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I've Got Good News and Good News: Beyoncé's Winter Tour -
Published: 4 weeks ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 4 weeks ago

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To counter all the bad news being reported, The Tonight Show asked NBC news anchors across the U.S. to read happy stories we wish were true.

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I've Got Good News and Good News: Beyoncé's Winter Tour

'Batman911' 2 weeks ago
Marion Pons
'Marion Pons' 2 weeks ago
Host future captain pqbdfoi sound truth skin.
Bat of Gotham
'Bat of Gotham' 4 weeks ago
Hella smooth
Saud Dowaihy
'Saud Dowaihy' 4 weeks ago
am I the only one that get excited that his local news is in this?
The Monolith
'The Monolith' 4 weeks ago
So I'm not actually awesome?
Jimmy Two-Times
'Jimmy Two-Times' 4 weeks ago
Hurry up and upload R. Kelly's performance, you cunts... I need to go to sleep.
Aaron Petralba
'Aaron Petralba' 4 weeks ago
whats that song at the end of all fallon videos lol it's so smooth
'miggidymark' 4 weeks ago
He's on fiiiiire!!
'AquaCatClaws' 4 weeks ago
Thank you thank you thank you ❤️
Kibret W
'Kibret W' 4 weeks ago
most of thats not a good news lol
angela ortiz
'angela ortiz' 4 weeks ago
Only Jay Z can make Beyoncé dance in his living room 😉
Chudy Ilozue
'Chudy Ilozue' 4 weeks ago
I needed that!
Micah Gilbert
'Micah Gilbert' 4 weeks ago
does that mean I'm 'not' awesome?
Adrien HM
'Adrien HM' 4 weeks ago
It actually made me feel good aha
'surgedeb' 4 weeks ago
I would love all of that except for the Russian hack.
Timothy Graham
'Timothy Graham' 4 weeks ago
I loved NBA Jam, the first and only basketball game I had. #FromDownTown
'Walastika' 4 weeks ago
This fake news has got to stop!!!!

JK The vid made me laugh and feel good. Be kind to eachother, world.
'Geddo' 4 weeks ago
Who is at 0:41?
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Yay, Dominique from Houston represents!!!
Noah Ramsey
'Noah Ramsey' 4 weeks ago
I hope the Beyonce one is true. I want to see her on tour again so bad
Benjamin McEachrane
'Benjamin McEachrane' 4 weeks ago
That was kinda dumb but also kinda cute, so I'll take it
Tera Renee
'Tera Renee' 4 weeks ago
This is awesome.
jazzy wazzy
'jazzy wazzy' 4 weeks ago
Queen B here I come 😁
xxMistakexx xx
'xxMistakexx xx' 4 weeks ago
I love how the thumbnail was the newsreporter for Arizona. Where I live
Juan Cabrera
'Juan Cabrera' 4 weeks ago
12 News made it!! 🙌
Pblock Dlreng
'Pblock Dlreng' 4 weeks ago
Newscasters are literal trained monkeys that will read anything you put in front of them.
Red Dae
'Red Dae' 4 weeks ago
This was pretty good! Hope they have more of these 😁
Shes Comeundun
'Shes Comeundun' 4 weeks ago
favorite segment
Greyson Petrenko
'Greyson Petrenko' 4 weeks ago
Can anyone tell me why Beyoncé always wears one piece swim suits on stage
'djcommodus' 4 weeks ago
really stupid. jimmy fallon is a dud. not funny at all.
Kinky Curly Vegan
'Kinky Curly Vegan' 4 weeks ago
Love it!! More of this please!
Laura Steindorf
'Laura Steindorf' 4 weeks ago
😂🤣 ...replay ... replay ...replay!!!!!!!
Maliha Intikhab
'Maliha Intikhab' 4 weeks ago
The second woman looks like Geena Davis.
Sharon Zurcher
'Sharon Zurcher' 4 weeks ago
I love these..we all n3ed some good news, espically this year..2016 has been a espically hard year for everyone so it's nice to get some good news for a change....(sigh) if only it was real, I would love to not only win the lotto but to have Beyonce do a concert from my living room...and always nice to see my newscaster in theŕe...Michigan represnt!!
Itchy 0ne Grip
'Itchy 0ne Grip' 4 weeks ago
TRUMP WON! Best news ever.
Zach Kuhn
'Zach Kuhn' 4 weeks ago
Who is the first newscaster reading about the lottery?
'joshd' 4 weeks ago
Seriously? Wait for it..........flippity gibbitt!
Heath Farley
'Heath Farley' 4 weeks ago
'Just4MTF' 4 weeks ago
I don't want Beyoncé in my living room, she's highly overrated
Awesome Pants
'Awesome Pants' 4 weeks ago
I love how he does this he is such a cool guy
Aidan Rice
'Aidan Rice' 4 weeks ago
Waiting for my 4 bigiyoulin dollars
IRÈNE Raharimalala
'IRÈNE Raharimalala' 4 weeks ago
I love Beyoncé
IRÈNE Raharimalala
'IRÈNE Raharimalala' 4 weeks ago
I love B
'MrLexspecialis' 4 weeks ago
What is the Name of the first women anchor?
'Eren' 4 weeks ago
Oh fuck I really needed this
'elzeus13' 4 weeks ago
Wait for it.
Wait for it..
Wait for it...
Wait for it....

You're awesome!
Tanya Sparrow
'Tanya Sparrow' 4 weeks ago
should i believe this? they seem so serious about it LOL
Michin Sin
'Michin Sin' 4 weeks ago
Where's the news about 4 more years of Obama, until we get someone who is actually fit for being the president of the United States?
'LoveandFriendship08' 4 weeks ago
Am I the only one who wishes that the short song at the end of every Fallon's video should be an entire song !? I mean, sooo good to groove !!!
A Torres
'A Torres' 4 weeks ago
Happy Holidays to all and to all a bitch slap ... I mean good night ❤️
Floppy Bird
'Floppy Bird' 4 weeks ago
'Hailey' 4 weeks ago
I love this ❤
Nintendo freak
'Nintendo freak' 4 weeks ago
Good News : The Terrorist that drove an truck in a christmas market was killed by the italian police !
'stonematt' 4 weeks ago
This actually made me feel good. haha. weird
'calahan59' 4 weeks ago
someone knows the name of the brunette at 0:37 ?
Maryam Ahmed
'Maryam Ahmed' 4 weeks ago
Eddie Mendoza
'Eddie Mendoza' 4 weeks ago
I'm so used to bad news that I read the tittle as "i got good news and bad news"
'KevinÇi' 4 weeks ago
no clue, what I'm doing with my life.
Leonard Strohmaier
'Leonard Strohmaier' 4 weeks ago
kinda weak
'Farah' 4 weeks ago
Make this a weekly segment please!
ahmed majeed
'ahmed majeed' 4 weeks ago
Jimmy fallon is......
Ayan Chakraborty
'Ayan Chakraborty' 4 weeks ago
150th view ladies and gentlemen
X EllaBella X
'X EllaBella X' 4 weeks ago
Janine Bukieda
'Janine Bukieda' 4 weeks ago
made my day!
Teegan Maistry-Foster
Claire Choi
'Claire Choi' 4 weeks ago
gamerlpcz dusamarko
'gamerlpcz dusamarko' 4 weeks ago
who are you
'Reis2TheOccasion' 4 weeks ago
Zac Wolf
'Zac Wolf' 4 weeks ago
Hahahahaha first
The Legendary Man
'The Legendary Man' 4 weeks ago
Vive la France i love usa
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