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Florida Georgia Line - H.O.L.Y (Live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater NY) -
Published: 8 months ago By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO

By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVOPublished: 8 months ago

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Florida Georgia Line performs “H.O.L.Y” Live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater NY

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key boy
'key boy' 4 weeks ago
just love this!!
Zanelti Croes
'Zanelti Croes' 1 month ago
im half Spanish and half Caribbean... but Country music reaches my soul
'TheNightster07' 1 month ago
A 3rd grader could write this song. Garbage.
shellie armstrong
'shellie armstrong' 1 month ago
need to seem them live .. like what am i doing with my life lol ..
olivia brado
'olivia brado' 1 month ago
uggghhh!!! Brian!!! 😍😍😍😍
Shelley Brown
'Shelley Brown' 2 months ago
He could sing that song to me anytime
Charlene Canen
'Charlene Canen' 2 months ago
Florida Georgia line holy
Funny09055 !!!!!!!!!
'Funny09055 !!!!!!!!!' 2 months ago
You guys are so amazing
Charlene Canen
'Charlene Canen' 2 months ago
Florida Georgia line holy
PM For PandaMan
'PM For PandaMan' 3 months ago
I got an ad about the Honda stage at the iHeartRadio center in NYC, Coincidence, no, probably, because that's the first ad that I saw of the Honda stage. WTF
Gabriela Ortiz
'Gabriela Ortiz' 3 months ago
justin Bradford
'justin Bradford' 3 months ago
this song is awesome 💯
Maria Meza
'Maria Meza' 4 months ago
Hannah Barrett
'Hannah Barrett' 5 months ago
i love this song <3
Gracie Gil
'Gracie Gil' 5 months ago
Gabriele Gabi
'Gabriele Gabi' 6 months ago
amo essa música
Sarah LaFosse
'Sarah LaFosse' 6 months ago
I love this song
libbie Weaver
'libbie Weaver' 6 months ago
cool song
Jon Cing
'Jon Cing' 6 months ago
first time I see a backup singer in the front.
'Paul MCKEAN Sr' 7 months ago
Beautiful day In Mississippi
Theresa Llanes
'Theresa Llanes' 7 months ago
So gooodddddd. Eargasms. ❤️
erika ross
'erika ross' 7 months ago
saw this live it was perfect
Brennan Thomas
'Brennan Thomas' 7 months ago
bbc music right here
Tammy McElrath
'Tammy McElrath' 7 months ago
good morning ppl I hope y'all enjoy this kind of music because early in the morning it's like a cup of coffee to get you going well I don't drink coffee. music and a cold Dr.pepper and a stroll is my cup of Moe Joe so let's get back to some good old country music before The. work day begins and y'all have s wonderful Monday and let's see about some JASON ALDEN C U.
'ISABELLE STARR' 7 months ago
love this song so catchy
Morgan Jansen
'Morgan Jansen' 8 months ago
o my gosh. so first of all let me say that I am your biggest fan in the world. I have been born and raised in Canada and everyday since 2010 I have been your hugest fan. U guys right all these songs. they come right from your heart. but when you sing the song u put all your effort in to making it awesome. U guys have always made me cry. BK u are so cute. Tyler u are too. I luv u guys even if your married
Amy Previtte
'Amy Previtte' 8 months ago
This song reminds me I have A wonderful best fried as my husband who has always been there in raising are three beautiful children. Almost 16 years of marriage. I love you Elvis, Thank you God for your blessings.
diane flint
'diane flint' 8 months ago
Your holy best song EVER i kept singing it in my sleep im like i need to sleep then i fell asleep
Donald Lauber
'Donald Lauber' 8 months ago
i like the holy sing
Fargo Hockey
'Fargo Hockey' 8 months ago
Duck this
Dana Foisor Letea
'Dana Foisor Letea' 8 months ago
Christina McCreery
'Christina McCreery' 8 months ago
Best song of the year hands down! !!
Marcia Coomer
'Marcia Coomer' 8 months ago
Oh my. love all tgere music..
'BRENT SMITH' 8 months ago
Bryan Palmer
'Bryan Palmer' 8 months ago
Brian looks like a gay version of the scarecrow in wizard of Oz....
Sir Robert Bryson Hall II
Great music
Melissa S
'Melissa S' 8 months ago
amazing song one day i can find someone to make me say Hallelujah Holy
Bumblebee_Brandy Vlogs
I love this song it is the best one they have written
Amy Harbaugh
'Amy Harbaugh' 8 months ago
but it does not sound the same
Amy Harbaugh
'Amy Harbaugh' 8 months ago
best song ever
Kasan Shaw
'Kasan Shaw' 8 months ago
love u guys I. sad cause I didn't go but my aunt and cousins did
John Burdette
'John Burdette' 8 months ago
my baby girl christina. thank you so much for lighting up a dark world, and giving this broken heart the strength it needed to become whole again.
John Burdette
'John Burdette' 8 months ago
my baby girl christina. thank you so much for lighting up a dark world, and giving this broken heart the strength it needed to become whole again.
Bryant Moore
'Bryant Moore' 8 months ago
Song is blasphemous
LouLou Irshad
'LouLou Irshad' 8 months ago
Yahya Aiachi
'Yahya Aiachi' 8 months ago
the best country song ever
Stacey Alley
'Stacey Alley' 8 months ago
Beautiful song with a beautiful message.
Msg. Rodoff hill Noah Hill
your so cool
Tieleiasha Gumms
'Tieleiasha Gumms' 8 months ago
I just love y'all music come to Houston's NRG for a concert
chris hinger
'chris hinger' 8 months ago
I do like this duo a lot but I feel like Tyler does most of the work and Brian's just along for the ride
'M1R2S' 8 months ago
Such a great song
Anna Bolin
'Anna Bolin' 8 months ago
best song ever
Terri Fenwick
'Terri Fenwick' 8 months ago
Napassorn Nook
'Napassorn Nook' 8 months ago
'KBVlogs' 8 months ago
These are my two favourite country singers,
'EmmyRossumVEVO.' 8 months ago
Caitlyn Kroeker
'Caitlyn Kroeker' 8 months ago
I love it when people say they don't want to go out to the point where you are a few weeks of the day before my alarm for the rest is a
Phillip Beebe
'Phillip Beebe' 8 months ago
I love this song
Spector 2.0
'Spector 2.0' 8 months ago
Good song
Cheyanne Exline
'Cheyanne Exline' 8 months ago
284, no dislikes☺👍
Liliana Perez
'Liliana Perez' 8 months ago
I love you guys!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you guys are the best country duo EVER
wanda hurt
'wanda hurt' 8 months ago
Kaley mills
'Kaley mills' 8 months ago
I'm high on loving Tyler and Brian!!
Maulik Rathod
'Maulik Rathod' 8 months ago
189 likes without any dislike..
yes this song truly deserves it..
you are AWESOME GUYS !

Taylor Nakken
'Taylor Nakken' 8 months ago
Not as good live...
'CamGaming7' 8 months ago
how Many people do u think also posted this
Verbena Vampire
'Verbena Vampire' 8 months ago
omg i love it!
'HDX OFFiCiAL' 8 months ago
fgl rocks from beginning till end
Demons Werewolf
'Demons Werewolf' 8 months ago
Best song ever!!!
Mukul Mudliar
'Mukul Mudliar' 8 months ago
ur holy ur holy I am high on loving u
João Paulo
'João Paulo' 8 months ago
sameer ahmed king
'sameer ahmed king' 8 months ago
wowww mmm😘🌷🌸😍🐰🐩😉😔😭you nice you amizing ok l love you h.o.l.y ok good bay😘😉😂😂🌸
Mithurshan Akilan
'Mithurshan Akilan' 8 months ago
Awsum song/lyrics y'all!!!🤗
A Kickz
'A Kickz' 8 months ago
Best Song
Paul Dishkant
'Paul Dishkant' 8 months ago
Janie Mancilla
'Janie Mancilla' 8 months ago
Jacob Conrath
'Jacob Conrath' 8 months ago
i think u are
Jacob Conrath
'Jacob Conrath' 8 months ago
T- JAY343
'T- JAY343' 8 months ago
I dont really like country music but this and cruise are the best country I ever heard💯💯💯💯
Wolf extinction
'Wolf extinction' 8 months ago
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