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Best of Dude Perfect | 2016 -
Published: 3 months ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 3 months ago

8, 130, 939 views

251, 031 Likes   2, 389 Dislikes

It's time for the best Dude Perfect moments of 2016!
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Dude Perfect
'Dude Perfect' 3 months ago
THANK YOU GUYS for making 2016 such an awesome year!!
Can't wait to show you guys what we have coming up in 2017!
Max Cohen
'Max Cohen' 4 hours ago
hug!! :)
Dimpy Tinani
'Dimpy Tinani' 5 hours ago
Your all videos are my favorites
'Firethon' 10 hours ago
Am I the only one that's team Cory?
Jacob Fisher
'Jacob Fisher' 14 hours ago
cool video
Chris Baker
'Chris Baker' 14 hours ago
my fov Channel
YouTube Perfect
'YouTube Perfect' 14 hours ago
Sarah Acosta
'Sarah Acosta' 16 hours ago
Nerf edition
Jackson Perry
'Jackson Perry' 1 day ago
'UB4 GIVEN' 2 days ago
AryanMehta 123
'AryanMehta 123' 2 days ago
Can u find the difference???
Kia Hubert
'Kia Hubert' 2 days ago
They could be Globetrotters
muhammad Rafique
'muhammad Rafique' 2 days ago
do a Rev contest
Chelsie Seas
'Chelsie Seas' 2 days ago
Moamen Safwat
'Moamen Safwat' 2 days ago
guys can you make a new video
Jake Ferguson
'Jake Ferguson' 3 days ago
Your videos are amazing
Spencer 2007
'Spencer 2007' 3 days ago
Go Tyler boo Cody
luke howard
'luke howard' 4 days ago
I subscribed u guys are awesome keep up the great work.
Maverick Beran
'Maverick Beran' 4 days ago
I liked the hunting stereotypes
Master Fox
'Master Fox' 4 days ago
Woo Poo
'Woo Poo' 4 days ago
I love your truck,it's a Ford right?
'ProDude' 4 days ago
Target Locked
'Target Locked' 4 days ago
Jess Linn
'Jess Linn' 4 days ago
Lenzo Lennon
'Lenzo Lennon' 4 days ago
Can I get a shout out
'ADHISH SHIMMY' 4 days ago
can u tell me which is your latest video
Mc Donalds
'Mc Donalds' 5 days ago
No, guys, I'm jerking off here NO FUCK YOU KILLED MY BONER
Verna Lisa
'Verna Lisa' 5 days ago
You should leave a link to kid perfect because we leave a link to your channel dude perfect
'aminitus' 5 days ago
I have NO favorite video..... ALL of them are litteraly AWESOME!!!!!!!
Mr Awesomeness
'Mr Awesomeness' 6 days ago
How many basketball hoops do you own?
ProFisher132 Perez
I wish 2016 never ended
Michael Tran
'Michael Tran' 7 days ago
u should do an arcade battle
Spartan 200
'Spartan 200' 7 days ago
is it just me or these guys so hype it gets annoying
Axel Oros
'Axel Oros' 7 days ago
my favorite vid was flip edition
Platinum Shard
'Platinum Shard' 1 week ago
Drone hunting
can I join you
Tharin Tanurattanabut
I like World record edition!
Pugster35 Pug
'Pugster35 Pug' 1 week ago
Nice that was sick
Jayden Olson
'Jayden Olson' 1 week ago
Balance jury shooting snake total enjoy property so conviction scream.
Hamza Hussain
'Hamza Hussain' 1 week ago
I love u dude perfect
Ben Miller
'Ben Miller' 1 week ago
My favorite video in 2016 was the metal detector battle
Reid Powell
'Reid Powell' 1 week ago
.....,, and tigers
Reid Powell
'Reid Powell' 1 week ago
Team coby
Daniel Newman
'Daniel Newman' 1 week ago
What was the most impressive stunt that you achieved very quickly? And what was the least impressive that took way too long or you weren't able to accomplish??
Vaughn Yojee Tan
'Vaughn Yojee Tan' 1 week ago
Dude perfect me and my classmate is a big fan of your video
Johny Oh
'Johny Oh' 1 week ago
Tie your my fav you are the awesomeness
veronica jimenez
'veronica jimenez' 1 week ago
Thanks for making 2016 so AWESOME
veronica jimenez
'veronica jimenez' 1 week ago
I liked all of your videos
'Killrrampage' 1 week ago
garrett my name is garrett too
Familia Chavez Zetino
hi do you have backpack
Danny Espinal
'Danny Espinal' 1 week ago
I love your Work guys great job
Isaac Santana
'Isaac Santana' 1 week ago
puta qui paril cara pensa em uns doidos cágados dms
Nick russell
'Nick russell' 1 week ago
You guys are awesome
Sheetal Ostwal
'Sheetal Ostwal' 1 week ago
This is the favourite video of 2016!!
Haris Ellahi
'Haris Ellahi' 1 week ago
what happend to all the coby bottle head smashing
Retarted Bleach
'Retarted Bleach' 1 week ago
This is squishy🐙
Squishy can't swim
Don't let him sink to bottom of the sea of comments! Also sub to Dude Perfect and make squishy happier :)
Connor Archbald
'Connor Archbald' 1 week ago
I just wanna know which one of them has a PhD in physics
Memphis Rawlings
'Memphis Rawlings' 1 week ago
Reed Manhart
'Reed Manhart' 1 week ago
you are amazing
Chase Blakeley
'Chase Blakeley' 1 week ago
hey dude perfect I am on team Colby and I like your YouTube channels commute back
Cali Haas
'Cali Haas' 1 week ago
Your shows I loved them thank you guys puwnd it nogen
Devon Drass
'Devon Drass' 1 week ago
Devon Drass
'Devon Drass' 1 week ago
you are the best
Antoine Sau
'Antoine Sau' 1 week ago
Antoine Sau
'Antoine Sau' 1 week ago
Je suis meilleur que vous🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
Antoine Sau
'Antoine Sau' 1 week ago
HWSF Vlogs
'HWSF Vlogs' 1 week ago
All of your Vids were the best👍
Jesus Ramos
'Jesus Ramos' 2 weeks ago
I like all of the video
'LogicDiamonds' 2 weeks ago
Hey big shout out to dude perfect for making amazing inspiring videos for tons of people even though you prob lay won't read this thank you so much for every video you make.
Ethan Merryman
'Ethan Merryman' 2 weeks ago
James Twitchett
'James Twitchett' 2 weeks ago
you guys ar so caoll / crasy
Aakash Unnikrishnan
'Aakash Unnikrishnan' 2 weeks ago
You guys are just awesome...
albara kasse.
'albara kasse.' 2 weeks ago
Bossi Bros
'Bossi Bros' 2 weeks ago
This is my favorite video by far!!!
'PriceFamily100' 2 weeks ago
'PriceFamily100' 2 weeks ago
MeLaPelaMiNick 988
'MeLaPelaMiNick 988' 2 weeks ago
Philline Elizabeth C. Munar
gaint nerf edition
jjb vlogs
'jjb vlogs' 2 weeks ago
Has it realy Ben that long
'C00R' 2 weeks ago
Emma Hylton
'Emma Hylton' 2 weeks ago
Who is the panda?????????????????????🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼
Tuğba Şen
'Tuğba Şen' 2 weeks ago
Türk olan varmı laaan
Александр Ширяй
Frans gaming
'Frans gaming' 2 weeks ago
I'm the team Cory #TeamCory
'BreezerX34' 2 weeks ago
Idiots !
Alex Contreras
'Alex Contreras' 2 weeks ago
The best ever of all
Alex Contreras
'Alex Contreras' 2 weeks ago
the best ever
Toby Reeder
'Toby Reeder' 2 weeks ago
Micquel Jones
'Micquel Jones' 2 weeks ago
Thank S to you
Football Skilz
'Football Skilz' 2 weeks ago
Dude 👌 are awesome
'firstdirect10' 2 weeks ago
your water bottle flips were clearly the best
Aaron Purser
'Aaron Purser' 2 weeks ago
Lex cx
'Lex cx' 2 weeks ago
I could watch this video a billion times
Camal Joker
'Camal Joker' 2 weeks ago
I want some dick
'Steff&Stuff' 2 weeks ago
Evan McGregor
'Evan McGregor' 2 weeks ago
thumbs up if you've never seen a sandwich!
Stickmations Michael
cool but kind of edited
'colin123426' 2 weeks ago
coyr never give up you will win some day keep trying
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