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Black Widow Trailer - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

15, 296, 567 views

167, 116 Likes   8, 463 Dislikes

In her first standalone film, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) juggles an internship at Fashion Weekly magazine and a complicated relationship with boyfriend Ultron.

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rajaram patel
'rajaram patel' 4 hours ago
penis is on😂😂😂😂
Beatz Money
'Beatz Money' 10 hours ago
Well this is fake
'yerowww666' 12 hours ago
congratz on getting the real Scarlett in a nice outfit. also, if it ever actually came out i would be all over it.
Jessica Quinn
'Jessica Quinn' 14 hours ago
There NEEDS to be an actual Black Widow movie
ariel carvalho
'ariel carvalho' 1 day ago
Roxana Marquez
'Roxana Marquez' 1 day ago
adoro el programa
Kevin Victoria
'Kevin Victoria' 2 days ago
oh !! Page from ANTM cycle 23 spoted !!
'RIPLS' 2 days ago
ultron is missing a neck
'QUEEN GABI' 3 days ago
yay just subscribed 😁
Not Garnet
'Not Garnet' 4 days ago
Lol they predicted Wonder Woman
Jack son
'Jack son' 4 days ago
Penis activate
SpyFreak AR-15
'SpyFreak AR-15' 5 days ago
people, don't make your first conclusion is to why there's no black widow movie be sexism. if you actually read into the real reasons why she doesn't get her own film, it's more than likely not a gender concern. besides remember Hawkeye doesn't get his own movie either.
Luke Spillman
'Luke Spillman' 5 days ago
scarlett johansson so hot and sexy
Cole Lamon
'Cole Lamon' 6 days ago
its 2017 where the movie at?
Eethan O
'Eethan O'Connell' 6 days ago
Anyone else ever wonder what Scarlett Johansson's vagina tastes like? Or is it just me?
Micaela Weyrich
'Micaela Weyrich' 6 days ago
Marvel really don't know girls. This movie is sooooo inaccurate. She is a spy who feels pretty much nothing. Why is she so Fucking emotional in this trailer.
Shaun Laclemence
'Shaun Laclemence' 7 days ago
Before I watched the video I thought it was legit
Vangelis K.
'Vangelis K.' 1 week ago
Dunno, all that money and I have yet to see her Depp Throat or do Ass To Mouth
'gjaddajg' 1 week ago
It's funny because it's true. This is what superhero movies would be if women wrote them.
'DeadSec30.3' 1 week ago
This is shit
'YOLOCOW GAMES' 1 week ago
URJ Ullash
'URJ Ullash' 1 week ago
naan this is great....
Timothy Towle
'Timothy Towle' 1 week ago
2017 and still no Black Widow movie...this trailer is fake! Fake media!
celeste Sparks
'celeste Sparks' 1 week ago
haha so funny
kevin navarro
'kevin navarro' 1 week ago
me la creí
'GalicyAngelLight' 1 week ago
Shit i misst it its 2017
'PhixFeiss' 1 week ago
Poggle the Lesser
'Poggle the Lesser' 1 week ago
weird, I see no one getting offender
Harsh Barupal
'Harsh Barupal' 1 week ago
in 2016 ;))
Peter Vang
'Peter Vang' 1 week ago
That booty shot at 3:24 though
'Bubbelvatten3' 1 week ago
Celine farach
'Celine farach' 1 week ago
sexy and pretty
Willa Hunt
'Willa Hunt' 1 week ago
why would they make a "girl" superhero movie when that's a motherfucking woman
Ratchet 2704
'Ratchet 2704' 1 week ago
stevey j
'stevey j' 2 weeks ago
Better than the scarlet witch and vision scenario🙂
Miguel Hernandez
'Miguel Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
Scarlett is so hot
'Exground' 2 weeks ago
Damn 1:31
ukension yang
'ukension yang' 2 weeks ago
Aditya Pawar
'Aditya Pawar' 2 weeks ago
so much comedy
Bryan Juarez
'Bryan Juarez' 2 weeks ago
scarlett johansson look like my gta 5 charecter
Exodus 2017
'Exodus 2017' 2 weeks ago
this is hilarious
Kate Harker
'Kate Harker' 2 weeks ago
Lol I look like the girl version of this video's Thor.
Coco Maehler
'Coco Maehler' 2 weeks ago
Better love story than Twilight
Elliott Jones
'Elliott Jones' 2 weeks ago
27 Dresses was the ish though
Darrell May
'Darrell May' 2 weeks ago
all of a sudden this made me change my mind about seeing the new Avengers Infinity war movie. thanks a snl.
Sirena Miller
'Sirena Miller' 2 weeks ago
I can't even.
Victoria Le Roux
'Victoria Le Roux' 2 weeks ago
" penis activated " LMFAO xDDDDD
Linx Newman
'Linx Newman' 2 weeks ago
no, really ?
nerf acers high
'nerf acers high' 2 weeks ago
'GAMING dog' 2 weeks ago
johnn youu
'johnn youu' 2 weeks ago
She can be a great porn star where she can suck massive dick to her throat !!!!
Daw aye aye that
'Daw aye aye that' 2 weeks ago
petrice dobson
'petrice dobson' 2 weeks ago
Marghi Colorida
'Marghi Colorida' 2 weeks ago
Is this a stupid joke i am sorry if I offend someone but is just that no please just no
Zahra S
'Zahra S' 2 weeks ago
No no no if you're gonna make a black widow movie you gotta do it right. Screw the love bring us her badass fighting skills and her sass as she destroys everything
Emily York
'Emily York' 2 weeks ago
I would actually love to see that 😂😂😂 I'M SUCH A BIG FAN
Deontay Jones
'Deontay Jones' 2 weeks ago
y'all went to for with Thor that nigga is a god not gay
Sharpass Vlogs
'Sharpass Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
It is 2017
Brayden Hatcher
'Brayden Hatcher' 2 weeks ago
it's 2017
Maniac Lee
'Maniac Lee' 2 weeks ago
who else seen dat ass on ig
'TheRave16' 2 weeks ago
What is this, is this real!!! og
Kevin Brown
'Kevin Brown' 2 weeks ago
what is this!!!
Varka The Fox
'Varka The Fox' 2 weeks ago
It's 2017 m8
Ezequiel Vara
'Ezequiel Vara' 2 weeks ago
1:31 look that ass
Ayush Goel
'Ayush Goel' 2 weeks ago
srry donjon
Ayush Goel
'Ayush Goel' 2 weeks ago
she is so sexy and i liked all her movies avengers and specially bonjon
'magic_bunny' 2 weeks ago
lol i wanted to see this
Paul Sack
'Paul Sack' 2 weeks ago
1:31, thank god for this trailer, ayMEN!!!
anti this video is cancer police
"penis activated"
codcrafters bros
'codcrafters bros' 2 weeks ago
I'm watching this in 2017 and it didn't come out bitch
zenowak bing
'zenowak bing' 2 weeks ago
😂😂 thor
Joan hernandez gordillo
And that why, she does not have her own movie.
'supermemy123' 2 weeks ago
thor gay. ( Did not see that coming)
'LINDA POSTINO' 2 weeks ago
yes please!
jonathan ibarra
'jonathan ibarra' 2 weeks ago
lol xD
Gaslight Egh
'Gaslight Egh' 2 weeks ago
0:46 is this the devil wear's prada or what
qc 2qc01010
'qc 2qc01010' 2 weeks ago
qc 2qc01010
'qc 2qc01010' 2 weeks ago
Poor poor snowflakes always seeking justification to feel disenfranchised.
Ali Mohamed
'Ali Mohamed' 2 weeks ago
love your programme​ from Egypt 😍😍😍
'TheBigHase' 2 weeks ago
That skintight dress. Wow. And people - she's single again! :-)
Arnold Hernandez Rivera
like si esta bien buena 😍
superkami guru
'superkami guru' 2 weeks ago
it's not marvel stopping them from making a black widow movie it's the big wigs upstairs who are afraid to try something new. these are comprised of teams of both men and women . I like scarlet johanson a lot so i would love to see a black widow movie. throw in some origin scenes and a cool villain (madam Hydra and mayber red skull would return.
Yash Suresh
'Yash Suresh' 2 weeks ago
who is the woman to black widows right, in the thumbnail of this video?
Lavanya Kumar
'Lavanya Kumar' 2 weeks ago
chutiya bana rhe h
Sam Jones
'Sam Jones' 2 weeks ago
Sad to think that's all female characters are good for in the movie industry. Even in movies with a strong female trope, they fall in love. Soo cliche!
Sonia Vazquez
'Sonia Vazquez' 2 weeks ago
Sonia Vazquez
'Sonia Vazquez' 2 weeks ago
Worst vid in my life
Elle Jones
'Elle Jones' 2 weeks ago
Seriously tho.......why is there no Black Widow movie?! I'd so watch it.....
Daniel Alvarez
'Daniel Alvarez' 2 weeks ago
jenn fisher
'jenn fisher' 2 weeks ago
Amv V
'Amv V' 2 weeks ago
Can anyone tell me the name of the song
Kyany Karina
'Kyany Karina' 2 weeks ago
Krista Sullivan
'Krista Sullivan' 2 weeks ago
yo paige from antm is in here 👆
Paul Paul
'Paul Paul' 2 weeks ago
stupid movie
Gabriela Renteria
'Gabriela Renteria' 2 weeks ago
😂wtf was this I love it
lego teen builder 2.0
At least do Bruce banner you idiots
'JoeyGodsey' 2 weeks ago
$103909.14 was generated so far on the video
Beckman Coulter
'Beckman Coulter' 2 weeks ago
Oh it's Paige of ANTM 23 on the thumbnail.
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