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FIRST DATE SURPRISE MAKEOVER! Stalled w/ Kandee Johnson -
Published: 4 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 4 months ago

256, 171 views

3, 461 Likes   167 Dislikes

Kandee Johnson gives an unsuspecting fan a surprise makeover in a public bathroom - just in time for a first date!

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Lolo Jones
'Lolo Jones' 2 weeks ago
Awesomeness T.V. is all fake but I'm still subbed...
noam diy
'noam diy' 4 weeks ago
what if theye just run in and take theyer pants off
noam diy
'noam diy' 4 weeks ago
thats what ithink every vid
Willow Murphy
'Willow Murphy' 4 weeks ago
What if they go in the first stall not the second
Natalie Roy
'Natalie Roy' 4 weeks ago
Does she need to go to the bathroom then?
Kala Ray
'Kala Ray' 4 weeks ago
i wish she was in a walmart public bathroom becauseeeeeee i seen some people who needs it
Heather Martinez
'Heather Martinez' 4 weeks ago
I love your videos
'LadyPeters' 1 month ago
Kandee is amazing❤️❤️she looks magical :)
Juliette Dubose
'Juliette Dubose' 1 month ago
Gosh so many haters!
Autumn Berryman
'Autumn Berryman' 1 month ago
you need to do stalled with missy lanning
Lazae Jenkins
'Lazae Jenkins' 2 months ago
My whole life is a lie😂
Marina Krylova
'Marina Krylova' 2 months ago
So dumb but so cool at the same time
Michelle Mcbride
'Michelle Mcbride' 3 months ago
Wow.... COOL👀👀 man I could dig it❣
'Rehan' 3 months ago
Super Squiggly Toy Videos
the outfit conveniently fit
The Learned Libertarian
gary johnson
Mapel Pines Films
'Mapel Pines Films' 3 months ago
Oakenshield ring
'Oakenshield ring' 3 months ago
so they just happen to have her size?
zosha vlogs
'zosha vlogs' 3 months ago
I think she looked better before
Marcia Leon
'Marcia Leon' 3 months ago
Amber Neighbors
'Amber Neighbors' 3 months ago
I love her video and voice
Kate _Rylee
'Kate _Rylee' 3 months ago
On the first episode of stalled awesomenessTV said the worned the door
Mia Mueller
'Mia Mueller' 3 months ago
o man that acting lmao
Jana Nikolic
'Jana Nikolic' 3 months ago
Mysticl Sports
'Mysticl Sports' 3 months ago
this looks sooo fake i would be like what the heck,out of all the places u choose to come here.I swear i would just keep starring at the camra,She didnt look once.
Mysticl Sports
'Mysticl Sports' 3 months ago
this looks sooo fake
gengi gaming
'gengi gaming' 3 months ago
im a girl this is my brothers channel
gengi gaming
'gengi gaming' 3 months ago
when they walk in she should say you just got stalled
Arrora Mcatee
'Arrora Mcatee' 3 months ago
some people go into the bathroom just not to use it they fix there make up or use it as a reason to git out of class there lots or reason s
Trinity Gutierrez
'Trinity Gutierrez' 3 months ago
i'd be like okay, but can i use the bathroom first?
'forever22' 3 months ago
please come to Chicago
Mel Rey
'Mel Rey' 3 months ago
Where do you be at
Colette Egan
'Colette Egan' 3 months ago
They should really make this more real
Emily Wiggins
'Emily Wiggins' 3 months ago
what if she really needed to pee? do they let her pee in the toilets?
'JustPoppy33' 3 months ago
We're can I get stalled??? 😂
Bree Diller
'Bree Diller' 3 months ago
How does there never been two people or a little kid before?????!!
'OhGodItsKeith' 3 months ago
Okay it's staged but Kandee is amazing and she looks great :)
Mimi Klagge
'Mimi Klagge' 3 months ago
I sooo want to try this
'OmgitzDylan' 3 months ago
So fake there acting is so bad and they always have the exact size and who would act normal when someone is in a washroom wanting to do ur makeup like what and they don't even use the washroom I would just be like I need to poop get out and they wouldn't let them use up all there stalls for a YouTube show that's 3 minutes long
princess Lisa
'princess Lisa' 3 months ago
This is so staged I can't even 😂
iamani valencia
'iamani valencia' 3 months ago
I have that love thing in my room
Maria Lopez
'Maria Lopez' 3 months ago
where tf can i get that shirt😍🙏?
Cassandra Lopez
'Cassandra Lopez' 3 months ago
How does every pair of shoes that she gives the people fit them perfectly???🤔
R Godley
'R Godley' 3 months ago
lol she is just so chill and casual like I do this every couple days.
ChocolateBunny Whirlywoo
How did she know her size!
Lanya Handren
'Lanya Handren' 3 months ago
The girl looked soo pretty 😍
Christine is addicted to memes
Omg this is so obviously fake
Vicky Neira
'Vicky Neira' 3 months ago
that lip color looks so beautiful with her skin tone
Muna Universe
'Muna Universe' 3 months ago
We all that it's stagged but can't y'all stfu and watch 😂💔 lol
'myfriendlex' 3 months ago
I really wanna get stalled! Even though I know it's not true it still looks fun!
'myfriendlex' 3 months ago
She magically has time to take a before picture!
'ItsBrynnandLilla' 3 months ago
is this real?????
Moonlight Howl
'Moonlight Howl' 3 months ago
What if when they are not recording someone walks in and their is all this makeup they would be soooooooooo confused 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Moonlight Howl
'Moonlight Howl' 3 months ago
Dc Chen
'Dc Chen' 4 months ago
omg super cute!! I love the choker!!
Ali M
'Ali M' 4 months ago
Kennedy was already so gorgeous
Rebekka Axelsdottir
'Rebekka Axelsdottir' 4 months ago
this is so pland😂😂 but stil love this...
Chidenso Madu
'Chidenso Madu' 4 months ago
U don't hug a random person FAKE
'SOFTBALL FOR LIFE' 4 months ago
How do they all have 5 minutes.... I WONDERRRRR
'SOFTBALL FOR LIFE' 4 months ago
I love this series
lyssa Ochoa
'lyssa Ochoa' 4 months ago
It's weird how things fit her, she's getting picked up from a store or something and the ding didn't sound real when she got the text and didn't she have to use the bathroom?
Okay Then
'Okay Then' 4 months ago
I wonder how they have her exact size hmm?
The Night Sky
'The Night Sky' 4 months ago
Um... Do they like um return the stuff or something cause like when another video is uploaded some of the stuff are still right there
'_aventures_' 4 months ago
Lol obviously staged
1. If I was her I would run for the hills if someone was inside a stall when I opened it

2. The before shot would have made it take way over 5mins

3. They always seem to be going somewhere that night

4. They didn't even go to the bathroom

5. The clothes happen to be the exact right fit because I don't think they would have all the possible sizes

There are many more but I have things to do in 2017
'Aurora's' 4 months ago
I kinda think she looked better before.....😬
Abby Regan
'Abby Regan' 4 months ago
I liked her before...
Kylie Anderson
'Kylie Anderson' 4 months ago
She actually went in the bathroom to go to the bathroom
Abdella Mahammed
'Abdella Mahammed' 4 months ago
why oh my she supposedly has a first date ... the outfit fits her ... and she just says HI ... if i were her i would say who are you and what are you gonna do and can i pee
Pugsicle 12
'Pugsicle 12' 4 months ago
Well, where do they put their clothes after? Just carry them around! Like come on this is so staged
Kevser Bukvic
'Kevser Bukvic' 4 months ago
This is staged,if i just met a stranger i wouldnt hug them and tell them my name...
Very Eager Eva
'Very Eager Eva' 4 months ago
so fake..... but I love it
TaylorSwift VEVO
'TaylorSwift VEVO' 4 months ago
I mean that if I would go on my first date I would be wearing something edgy or be prepered and not like I'm gonna watch Netflix or go to bed. Nad they never use the toilet
Grace Meenan
'Grace Meenan' 4 months ago
Why wouldn't she go into the closest toilet? And the door was open unlike the other ones 😅
'duhitzloretta' 4 months ago
Do they get to keep the clothes
James Butler
'James Butler' 4 months ago
my babe kennnnn! xoxo
Nadja Lennox
'Nadja Lennox' 4 months ago
Does she keep the clothes?
Yanailiz Rivera
'Yanailiz Rivera' 4 months ago
People are worried about how "staged" this is and i honestly dont mind that candy is there to give fashion tips and tricks and i feel like this is a clever way to do it
Noor Khan
'Noor Khan' 4 months ago
How come everything fit her like the shoes man , like if you agree
Forever Love
'Forever Love' 4 months ago
For all you that don't know... in a previous episode of stalled awesomeness tv said that they gave the person coming into the washroom a heads up. Cuz what if they just come in the washroom and take their pants off right away😂 So think before speak and have evidence. So yeahhh it looks staged because she knew it was coming. Y'all need to chill out🙄
Jenna DiLorenzo
'Jenna DiLorenzo' 4 months ago
she honestly looked better without the makeup
Destiny and Maya Show
Even tho this is fake the girl in this episode was gorgeous ❤️
Noemi Romero
'Noemi Romero' 4 months ago
So scripted
Sidrah Cha
'Sidrah Cha' 4 months ago
Lmao funny fake show.. how do you even know her shoe size? 😂😂😂
Megan Barugh
'Megan Barugh' 4 months ago
Don't these people come to the loo for u know the loo
jessica nico
'jessica nico' 4 months ago
this shit is fake AF
Aamina Brilly
'Aamina Brilly' 4 months ago
She didn't even allow her to go to the toilet, when the whole reason she came was to go toilet
Ann Chacko
'Ann Chacko' 4 months ago
what if some1 has to pee really quick... but enters that washroom ... and they would not leave her untill the makeup is over...
Ian Harding
'Ian Harding' 4 months ago
I don't know why I always read stalled as stalked and I'm like wtf
Maya Marie
'Maya Marie' 4 months ago
How old is kandee
Lena Mercan
'Lena Mercan' 4 months ago
This is all staged obviously
amy w
'amy w' 4 months ago
The first episodes ...... When the girl walked in to the bathroom she was smiling and laughing... So this show is fake and you can tell by their acting 🌚
Farrah Gascoine
'Farrah Gascoine' 4 months ago
These are sooo staged.
karunya shree
'karunya shree' 4 months ago
U make videos in the same bathroom I've seen the same bathroom more than 6 times
Jasleen Bieber
'Jasleen Bieber' 4 months ago
so staged
'It's Basima Tho' 4 months ago
This is ovb fake
Natasha Mota
'Natasha Mota' 4 months ago
I love Kandee so much 😍💕
'LivinToBeJamie' 4 months ago
Wow this looks so real ........JK😂
Jayce Browning
'Jayce Browning' 4 months ago
What store is the bathroom in lol
Deniz C
'Deniz C' 4 months ago
does she have to return the clothes or can she keep it?
Daisy Salomon
'Daisy Salomon' 4 months ago
has a little girl ever came in
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