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Black Widow Trailer - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

13, 858, 055 views

152, 341 Likes   7, 404 Dislikes

In her first standalone film, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) juggles an internship at Fashion Weekly magazine and a complicated relationship with boyfriend Ultron.

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Adrian Waugh
'Adrian Waugh' 25 minutes ago
ßhëmär jāmëß
this could actually be a movie😶😶its a great concept
Flavio Vázquez
'Flavio Vázquez' 4 hours ago
Tim Piller
'Tim Piller' 4 hours ago
It's 2k17 and im still waiting
Jonas Ronaldas
'Jonas Ronaldas' 6 hours ago
i now that this isn't real but thats the real actress so Johanson realy filmed in a parody of marvel
James Key
'James Key' 8 hours ago
Kai Hu
'Kai Hu' 9 hours ago
It's like a very badly written fan fiction oh my sides 😭😂
Definitely not Dendi
This trailer is better than the entire DCEU lol
Koala Des Neiges
'Koala Des Neiges' 10 hours ago
This Ils n'ont funny
Nur Edryana
'Nur Edryana' 12 hours ago
black widow is better with hulk
Lenox Fleuret
'Lenox Fleuret' 16 hours ago
I swear Ultron is Conan o Brien
Annie Jurkovich
'Annie Jurkovich' 17 hours ago
That was perfect
Tyler Dookeran
'Tyler Dookeran' 22 hours ago
😂😂😂omg this killed me lmaooooo
X Cosmic Bunny X
'X Cosmic Bunny X' 23 hours ago
Its 2017, im still waiting...
Atcera 95
'Atcera 95' 23 hours ago
Coming in 2016 my ass
Iben Surya
'Iben Surya' 23 hours ago
0:41 is that Paige America's Next Top Model 23?
sasa loui
'sasa loui' 1 day ago
I'm still waiting for this film and it's 2017!
Gun Mistress
'Gun Mistress' 1 day ago
This is stupid and dumb!
Red Hood
'Red Hood' 2 days ago
wtf did just witness
Snipe Hypes
'Snipe Hypes' 2 days ago
I wish it's 2017
Slipknot The man who can climb anything
Aren't women like the primary consumers of shitty Romcoms like this anyway? So what is even trying to be conveyed here?
Kael Coloma
'Kael Coloma' 2 days ago
lol I think I broke my stomach laughing at thor
I want this movie to be release 😂
Christiane Rhoie Bardago
"Penis Activiated"😂😂😂😂
Richard Chaney
'Richard Chaney' 2 days ago
no hope for humanity y'all are fuckin idiots
Onel Jeanty
'Onel Jeanty' 2 days ago
what was that ???
William McElhenny
'William McElhenny' 2 days ago
Lol!!! man now 2016 has passed you dumb
Alannah Ryan
'Alannah Ryan' 2 days ago
Really want this!!!!
Alyssa Ashmore
'Alyssa Ashmore' 2 days ago
Febri Ian
'Febri Ian' 2 days ago
isn't that paige from antm???
Ezequiel Tovar
'Ezequiel Tovar' 3 days ago
I'm watching this in 2017 🤔🤔why hasn't this come out yet
Bri TV
'Bri TV' 3 days ago
I thought this was real until I saw the super heros🙃
Fergie Pineda
'Fergie Pineda' 3 days ago
Lauren Matsuo
'Lauren Matsuo' 3 days ago
Dude marvel is late a year wyd
Marcos Garcia
'Marcos Garcia' 3 days ago
So fake and stupid
'BRYan' 3 days ago
vean el minuto 1:30 :v
Julian Pagano
'Julian Pagano' 3 days ago
Hulk and Black Widow <3
Alex Carvalho
'Alex Carvalho' 3 days ago
Avengers are just a bunch of SJW voluntarily locked in their parallel world bubble.
Waqi Ali
'Waqi Ali' 3 days ago
Swarthy Saviour
'Swarthy Saviour' 3 days ago
what a bunch of rubbish!!..
black widow & black panther..
they could have at least told the truth.. ultron just wants to robodick her down& steal her DNA and make robo-widow clones, to take over the world/nation..

black widow/panther are adam and eve.. yay!! now everyone knows the truth didn't take 3mins and 24 seconds of free inner chi wasted.. prepare for the real war.. ultron is mkultra causing us human avengers to use racism/rage/chaos/destruction against their friends and family..

and this is coming from the REAL BLACK PANTHER... Luv You All.. C yall soon..
Neri 4x4
'Neri 4x4' 4 days ago
Awesome. Robotic Penis.
Winston Xiong
'Winston Xiong' 4 days ago
Is this movie out yet!??? I want to see it!!!
...and why did they make Thor gay!??! o.O WTF
Kawaii Stuff
'Kawaii Stuff' 4 days ago
is this real - _- but a movie about black widow is cool but not like a shitty one
'MaxSGems' 4 days ago
2017 And it's not out!
Elise Aerts
'Elise Aerts' 4 days ago
Predict heavily elementary task unit elegant order implication.
'ExileRN' 4 days ago
'MoNoKuRO_MNKR ch' 4 days ago
Fake Bitch this is 2017
'juniscecilio' 5 days ago
Ryan Rhoades
'Ryan Rhoades' 5 days ago
SNL I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Rhoades
'Ryan Rhoades' 5 days ago
Uriel Jz
'Uriel Jz' 5 days ago
El minuto 1:30 es el más glorioso de todos... además de la cara de la Widow antes de comer Ultropene
'nick' 5 days ago
now I see who made it, lol
Abster asgard
'Abster asgard' 5 days ago
Greg Reeve
'Greg Reeve' 5 days ago
this awful
Maly Pivo
'Maly Pivo' 5 days ago
yeah Id too love a robot woman - command : cook dinner - command : have sex - command : turn off :)))
Zambo Zodiac
'Zambo Zodiac' 5 days ago
SCARLETT is sooooo beautiful!
'CrazyMunky84' 6 days ago
Black Widow isn't cool enough to have her own movie. She's just a female Jason Bourne/Jason Bond. Big whoop!
yobi Satya
'yobi Satya' 6 days ago
Wkwkwkwkwkwkwk . . . . . #LOL
William Girardeau
'William Girardeau' 6 days ago
looks like fucking shit
mr Erri
'mr Erri' 6 days ago
he looks like jigsaw.... that's fucked up...
Tears of Sky
'Tears of Sky' 6 days ago
i´´m sorry XDDDD
When Life Smacks You In The Face
Is this actually real?
nam min mi
'nam min mi' 6 days ago
'MrGdawg818' 6 days ago
It's funny how not funny this is.
Auron 888
'Auron 888' 6 days ago
would be a better movie than the Black Widow - movie Marvel would make (if they were intended to do it, doesn´t seem so after all)
'Youngla14' 6 days ago
Idgaf I just want a porn vid of her lol
Vid Černivec
'Vid Černivec' 6 days ago
well at least scarlet is real
Alper Karabay
'Alper Karabay' 6 days ago
1:31 black widow ass hmmm :)
roxie jones
'roxie jones' 6 days ago
What shit is this?
'4SHO421' 6 days ago
SNL has become a bad joke. See Scarlett in a new video (Tight Leather) demanding we overthrow the election and the vote. Cuz she has to suck up to Hollywood communists for the next movie deal.
Sharvan Kumar Prajapath Ashania
WTF.... why would you made that. is she real Scarlett Johansson? whatever, I liked it...... 😁
Alex Tolson
'Alex Tolson' 1 week ago
2016 has been and gone, wtf marvel why isn't this out yet
Eeriel Constantine
Víctor Melgar
'Víctor Melgar' 1 week ago
'Flame' 1 week ago
subscribe flame
'RoD H' 1 week ago
What's wrong with Ketchup on Cereal?
Sarg Lallis
'Sarg Lallis' 1 week ago
7,190 people are faggots, millennials and hipsters. (The scum of humanity)
Aybüke Beyza
'Aybüke Beyza' 1 week ago
gay thor was my dream😂
Eren Jaeger
'Eren Jaeger' 1 week ago
the amount of cringe
Spider man Fan.
'Spider man Fan.' 1 week ago
Emanuel Figueroa
'Emanuel Figueroa' 1 week ago
1:31, your welcome
Striker-prro Parkour
Que clase de burla es esa? >:v
Tracy Tiger
'Tracy Tiger' 1 week ago
I actually want to see that movie
Lisa Gallagher
'Lisa Gallagher' 1 week ago
This made me laugh so hard. This is so great. I fucking love Scarlett.
'Nana1776' 1 week ago
is this even real
The Man
'The Man' 1 week ago
it's already 2017
Sara brogan
'Sara brogan' 1 week ago
Im sorry but is this just Supergirl? 😂😂
Qori Akromin
'Qori Akromin' 1 week ago
Wha... what the.. the ffffUUCK IS HAPPENING?
Pria Fawwaz
'Pria Fawwaz' 1 week ago
Latai Fifita
'Latai Fifita' 1 week ago
she makes thus so much more better
'JAKE2468' 1 week ago
Lizz Marroquin
'Lizz Marroquin' 2 weeks ago
sooooo cliche lol
Chucho Cachucho
'Chucho Cachucho' 2 weeks ago
1:31 Dat ass
stag foot
'stag foot' 2 weeks ago
Where's Tony ?
sky delos santos
'sky delos santos' 2 weeks ago
still waiting for a hawkeye sequel
'eliasaho3' 2 weeks ago
why hasnt it come out yeat was it delayd
Dummi Polizei
'Dummi Polizei' 2 weeks ago
Good night everybody☺😴
Estevan Garcia
'Estevan Garcia' 2 weeks ago
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