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Will It Tea? with Jimmy Fallon, Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning) -
Published: 3 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 3 months ago

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Jimmy sits down with Good Mythical Morning's Rhett & Link for one of their popular "Will It?" segments, this time testing if deodorant, goat meat, ghost peppers and more will make tasty tea.

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Will It Tea? with Jimmy Fallon, Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning)

Ian Brundige
'Ian Brundige' 1 hour ago
i love tea so much watching this physically hurt me lol. taco seasoning shouldn't be tea ever.
'RIZ3NxxxEMPIRE' 2 hours ago
They should've done the powder from the packaged ramen 🍜 or ice cream and name it " Ice Tea".
Dallas Crane
'Dallas Crane' 3 hours ago
Yay for YouTubers
constant prism27
'constant prism27' 5 hours ago
Jimmys ghost pepper tea was not as red as the other two teas so it wasn't as spicy 🌶
John Cunha
'John Cunha' 6 hours ago
Aurora Galaxy
'Aurora Galaxy' 7 hours ago
Jimmy fallon doesnt fit in much with Rhett and Link...
Diamond heart
'Diamond heart' 7 hours ago
You need to in prove on your irish accents
Diamond heart
'Diamond heart' 7 hours ago
'KimPossible' 8 hours ago
It's amazing how far Rhett and link have come since the Cheese rap and the buffet song 😂😂 I was a fan of them then, and it's so cool to see them here now!
"I think we invented broth!!" My favorite part, absolutely loved this 😂😂
'SLS10' 12 hours ago
They recreated the set
Produsent MP
'Produsent MP' 12 hours ago
amanda ries
'amanda ries' 13 hours ago
Why was jimmys ghost pepper tea a different colour
'MrLaeddis1' 14 hours ago
Jimmy seemed pretty sure that he did not want milk after the ghost pepper. I wonder if he chooses to not drink milk entirely, and that's the reason he didn't want it then.
LPS Twisted
'LPS Twisted' 15 hours ago
"This is bad news bears this is bad news!"😂
Captain Awesome
'Captain Awesome' 19 hours ago
the TONIGHT show... good mythical MORNING anyone else see it
'aa311' 19 hours ago
good mythical night with jimmy fallon
'THE GAMING STUDIOS' 21 hours ago
atleast their mouths got deodorized
Riley Chrisman
'Riley Chrisman' 1 day ago
Has science gone too far?
'Aythora' 1 day ago
Me watching the will-it intro: That is WAY too many tea bags then needed!
Alannah Erickson
'Alannah Erickson' 1 day ago
Is it just me or could Link pull off that goatee without the mustache?
Allen Guevarra
'Allen Guevarra' 1 day ago
You forgot about English stereotypes
Rivers Burnette
'Rivers Burnette' 1 day ago
I was gagging when they did the deodorant
Unidragon Goats
'Unidragon Goats' 1 day ago
Why would u hurt a goat
Jelena Miloradovic
Crazy Gamer
'Crazy Gamer' 1 day ago
Rhett picked up jimmys barf bucket before his own
The Doctor
'The Doctor's Inn' 2 days ago
Does any one feel
Like Rhett is 3rd wheeling?
Nate Roe
'Nate Roe' 2 days ago
I love Jimmy but he's the most awkward little goat. xD
Andrew Adie
'Andrew Adie' 2 days ago
will it jelly bean!
ZoJo O
'ZoJo O'Hurley' 2 days ago
link always does that thing with his eyebrows when he doesnt like it
BreakWood Studios
'BreakWood Studios' 2 days ago
6:54 why are there photos in their tea???
Cg Ting
'Cg Ting' 2 days ago Rhett's face is priceless
'Spikesreter119' 2 days ago
Jimmy goes, "Frickin WHAT?!"
Waluigi The Prophet
I legit thought Jimmy grew facial hair when I saw the thumbnail, but babies can't grow facial hair.
'LoGiCaLFeAr2000' 2 days ago
I think Rhett was a little nervous. You could tell in his voice and vocabulary at 1:06. "This is Taco Seasoning as you can see. And as you can see, as it has discolored the water." Love you Rhett.
Alex Crosley
'Alex Crosley' 2 days ago
I'm sorry but at 6:43 is there a gold framed picture of a black man in that left glass?
'LiebeAlle' 2 days ago
It's funny, but I always feel really protective of Rhett and Link when they go on other shows, haha. Like I don't want anyone to mock their show or be mean to them or anything.
Luck Dolphin
'Luck Dolphin' 2 days ago
I love how they didn't know that like goat is delicious #currygoatsquad
'Rift' 2 days ago
Anyone else see when link doesn't like it but then changes his mind when jimmy does
Colin Dawg
'Colin Dawg' 2 days ago
Where can I buy some goat tea packets?
'Gherbo' 3 days ago
Jimmy with the goatee looks like ted from how I met your mother 😂😂
Patrick Pelletier
'Patrick Pelletier' 3 days ago
what do they call the last one? Ghostea?
'futuramabender20' 3 days ago
The color of the Taco Seasonin Tea, aint that a traditional tea color?
lance brettin
'lance brettin' 3 days ago
link with yhe chin hair looks like freakeating on the youtuber
Katelyn Ngatai
'Katelyn Ngatai' 3 days ago
Was I the only one that picked up the wrestling pun.. "that is bad news barret"
CarterPlayz Terraria
Look at the cups at 6:52 it's iced tea
Robin Hart
'Robin Hart' 3 days ago
Jimmy's ghost pepper tea is the wrong colour. He's cheating!
Jacqui Schmitt
'Jacqui Schmitt' 3 days ago
Jimmy didn't actually drink the deodorant!
Cerebrial Wizard
'Cerebrial Wizard' 3 days ago
When he had the moustache on he looked like Steve Harvey
'VlogUntilDawn' 3 days ago
They really missed an opportunity to call the deodorant tea "Smells Like TEA Spirit".
'Hardy's Gaming' 3 days ago
Bad News Barrett😂👌🏽
'Rawk4Life' 3 days ago
I'd like to see these guys try Ghostface Killah Ale. It is the first beer ever made using ghost pepper, and it is super spicy.
'Rawk4Life' 3 days ago
Just an FYI, they stole the "Will It" series idea from the Youtube Channel of "Will it Blend" videos.
Jasper Engle
'Jasper Engle' 3 days ago
This video is playing on my flight!!
piaiuilikiaisip 2294
fallon looking like James Lipton with the goatee
Bella Goff
'Bella Goff' 3 days ago
i feel like link and jimmy are like best friends and rhett is just there "oh hey guys..guys?"
'TwentyOneMuffins' 3 days ago
This is legendary and I love it
Angel Soto
'Angel Soto' 3 days ago
See that green screen
'Instinct' 3 days ago
It looks like jimmy wasn't even drinking it
Alice White
'Alice White' 3 days ago
It didnt look like he was actually drinking it to me...
Lizzy G
'Lizzy G' 4 days ago
Kim Weir
'Kim Weir' 4 days ago
I like the chemistry with these three. None respond the same. It really works!
Norman Liira
'Norman Liira' 4 days ago
THANKS Rhett and Link! I love this episode I love you guys I have been fans for years now!
Kim Weir
'Kim Weir' 4 days ago
I hope Fallon has my fave comedy duo on every few months! Dec and now March; next one should be May or June. Or next week!!!
the aqua _boyZ
'the aqua _boyZ' 4 days ago
you should do will it soda
Becky Hoffman
'Becky Hoffman' 4 days ago
I have the same cups.
'Smoochable' 4 days ago
It looks like Jimmy's ghost pepper tea isn't as strong. It's a different color than Rhett and Link's tea.
Zafri Zaryme
'Zafri Zaryme' 4 days ago
käeti jarnovski
'käeti jarnovski' 4 days ago
link looks like some kind of early 2000's bassist
Vincent Rosethorn
'Vincent Rosethorn' 4 days ago
With the facial hair, Link looks like Penn Gillette's Bruce Banner.
Tyler Venable
'Tyler Venable' 4 days ago
Link used to have that beard in college
'funnibunni500' 4 days ago
The audience has no idea who they can tell from their clapping.
'Daniel27D' 4 days ago
"Tonight Show"
combined with "Morning"
Jayson Westray
'Jayson Westray' 4 days ago
Yo looks like Jimmy's ghost pepper tea is ahem... slightly less steeped. Either considerate or they thought less of Jimmy.
TristaManiac !
'TristaManiac !' 4 days ago
The audience clearly doesn't watch GMM lol
Gabi Garzon
'Gabi Garzon' 4 days ago
Oh my god yes three of my favorite Interwebs stars!!!!!
'loot' 5 days ago
Jimmy Fallon is so fucken boring
T • I • F
'T • I • F' 5 days ago
7:18 do you think they gave Jimmy a different tea, it's way lighter
Elijah Sheridan
'Elijah Sheridan' 5 days ago
This should also be on the GMM channel: "Will It Tea? Taste Test ft. Jimmy Fallon"
periperi dot
'periperi dot' 5 days ago
i'm so glad rhett and link don't have a laugh track
Robin Holleman
'Robin Holleman' 5 days ago
Most of those drinks were... NasTea
Calvin IDK
'Calvin IDK' 5 days ago
good mythical night?
Brian reynolds
'Brian reynolds' 5 days ago
whos face is in the tea glass at 6:53
Brian reynolds
'Brian reynolds' 5 days ago
this is the worlds best trio
'georgia' 5 days ago
this looked terribly staged
'bacon_n_meggs' 5 days ago
6:40 Do they totally cut out a take where they see if Ice-T will tea? Look at the mugs, not goat meat anymore!
sam man
'sam man' 5 days ago
Jimmy looks like ted mosby off of how i met your mother with his go tee
Nick Clubman
'Nick Clubman' 5 days ago
Hands down best show on YouTube.
Allison Nicole
'Allison Nicole' 5 days ago
Sometimes you just gotta goat for it
Kevin Kelly
'Kevin Kelly' 5 days ago
"There's gotta be a border there somewhere" you have no idea how bad it was hahaha
Banana Fo-Fana
'Banana Fo-Fana' 5 days ago
Link's goatee was the best
Tornado Mike
'Tornado Mike' 6 days ago
Jimmy didn't even drink it!
cet 96
'cet 96' 6 days ago
is jimmy lactose intolerant?
The Big Game Theory
jimmy doesnt even drink, just posing as he would take a sip.
Brenda Fulkerson
'Brenda Fulkerson' 6 days ago
thats why i need some goat tea need to drop my henessy
Sarah Souser
'Sarah Souser' 6 days ago
i love how r&l's reactions to the gross stuff is just 'wow dude thats pretty gross' and Jimmy is flinching away cause r&l do this all the time
Hugh Adams
'Hugh Adams' 6 days ago
Haha! The background props were all fake. They were just on wallpaper!
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