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The Best of 2016 with THWIP! The Big Marvel Show! -
Published: 2 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 2 months ago

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It’s been a crazy, packed filled year! Tune in as Lorraine and Ryan recap all the epic Marvel things and tease the upcoming year! Its time for THWIP! The Big Marvel Show! ► Subscribe to Marvel:
Send in questions to Twitter at #MarvelTHWIP or let us know in the comments below! Or email us [email protected]
Watch last week's episode:

Stay tuned for more from THWIP! The Big Marvel Show returning January 10th!
THWIP! The Big Marvel Show is a variety talk show hosted by Lorraine Cink and Ryan Penagos AKA Agent M discussing Marvel's biggest stories from movies, TV, news, games, and of course comics. Get the inside scoop on all things Marvel from Marvel HQ in New York City. THWIP! will be there to provide all Marvel fans with special guests, games, variety segments, and lots of audience interaction using the hashtag #MarvelTHWIP. The show will be your weekly one stop shop for all things Marvel and also leave you excited to continue diving deeper into the Marvel Universe!
Host & Writer: Lorraine Cink
Co-Host: Ryan Penagos
Director & Editor: Jason Latorre
Producer: Judy Stephens
Camera: Laura Kammermann
Art Direction & Graphics: Laura Kammermann
Production Designer: Samantha Shoffner
Executive Producers: John Cerilli, Ryan Penagos, & Harry Go

Lookat mySnikt
'Lookat mySnikt' 2 months ago
is this it for Marvel Thwip!? I'd love to see Ryan skateboard again. Was always looking forward to the next episode every Tuesday or Wednesday.
i am Groot
'i am Groot' 2 months ago
Lazar Lilic
'Lazar Lilic' 2 months ago didn't even read the comments
Lazar Lilic
'Lazar Lilic' 2 months ago
Marvel Avengers Alliance :(
'gerano007' 2 months ago
Why did they put Tom holland as the new Spider-Man and changed the whole storyline for nothing while they made 2 better Spider-Man movies with an better storyline
jabber jay
'jabber jay' 2 months ago
marvel did some good and some bad (cough doctor strange whitewashing cough) but hopefully it'll be a better 2017
Joshua Fondren
'Joshua Fondren' 2 months ago
I thought punisher is a defender
hussam lord
'hussam lord' 2 months ago
the 2017 years so awesome to marvel
Robert Smithson
'Robert Smithson' 2 months ago
Marvel 2016: a great year for movies, but a shitty one for the comics that are supposed to be more important than the movies

Marvel's letting their movies, and political correctness influence their comic book mythology too much. I want my Marvel back...
The Bacon Tudo
'The Bacon Tudo' 2 months ago
please active subtittles (cc) in all videos
Δημήτρης Κόκκινος
I love marveeeeel<3
'JPW9384' 2 months ago
Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite was the only thing in the gaming department you did right. You guys brought back Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 also for the ps4. THanos better not be shit in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.
Miles Morales
'Miles Morales' 2 months ago
What if there was a online open world game where you could play as different marvel characters . With good graphics ... think of Lego marvel avengers mixed with gta 5
Ahmad Tariq
'Ahmad Tariq' 2 months ago
Lmao marvel;
Can't catch Dc
susana torres
'susana torres' 2 months ago
'liamations' 2 months ago
This is uncomfortable to watch.
Jake Stanley
'Jake Stanley' 2 months ago
Future Fight kicks so much ass. Netmarble is an awesome developer.
'Chaosherold' 2 months ago
I wonder which white male character Marvel will change/replace in 2017. ;-P
Patrick Coston
'Patrick Coston' 2 months ago
Can't trust their opinion. They work for Marvel!
Lily Quinn
'Lily Quinn' 2 months ago
Next year is going to be an awesome year for MARVEL!!!!

(Mainly, because Tom Holland is our Spider-Man)
Dario Colin
'Dario Colin' 2 months ago
i'd rather watch this for the rest of my life instead of Machinima
Kyle William Livingston
No mention of Marvel's Slingshot, was this filmed before it was release?
Also no mention of Marvel's Agent Carter.
'noteparty' 2 months ago
civil war 2 sucks major sweaty nasty
Razer Howl
'Razer Howl' 2 months ago
Also, I hope that new Spiderman show is like Spectacular Spider man
Razer Howl
'Razer Howl' 2 months ago
I like how Robbie wasn't a full time character and got rid of him of AoS
Sully Grace
'Sully Grace' 2 months ago
Will we be getting a Moon Knight show on Netflix show? (Please say yes :D)
Nathan Mitchell
'Nathan Mitchell' 2 months ago
Praveen Sharma
'Praveen Sharma' 2 months ago
Lorraine must be hot when she was 16
y'know :)
halo mc
'halo mc' 2 months ago
everyone sub to me and like my videos and comment for a shout OUT.THANKS!
'WhiteRaven696' 2 months ago
You guys forgot Agent Carter Season 2.
Palash Kalra
'Palash Kalra' 2 months ago
i think they accidentally confirmed that spiderman ps4 is coming in 2017 damn
Daft Vader
'Daft Vader' 2 months ago
#marvelthwip favourite what are your favourite comic books released in 2016?
David Martinez
'David Martinez' 2 months ago
Luke Cage was kind of boring
'GAGO BLITCH' 2 months ago
marvel is better then DC cs its mack reason for avery singl thing , like avengers , its never forget any thing , DC will made a very awsom movis in 2017 cs its have the suiced squad story , this year marvel win with deadpol and captin america civil war , and DC try so hard with suiced squad and superman vs batman , ithink marvel will get it next year with gardian of the galaxy and spider man home coming , but 79% DC will get it cs ther movie are so crazy , ithink thats enth for today
Maria Cristina Klein
'Maria Cristina Klein' 2 months ago
HEY 2016 MARVEL 😀😄😁
Zac Gabriadze
'Zac Gabriadze' 2 months ago
As well as Iron Man died
You forgot him
Cosmic Spider
'Cosmic Spider' 2 months ago
Can't wait to see you again 😊😊
Cosmic Spider
'Cosmic Spider' 2 months ago
Have a Great holiday Lorraine and Ryan 👍👍👍
peach man plays
'peach man plays' 2 months ago
punching kiking hugging kissing you forgot one more sexing
Brice Drake
'Brice Drake' 2 months ago
Spider-man joining the mcu is my favorite thing to happen this year.
Daniel Odey
'Daniel Odey' 2 months ago
''Dormammu I've come to bargain" said doctor strange
Jacob Cohen
'Jacob Cohen' 2 months ago
I'm so jealous of that Hulkbuster proto and what I'm assuming is the ceramic Howard the Duck.
'Blackwing2040' 2 months ago
Man what a year, Marvel sure hit it out of the ball park this year. 2017 is gonna be an epic year
Aranha De Plastico
'Aranha De Plastico' 2 months ago
homem de ferro não pode morrer em vingadores guerra infinita:-(♥♡♥♡
jean ortiz
'jean ortiz' 2 months ago
Andy Alvarezboyjr10
'Andy Alvarezboyjr10' 2 months ago
Haitian Refugee
'Haitian Refugee' 2 months ago
I find it amazing how Marvel is willing to forego sales & piss off their customer base to continue their liberal crusade.
Rahul Dhaka
'Rahul Dhaka' 2 months ago
I love Marvel
Xx neon falcon xX
'Xx neon falcon xX' 2 months ago
#askmarvel how long does it take for baby Groot to groot
Mega MovieZ
'Mega MovieZ' 2 months ago
Just saying I would love to see a Marvel Ultimate Schmoedown with these guys vs Team Heroes
'ShinRyuuken' 2 months ago
RIP Marvel: Avengers Alliance.
All the content it could be getting.
Daniel Odey
'Daniel Odey' 2 months ago
Is the next avengers movie still gonna be called avengers infinity war
Arav Maharaj
'Arav Maharaj' 2 months ago
if you reading this I hope you have a happy new year 🍾✨🎆
Claurio Neves
'Claurio Neves' 2 months ago
Why don't Marvel publish a graphic novel saga related to MARVEL x CAPCOM: INFINITE, like DC did with the INJUSTICE game?
Lego Ghost Rider
'Lego Ghost Rider' 2 months ago
2016: This world shall be destroyed!

2017: starts dancing Ooh, child, things are gonna get easier. Ooh child, things will get brighter. You listen to these words. Ooh child, things are gonna get easier. Ooh child things'll get brighter. Then bring it down hard! Someday

2016: What. Are. You. DOING?!

2017: Dance-off bro, me and you!

2016: What are you doing?

2017: I'm distracting you because you were a bad year!
Arav Maharaj
'Arav Maharaj' 2 months ago
18th comment
Un Chico Bien Raro
'Un Chico Bien Raro' 2 months ago
It's rainning men
'tmilatos' 2 months ago
I need that baby-Groot!
'Flickplex2' 2 months ago
happy new year
Marius Stanford
'Marius Stanford' 2 months ago
1st.... close enough!!
Anastasia BerbeNS
'Anastasia BerbeNS' 2 months ago
shiwanshu pandey
'shiwanshu pandey' 2 months ago
'GalaganMDC' 2 months ago
Srijan Srivastav
'Srijan Srivastav' 2 months ago
Epic Music Movie
'Epic Music Movie' 2 months ago
Marvel VS DC = Winner?
Jk Productions
'Jk Productions' 2 months ago
El Julius 321_YT
'El Julius 321_YT' 2 months ago
Michael Myers
'Michael Myers' 2 months ago
shitty first
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