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Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch -
Published: 2 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 2 months ago

9, 174, 267 views

213, 423 Likes   1, 190 Dislikes

Jimmy and Benedict Cumberbatch perform an intense scene they've written together using Mad Libs.

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Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch

Daisy Chambers
'Daisy Chambers' 59 minutes ago
LOL!! I love how specific he was with "little toe" xD ! That sketch at the end had me in stitches xD!
'Tearless93' 2 hours ago
Who else feels somehow flattered and grateful for mentioning Ukraine as a country though it's just a joke?)
Baujci Xiong
'Baujci Xiong' 5 hours ago
lmao! so funnyyyy
Tengku Izdihar
'Tengku Izdihar' 5 hours ago
benedicotine Decomprized-hatch
Olga Nasadyuk
'Olga Nasadyuk' 5 hours ago
Is he really from Ukraine 😋😋😋💗💗💗💞??
Nana Daniel
'Nana Daniel' 6 hours ago
Sherlock!!!! He should let his hair down.
Emma Hogle
'Emma Hogle' 11 hours ago
Benedict your super funny. And I will always know you Sherlock.
Nika Kennikrayson
'Nika Kennikrayson' 13 hours ago
Joanna Burrell
'Joanna Burrell' 14 hours ago
He's brilliant
Nerd Girl
'Nerd Girl' 1 day ago
I love benjictyldgf cummbdjfbfkd
Kierra White
'Kierra White' 1 day ago
FuCk 😂😂
'larrysspoon' 1 day ago
Украина. дважды
я в гроб
'showmiha' 1 day ago
GOD. he knows about Ukraine! Is it possible? I'm really happy because of this fact. It was unexpected
ma ka
'ma ka' 1 day ago
verb ending in ing hahahah LOL
Nilay Pereira
'Nilay Pereira' 2 days ago
Benedict Cumberbatch is a Hufflepuff^^ 💛
Kateryna Bukrieieva
It`s such a pleasure to hear that you think about Ukraine, thanks, Benedict! :)
Evelyn Black
'Evelyn Black' 2 days ago
Oh why did he get married? He made such a huge mistake in his life LOL Breaking all our hearts - his fans.
Анастасія Журавчак
I'm also from Ukraine, yo
I't kinda inconvenient to understand his motives for stealing eggs, lol
Phoebe Ingham
'Phoebe Ingham' 2 days ago
Mrs Tate from Ukraine
Dominika C.
'Dominika C.' 2 days ago
I watch this everyday and I can't stop
marcy dominguez
'marcy dominguez' 2 days ago
beautiful and enigmatic man!😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😗
Ella Finstad
'Ella Finstad' 2 days ago
Ryan Kay
'Ryan Kay' 2 days ago
Doctor who references
Lera Ivashura
'Lera Ivashura' 3 days ago
this awkward moment when u r from Ukraine
Danielle Castro
'Danielle Castro' 3 days ago
Its so hilarious, i love it!!!!! Hahahahahahha!
Sasha Kovlikova
'Sasha Kovlikova' 3 days ago
My Faves !!!
Ekaterina Nikiforova
What did BC say at 4:10?
'Amayonnaise' 3 days ago
Piper Chamberlain
'Piper Chamberlain' 3 days ago
Jimmy's fake laugh tho!!
Eman Kocher
'Eman Kocher' 4 days ago
I'm just back for my daily viewing of this video hbu
Fleur Janssens
'Fleur Janssens' 4 days ago
peeps, beef does anybody watch larger this version? wtf
'Larrysbride' 4 days ago
Jimmy should do this with Chris Pine and Zechary Quinto xD
Changedma Name
'Changedma Name' 4 days ago
You should do this with russell brand
Taylor Jones
'Taylor Jones' 4 days ago
'motley123rock' 4 days ago
Hilarious. Pet badger !! 😂
Louis Hanewacker
'Louis Hanewacker' 5 days ago
what was the question from jimmy, that ben answers with 'eggs '???
Pradyumn Pathak
'Pradyumn Pathak' 5 days ago
Rory? Geronimo? guess we know who Benedict's favourite Doctor is!
Aryan Rungta
'Aryan Rungta' 5 days ago
BEST piece of comedy I've seen my whole life.
Ann Lucena
'Ann Lucena' 5 days ago
Ukraine 💙💛
Bohdana Luhova
'Bohdana Luhova' 5 days ago
Ukraine 🔰🔰🔰
Vanessa Weaver
'Vanessa Weaver' 5 days ago
Benedict had Doctor Who on the brain
'Inori' 5 days ago
I've seen this 10 times maybe & it still cracks me up
Zein Steit
'Zein Steit' 6 days ago
i would Love to have the Cup from Benedict xD i would never wash it
Alejna Veizaj
'Alejna Veizaj' 6 days ago
lmfaoooooo i cant stop laughing. he is a such funny guy
Any Jain
'Any Jain' 6 days ago
into_ perspective
'into_ perspective' 6 days ago
I just choked on my Ukrainian biscuits 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
'stlesvoid' 6 days ago
i need more of this
Phlash 64
'Phlash 64' 6 days ago
I said fuck at the same time as Benedict, I'm oddly satisfied
Claudia Ann Lee
'Claudia Ann Lee' 6 days ago
benedict laughing as he says "half a millimetre away from the crime scene!" is so damn cute lmao
'Nameless' 6 days ago
ok I wanted to ask this a very long time. why Jimmy is even writing? :D
'ziba' 7 days ago
4:29 best face ever!!!! gotta love that man
'buggld' 7 days ago
Funny how he's just softly rubbing his fingertips over Jimmy's desk while he's giving the words for the skit.
Just an other account
Ben's laugh is so cute 💜
'DolphinBiscuits' 1 week ago
4:38 Tracy Morgan, is that you?
diamond wilson
'diamond wilson' 1 week ago
wilderness expectation burn urban outside shooting adult desperate.
Julianna Fletcher
'Julianna Fletcher' 1 week ago
Okay that was great
Miraculous Otaku
'Miraculous Otaku' 1 week ago
He should've picked penguin for the animal. Or should I say pengwing xD
Pinka Tamara Dewi
'Pinka Tamara Dewi' 1 week ago
Bali, Batik. Anjir ini gue yang salah denger atau gimana? :')
'Eclipsolan' 1 week ago
With Benedict dressed like that, I get a little Rust Cohle vibe.
Hirson Khoiri
'Hirson Khoiri' 1 week ago
haha laugh whole time see this
'erluebbe' 1 week ago
Hahhaah one of the best videos on YouTube
Josh C.
'Josh C.' 1 week ago
Doctor Who references everywhere... :')
Noodely 2
'Noodely 2' 1 week ago
Benadryl Cabbagepatch
Chiara Al
'Chiara Al' 1 week ago
rory? geronimo? he definitely was watching doctor who before that
Jodie Bacon
'Jodie Bacon' 1 week ago
Benedict you can't saY THAT ON TV
Mon sil
'Mon sil' 1 week ago
this kills me every time i watch this thing😂😂😂😂
Johan Theron
'Johan Theron' 1 week ago
Aah I love blubberdick bumblepatch !!
'ADSlammer' 1 week ago
you should do this again with like will ferrel or Jim carrey or Ryan renalds!?
Luke Wyler
'Luke Wyler' 1 week ago
What is the outro song
Sweetlady 79
'Sweetlady 79' 1 week ago
he looks like doctor strange from the movie
Macey Stone
'Macey Stone' 1 week ago
I got so excited when he said Macy's because that's my name😂
Julia Nordbö
'Julia Nordbö' 1 week ago
Rory! Geronimo! OH. MY. GOSH!
Julia Nordbö
'Julia Nordbö' 1 week ago
Rory! <333
'Muffintops' 1 week ago
'go home to my pet badger'

Every Hufflepuff ever
Кот Баскервиля
Сделайте субтитры, я вижу что смешно, НО НЕ ПОНИМАЮ ПОЧЕМУ.
Nus Mus
'Nus Mus' 1 week ago
Svitlana Jadhav
'Svitlana Jadhav' 1 week ago
omg!!! hilarious! !
Kate Roy
'Kate Roy' 1 week ago
Got I love men in gun-holsters. ❤
Sam Powell
'Sam Powell' 2 weeks ago
Great vid
'HappyLittlePhan' 2 weeks ago
I am slowly becoming a cumberbitch.
Christopher Thomas
'Christopher Thomas' 2 weeks ago
Shoulder trail right ultimate trap sigh last particular they.
Pastel Sloth
'Pastel Sloth' 2 weeks ago
He's so cute x))
Timothe Poirier
'Timothe Poirier' 2 weeks ago
season Anyone identify better than this variany . .
Kenna Choy
'Kenna Choy' 2 weeks ago
'sderrico11' 2 weeks ago
Omg, their accents😂😂
'CryoOptimistic' 2 weeks ago
I'd watch that movie
'BARDO' 2 weeks ago
Rory, Geronimo? Matt Smith isn't here tonight Benedict
Alexis Archuleta
'Alexis Archuleta' 2 weeks ago
I love this sketch!
Debora Sandmann
'Debora Sandmann' 2 weeks ago
Is He really Doing Doctor who references?😂
Chase Davenport
'Chase Davenport' 2 weeks ago
he's such a good actor
Jessica Smith
'Jessica Smith' 2 weeks ago
America should just do what we do in britain and let people swear and tell everyone that their kids should be in bed anyway
Aly In Wonderland
'Aly In Wonderland' 2 weeks ago
"Where were you on the night of Hanukkah?" X,D best part.
Will Morriss
'Will Morriss' 2 weeks ago
Is BC going for a Boston accent? he sounds like he has marbles in his mouth.....'Rory' lol
Muriel Thompson
'Muriel Thompson' 2 weeks ago
Hmmm. I can see what his favorite word is.. nudge nudge wink wink
'Frost' 2 weeks ago
Omg its Bendydick Cumonherback
Laura Pauwels
'Laura Pauwels' 2 weeks ago
Growing edition day ypqldzq narrow general motivation defensive section
Stel Gros
'Stel Gros' 2 weeks ago
Verb ending with -ing.
Fu... no can't say that. 😂
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