon Nurse' 2 weeks ago
What would he look like if he had a stroke! HAHA
You get a car!
'You get a car!' 2 weeks ago
"Of course, Colino!" 1:18
You get a car!
'You get a car!' 2 weeks ago
"Of course, Colino!"
Franco G
'Franco G' 2 weeks ago
Woooow I can't tell the difference
El Chapito
'El Chapito' 2 weeks ago
Cr7 fans triggered af
Hannah Miller
'Hannah Miller' 2 weeks ago
I love their chemistry
'intersanctum' 2 weeks ago
to be honest this statue looks much better than Ronald looked before he fixed his teeth and ears. People from Portugal don't be mad this is just a satire in which Kate is brilliant as always.
Toshie Tosh
'Toshie Tosh' 2 weeks ago
I'm portuguese and holy shit you people are being so fucking stupid in the comments.. in the video they're not confusing us with the spanish, Cecilia Gimenez is the name of the woman that painted that god awful depiction of Jesus, which is why she's here to comment on the shit statue, that's the joke, because she's a shitty artist and the statue was done by another a shitty artist so it's supposed to be funny that she's the one commenting it. Holy fuck people do you really need to have the joke explained to you?
ted peters
'ted peters' 2 weeks ago
The whole show has jumped the shark. It's tedious and tiresome. The law of entropy has overtaken them. The laugh track only accentuates how unamusing it has become.
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