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Best of Dude Perfect | 2016 -
Published: 2 months ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 2 months ago

7, 598, 224 views

245, 369 Likes   2, 291 Dislikes

It's time for the best Dude Perfect moments of 2016!
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'MCgamer' 13 minutes ago
make a wich editon was the best video in 2016
Penta :3
'Penta :3' 1 hour ago
Like=Luck with boys and girls
Subscribe=Meet Dude Perfect
Reply=Be big on YouTube
Have an awesome day!
'Jballer' 2 hours ago
watching your videos just makes my day :)
Desmond Hoskins
'Desmond Hoskins' 2 hours ago
the bass shop video was the best
isau gill
'isau gill' 8 hours ago
James Moller
'James Moller' 8 hours ago
team Coby for live bro Coby is amazing
James Moller
'James Moller' 8 hours ago
team Coby for live bro
Nora Rodriguez
'Nora Rodriguez' 8 hours ago
I,d like the water flip one
Cameron Parsons
'Cameron Parsons' 8 hours ago
Love the videos
Joshua Ford
'Joshua Ford' 8 hours ago
#team Dude Perfect all the way
Anthony Ochoa
'Anthony Ochoa' 10 hours ago
a football field
Jacob Wise
'Jacob Wise' 10 hours ago
stereotip videos
'mmanda515' 13 hours ago
ABSOLUCKINGFLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! =) I'm sure difficult @ times, just hope it was nearly as fun as it all looked! ~Live long(ER) & vape on! #ABillionLivesFilm #youarebeingLIEDto
Alison Turner
'Alison Turner' 13 hours ago
New office
Miguel Angel Daza Urrego
annette rangel
'annette rangel' 15 hours ago
all of them 😎😎😎😍☺☺
Kristal Gudger
'Kristal Gudger' 15 hours ago
world record edition
Mr. Barrel
'Mr. Barrel' 1 day ago
You Dude rewind <<
Tyler Barry
'Tyler Barry' 1 day ago
water bottle flip
Fernando Garcia
'Fernando Garcia' 1 day ago
All the ty haters can hate, but if they met him in real life they would go nuts
CodeN シ
'CodeN シ' 1 day ago
Why 2k dislikes :(
Unstopable 8
'Unstopable 8' 1 day ago
please make more videos like that for nice memories
'TheBrutalMedic' 1 day ago
Like=Luck with boys/girls
Subscribe=Meet Dude Perfect
Reply=Find 100$

Have a nice day\night!
guillermo tristan
I'm loving this 😿😿😿😿😿😿
Brantley Perkins
'Brantley Perkins' 1 day ago
My brother a dude perfect.Football
dg tree
'dg tree' 2 days ago
I loved the ginus world record basketball vid
Pro gamer Ez
'Pro gamer Ez' 2 days ago
you guys are tha best
Pro gamer Ez
'Pro gamer Ez' 2 days ago
thank you too dude perfect
Tracy Geskie
'Tracy Geskie' 2 days ago
This video was Awesome
Sukhman Jyot
'Sukhman Jyot' 2 days ago
team crody
Daphne Augustine
'Daphne Augustine' 2 days ago
my name is tapit Augustine
Mike Anderson
'Mike Anderson' 2 days ago
Christopher Chapman
Water bottle flip edition
Muli colos
'Muli colos' 2 days ago
Yeeeaaaahhhh, yyyyyyeeeeeessssss, yo boooyyyy, ooooooooohhhhh myyyyy ffuuucckkkiinnnnggg gggggoooood !
Rizqi Putra
'Rizqi Putra' 2 days ago
that jp or dp
Amber coyle
'Amber coyle' 2 days ago
go dude prefect
Amber coyle
'Amber coyle' 2 days ago
the world of war ship was cool.
Mudkip Meep
'Mudkip Meep' 2 days ago
how did you guys meet?
son nguyen
'son nguyen' 2 days ago
i love it
Danimagination D
Alaya Metwally
'Alaya Metwally' 2 days ago
They are the BEST!
artiom kisliakov
'artiom kisliakov' 3 days ago
I'm weedy Gonzalez
gaming Mann
'gaming Mann' 3 days ago
mnm778 matthew
'mnm778 matthew' 3 days ago
world record video
Roblox Fun
'Roblox Fun' 3 days ago
I love your vidos
Roblox Fun
'Roblox Fun' 3 days ago
how did coby never win a batle
Наталья Г
'Наталья Г' 3 days ago
рагпгмг мне пнмгошмг мир о
Judy Phua
'Judy Phua' 3 days ago
Team coby and cory
Beyblade Brave Souls715
I liked the one where you did the Bottle Flip Challenge and Cory that kept on failing and that made me laugh!
'RapidClicks' 3 days ago
I'm a part of the PerfectSquad and the NotificationSquad!! i recommend to join!!
Skywardsword Master
Can you do a video game edition??? Like a super speed run or somethin? You probably aren't even reading this...
Dr. Bacon
'Dr. Bacon' 3 days ago
Have a great day and please subscribe to our channel! Thank you
'Chris' 3 days ago
I like the best of 2016
Total Attack
'Total Attack' 3 days ago
'FinNupe' 4 days ago
Can u guys make more bottle flip video!? And you can flip hockey
A Walls
'A Walls' 4 days ago
go karts
Doge - OP
'Doge - OP' 4 days ago
Panda 🐼
Shamaila Khan
'Shamaila Khan' 4 days ago
hey guys i want to come to your home to visit after my exam
Sinabon LOL
'Sinabon LOL' 4 days ago
Roman Hernandez
'Roman Hernandez' 4 days ago
'GhostlySpore68' 4 days ago
I love u dude perfect ur the best youtuber ! (: :D
Jordan Creates Fun
Phoenix Panda
'Phoenix Panda' 5 days ago
90 % is Ty's shots
Carlos Quituisaca
'Carlos Quituisaca' 5 days ago
Can you do a oder dede perfect
Darvesh Mohideen
'Darvesh Mohideen' 5 days ago
David Reimer Vlogs
Holy crap I saw that giant pyramid in Memphis and we drove on that bridge
Evan Belmontez
'Evan Belmontez' 5 days ago
u guys r baller
Drake Anderson
'Drake Anderson' 5 days ago
why did they stop making videos
Bottle Flip Boss
'Bottle Flip Boss' 5 days ago
This is my favorite video on Dude Perfect's channel
brodon vlogs
'brodon vlogs' 5 days ago
i loved the "prank"
Mandy Grammer
'Mandy Grammer' 6 days ago
Mandy Grammer
'Mandy Grammer' 6 days ago
Antoinette Pugh-Maaza
water bottle flip Edition
Donavan Owens
'Donavan Owens' 6 days ago
Flip Edition 1 DudePerfect
you are the best dude perfect
dude perfect how can you do that
Nick Tank
'Nick Tank' 6 days ago
Heather Price
'Heather Price' 6 days ago
all of them
Alex Baldoni
'Alex Baldoni' 6 days ago
Anyone ever wonder how many tries it takes to get these shots right? These guys got some patience
Amelia Scott
'Amelia Scott' 6 days ago
I'm team Coby too
Nicky Hodgkinson
'Nicky Hodgkinson' 6 days ago
Ty is in like all of the fucking shots
So it is really like ty's best moments 2016
'EMRE OYUNDA' 7 days ago
Neoklis Alexandris
2016 edition
Lauren Cooper
'Lauren Cooper' 7 days ago
dude perfect are perfect love them

from my son
'J'Lynne Gilmore' 7 days ago
My best was when he kept missing his flip
The carlson Fab 5
'The carlson Fab 5' 1 week ago
You guys are beast
The carlson Fab 5
'The carlson Fab 5' 1 week ago
You guys are beast
koko agra
'koko agra' 1 week ago
thank guys
Amber Miguel
'Amber Miguel' 1 week ago
dude purfecet is cool!!!!🐯❣👏✌👌👍🙌🙋👥😺😸😜😀😀😀☺😘
Isaac Cottrell
'Isaac Cottrell' 1 week ago
can't choose
H4B33B R4HM44N
'H4B33B R4HM44N' 1 week ago
hows it going guys im team tylor i know you guys are too was the best bit
teo 01
'teo 01' 1 week ago
2:20 which video was it?
Luke Owens
'Luke Owens' 1 week ago
I want team Cory to beat team coby
Jaime Hymel
'Jaime Hymel' 1 week ago
my fav waz wen u smelled the bread
mike s
'mike s' 1 week ago
you are awesome
Mariah Lara
'Mariah Lara' 1 week ago
My favorite video fromb2016 and sense your first video I would have to say all of them your guys videos are amazing cool exciting exhilarating I bet that everyone that watch your videos and love you videos I know that we all want to be like you guys
John Boyd
'John Boyd' 1 week ago
awesome job guys keep it up
xXLegit_BallerXx 16
srry for being picky but...
the first ever dude perfect of 2016 will be the only one since there's only one 2016
awesome video tho
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