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YouTube Sent A Mysterious Package... -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Unbox Therapy

By: Unbox TherapyPublished: 2 weeks ago

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video -

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'roxcyn' 10 hours ago
I need to know the brands of your outfit.
das RIM
'das RIM' 11 hours ago
You're oficially SLAV now!
You choose who you want to be, russian, serbian, bosnian, czech, polish...
'groszek919' 21 hours ago
Now you can be a real Slav !
'Charleydoesstuff' 23 hours ago
i have two of the phone pixel sweaters i got them in new york
Asmaa Bawazir
'Asmaa Bawazir' 1 day ago
you know what, screw my university
lets be youtubers
Christian Gordon
'Christian Gordon' 1 day ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
'Eroith' 1 day ago
It is Actually Illegal to say HAAaaY bitch to a cop officer
Alper Karadağ
'Alper Karadağ' 1 day ago
So now on you're a russian mafia?
booger king
'booger king' 1 day ago
Lol! Google earning millions and just sending this as gift :D
Zara Murray
'Zara Murray' 2 days ago
I've just realised that you look a lot like AfterPrisonShow
Lawrence L. Deacon
I think you should be in a movie.
Elijah Berry
'Elijah Berry' 2 days ago
You're welcome
Byron Baker
'Byron Baker' 2 days ago
outfit is 💀killer I need an Adidas suite like that
Alex Logsdon
'Alex Logsdon' 2 days ago
Bryan Castillo
'Bryan Castillo' 2 days ago
dan has one of the youtude jacket
Laur Balaur
'Laur Balaur' 3 days ago
you shoud do some slav squats in that track suit:)
Radu Alin Costin Radu
You look like the russians from CS GO SUKA BLYAT!
Insane Wolf
'Insane Wolf' 3 days ago
lol thought the first thing was a thong
All Tube
'All Tube' 3 days ago
if u were not unboxing these shits u wont be watching u
Sarah Ahmed
'Sarah Ahmed' 3 days ago
The boxes were nicer than the gifts.
orlando flores
'orlando flores' 3 days ago
The Utopian Kingdom
You should breakdance in that unbox!
Samson Blay
'Samson Blay' 3 days ago
this is YouTubes way of saying: "MOVE TO RUSSIA!!!"
Akhil Madi
'Akhil Madi' 3 days ago
Who's jack?
Jesper Svendsen
'Jesper Svendsen' 3 days ago
shiiiiit we got a new slav in da haus
Juan F. Balcazar
'Juan F. Balcazar' 4 days ago
ducking lov your humour Lew.
Gianella Narvaez
'Gianella Narvaez' 4 days ago
Who is Jack anyway
Who did the music? I think he lifted the horn sample from me. lol
Ahmad Rafiq
'Ahmad Rafiq' 4 days ago
Weren't you disappointed that there were no gadgets inside ?
AL Haidar
'AL Haidar' 4 days ago
he's trying to be like pewdiepie with the screaming and the bad jokes
Alfie Guy
'Alfie Guy' 4 days ago
sw4GGA UNcle
'sw4GGA UNcle' 4 days ago
YouTube forgot Vodka..
Sean Montenegro
'Sean Montenegro' 4 days ago
Lewis Slav version
Doc Spoc
'Doc Spoc' 4 days ago
James Chaberka
'James Chaberka' 4 days ago
Stefan Cojocaru (Skyman)
20$ gift for almost 8mil subs ... garbage people working in a garbage company called google
Peter L
'Peter L' 4 days ago
Cool gifts
Cohen Abbott
'Cohen Abbott' 4 days ago
Shoutout to YouTube on YouTube
Important Member
'Important Member' 4 days ago
Loool you looked like a living, younger version of Fidel Castro
Edmar Farias
'Edmar Farias' 4 days ago
He reminded me of Fidel Castro in that jacket
'TechGamerize' 4 days ago
Stormzy lmao
Chemically Attractive
How do they know his size?
Nahom solomon
'Nahom solomon' 5 days ago
Life is not bed by bed bro just chilll!!!!!sometimes it happens..😩😔🤔☹️☹️☹️😈😡😜😙😙😂😔😜😔🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Ravi Grewal
'Ravi Grewal' 5 days ago
Love your videos. Keep up the good work
'TekNO EL' 5 days ago
youtube becomes a gopnik
Jakob Siska
'Jakob Siska' 5 days ago
My 1st Google search was
I used to play there a lot when i was little.
Ash Sami Alvi
'Ash Sami Alvi' 5 days ago
Slav in tracksuits
Simon Pichler
'Simon Pichler' 5 days ago
Scene opportunity function document transform contrast cream
'Kaahn' 5 days ago
adiedas? TRIGGERED
Shane Lyrics
'Shane Lyrics' 5 days ago
i searched what the first search on google was from unbox therapy and it was pornhub
Rafee Ahmed
'Rafee Ahmed' 5 days ago
Google's got a good sense of humor
Techtonic Tech
'Techtonic Tech' 5 days ago
It's none of that it's a 'Belated Holiday Surprise'
Willyjr 218
'Willyjr 218' 5 days ago
Love the outfit and the sweatshirt
Roberto Solorzano Santos
te pareces un entrenador
Elijah Santos (ELi)
I think YouTube want you to get out the box
'ReNZo™' 5 days ago
YouTube want you to be a road man
Adam Smith
'Adam Smith' 5 days ago
Where can I get the YouTube badges
'Jecker' 5 days ago
YouTube puts time into this but can't put any time into fixing the age restrictions fucking people over :/
ceejay Els
'ceejay Els' 6 days ago
Jack is You Tube
Ibrahim Muluk
'Ibrahim Muluk' 6 days ago
legit slav right here
Ung Nung
'Ung Nung' 6 days ago
pixels too small for your pocket you record in 4k right?
Nick Green
'Nick Green' 6 days ago
Oh my all this corporate fake love..I suspect without money there would be no love
sadiq ali
'sadiq ali' 6 days ago
loud nonsense
Kjell Boevink
'Kjell Boevink' 6 days ago
now you can be a real slav
tech and fun kings
give me that google pixel i need it
Brian Mejia
'Brian Mejia' 6 days ago
that's a sweet adidas jacket
Juan Sebastian Iglesias
Shit result I really like this violfntl~ interaction
Noober ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
0:03 What if his mom walked in.
Tony s
'Tony s' 6 days ago
you can tell this guy never got laid a day in his life
'JackRadoPlays' 6 days ago
nadeshot is fresh in his lol
Connor Cummings
'Connor Cummings' 6 days ago
Anyone who is from the UK will get this, he looks like Stormzy 😂
Johannes Xoagub
'Johannes Xoagub' 7 days ago
Adam Ali
'Adam Ali' 7 days ago
Very reserved review.. scared he might lose his endorsements. Just admit they're garbage
Arturo von Knobloch
can you send the pins?? hahahaha I literally want those
Cheden Mitchel Ragragola
what if google actually listened and showed him his first google search and it was some porn site
Raiko Kõrge
'Raiko Kõrge' 7 days ago
you don't pronounce adidas you say it
Edrees Noorzai
'Edrees Noorzai' 7 days ago
what the fuck is wrong with this guy
Matthew Smith
'Matthew Smith' 7 days ago
Native mechanical accuse command radiation.
yacine aouimeur
'yacine aouimeur' 7 days ago
Антон Ступин
'xmfbx' 7 days ago
his face 00:09
'DrakestrDL' 7 days ago
'K THE POWER' 7 days ago
So lucky
Domestos Bleach
'Domestos Bleach' 7 days ago
one day we'll teach Americans to pronounce Adidas properly
Sven S (Kolick)
'Sven S (Kolick)' 7 days ago
Lew became a Gopnik
'CrAzYgIrL' 7 days ago
I just found out edge runs YouTube videos better than chrome. That's ironic
Jamare Matthew
'Jamare Matthew' 7 days ago
LML mad chill
'electricps3' 7 days ago
10/10 russian adidas cosplay
'electricps3' 7 days ago
its so unfunny to shout at jack
Vadim Bohonko
'Vadim Bohonko' 7 days ago
подписывайтесь на мой канал
Harry Arimini
'Harry Arimini' 7 days ago
Mans looking like StormZ with that red Adidas jacket
Nadem Gamer
'Nadem Gamer' 7 days ago
Arabic I liked. I loved
Ingemārs Volters
'Ingemārs Volters' 1 week ago
You are ready to go to russia
Zoro Gaming
'Zoro Gaming' 1 week ago
The Jack game it's getting boring makes you look a little bit crazy 😜
Este guey dijo....
looks like yes, Google makes a lot of extra juicy money out of youtube. Otherwise they wouldn't give a $200 track sweat suits from Adidas as christmas gift.
'EvrythingTek' 1 week ago
Chris. H
'Chris. H' 1 week ago
0:08 When you hear Lue yelling at Jack in the office. First thing you think, is oh cool another video to edit. 😅😄
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