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Florida Georgia Line - H.O.L.Y. (Behind The Scenes) -
Published: 12 months ago By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO

By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVOPublished: 12 months ago

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Pick up FGL’s new song H.O.L.Y.

Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing H.O.L.Y.. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Angle Burman
'Angle Burman' 5 months ago
love. Jesus. to. and I love my husband too
Angle Burman
'Angle Burman' 5 months ago
i. love. god.
Deacon Swiftwolfe
'Deacon Swiftwolfe' 5 months ago
Love your music video it's cool
samel Haigler
'samel Haigler' 5 months ago
Love all of your song's
kevin xiong
'kevin xiong' 7 months ago
Jumping_a_paint 02
'Jumping_a_paint 02' 8 months ago
Love the bird 😂😂🌸
Anthony Randt
'Anthony Randt' 8 months ago
Monica Albertson
'Monica Albertson' 8 months ago
I love the song HOLY, me and my Husband are renewing our vows on August 27th and we both love this song, so I got the single and we are going to play it while I walk down the isle to my hubby, Thank you FGL for all the music you do
'MrQuick_QG' 9 months ago
I was laughing Becuase they were staring at a bird
van nook
'van nook' 9 months ago
Anti-police garbage boycott piece of shit for Georgia line
'M C' 9 months ago
OMG I've seen you twice in concert your my fav band I will one day meet you guys your awesome never stop music
Rennan Rodrigues
'Rennan Rodrigues' 9 months ago
bom demais
Sheila Bowden
'Sheila Bowden' 9 months ago
I love this song
Trebor Knapp
'Trebor Knapp' 9 months ago
do you really sing in the music video or do you lip sing
so beautiful nature, God made it so beautiful and we shouldn't destroy them, fracking, pollution must be stop, we must preserve, God bless ya'll.
Paul Clark
'Paul Clark' 9 months ago
Gaming with Spooky
'Gaming with Spooky' 9 months ago
I love how he talks about the bird
Killua Zoldyck
'Killua Zoldyck' 9 months ago
This "band" is complete garbage.
Wendy Albert
'Wendy Albert' 9 months ago
love this love song.its for his wife.not jesus
Wendy Albert
'Wendy Albert' 9 months ago
all your insane religious are sick and will go to hell.this is a love song your morons.i love this.dedication to love not jesus.get a life
Kimberly Gabriel
'Kimberly Gabriel' 9 months ago
Cynthia Behr
'Cynthia Behr' 9 months ago
I hope the boys don't take any of the judgmental criticism to heart. This song glorifies God at the same time it honors the God-ordained institution of marriage. There's nothing sacrilegious about calling a person holy. They are praising Jesus for the blessings He's given them, a love that mirrors that of Jesus' love for His Bride--the Church. That said, I have a few unrelated thoughts: why does Tyler nearly always sing lead? I'd like to hear BK on lead more as well. I'm really thankful that the music is representing family values. There's a few of the songs I was a little leery of letting my 9yo son watch, because he absolutely idolizes you guys. Just hear me out on this. In those videos you tend to objectify women as property of men solely for men's visual & physical pleasure. I'm not saying that we women shouldn't dress that way. I'm saying that I'd like women to be presented more respectfully than mere bimbos to my son. I've also noticed that something has shifted, and your music/videos are becoming more profound over the past few years. Amazing work, fellas. I've loved you from the start. Keep up the good work and thank you for showing less scantily clad daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, and grand-daughters in your videos. :D A Georgia girl myself.
Brenda Minshall
'Brenda Minshall' 9 months ago
I love this song
Jennifer Fred
'Jennifer Fred' 10 months ago
I love you
Paulinho 007
'Paulinho 007' 10 months ago
please come to brazil :(
Tristan Cody
'Tristan Cody' 10 months ago
Brian needs to shave his beard
wuzzpoppin b
'wuzzpoppin b' 10 months ago
I liked the bird the most
Chad Masters
'Chad Masters' 10 months ago
Dhora mano
Alma Medina
'Alma Medina' 11 months ago
Buen tema, saludos :3
Jack K612
'Jack K612' 11 months ago
What are are you talking about Jordan ?
'itsranton' 11 months ago
Great song. I did a cover. It's not great but I think I did Ok.
Huntergray Vo
'Huntergray Vo' 11 months ago
Please reply to me do you think you will make a lot more videos like this
Thomas O
'Thomas O'Koniewski' 11 months ago
What was your "friends" name.
cryssa30 bb
'cryssa30 bb' 11 months ago
wow ive always wanted to go to australia. it looks amazing. i love this song .
Sierra Miller
'Sierra Miller' 11 months ago
He came to indeana. I live in indeana
Sierra Miller
'Sierra Miller' 11 months ago
Love it
Josie Pleslusky
'Josie Pleslusky' 11 months ago
The song is one of my absolute favorites! It's been on replay for a week now!

Anyone else notice how hot the director is 😍
Carol Paulsen
'Carol Paulsen' 11 months ago
holy holy holy holy I'm love you.
lola ortiz
'lola ortiz' 11 months ago
Awesome! Been running... You are connected. Thank you ! It means so much to me personally and to our Country! May God Bless Us All!
Bryce Swiger
'Bryce Swiger' 12 months ago
Hey next time can you film a music video with a drone please it'll be so cool
Késia Amorim
'Késia Amorim' 12 months ago
Teresa Uluiviti
'Teresa Uluiviti' 12 months ago
love how this was put together!! an amazing song!!
'Cowcraft314' 12 months ago
what day did you film it
'SJ J' 12 months ago
Love this song way more just because of it being about their wives and having their wives in the video. <3<3<3
Shannon Spiess
'Shannon Spiess' 12 months ago
Bryan is soooo hot right
Seth Blomdahl
'Seth Blomdahl' 12 months ago
What sunglasses is Tyler wearing? Anyone
'Alyssa's Awesome Show' 12 months ago
My brother Kyler loves you song 👱🏽
Derrick Ellington
'Derrick Ellington' 12 months ago
i tell you what i have watched and heard this video about 20 something times and it just keeps getting better every time
RyanLindsey Bliss
'RyanLindsey Bliss' 12 months ago
Love the video!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Kim Harrison
'Kim Harrison' 12 months ago
Bk and Tyler love this song!!!! it's very touching, keep making your Awesome music with your Amazing voices!!!! ❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Kylie  Xiong
'Kylie Xiong' 12 months ago
Aww so cute how they film with their wives 😍😭
Carlie Kothe
'Carlie Kothe' 12 months ago
cant wait to see the video. This song is pretty awesome.
brie smith
'brie smith' 12 months ago
It's been a while since y'all made something so amazing goosebumps <3
Suki Flower
'Suki Flower' 12 months ago
I laughed so hard when Tyler was talking about the bird... :D
Raylee Bielenberg
'Raylee Bielenberg' 12 months ago
Yay, just watched the video and thought that looked very much like Australian landscape and the 12 apostles, glad you enjoyed the country. Great video too. Love the song
Christopher Callaway
'Christopher Callaway' 12 months ago
Even better you guys used your real wife's which makes it more real and special. You guys did it again one hit after the next because your real and you stay true to yourselves don't ever change FGL!
Noah Tiemann
'Noah Tiemann' 12 months ago
How did you get the piano on the helicopter?
Samuel Carter
'Samuel Carter' 12 months ago
I just got the acronym 😂😂
stfu .paigge
'stfu .paigge' 12 months ago
'Jellysploitz' 12 months ago
'RipRecords' 12 months ago
LOVE THIS!!! Love FGL! We will collaborate one day..
Devin Hunter
'Devin Hunter' 12 months ago
Wow now that's country music. 😑
emmzi may Bleckler
'emmzi may Bleckler' 12 months ago
Of course ten out of ten

Emilio Melendez
'Emilio Melendez' 12 months ago
Love this song ❤❤
Huda Alajrami
'Huda Alajrami' 12 months ago
'Samnit' 12 months ago
agree with me if this Is a great Songggg
Oliver Lande
'Oliver Lande' 12 months ago
People that dislike this kinda stuff are just low. If you don't like a video don't watch it. And just leave it alone. :)
Tyler Venable
'Tyler Venable' 12 months ago
Fake ass country boys
Payton G
'Payton G' 12 months ago
Great song! I saw you guys perform at the Daytona 500 and that was such a great performance! Keep up the great music!
chelle m
'chelle m' 12 months ago
Love the song but, love the meaning even more.
Payton morgan
'Payton morgan' 12 months ago
XD Tyler - were basically in love (looks over at the bird)
Phil Piruzzi Filsoof
'Phil Piruzzi Filsoof' 12 months ago
God Bless You FGL!..........I hope that you guys fight the Lucferians that run the Hollywood and are Killing all of terh Celberities that they do not like!!!
Seth standley
'Seth standley' 12 months ago
Yes keep it up guys u are great
Puff Dog
'Puff Dog' 12 months ago
Tyler and the bird! It's so cute!
Kelcie Snow
'Kelcie Snow' 12 months ago
Love it!
Jimmy Goodson
'Jimmy Goodson' 12 months ago
I've come to the conclusion that if you want to work with FGL you can have a max of two letters in your name
'Cowcraft314' 12 months ago
'Cowcraft314' 12 months ago
'Honestlyawesome' 12 months ago
Another great song like usual.All of your songs are epic.Never stop making music
Cara Herbig
'Cara Herbig' 12 months ago
I love them always and basically anything they do. BK could use a shave....just sayin
tina new artist
'tina new artist' 12 months ago
ur sooo sweet I want to meet a guy like u  ..soo beautiful
sweetie pie
'sweetie pie' 12 months ago
Haha, I read an interview where Tyler joked that bk looked like the 13th apostle on the set lol I'm so excited for the album!!!
Josh Speedie
'Josh Speedie' 12 months ago
The (not actually 12 anymore) apostles? How did I not realise that when I was watching it. Oh well still cool they shot it near Melbourne.
Adriana Alvarado
'Adriana Alvarado' 12 months ago
I love god
'dillpickle588' 12 months ago
Where's Brian Kelley
stoner girl 169 beautiful diamond
I love you guys so much Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard I hope you all can make it to San Antonio in one day along with Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean💋💋❤❤
'DJHarrr' 12 months ago
I love this song and #NiceShirt
Sylvester Haokip
'Sylvester Haokip' 12 months ago
I loved it
Osama Satari
'Osama Satari' 12 months ago
no a choice I will be download this music right now
'TKSquad' 12 months ago
Well done boys 👊🏻👏🏻💯
Katie Louise
'Katie Louise' 12 months ago
This is just beautiful. 😍
Tammy Jaggie
'Tammy Jaggie' 12 months ago
LOVE IT. and the video is amazing
Heather Rothschild
'Heather Rothschild' 12 months ago
love it!!!
'TheCrazyRussian' 12 months ago
2:20 😂😂
echo sanders
'echo sanders' 12 months ago
what did the letter say?
Cade smith
'Cade smith' 12 months ago
This song is so nice God is good
'LivinForChrist90' 12 months ago
So now hearing the story behind the song H.O.L.Y from FGL the song could still be taken wrong or could go different ways with it but I understand the song i guess and the story the guys were telling.
Brooklyn Kelly videos
'Brooklyn Kelly videos' 12 months ago
Love your songs
'Madi' 12 months ago
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