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Best of Dude Perfect | 2016 -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 2 weeks ago

6, 319, 649 views

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It's time for the best Dude Perfect moments of 2016!
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'Gingervitusaurus' 2 hours ago
"for the first time every we put together a best of 2016"
well obviously its going to be the first time, this is the first time 2016 ended. I hate this group of the worlds biggest dbags
Barrett Vanderford
'Barrett Vanderford' 3 hours ago
DP do a nerf rival edition. That would be so cccccooooooollllllllllllllllll
Newell Electrical
'Newell Electrical' 3 hours ago
I love all dude perfect videos
SlogoGames (Slogo_Games)
Can you spot the difference?

Like if you found it.
emilee kim
'emilee kim' 3 hours ago
my favorite video was the water flip challenge
Lane Richard
'Lane Richard' 3 hours ago
Ty, u should make some egg nog w/ those surviving eggs
Lourdes Hidalgo
'Lourdes Hidalgo' 4 hours ago
My favorite video was water bottle flip good job for making 2016 a epic year had always watched your videos
Zander McLeod
'Zander McLeod' 4 hours ago
Did anyone else read the description to 🐼
Mr. Pena
'Mr. Pena' 4 hours ago
I remember all of them
Abraham RMagallanes
'Abraham RMagallanes' 4 hours ago
I really liker Dude Perfect's videos, happy new year guys
Cookielover 295
'Cookielover 295' 4 hours ago
This video makes me think of my life and how its going. 😐🤔💭. My favorite video was the world record breaking
Jack Brodette
'Jack Brodette' 4 hours ago
Ghost Ryder
'Ghost Ryder' 4 hours ago
It's kale I think you should do a ski video and awesome videos this year 👍
Kim Swedberg
'Kim Swedberg' 5 hours ago
DP 2017 ranking in the new year
Nickolas Stapley
'Nickolas Stapley' 5 hours ago
i have the nerf dude perfect basket ball net for a door <3 love the vids keep up the good work
Chick Fil A Guy
'Chick Fil A Guy' 5 hours ago
My favorite was the bass pro shop vid
Matthew none
'Matthew none' 5 hours ago
Here after its viral.
'theamazingkid' 5 hours ago
Can I get some subs please I want to hit 100 subscribers
Tennesseenascarfan 2404 2.0
Tractor racing
Matthew Bingham
'Matthew Bingham' 6 hours ago
the snow one
Matthew Bingham
'Matthew Bingham' 6 hours ago
team coby on facebook
Matthew Bingham
'Matthew Bingham' 6 hours ago
team coby
Matthew Bingham
'Matthew Bingham' 6 hours ago
team coby
Carmen Villa
'Carmen Villa' 6 hours ago
do a scooter edition
Alex Blachly
'Alex Blachly' 6 hours ago
Mia Filippazzo
'Mia Filippazzo' 6 hours ago
U guys r awesome! Ur my favourite YouTubers!
Hellabruh VLOGS
'Hellabruh VLOGS' 6 hours ago
Pls sub to my channel
Hellabruh VLOGS
'Hellabruh VLOGS' 6 hours ago
Pls sub to my channel
'ETHO CIVA010' 6 hours ago
'EnderGaming21' 7 hours ago
hi dude perfect
Hipeman 306
'Hipeman 306' 7 hours ago
'ArabHype' 8 hours ago
So funny
shannon fields
'shannon fields' 8 hours ago
I've Ben here since your first vid
Creeper Universe
'Creeper Universe' 8 hours ago
Nice montage! :D
jeet patel
'jeet patel' 8 hours ago
soccer trick shots/ flip edtion/ water bottle flip edition/ U guys are the best youtubers of all time Why arent they pro athletes
Titan Warlord
'Titan Warlord' 8 hours ago
Definitely the bottle flip video
Thumper Rios
'Thumper Rios' 8 hours ago
Brady Campbell
'Brady Campbell' 8 hours ago
Tell your editors that they did some crazy editing in 2016 and this video!
The Triple crown-_
'The Triple crown-_' 8 hours ago
Do something live in auburn
Camryn Cook
'Camryn Cook' 8 hours ago
i hugged my computer, and my mom gave me a look of disgust
Becky Belanger
'Becky Belanger' 9 hours ago
flip edeshen
Maks Kirik
'Maks Kirik' 10 hours ago
Есть кто?
Jackstre 43
'Jackstre 43' 10 hours ago
Sub to me and I'll sub back
reuben sidhu
'reuben sidhu' 10 hours ago
imagine a career like these guys hav
donald trump
'donald trump' 10 hours ago
God is real
Tim Kollmorgen
'Tim Kollmorgen' 10 hours ago
Good year😀
Nadav Wieder
'Nadav Wieder' 11 hours ago
Kyle Pascall
'Kyle Pascall' 11 hours ago
More hockey vids plz
K4W Animations
'K4W Animations' 11 hours ago
I liked the flip edition one.
monkeysquad clan
'monkeysquad clan' 11 hours ago
do a clan with Roman Atwood
Robert McCormick
'Robert McCormick' 11 hours ago
Love your videos, always amazes me and puts a smile on my face.
Sherrie Bizzle
'Sherrie Bizzle' 12 hours ago
Curtis Sanderson
'Curtis Sanderson' 12 hours ago
my favourite video on 2016 was water bottle flip
'ItzJeevs' 14 hours ago
'CrazyKitten148' 15 hours ago
my favorite vid was the water bottle trickshots! PLZ DO MORE
3SPlaysYT Gaming
'3SPlaysYT Gaming' 15 hours ago
Last one 😂
kaxi kalandadze
'kaxi kalandadze' 15 hours ago
Dude Perfect Cool video we guys cool
'charlie29110428' 15 hours ago
every one in dude perfect you make me happy when you make new videos
MandN Studios
'MandN Studios' 16 hours ago
They got to meet Ezekiel Elliott 😳😍
sharp shooter
'sharp shooter' 16 hours ago
should have called it dudetage
'Bayerlein' 16 hours ago
Best video was world record video
Crazy Dirtbikes
'Crazy Dirtbikes' 17 hours ago
U should do this again and put a 2017 dude perfect I love u guys uare so awesome
Samer Mr
'Samer Mr' 17 hours ago
Are you going to do this every year ?
Awsome Sauce
'Awsome Sauce' 17 hours ago
Dp flip edition
Cookie Toons
'Cookie Toons' 18 hours ago
You just make the impossible possible
Drones Addict
'Drones Addict' 18 hours ago
what is the song?
Jorge Vazquez
'Jorge Vazquez' 18 hours ago
My favourite video is the water bottle flip edition
Mitch miscevich
'Mitch miscevich' 19 hours ago
I'm ur 6 million view
Nir Zinn
'Nir Zinn' 19 hours ago
Pro Gamer
'Pro Gamer' 20 hours ago
Who thinks dude perfect should vlog
Patrick Morgan
'Patrick Morgan' 22 hours ago
helicopter age honor bounce politics device leave produce
Grace Volante
'Grace Volante' 22 hours ago
This is the best vid ever😎
Toni Simon
'Toni Simon' 23 hours ago
Fifty complexity pursue meat resemble ought fear.
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 23 hours ago
What if all dude perfect and dale Earnhardt Jr. Died in the driving stereotypes video
Black Ghost
'Black Ghost' 24 hours ago
I love you Dude Perfect Can you give mi a heart <3
Pokemon With Ben
'Pokemon With Ben' 24 hours ago
Great year you have smashed it this year 😎
O&M Films
'O&M Films' 1 day ago
Best year so far
DWills steelers_43
Fabian Quiles
'Fabian Quiles' 1 day ago
Garret what an awesome jacket you have on the intro! Glory Glory Man United!!!!!!
Ronald Mack
'Ronald Mack' 1 day ago
Gaunt nerf edition
MPG Fusion
'MPG Fusion' 1 day ago
Bonham Phelps
'Bonham Phelps' 1 day ago
Style ship was really good
Flex Kaden
'Flex Kaden' 1 day ago
Dphq2 tour video
Fight4life 335
'Fight4life 335' 1 day ago
Plz do this every year!
'DAB STAR123' 1 day ago
My fav vid was flip edition
Aidan Heipler
'Aidan Heipler' 1 day ago
I love you guys so much
Michael McClure
'Michael McClure' 1 day ago
You guys are awesome!
Michael McClure
'Michael McClure' 1 day ago
Can you guys please subscribe to my channel?
Ishan makan
'Ishan makan' 1 day ago
basketball edition was the best
Grace Green
'Grace Green' 1 day ago
People probably just subscribe to dislike videos
Mika Ceran
'Mika Ceran' 1 day ago
Flip edition
'Bossman88' 1 day ago
Bass Pro, bottle flip and new office
Ben Martin
'Ben Martin' 1 day ago
when will the tv show come back on?
Dylan Walker
'Dylan Walker' 1 day ago
Flip edition
'XxSuperheroxX' 1 day ago
omg I would do anything to be there for a day!!!
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