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TEARS OF JOY | Markiplier's Adventures 2 -
Published: 4 months ago By: Markiplier

By: MarkiplierPublished: 4 months ago

2, 284, 578 views

131, 474 Likes   698 Dislikes

I love this game! It's such a delight to play and goes over some really great memories from years past. I'm honored that the developer took to the time to craft and finish such a cool experience. Please give them some support and encourage them to keep on creating awesome things! And thank you all so much for being here and creating these memories with me. I'm so happy to be able to do what I do and it's all thanks to you guys!
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'Markiplier' 4 months ago
Also thank you all so much for watching! I'm honored that you guys have stuck by me for so many years as we've made such incredible memories over the years. I can't wait to make so many more in the future!
Allissa Mexon
'Allissa Mexon' 3 hours ago
i cryed 😂😂😂😂
jane zollner
'jane zollner' 11 hours ago
A f was that dance lol
Marlene Quevedo/joey graceffa fangirl
Heh u changed for a long time when did I started watchin u~
I don't remember but i saw u at starbucks i found the animation of fnaf and thats how i became a huge fan I've been a fan for like 2 years now
Parents Company
'Parents Company' 12 hours ago
I love the intro REALLY cool and funny! :D
Tyler Stansell
'Tyler Stansell' 14 hours ago
4:00 Is that dirt? (Have you seen any dirt, anyone at all? Have you seen any dirt?)
I made an old reference. Go me!
TheStich Voice
'TheStich Voice' 15 hours ago
the part were his dad came i cried
TheStich Voice
'TheStich Voice' 15 hours ago
this made me cry 😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😭
TheStich Voice
'TheStich Voice' 15 hours ago
# poof
TechnoKitty Gaming
'TechnoKitty Gaming' 16 hours ago
game looks like jump and fancy pants
Gunnar Stewart
'Gunnar Stewart' 17 hours ago
you said you don't like mannaquins? then in the jack. game it showed mannaquins and you killed them like a beast!
'Katie' 1 day ago
F words are my life now1.bad stuff2.F WORDS
for fetch
'for fetch' 1 day ago
(i hope my mom,dad didn't notice i was crying)
for fetch
'for fetch' 1 day ago
i cried when i saw his dad
Gabrielle Sabas
'Gabrielle Sabas' 1 day ago
so sax
Destroyed Gamer
'Destroyed Gamer' 1 day ago
who thought that was markiplier's new intro from the start? xD
Lidwina Nani
'Lidwina Nani' 1 day ago
1:13 that actually sounds like you
Saili Saili
'Saili Saili' 1 day ago
Kellu Playz
'Kellu Playz' 1 day ago
My brother loves you so much he is ur very big fan he always watch ur vids even it so early and he is turning 13 now so his wish he can met u or just say happy bday to him and he is proud of u mark me too..... just be kind and just be kind babye!!!
Kellu Playz
'Kellu Playz' 1 day ago
Do mark cried in this game I think so......
Kellu Playz
'Kellu Playz' 1 day ago
There was a penis monster!!!
What where!!!
Ollie A
'Ollie A' 1 day ago
Bag of dicks 😗 dickatree
Kellu Playz
'Kellu Playz' 1 day ago
I have it its so good
Chili Biscuit
'Chili Biscuit' 1 day ago
This was amazing,but i wont ship leslie and mark...oh god what have i done
Captain Panda
'Captain Panda' 1 day ago
Make dancing Markimoo a gif.
Krypto Nite
'Krypto Nite' 1 day ago
Naw that was so emotional! 😭
bryan BRUH
'bryan BRUH' 1 day ago
bryan BRUH
'bryan BRUH' 1 day ago
this video was so nice i cryed when marks dad came
Space Badger
'Space Badger' 2 days ago
Mark your my hero. you cheer me up when I'm sad and make me feel like a champion. also I'm so so so so so so so sorry for your loss. I know you may not see this but your amazing in every way.
Missy MacDonald
'Missy MacDonald' 2 days ago
I love the begging of the video 😂
john ward
'john ward' 2 days ago
Joytastic101 Hernandez
Dont cry Mark!!!!
Rainbow Ride
'Rainbow Ride' 2 days ago
Mark u so awesome *hugs * U make use better
paige buie
'paige buie' 2 days ago
i loooove you
'AvaTheCringeChild' 2 days ago
'graceseptic' 2 days ago
What were you doing?
Kaitlynn McGuirk
'Kaitlynn McGuirk' 2 days ago
I cried at the end
'SOMEONE AWSOME' 2 days ago
totally did not make me cry for the second time i watched this in 2017
vane nevarez
'vane nevarez' 2 days ago
i like your videos markplier
Richard O
'Richard O'Connor' 2 days ago
We appreciate you Mark. I hope to make a game like this for you. You make me laugh everyday and I appreciate everything you do. I hope JeffKyler and you see my fan art. I really hope to meet you someday and that I could tell you how much the community loves you. You're a big part of my life. I hope you read this. If you did........

Thank you
Foxina the fox
'Foxina the fox' 2 days ago
I cried when Mark and his Dad Hugged him and then his Dad flew away
Abigail Hardy
'Abigail Hardy' 2 days ago
Monika Kovacs
'Monika Kovacs' 2 days ago
'Diamondwolfie' 2 days ago
I cried a little to
Lawson X
'Lawson X' 2 days ago
Mark was probably thinking, that does not look like my Dad
Jaron Daniel Ambrosio
de delish
'de delish' 2 days ago
THIS GAME WAS AWSOOOOOME. i also cried because his dad said the last things he said to him in real life before he died
BlazingArtistTGA // The Great Animator
Tiny Box Tim had 3 "Awws" from Mark XD
Dragon Bestiariy
'Dragon Bestiariy' 2 days ago
Omg markiplier talk t me please
Wall Net
'Wall Net' 2 days ago
The thumbnail and the game itself is sooo sweeeetttt!!? :D
BOSS Ferreradias
'BOSS Ferreradias' 2 days ago
'briancobblestone' 2 days ago
MIAU-Miau Codita
'MIAU-Miau Codita' 2 days ago
Mark... We love you. I hope you know this. And... You're video is so cool. You are important for me and everyone. You are the best and I don't say this just to Impressing you... Is real. 😢😘
Galaxy123 456
'Galaxy123 456' 2 days ago
Mark we all love you respect ✊👍🏻😎
devyn norman
'devyn norman' 2 days ago
I cry
'Chaoticazii' 2 days ago
It turned from something so funny to something so touching. Beautiful.
Thomas The Ninja Artist
Something tells me that Nurse wouldn't be the only one there trying to make out with Mark.
'RainbowUnihorse' 3 days ago
To me the saddest sound is when you hear the crack in a persons voice before they cry. I broke down and cried so much.
vanessa goode
'vanessa goode' 3 days ago
Not gonna lie....T-T.....I got a little chocked up.
'WolfSpirit' 3 days ago
Turn on subtitles at the beggining(when he dances) XD I died XD
Raven Tanawan
'Raven Tanawan' 3 days ago
i love you mark
Nova Rockwood
'Nova Rockwood' 3 days ago
heya mark,im a big fan and i love ur video and this video u made , once u cryed i almost cryed to, i love u alote, bye ^v^
Poke Pinoy
'Poke Pinoy' 3 days ago
I cried so much when I saw Mark's dad. If you didn't know, Mark's dad died of very serious cancer when mark was young.
Fun Art
'Fun Art' 3 days ago
don't cry Mark...... Don't cry plz don't I will too
••SkyNikey ••
'Roug2211' 3 days ago
What the hell Everytime i heard Him go WAHH I laughed So Hard!!!!OMFG
super crack
'super crack' 3 days ago
wheres scp
Vivian Nguyen
'Vivian Nguyen' 3 days ago
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I love it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
icecreamkitty 2.0
'icecreamkitty 2.0' 3 days ago
your father would be proud of you mark.if he were here he would look at you and say m proud of you son
Pennykettle •
'Pennykettle •' 3 days ago
I wish there was a way to love a video
Jelly Le Jaffacake
Omg I felt so sad when I saw marks face drop when he saw his dad in the game! I am crying and I want to give mark a hug soooooo bad. You are like my best friend markiplier and I hope I will meet you one day. I doubt he will ever see this...
David Powers Poe
'David Powers Poe' 3 days ago
Brandon Rabak
'Brandon Rabak' 3 days ago
syd goo
'syd goo' 3 days ago
I was crying a river at the part where you see your dad again
Alondra Del Valle
'Alondra Del Valle' 3 days ago
Dz Dazzles
'Dz Dazzles' 3 days ago
I cried at the end😣😭😭😭
Ruby Ayala
'Ruby Ayala' 3 days ago
Ruby Ayala
'Ruby Ayala' 3 days ago
play bendy chapter 3
'RM45' 3 days ago
the part with your dad made me tear up
Kitten Kate77
'Kitten Kate77' 3 days ago
0:00 - 00:12
Me when marks outro plays
B Performance
'B Performance' 3 days ago
i was crying so bad. at the end
Johan Lageveen
'Johan Lageveen' 3 days ago
Livilove Gamer9
'Livilove Gamer9' 3 days ago
I cryed
Mckenzie Ferris
'Mckenzie Ferris' 3 days ago
mark you could have a big box bob to play with tim
Lilly Buggington
'Lilly Buggington' 3 days ago
I can just imagine at marks wedding everyones just gonna be "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
Vadas undertale lps fan
can i voice iny box tina my voice is the some almost
Claire Kruse
'Claire Kruse' 3 days ago
Turn on the captions from 0:00 to 0:15

Actually turn them on from the start of the video.
Emi T
'Emi T' 4 days ago
mack let's fuck now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Rainbow_Warrior' 4 days ago
so much poof
Madison Sims
'Madison Sims' 4 days ago
that's what love sounds like


Sophia Holloway
'Sophia Holloway' 4 days ago
I'm pretty sure you're saying it's bad
Medlan S
'Medlan S' 4 days ago
Rose Duffey
'Rose Duffey' 4 days ago
I'm at 24:19 and it looks like mark is gonna cry
Kylie B
'Kylie B' 4 days ago
I'm your biggest fan of all time your king💵👑
'BmanBuck' 4 days ago
Mark if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have any sense of humor and fearlessness
funtime foxy
'funtime foxy' 4 days ago
if you turn on captions you will die of laughter
Ticci Tia
'Ticci Tia' 4 days ago
I started crying when mark seen his dad
Landon Culberhouse
This was cool
chloe wiiliams
'chloe wiiliams' 4 days ago
I teared up when his dad came up.
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