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Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch -
Published: 4 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 4 months ago

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Jimmy and Benedict Cumberbatch perform an intense scene they've written together using Mad Libs.

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Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch

Mamatha U
'Mamatha U' 4 hours ago
'blackmomma33' 8 hours ago
love it
Antón Lucas López Agras
"... Half a milimeter away from the crime scene!"
Lauren Dugas
'Lauren Dugas' 16 hours ago
omg.. lol
Anusha sharma
'Anusha sharma' 17 hours ago
Benedict is so damn sexy 😍😍😭😭
Ly Phan
'Ly Phan' 20 hours ago
"You have a mind-bending voice". It's true though.
Edrei Argueta
'Edrei Argueta' 23 hours ago
Benedict Cumberbatch is so good , I actually wanna see a movie where he's a Boston cop .
Yaswini Krishnasamy
wt movie is tis?
Horace the Cheese
I lost it at "half a millimetre from the crimescene"
river song
'river song' 1 day ago
😂😂😂😂 got to love fallon and cumberbatch is brilliant
Madridista KZ
'Madridista KZ' 2 days ago
Bendthedick cumonface
Madridista KZ
'Madridista KZ' 2 days ago
bumblebee chevrolet
Dasun Baduge
'Dasun Baduge' 2 days ago
I swear nothing beats this... xd :D
'ashu91raigar' 2 days ago
Felony Harlem
'Felony Harlem' 2 days ago
Little toe implants...I died xD
Electric Emerald
'Electric Emerald' 2 days ago
Hey look, it's Benedoop Camberbam!
Darth Cena
'Darth Cena' 2 days ago
lol I was thinking "f**king" also😂
Sara Bloom
'Sara Bloom' 2 days ago
I love Benedict Cumberbatch!!! He's a great actor!! 😂😂😂
'TeamCyrusBG' 3 days ago
"just half a millimeter away from the crime scene" I CANT 😂😂😂😂
'CatGoesMeWOW' 3 days ago
gosh. I love this video so much haha
'S.N.R' 3 days ago
Doctor strange said two doctor who words: Rory,Geronimo
'Marisol1711' 3 days ago
You gotta love Benedict.
Koopa Kool
'Koopa Kool' 3 days ago
HOW? He does a New York gangster accent so well, but he is so British!
'TheSkyVip' 3 days ago
Just 1 question to Benderdick Crakenwatch, why Ukraine?And Jimmy, its not how we are speaking
Rory Thomas
'Rory Thomas' 3 days ago
I absolutely love Benedict cumberbatch 😍
Nikhil Sukumar
'Nikhil Sukumar' 4 days ago
Jimmy Fallon is so kind and funny. His friends are lucky. Never seen such people in India.
you Americans are lucky. God bless you all. Benedict is so noble and honest. Rare individuals and in India it's impossible to find such guys.
Patience Frimpomaa
this is so funny and I luuuv both men
Amber Pen
'Amber Pen' 4 days ago
When Jimmy was asked where he was from I stopped the video and was like "please Jimmy say it with an accent', and then he did it and I laughed out loud XD
Christa Immanuela
'Christa Immanuela' 4 days ago
doctor Strange 😆
'Davozk' 4 days ago
Nice to see Bentley Cucumberpatch on this show
'IamJace' 4 days ago
This is hella funny
'funeshix' 4 days ago
'Emily' 4 days ago
Samantha Bonds
'Samantha Bonds' 4 days ago
Cumberbitches unite.
'양지아' 5 days ago
They are trying super hard not to laugh LOL
Dae Nyong
'Dae Nyong' 5 days ago
benedict's voice here is so adorable...
Delgermaa Bayarmaa
your butt was all over crime scene hahahaha
ThePanda Diaries
'ThePanda Diaries' 5 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed Doctor who references for example:
Anya Mohand
'Anya Mohand' 6 days ago
baba black sheep is the new sexy
'Ryoma' 6 days ago
In American television you can't say that lol
Mizari Vindemitrix
absolutely funny😂😂😂😂😂😂
Myn Anthony
'Myn Anthony' 6 days ago
Benedict Cumberbatch does have a mind-bending voice... :D
Gemma Martín
'Gemma Martín' 6 days ago
very funny! but seriously I think you need to put subtitles to your program. Some people like me can't understand some things you say and I'm really curious to know what they mean!
Pat Shala
'Pat Shala' 7 days ago
Too bad I can't watch this full.
'MMaya' 7 days ago
if course Ben is perfect at acting even when he's cracking up! hahaha this was amazing!
James Woods
'James Woods' 7 days ago
Cumberbatch is the best actor in the world
Renata Shelever
'Renata Shelever' 7 days ago
I am from Uckraine
king boi
'king boi' 7 days ago
benedict cucumberbatch
Angel aung san htay
I love this man so much
Nelia Libago
'Nelia Libago' 7 days ago
Sherlock Series 5: Sherlock in New York
Rawan Aljaouni
'Rawan Aljaouni' 1 week ago
I love Bernstein Cabbagepatch
Sylar Barnes-Laufeyson-Rogers
This was really funny and Benetrain Choochoo didn't even break character. He is a phenomenal actor.
John Smith
'John Smith' 1 week ago
No original username ideas
Who recognised 'Rory' as the character he played in forty something
you like jazz
'you like jazz' 1 week ago
"Im Detective Wawwy."
Terra Maiorino
'Terra Maiorino' 1 week ago
I adopted a puppy from social tees in the background of that cut scene!!!
Himel Islam
'Himel Islam' 1 week ago
Stephen Sherlock Strange Home lol.
Carol Esteves
'Carol Esteves' 1 week ago
Poxa... coloca legenda.
dilmíche the duck
Josefina Albright
'Josefina Albright' 1 week ago
say penguin
Alexis Moore
'Alexis Moore' 1 week ago
if anyone watches law & order Benedict he sounds like he's trying to do detective Carisi, only me...okay
hands sbastiand
'hands sbastiand' 1 week ago
give subtitle please... im from Indonesia... subtitles English no problems
Sabre MC
'Sabre MC' 1 week ago
I haven't seen this many mad libs since Trump got inauguration
Aurelia M
'Aurelia M' 1 week ago
i watch this like 10 times already !
Rafa AlGhamdi
'Rafa AlGhamdi' 1 week ago
he's so hot
WaterIsLif E
'WaterIsLif E' 1 week ago
When Jimmy said country, I said Ukraine, and then Benedict say Ukraine. Wooooooaaaaahhhhhh
Chris-Jonessa Munoz
There are multiple days in Hanukkah
Cass Parsons
'Cass Parsons' 1 week ago
Wendy Kramer
'Wendy Kramer' 1 week ago
Kwon Y
'Kwon Y' 1 week ago
This is my favourite One
Eatdatpussy 94
'Eatdatpussy 94' 1 week ago
Benedict is an awesome Sherlock and Doctor Strange. I hope they continue Sherlock and I hope the next time we see Strange is gonna be awesome
Rhythm Parija
'Rhythm Parija' 1 week ago
the whole play... was it written by someone else or did they just do it extempore????!!!!
erika bonanno
'erika bonanno' 1 week ago
alguien que lo subtitule es español please!!
Aina Me
'Aina Me'raj' 1 week ago
he's so adorable
Darth Attano
'Darth Attano' 2 weeks ago
Doctor Stange thought of Doctor Who when he said Germino 😂
Sarah Yao
'Sarah Yao' 2 weeks ago
Cumberbatch's answers are about as random as Phil Lester's are...
Glenn Aaron
'Glenn Aaron' 2 weeks ago
i cant breath at 5:03 HAHAHA!!!!
'정형준' 2 weeks ago
sorry guys. trying to learn ENGLISH but can't understand their whole meaning of this video. Can someone tell me what Jimmy said before Benedict said 'fuxk'?
Siti Masithah
'Siti Masithah' 2 weeks ago
got my cheeks hurt from laughing every time I watch this
Izzy Bella
'Izzy Bella' 2 weeks ago
i died of laughter😂😂😂
Selena Sheikh
'Selena Sheikh' 2 weeks ago
When he said animal I thought of a badger too 😳
jessica perkins
'jessica perkins' 2 weeks ago
Benedict sounds like that guys for Big Bang theory during the scene who puts w in front of his words 😂
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 2 weeks ago
Isnt that BigBenDick Cumbucket?
Megan Cress
'Megan Cress' 2 weeks ago
I REALLY wanted him to say otter, hedgehog, or pengwing for animal
'blissfulpetrichor' 2 weeks ago
lol Benedict legit sounds like Daffy Duck with that fake accent!!!!!
beautyteen xoxo
'beautyteen xoxo' 2 weeks ago
annalisse basso
Caittie Cat
'Caittie Cat' 2 weeks ago
I so want to see Tom hiddleston do this 😋
Sims Forever
'Sims Forever' 2 weeks ago
When Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing at playing a detective then you realize he is on Sherlock...

AleCu x
'AleCu x' 2 weeks ago
This was so fucking sexy!
Davia Murtagh
'Davia Murtagh' 2 weeks ago
i died watching!!!!!
Warning: You are approaching a FANGIRL!!!
Ok let's act this out! I'll start:
Ben: Hello, I'm detective Rory
Audience laugh
Ben: And you are?
Gemma Catrin
'Gemma Catrin' 2 weeks ago
I'm surprised his exclamation wasn't "ANDERSON!"
Music Is Life
'Music Is Life' 2 weeks ago
When I hear Tate, I immediately think of Tate Langdon lol
Maria Jesus Carrillo
with Tom Hardy please!
Bex Temmia
'Bex Temmia' 2 weeks ago
The "Where were you on the night of Hannuka." part always get me.
Choco Late
'Choco Late' 2 weeks ago
he should have said penguin for the pet. wait sorry, penwings
Ember Blaze
'Ember Blaze' 2 weeks ago

Полина Захарченкко
Benedict is so prity
Mona Lisa
'Mona Lisa' 2 weeks ago
My pet badger
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