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Pharrell Williams Performs 'Runnin'' -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Ellen's multi-talented friend performed one of his wonderful new songs from the "Hidden Figures" soundtrack!

Rondel Moore
'Rondel Moore' 3 days ago
This "song" is awful and it didn't fit in the movie.
Miss Myasia
'Miss Myasia' 7 days ago
Hes a genius! I love this song
'L' 1 week ago
N*E*R*D forever
Mark Sapigao
'Mark Sapigao' 1 week ago
his live performances sound so much like the studio version :)
Nashanta Stanley
'Nashanta Stanley' 2 weeks ago
Another HIT!!!
Bri ughFuckGoogle
'Bri ughFuckGoogle' 2 weeks ago
I love this soundtrack lol That oldies soul sound hooked me.

*Except for I See a Victory. Screw Kim Burrell.
Catinca S.
'Catinca S.' 2 weeks ago
Love him!
'Mjölnir' 2 weeks ago
i don't know why I'm still remember him as a sewer rat.
Munish K
'Munish K' 2 weeks ago
Wheres Kim at?? Oh wait, I forgot...
Florrie Goldman
'Florrie Goldman' 2 weeks ago
Adore Pharrell....adore Ellen............
John Pierre
'John Pierre' 2 weeks ago
i wouldnt of went on their if the pastor couldn't lol
Dwayne Henderson
'Dwayne Henderson' 2 weeks ago
I just wanna know where I can get the shirt he rocking?
AnuJ Soni
'AnuJ Soni' 2 weeks ago
dude <3
Émilie Viotto
'Émilie Viotto' 2 weeks ago
Pharell is a genius
Kaveesha Mistry
'Kaveesha Mistry' 2 weeks ago
Oh oh oh look at my lips and you are shook oh oh oh

It's Miranda not me ^-^
tim “DJ TIMDOGG” bayard
this is a song about a beautiful mind..the movie this song is featured from is called Hidden Figures about 3 beautiful black women who helped put men on the moon.. which was never in the history books....why? well we all know why.. so listen to the lyrics of the song...very powerful.. #djtimdogg
Diana Bulnes
'Diana Bulnes' 2 weeks ago
This song got me moving immediately!
wilfrid fred
'wilfrid fred' 2 weeks ago
Pharell is a beast!
Marla Araújo
'Marla Araújo' 2 weeks ago
Parece roupas de mendigo '-'
'aggabaoaj' 2 weeks ago
Love the vibe.
Keith Machi
'Keith Machi' 2 weeks ago
wow people are so disrespectful to one of the greatest producer/songwriter/rapper of our time
Jay Z
'Jay Z' 2 weeks ago
I never felt like this guy was talented and I feel even more strongly so after watching this shit
murali udupi
'murali udupi' 2 weeks ago
Love From India (Ellen Fan)
roger blackburn
'roger blackburn' 2 weeks ago
A modern day Curtis Mayfield with a great orchestral background.
'Zepol' 2 weeks ago
He kinda sucks.
'Kman17' 2 weeks ago
ill sub to anyone who sub to me just saying
Serchio alexandro
'Serchio alexandro' 2 weeks ago
Deirdre Begley
'Deirdre Begley' 2 weeks ago
great song
The Potato That Can Fly
He messed up at 2:48
Jackie Taboada
'Jackie Taboada' 2 weeks ago
Wish this was cudi singing Surfin instead but you good Pharrell
juan luis 123
'juan luis 123' 2 weeks ago
Is he a singer??? Its a joke?
Sascha Wright
'Sascha Wright' 2 weeks ago
His songs are always a hit!🤴🏽👍🏽😜
rafael arana
'rafael arana' 2 weeks ago
NICK Schmidt
'NICK Schmidt' 2 weeks ago
You have to give him some slack, he performed this because the other singer made homophobic remarks so he couldn't perform the song they had rehearsed, the backup singers had to help Pharrell and so if it wasn't as good at least understand what was going on behind the scenes
'Steven' 2 weeks ago
He's just speaking fast...the backup singers were better.
Pretty Little Liars
'Pretty Little Liars' 2 weeks ago
stick to behind the scenes bro
Sandy Tom
'Sandy Tom' 2 weeks ago
All I'm staring at is the Hong Bao on his shirt..
'Kynario' 2 weeks ago
Whoa, this sucks. Kudos to the backup singers though.
'Bsquared' 2 weeks ago
Gosh I miss the production team of Chad Hugo and Pharrell (The Neptunes)... almost every song that came out in the 90's and 00's was a instant classic!
'JoshGamerMC' 2 weeks ago
"Dont act like you was there when you wasnt "
Nice grammer Pharrell
Orestis Chatzinas
'Orestis Chatzinas' 2 weeks ago
id on pharrel's clothes
amit dubey
'amit dubey' 2 weeks ago
pharrell William rock and Ellen really cute you are
xXBellaNation Xx
'xXBellaNation Xx' 2 weeks ago
Not to be rude but what's happened to the songs these days.
Marine- Gaëlle
'Marine- Gaëlle' 2 weeks ago
the way pharell does some moves it looks alike Drake's move ..
Megan Woodard
'Megan Woodard' 2 weeks ago
:) Love you Pharrell!!!
Max Röder
'Max Röder' 2 weeks ago
It's supposed to be "You weren't" right?
'PandaSen' 2 weeks ago
Wasn't this other woman supposed to perform with pharrel but she made a nasty remark to gay people .-.?, so Ellen banned her from the show
Lotte Ro
'Lotte Ro' 2 weeks ago
He's fricking amazing
'SAS15G' 2 weeks ago
this is what our music will sound like in the future....
Raytra 007 (GR7)
'Raytra 007 (GR7)' 2 weeks ago
I was runnin' through the six with my... Sheet, wrong song
'TheAshsmit3' 2 weeks ago
Inspiration! Beautiful spirit!!!
Salma Johansson
'Salma Johansson' 2 weeks ago
the guy never age xD best example of black dont crack
Richard Akins
'Richard Akins' 2 weeks ago
Wait.. what's this???😦
Ascension Fernandez
'Ascension Fernandez' 2 weeks ago
pharrell you meet Cara
IRÈNE Raharimalala
'IRÈNE Raharimalala' 2 weeks ago
I love you Pharrell so mush 😍😍😍
Raytra 007 (GR7)
'Raytra 007 (GR7)' 2 weeks ago
Is this that guy that sang "Happy"?
'Stal_Ka4' 2 weeks ago
Laki Saki
'Laki Saki' 2 weeks ago
where are the nmd's?
Koker Hernandez
'Koker Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
I am early as all hell! 😂
Dibies 2003
'Dibies 2003' 2 weeks ago
Also, I love this video :3
gaming cells 432
'gaming cells 432' 2 weeks ago
Ellen you are my idol i really want to meet you
Someone Like You
'Someone Like You' 2 weeks ago
Ur Maker
'Ur Maker' 2 weeks ago
Deep nuts 3 dislike btw jk jk 77 like
'Boost' 2 weeks ago
Sup lads
'ROCKY' 2 weeks ago
:D Nippel
Lucas Smith
'Lucas Smith' 2 weeks ago
Is this even a song? Its like hes just speaking fast at one note
Ryley Green
'Ryley Green' 2 weeks ago
go boop
Elizabeth Jacobs
'Elizabeth Jacobs' 2 weeks ago
Pharrell Williams!! I love you!!
'Kxni' 2 weeks ago
3rd comment lol
Sierra Tonon
'Sierra Tonon' 2 weeks ago
I love Pharell's spirit!!
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Notifications Gang where you at??♥☺☺♥♥❤️
Young Kim
'Young Kim' 2 weeks ago
He's a one hit wonder
MarshmallowBob -_-
'MarshmallowBob -_-' 2 weeks ago
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