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Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch -
Published: 6 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 6 months ago

11, 810, 434 views

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Jimmy and Benedict Cumberbatch perform an intense scene they've written together using Mad Libs.

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Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch

Radish Is Kool
'Radish Is Kool' 11 hours ago
He's such a big Whovian!
Xx_KillerMeme _xX
'Xx_KillerMeme _xX' 18 hours ago
Agamdeep Singh
'Agamdeep Singh' 20 hours ago
"Ukrrrrrraine" Lost it there!!!
xera asis
'xera asis' 1 day ago
eggs benedict
Gresi Lamaj
'Gresi Lamaj' 1 day ago
Half a millimeter away from the crime scene! I absolutely lost it! XD
crystal deer
'crystal deer' 1 day ago
benedict cucumber
Scott T.
'Scott T.' 2 days ago
Cumberbatch's impression of an American (NY?) accent here was pretty terrible. I'm sure he could do a good job if he had had time to practice it. That said this was hilarious.
Hannah B
'Hannah B' 2 days ago
I don't think I've ever laughed this hard at a video lmao
Massimo van steen
'Massimo van steen' 2 days ago
hey its battlefield counterstrike
chee xiong
'chee xiong' 2 days ago
Where were you on the night of Hanukkah?
Jimmy:*counts finger* watching superman!

I died laughing😂
excuse me, cøuld yøu plz leave
I love Benadryl Cumhersnatch so muuuch
Becky H.Ø.
'Becky H.Ø.' 3 days ago
Omg his face at 4:29 - 4:30 ! 😂
Anton Mykhailiuk
'Anton Mykhailiuk' 3 days ago
Лайк за Україну!
Yuksel Ismail
'Yuksel Ismail' 3 days ago
6:08 What the fuck ? wasn't expecting that
'Dancerama6' 3 days ago
He would be amazing on a show like Brooklyn Nine Nine
Dr. Savitar
'Dr. Savitar' 3 days ago
Benedict Cucumberbatch is such a talented man.
Turnip Studios
'Turnip Studios' 4 days ago
For number I would have said 500 billion so I could annoy Jimmy with all the zeros
anvari Rahman
'anvari Rahman' 4 days ago
benedict cumberbatch in suspenders is my weakness
anvari Rahman
'anvari Rahman' 4 days ago
I love him so much
'MrJdot12' 4 days ago
Benadryl Cabbagepatch is great
'Rafa's Hut' 4 days ago
'JKimberly' 4 days ago
S Parker
'S Parker' 4 days ago
That is one of the best mad libs ever!!!
Sendi Hiddston
'Sendi Hiddston' 5 days ago
Oh, Ukraine. love it
Ruby Zach
'Ruby Zach' 5 days ago
"rory" "geronimo" I think ben is a doctor who fan
'2muchtv' 5 days ago
He's trying so hard to load the questions. It's hilarious.
mollyy tsanadis
'mollyy tsanadis' 5 days ago
"and my pet badger" omg i could not stop laughing
Daisy Sanders
'Daisy Sanders' 6 days ago
'GamingGirl4God' 6 days ago
animal? penlings. penwings! lol
Neptune GMD
'Neptune GMD' 6 days ago
Famous movie quote:
"My name's Jeff"
Aya Ghadar
'Aya Ghadar' 6 days ago
im from Ukraine !
'LD MADNESS' 6 days ago
omg i was just watching rick and morty and the scene i was watching had ms tate in it whaaaaaat does benedict cumberbatch watch rick and morty
'dimang777' 7 days ago
Mad Lib Theaters are the BEST!!! So funny.
They should do more of this. I want to watch more of these clips seriously.
Spoons For Trousers
This game works so much better with British people for some reason
jacob gharib
'jacob gharib' 7 days ago
Benedict Cumberbatch is the best, but i almost couldnt tell that is was him w that hair!
Narwalrus Society
'Narwalrus Society' 7 days ago
Leave it to Bindafeel Kimbibot to say "fuck" on live television
Cashmeoutsidehowbowdat XD
Cumberbitches unite
Victoria Reyes
'Victoria Reyes' 1 week ago
either this is really improvised or they're REALLY good actors...?? Jimmy looks like he's writing at some points, and then scribbling at others like he knows Benedict already has all this memorized...I'd like to know.
Trang Nguyen
'Trang Nguyen' 1 week ago
I laughed much more than I should have. I'm in tears.
Jujush S
'Jujush S' 1 week ago
oh my god, I laughed so hard!!
Uyen Hoang
'Uyen Hoang' 1 week ago
3:15 Hmmm
xristoforos tsekos
4:30 pause
Cecilia Melgar
'Cecilia Melgar' 1 week ago
benedicto slaying as ever
Will Mccartha
'Will Mccartha' 1 week ago
I have three things to say, 1:When he said Rory I thought of Amy, Little Amelia, The Raggedy Man, The 11th Doctor. 2:He is Sherlock Holmes from SHERLOCK on BBC. 3:Geronimo made me think of bow ties, fezzes, stetsons, and most of all, FISH FINGERS AND CUSTARD!
'whatmichelle' 1 week ago
In love with Benedict Cumberbatch 😛😍
Kiih Gomes
'Kiih Gomes' 1 week ago
Subtitles please
Laura Kinney
'Laura Kinney' 1 week ago
'Domcia' 1 week ago
I laughed so hard, but 5:02 killed meXD
Lauras Chronicles
'Lauras Chronicles' 1 week ago
4:30 : >
Panic! At The Disco Trash
He's so definitely Sherlock but also the complete opposite and its very much brilliant!
'Es' 1 week ago
This is the funniest video on YouTube
'BobexSLYM' 1 week ago
My favorite part was 5:02. Jimmy Fallon says "U-kraine" and puts on an accent. I was dying of laughter.
Gaby Elyzabeth
'Gaby Elyzabeth' 1 week ago
Tachi Rosa
'Tachi Rosa' 1 week ago
So... did anyone notice that he was dropping hints about doctor strange?!!! "Mindbending" and superhero references.. batman quote and superman...I swear marvel is so stealthy...
Rahul Srivatsav
'Rahul Srivatsav' 1 week ago
Am I the only one who was annoyed by the way they parked the cars outside the 9th Precinct?
Briana Wolf
'Briana Wolf' 1 week ago
Flippitty jibbitt!!!!!!! He's amazing😂
'Manden' 1 week ago
ya'll niggas need subtitles boi
'Manden' 1 week ago
what's his name again? Benedryl Cucumberpatch? Benjamin Concubine? I forget
Who stole Jimin
my stomach hurts so bad now, omlll
Emily Loves Harry Potter
Jimmy: Famous Movie Quote
Mette Mølholm
'Mette Mølholm' 1 week ago
Still watching this
TheGamer Wolf
'TheGamer Wolf' 1 week ago
Does anyone else just love hearing benedict talk?
Blackcat 43031
'Blackcat 43031' 1 week ago
i love this because benedict was trying really hard to keep a stright face
'W P' 2 weeks ago
Well Done Benedict Cumberbatch! :)
Amanda Cox
'Amanda Cox' 2 weeks ago
is this the plot of a new Sherlock episode
EEBG bunnygirl
'EEBG bunnygirl' 2 weeks ago
EEBG bunnygirl
'EEBG bunnygirl' 2 weeks ago
Recent: Shlock stars on The Tonight Show.
'callbigg' 2 weeks ago
Love the movie quote 😘💖💕💞
McKay Alley
'McKay Alley' 2 weeks ago
If you pause it at 5:51 Benedict has a hilarious face!
Melody The Person
'Melody The Person' 2 weeks ago
Devanuj Baruah
'Devanuj Baruah' 2 weeks ago
I can't believe no-one's said this yet but Benedict in the mad lib act sounds (even looks a bit) exactly like Barry Kripke from TBBT.
The not so Smooth criminal
I love how they can't keep a straight face!!! 😂😂😂
Priyadharshan prabhu
Extremely Hilarious...." Gyrating..."....I fell down laughing at that...
Hanne Blum
'Hanne Blum' 2 weeks ago
He seriously chose a Shakespearean word hahahaha it's my favorite word
Nandorary Saptenly
'Nandorary Saptenly' 2 weeks ago
Benedict's accent is good enough
Sherlock Holmes
'Sherlock Holmes' 2 weeks ago
Who is this man and why do people associate him with me
Iman Illiad
'Iman Illiad' 2 weeks ago
thumbnail looking like Kendrick's DNA video
Mahuika Parata
'Mahuika Parata' 2 weeks ago
I lost it at 'gyrating half a millimetre from the crime scene'
Maria Carmela Sanguinetti
This one will always be my favorite
jesse kl
'jesse kl' 2 weeks ago
When he said flibbertigibbit i gasped and said "I love you" aloud with no hesitation. My boyfriend turned and pinned me with a Look (altho I later found out he thought I was paying attention to his game which was in a very bad touch scene so my explanation ended up being met with relief rather than seething jealousy. I had the sense to leave out the part where I meant the words quite seriously )
'birdorienteering' 2 weeks ago
Why were you gyrating a half a millimeter from the crime scene then?
Arthur van Essen
'Arthur van Essen' 2 weeks ago
Rose Jones
'Rose Jones' 2 weeks ago
Summer Mia
'Summer Mia' 2 weeks ago
Flibbertiggibet is a Shakespearean word !
Razvan Radu
'Razvan Radu' 2 weeks ago
Elijah Thedonkey
'Elijah Thedonkey' 2 weeks ago
Benedict's accent sounds like kripkes in TBBT
TL Mapping
'TL Mapping' 2 weeks ago
"Where were you on the night of Hanukkah?" Gets me every time.
Yael Nemeth
'Yael Nemeth' 2 weeks ago
Bendaroo Cibblrdstein
Beth Frazer
'Beth Frazer' 2 weeks ago
Just a tiny bit in love with him, promise...
Mitya Petrov
'Mitya Petrov' 2 weeks ago
Battlefield​ counterstrike is such a good actor!
Sean Grand
'Sean Grand' 2 weeks ago
Jimmy said EX CETERA. Not ET... omg
Alicia Tremlett
'Alicia Tremlett' 2 weeks ago
"4229" lol
Julian Hong
'Julian Hong' 2 weeks ago
Flibbity Gibit? Gavin is that you??
'crazybooklover21XX' 2 weeks ago
I'm laughing so hard I'm on the floor and can't breathe 😂🤣😂
'VoltageLP' 2 weeks ago
Ukraine <3
Uyen Nguyen
'Uyen Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
really need Engsub pls. those are just so hard tho 😂
Privati Rizkiana
'Privati Rizkiana' 2 weeks ago
make the subtitle, please. The deafs want to watch this video too.
i came here for music.
ff.. no i can say that adskfjkşasldf
Shelly DeLaney
'Shelly DeLaney' 2 weeks ago
He's so charming it's ridiculous
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