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Published: 2 weeks ago By: D&B Nation

By: D&B NationPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Steven coleman
'Steven coleman' 8 hours ago
Damien was just standing around
'BARACK OBAMA' 9 hours ago
Damien barley got the ball wonder why how sad😂😂😂
Ej almighty
'Ej almighty' 9 hours ago
Damien almost got slept
serene Soto
'serene Soto' 11 hours ago
white boii was litt making those hopes 😂😛
'KT ACTION' 15 hours ago
all yall people talk reckless we are here to enjoy the channle nit beef
Vamp Life81
'Vamp Life81' 17 hours ago
u were we've and u got all that hair
Cami B
'Cami B' 19 hours ago
7 advertisements in 23min that's more than they show on any network in a 30min span...and ontop of that they've turned into clickbait pros smh
Pooh Montgomery
'Pooh Montgomery' 23 hours ago
body wave
Luth Huncho
'Luth Huncho' 1 day ago
your girl is gorgeous. Yall cute together
jesus egnew
'jesus egnew' 1 day ago
it would be nice to meet him play ball with him tbh
'Aquas' 1 day ago
DaB these thumbnails and titles
Do u see the white boy he like omyyy myyy goshhhh
Angela Osiecki
'Angela Osiecki' 2 days ago
body wave
guttaboi killenum
'guttaboi killenum' 2 days ago
awwwww man somebody playing that lazy ball lol not gonna say who cuz the shot was kinda water but damn there's two sides to the court 😂😂😂.. no hate
SPORTS-HYPE/Miah Inspired\
Surprised the white guy is the best on that court
Vlone Matty
'Vlone Matty' 2 days ago
i was finna sub but yall got bout 10 fuckin ads in every video and yall shit not even that good fuck outa here
Gmoney Cochran
'Gmoney Cochran' 3 days ago
This is exactly how he acts when Bianca does a prank on him
Eric Arnott
'Eric Arnott' 3 days ago
click bait
Anniya Wingfield
'Anniya Wingfield' 3 days ago
body waves
Jasmine Adams
'Jasmine Adams' 3 days ago
The Bodywavy
'AllN' TheFamily' 3 days ago
Dj and Kyrie 😍😍😍
'OTF.SAV' 3 days ago
dj fat😂
ll2kgoatll lli-snagll
aye did he say imma get my gun or a guard
Royce johnson
'Royce johnson' 4 days ago
yo is dat greg
Royce johnson
'Royce johnson' 4 days ago
yo Damian act like he run da court😂😂
Kennedy Horton
'Kennedy Horton' 4 days ago
y'all always say fight and it's just a argument
Nick Baker
'Nick Baker' 4 days ago
The white guy just like "fuck are these dudes doing? Imma just chill and wait"😂😂His face is priceless
Jaylen Holder
'Jaylen Holder' 4 days ago
Ankle Breaker 8:06
'sumanimeup' 4 days ago
all I saw was the title and the thumbnail and started laughing my ass off he so small
Princess B
'Princess B' 4 days ago
can the baby breath in the car seat?
catapileran bubby
'catapileran bubby' 4 days ago
get body wave biancca
Jahiem Beast
'Jahiem Beast' 4 days ago
People need to know the differences between fighting and arguing.
agile 23 oo
'agile 23 oo' 4 days ago
booty wave
You don't fight African Americans, Damien
mark osner
'mark osner' 4 days ago
this nigga daimain ass at basketball this nigga just run the 3 point line I'm sleep
Shady Caucasian
'Shady Caucasian' 4 days ago
I would love to see you get dropped like a rock you chubby cunt.
glenn harvey
'glenn harvey' 4 days ago
shut up oglvl Damien and bianca are the best like 24 7 your mad because you cant fight
Omega Beast
'Omega Beast' 4 days ago
they can have all the click bait or thumbnail traps all they want but i just watch this shit for Biancas fat donk even when she was pregnant she could of got the pipe 😏 so" go head go head "
saniyah smith starks
Imaniward6 Ward
'Imaniward6 Ward' 5 days ago
who is your ex😂
Alexyanna Haley
'Alexyanna Haley' 5 days ago
Body wave
Chris and Yuki
'Chris and Yuki' 5 days ago
Super click bait but it's all good though. Good to see know one got in trouble or hurt.
'Mobz' 5 days ago
Ya keep kyrie in a bag? Tf
Aaliyah Hancock
'Aaliyah Hancock' 5 days ago
Body wave
AlFa Gaming
'AlFa Gaming' 5 days ago
Where's the fight this is fucking click baye
JaJuan Foster
'JaJuan Foster' 5 days ago
He got dat mf💯🏀⛽️
zyonna brown
'zyonna brown' 6 days ago
Mimi Pretty
'Mimi Pretty' 6 days ago
Body wave
Randi Bogard
'Randi Bogard' 6 days ago
Do the body wave
shania faulk
'shania faulk' 6 days ago
stop being rude y'all would not like no one to come to y'all page and disrespect y'all stuff 💨💨💨🚪🚪🚪
Amionne Gould
'Amionne Gould' 6 days ago
Body waves
Tre Irby
'Tre Irby' 6 days ago
this aint no damn fight its a argument
Hana Tuaine
'Hana Tuaine' 6 days ago
13:10 when the arguing starts... Your welcome
Bilal R
'Bilal R' 6 days ago
That white dude is wet as fuck
Antwahn Philippe
'Antwahn Philippe' 6 days ago
I didn't here a word they said at the gym
Nyeisa Beckles
'Nyeisa Beckles' 6 days ago
Body Wave
Maria Legend
'Maria Legend' 6 days ago
Hollie Walton
'Hollie Walton' 6 days ago
Body wave
Cecelia Sajery
'Cecelia Sajery' 6 days ago
Minerva Rosario
'Minerva Rosario' 6 days ago
y'all talk so much crap but still be on and watching their videos
Cecelia Sajery
'Cecelia Sajery' 6 days ago
jack Overall
'jack Overall' 6 days ago
dame u cant shoot a basket ball bet I can beat your ass in 3s, if u not scared I challenge u to play me in basketball in 3s, I know you cant shoot the ball, I take your shoes and empty your shit pull up.
Ariel Ware
'Ariel Ware' 6 days ago
Body Wave😍😍
Jessica Cathey
'Jessica Cathey' 6 days ago
Y'all are always lit 🌊🦄🤘😂
keyan McCord
'keyan McCord' 6 days ago
boody wave
Henry Califor20
'Henry Califor20' 6 days ago
lol Damien tryna act tall
Khalil Khalilov
'Khalil Khalilov' 6 days ago
Bianca ugly asf no lie 💀💀
Lungelo Kweyama
'Lungelo Kweyama' 6 days ago
what was the fight even about?😓I'm so lost in this video
'itsyaboyniiickk' 6 days ago
i wanna see hair on her head
runandgun savage
'runandgun savage' 6 days ago
why was this video uploaded Damien can't do nothing but talk point figures like he the far version of kyrie Irving
Cameron Jones
'Cameron Jones' 6 days ago
she looks great already really theres nothing to changed
Germaliyn Paulino
'Germaliyn Paulino' 6 days ago
Curly hair
YouTubes Finest
'YouTubes Finest' 7 days ago
That white dude got limitless range HoF, Deep Range Deadeye HoF, and Relentless Finisher HoF, and he a 99 ovr, on my mama
YouTubes Finest
'YouTubes Finest' 7 days ago
That white guy wreckin shit on my mama
MidiMinuit 7/7
'MidiMinuit 7/7' 7 days ago
Damien's wack and pussy
Morgan Scroggins
'Morgan Scroggins' 7 days ago
Uma Kalu
'Uma Kalu' 7 days ago
exactly I don't see no fight
Christina Shufford
y'all don't have the right to criticize them
Christina Shufford
first of all worry about y'all kids not theirs u don't know what they tf
Tray Wattz
'Tray Wattz' 7 days ago
I was there I was at the sidelines cheering him off no gay shit but they was holding him back I was dead
'Emi' 7 days ago
Why i don't play street ball anymore. Always a dude playing and arguing like he's about to get scouted for the lakers. Fucking streetball, charge it to the game and move on.
Ciara Levy
'Ciara Levy' 7 days ago
body wave
'ISIS JONES' 7 days ago
they stay stunting thats why its fuck d&b wana b nation nigga is that car paid off show us papers
Angelica Babaei
'Angelica Babaei' 7 days ago
Hey what's
Darius 2k16
'Darius 2k16' 1 week ago
These people with their clickbait titles. How do they have 1.5 million subscribers, their vlogs are boring as shit.
Fabrice Ngabonziza
Damien so short😂😂
'313khari' 1 week ago
How the hell can youtubers have mangers wtf lol
i love to eat lemon with sahlt
who tf make these niggas relevant
Malik Burns
'Malik Burns' 1 week ago
lowkey need to chill on the clickbait. keep up the work though
kimora slayed
'kimora slayed' 1 week ago
Sorry Damien but you ain't bout that life
Bryan Cifuentes
'Bryan Cifuentes' 1 week ago
What fight?? More like a argument haha
*Hugh mungus*
'*Hugh mungus*' 1 week ago
YO fuck off with this clickbait shit WHERE THE FIGHT AT that's why I hate fuckin channels like this
Desta Alemayehu
'Desta Alemayehu' 1 week ago
Hit me up on ig king_dests
Arcaya Dardon
'Arcaya Dardon' 1 week ago
Amari Aaron
'Amari Aaron' 1 week ago
Couldve very easily titled this vid "Damien puttin in no work at the gym"
Braxton Chambers
'Braxton Chambers' 1 week ago
I Wish Damien Would Clone Biannca And Ship Me The Clone Through The Mail
Brick Flair
'Brick Flair' 1 week ago
Bruh its time to join team baldhead, stop avoiding it
Fadumo Osman
'Fadumo Osman' 1 week ago
Wow you have to stop fighting pl you're a now father and husband
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