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Will It Tea? with Jimmy Fallon, Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning) -
Published: 4 weeks ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 4 weeks ago

3, 344, 945 views

97, 556 Likes   1, 170 Dislikes

Jimmy sits down with Good Mythical Morning's Rhett & Link for one of their popular "Will It?" segments, this time testing if deodorant, goat meat, ghost peppers and more will make tasty tea.

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Will It Tea? with Jimmy Fallon, Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning)

'90009kitkat' 1 hour ago
Josh Rose
'Josh Rose' 7 hours ago
Conversation senator wave zeznaan fund bag save.
'spekaCmanis' 14 hours ago
'armenianply' 14 hours ago
Didnt link at one time have a real goatee
Gabrielle Wong
'Gabrielle Wong' 18 hours ago
Rhett, why did you drink Jimmys Milk?
the nerdy girl
'the nerdy girl' 21 hours ago
😱😱😱😱😱😱I fangirled soooo hard
'books27288' 21 hours ago
'Lord-Andre' 21 hours ago
jimmy doesnt even drink some of them
Ginga Ninja
'Ginga Ninja' 22 hours ago
Omgosh I was so happy!!!! 💖💖
Jayy oB
'Jayy oB' 22 hours ago
my dogs name is Trinket she's died 4 days ago
J Unicorn
'J Unicorn' 24 hours ago
the background is tripping me out
Son Goku
'Son Goku' 1 day ago
rhett and link ate carolina reapers and went 10 minutes without milk.
i'm sure they didn't want to kill jimmy fallon lol
shane persaud
'shane persaud' 1 day ago
David Flores
'David Flores' 1 day ago
Jimmy Fallon looked like Manny Pacquiao with the facial hair.😂😂
'Mrdre007' 1 day ago
Bad news bears... Hmm... Wonder if he watches theRadBrad
'M0HX' 1 day ago
'TheCharacter3' 1 day ago
6:43 We missed out on some Ice'd Tea :::+///
'TheDJBADASS' 1 day ago
8:56 "Hottea"? Anyone???
'TheDJBADASS' 1 day ago
7:07 It even looks like some strong whiskey lmao!
Ican FeeLIt
'Ican FeeLIt' 1 day ago
fallon was so faking it i wanted to fucken slap him
Grizzly Modz
'Grizzly Modz' 2 days ago
they made it ! congrats GMM
Tooba Zehra
'Tooba Zehra' 2 days ago
Wait.....Good Mythical MORNING and the TONIGHT show with Jimmy Fallon. Oh yeah I get it thats why they darkened the studio
'No1wierdguy' 2 days ago
The back round is faaaake
first last
'first last' 2 days ago
you made a fancy rhett i did not think that was possible
Arrow GamingYt
'Arrow GamingYt' 2 days ago
Jimmy didn't drink ghost pepper tea
'makbul' 2 days ago
who is the worst host on earth

Jimmyyyyyyy faaaalooonnnn
jadon van
'jadon van' 2 days ago
the deodorant is boiled for safety
'lexiconlover' 2 days ago
is deodorant safe for consumption? I mean seriously? !
Deadpool 8625
'Deadpool 8625' 2 days ago
Two of my favorite YouTube channels in one. Wow!!
Erin Robarge
'Erin Robarge' 2 days ago
Are Rhett and Link in the GMM Studio, or moved the whole in tier Studio in the Jimmy Falcon place?
'Nestor's Dragon' 2 days ago
There's of course a border in Ireland, divs
Faith Walker
'Faith Walker' 2 days ago
Who else watched this for GMM, not Timmy Fallon, no being rude, I like Timmy Fallon as much as the next guy, but I like GMM more
Alana Kahn
'Alana Kahn' 2 days ago
'kaikoanoa' 3 days ago
everyone in the audience is like "ew wtf" and im just like "haha none of these amount to even half the grossness rhett and link have eaten/drunk in the past"
Izzabella Ademas
'Izzabella Ademas' 3 days ago
Everybody licks their armpits after they have tea
Kristy Palmer
'Kristy Palmer' 3 days ago
Lucinda Mobley
'Lucinda Mobley' 3 days ago
Why does Jimmy Fallon not like milk?
Dimitri T. Frost
'Dimitri T. Frost' 3 days ago
why is Jimmy's ghost-tea so much lighter in color than Rhett's or Link's
'ShellShock' 3 days ago
Why does link look like a young hipster colonel sanders
Kacie Broadfield
'Kacie Broadfield' 3 days ago
I love Jimmy's face when they announced the deodorant... he questioned all of his life choices
'ac19ish' 3 days ago
Only R+L can make Jimmy look short!
Potterhead PJfangirl
Jimmy looks like a mix of Robert Downy Jr. and Dan Foger with his Goatee on it looks great XD
Aria Jenkins
'Aria Jenkins' 3 days ago
This made my day
Paulo “Hazocci” Filho
there's no shame in the barf game
Bullcrap McGee
'Bullcrap McGee' 3 days ago
Also, Jimmy Fallon doesn't seem as fake in this video which is always a plus
Isamar Tinajero
'Isamar Tinajero' 3 days ago
Haha I love this. I've been watching their videos for some time. My son and I like them lol
'Leeberty' 3 days ago
I like the fact that the background is cardboard
Jake Russell
'Jake Russell' 3 days ago
Jimmy Fallon turned into Jimmy Smits with that goatee
Paulmix Yonko
'Paulmix Yonko' 4 days ago
Paulmix Yonko
'Paulmix Yonko' 4 days ago
Rosalia Chavez
'Rosalia Chavez' 4 days ago
HOLY 😍😍😍😍😍 Link with a goatee !!!😱 anyone else!?!😋
Tza Hiko
'Tza Hiko' 4 days ago
What's up with americans and their fake laughing bands wtf
Mikey Lees
'Mikey Lees' 4 days ago
shark wolf
'shark wolf' 4 days ago
Cece Drayfahl
'Cece Drayfahl' 4 days ago
You can totally tell that there not in there mythical office! 😂🤣🤤
'undermon' 4 days ago
this is awesome
Ultimate Shikigami of Anime
they got drunk after one glass XD
Nick Foo
'Nick Foo' 4 days ago
Rhet and Link are so much funnier and charismatic than Jimmy. They're quick with one liners and improvisation. You can see Jimmy is simply parroting their jokes and barely contributing anything witty to the segment. I don't understand why they gave him the Tonight Show.

Conan on the other hand, would have been hilarious in this segment and most likely upstaged these two..
'Gelenvader3' 4 days ago
Goat tea that's mannish water lol 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Peter Smith
'Peter Smith' 4 days ago
Richard Rahl
'Richard Rahl' 4 days ago
that annoying laugh track, we don't need that. We know when something is funny
Michael Ozayu
'Michael Ozayu' 4 days ago
I clicked on this because of Rhett and Link. Big mistake...

I can't stand Jimmy Fallon... he ruins this, and a lot of stuff for me.
'Poprocker17' 4 days ago
Disappointed that they didn't do "bone apple tea"
'wonderfullymade' 4 days ago
rhett and link looking dapper
'OnceUponATeddy20' 4 days ago
you should have James Corden or Tom Hiddleston and see will it tea
rob sumner
'rob sumner' 4 days ago
Link looks better with a goatee
'MrNobody' 4 days ago
Jimmy was it exciteing to be with Rett and Link
'jadeblue64' 4 days ago
Jimmy didn't drink any of the drinks at all you can tell it's so obvious LMAO
Jens Kirkegaard
'Jens Kirkegaard' 4 days ago
Did Jimmy even drink anything? seems like he barely touches it
'TheKittyNipper' 4 days ago
Bet Jimmy thought it was real cute to fake his reaction. it wasn't even funny the first time. dumb fuck.
Aleah Stidham
'Aleah Stidham' 4 days ago
'Mano' 5 days ago
I ship Jimmy and Link its my new otp
noona gh
'noona gh' 5 days ago
at min 6:50 there is a face in the tea cup can u see it
Jackson Hodge
'Jackson Hodge' 5 days ago
This came out on my birthday.
I Heart Toys
'I Heart Toys' 5 days ago
🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 taco seasoning 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Theo Lindstrom
'Theo Lindstrom' 5 days ago
Who else thought link looked better with the goatee
Rhett Pierce
'Rhett Pierce' 5 days ago
OMG my name is Rhett to!!!!!! i am what we call a rare species
Sofia Lopez
'Sofia Lopez' 5 days ago
shouldn't this channel have a diamond play button it has more than 10,000,000 subs like i you agree
Parand Najafi
'Parand Najafi' 5 days ago
rhett and link need to wear more suits, they look so freaking hot
M.nalatgn Fnaf
'M.nalatgn Fnaf' 5 days ago
bone apple tea
'leviton31' 5 days ago
I've suggested "will it coffee" once...
Camille Reynolds
'Camille Reynolds' 5 days ago
Is it me or did Jimmy look high or drunk in the introduction hahaha.
Dylan C
'Dylan C' 5 days ago
Absolutely love this
'8Bit_Nerd_2003' 5 days ago
Look at Jimmy and Link's suit compared to Rhett's. Good Mythical Morning starring Jim & Link
eli the destroyer
'eli the destroyer' 5 days ago
Dunk it and drink it
Megan Hughes
'Megan Hughes' 5 days ago
5:27 he sounded like jacksepticeye!!
Kristin shipley
'Kristin shipley' 5 days ago
Okay but goat meat is really good, Especially the goat stew they make in Haiti.
'Ottawa3453' 5 days ago
With the fake beard on, Link is almost the spitting image of Abraham Lincoln!
No Th (NoTh)
'No Th (NoTh)' 5 days ago
6:44 Look what's in the cups. This isn't the goat-tea that was there a few seconds earlier...I wonder what it is.
'nickNcar' 5 days ago
I like that everyone is complaining that his tea was lighter. HE DIDNT DRINK ANYTHING. everything is faked he is a cuck
'Mezxxii' 5 days ago
-_- did jimmy even drink anything?
War Ready
'War Ready' 5 days ago
Jimmy Fallon is fake as can be, didn't take a sip of any of the tea
Stefania Czech
'Stefania Czech' 5 days ago
forehead stash is in style! Jimmy style!
Anarcho Capitalism is Contradiction
Jimmy is so fake
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