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Do These Things Make You Super Uncomfortable? -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 weeks ago

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Dream Catcher
'Dream Catcher' 2 hours ago
Something that makes me uncomfortable is when I go to the bathroom but there's other people around! ygegdhehhsush I DONT WANT TI HEAR PEOPLE PEE OR HAVE PEOPLE HEAR ME PEE BRHEHHEHISHGDHEJ
Denise Thasder
'Denise Thasder' 3 hours ago
Nails on chalkboard. Even thinking about it gives me goosebumps lol
catty cgm
'catty cgm' 4 hours ago
when you have butter on your hand and can't get it off
Pink Llama
'Pink Llama' 4 hours ago
When peeps have long nails....AND SCRATCH EM ON THE CHALKBOARD
Kelly jones
'Kelly jones' 9 hours ago
when im talkimg to a teavher and they are super close to my face amd say look at me while im talking to you ( like if u agree with me )
Kermit The Flop
'Kermit The Flop' 9 hours ago
Having an itch on your leg

Emelia Mazz
'Emelia Mazz' 9 hours ago
Whenever someone watches me draw I instantly mess up
'ItzCarterBruh' 10 hours ago
when you drink the whole capri sun in one succ and you dont have anymore left to succ up ;-;
Mahsa Bb
'Mahsa Bb' 12 hours ago
the sound of a spoon and a another sliver object being rubed together😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😐😐😐😐😐
Galaxy 15
'Galaxy 15' 16 hours ago
the spoon one got me
Simple Daphne
'Simple Daphne' 16 hours ago
HAz Haz (HazYT)
'HAz Haz (HazYT)' 21 hours ago
near someone who stinks
'zDRXW' 1 day ago
biting into an ice cream bar
'zDRXW' 1 day ago
when your friends parents invite you to dinner and you accidentally took a big bite of something hot and they start talking to you
Jerica Anaya
'Jerica Anaya' 1 day ago
Styrofoam rubbing together! Ugh hate it so much 😫
Lucy The Redstone Engineer for MCPE
I have a few

One I bite into an ice-lolly Hegisueuiihhebd makes me get goosebumps
And two, when I scratch paper and wool shown sushi makes me get goosebumps too
'labraiders' 1 day ago
Uncomfortable Moments
1. WET SOCKSSSS 2.ERASERS THAT JUST MAKE A BIGGER MARK ON YOUR PAPER 3.when you scratch a paper with your nails, uhhh the shivers 4. when your bra slips down and you have to fix while trying not be noticed by the boys
'labraiders' 1 day ago
Uncomfortable moment
when you scratch a text book page with your nails and the way the paper feels makes you shiver
Kawaii Dinos
'Kawaii Dinos' 1 day ago
Gosh that thumbnail when I licked the spoon it tasted nasty metal
'LORE FLORES' 1 day ago
all of this is uncomfortable😐
Princess Cold ivy cakes
I hate when when people stare directly in my eyes. Especially when I'm in trouble. I try to look away but then I wanna see how mad they look and don't wanna look like I'm not paying attention. When someone I hate yells at me ( popular chics) I look at them glance back and repeat. They either laugh or get more mad
Madelyn Owusu
'Madelyn Owusu' 1 day ago
lily morgan
'lily morgan' 1 day ago
What makes me uncomfortable is when someone grinds their teeth together ughr 😯
Ugly Namjoon stan
'Ugly Namjoon stan' 2 days ago
What makes me uncomfortable is when people stare at me while I eat.
'TheGameCreeper' 2 days ago
when your wearing socks and shoes and your foot starts to itch
when someone licks there fingers and touches you
when your sitting next to someone and they pick their nose
Paige Willow
'Paige Willow' 2 days ago
fingers nails scratching on a chalkboard
Hayden Moir
'Hayden Moir' 2 days ago
Blackboard no thank you
kittencopter smiles
trying to take a jacket off while in a car is so darn hard idk why!
Ellena Matthews
'Ellena Matthews' 2 days ago
touching anything powdery/floury
Princess Cold ivy cakes
I like sitting in a chair with my backpack 🎒
Jade Tran
'Jade Tran' 2 days ago
Do you wanna wipe away the past? RYAN LOCHTE DOES.
Hamza Parker (ISmackYoHead)
the socks and the spoon one spoon one makes me cringe
Maddie Coates
'Maddie Coates' 2 days ago
When your tounge tickels
Lauren Dittmer
'Lauren Dittmer' 2 days ago
When my blankets aren't even
Kathryn Lanuel
'Kathryn Lanuel' 3 days ago
0:38 Is she wearing a headwind backpack ??p.s. R.I.P he'd wig 😢😢😢😭😭😭
Shadow Gamer
'Shadow Gamer' 3 days ago
When ur watching YouTube and someone comes up behind and starts breathing on ur neck
'Xx4W3SOM3xX' 3 days ago
Is that weird?

Wait! Being touched. That's it
Libby Gillings
'Libby Gillings' 3 days ago
Leah blaze
'Leah blaze' 3 days ago
when you are writing an exam and the teacher is hovering above you
Sweet TV
'Sweet TV' 3 days ago
When You have an itch And You can't tell If it's In your ear or throat😑
Vedant Chachan
'Vedant Chachan' 3 days ago
radom girl
'radom girl' 3 days ago
chewing aluminum foil try it
Conor Sylvain
'Conor Sylvain' 3 days ago
take the backpack off before you sit down
Lobsters Pasta
'Lobsters Pasta' 3 days ago
'LilyBlossom' 3 days ago
Ben Little
'Ben Little' 3 days ago
When people's elbows always rest on your desk and u ask them to take it off and they do but somehow it's suddenly on the edge of your desk over and over again
Ben Little
'Ben Little' 3 days ago
I actually find sitting with a backpack in a chair rather comfortable
Emily the wild child
when you get into bed and are comfortable and having a nice dream and you remember you didn't charge your phone 😂
MrPackerAnderson Mays
When you get an itch in your ear hole and partly in your mouth that you can't get.
Take Me Papa Franku
Scratching paper makes me cringe so much oh god
Brandy Vargas
'Brandy Vargas' 3 days ago
When my mom and dad ask me questions 😣😖 I hate it so much
Makenna Wilson
'Makenna Wilson' 4 days ago
when you're in the bathroom stall and you're trying to pee but there are other people in there lol
Mia Lin
'Mia Lin' 4 days ago
When your foot itches but when you scratch it your scratching tickles but the itch is still there
Muzik Bike - Geometry Dash and stuff
0:51 I do this on a regular basis, no sweat.
Lucia Bashe
'Lucia Bashe' 4 days ago
sock thing is so annoying
Emanuel Chavez
'Emanuel Chavez' 4 days ago
When the bottom of your foot itches while your shoes on and you don't want to take your shoe off in public so you just gotta wait until it passes
RyanPlayz MC - The Advertise Free Channel
When people cut steak or any food and makes a noise that's like fingernails on a chalkboard
little_missy _101
'little_missy _101' 4 days ago
When you do a report and then no one claps......
Marioadventure Taylor
Wet soggy skin tight jeans!!!
'SGGH Gt' 4 days ago
When you are at and important event and you try your best not to sneeze
'steamfans' 4 days ago
when you worry about someone finding the bodies in Ben Franklin's basement
Ali Stewart
'Ali Stewart' 4 days ago
Here's top 5 of things that make me uncomfortable:
1) Fingernails on a chalk board
2) when you have a wedgie but everyone's around you at the time
3) when you tell your friend an old joke you two loved and then you're the only one laughing
4) when you are silly and have to read out your nine time tables in front of the class when you don't know them
5) when you forget what your saying and have that weird feeling
Jhorden Cherry
'Jhorden Cherry' 4 days ago
when someone is drinking something and you can hear them swallowing it.
October Glaneman
'October Glaneman' 4 days ago
the hair
mei lasnier
'mei lasnier' 4 days ago
Every single of these things 😁
Robix Entertainment
Thumbnail scratching a chalkboard or rough drywall
'Brickz' 4 days ago
idk if it's just me but people rubbing there hands together make me cry .3.
Cherry popper
'Cherry popper' 4 days ago
I saw the BuzzFeed Logo and then i felt uncomfortable
Kamal Kafley
'Kamal Kafley' 4 days ago
when i can't hold my pee for long 😠
Krar Almohamed
'Krar Almohamed' 4 days ago
Every thing on this not liying
'Cindy99765' 4 days ago
The coat one is super accurate..I thought it was like just me who would sweat a lot through jackets even when its like 12 degrees F outside since everyone else would be shivering.
Lorita Woodson
'Lorita Woodson' 5 days ago
When your eyes itch
'Doggiez4Dayz' 5 days ago
When someone scrapes something across my or their necks or when someone drags their nails across paper.
Sarah Bowman
'Sarah Bowman' 5 days ago
Someone just staring at you awkwardly and you give th m eye contact and they still don't look away
Sarah Bowman
'Sarah Bowman' 5 days ago
Cold sweat
Sophie macgregor
'Sophie macgregor' 5 days ago
All of these make me uncomfortable
Mytube 12
'Mytube 12' 5 days ago
When someone scratch the black board
Diya Musical
'Diya Musical' 5 days ago
when theirs a itch on ur butt but ur in public u can't itch ur button 😣😣😭😭😢
Kailey Sky
'Kailey Sky' 5 days ago
I have all of these problems, I live an uncomfortable life.
'Suffering' 5 days ago
Comedy Clown
'Comedy Clown' 5 days ago
Balloon mj knows what he's talking about I hate that
bano bano
'bano bano' 5 days ago
that cr azy sound of baloons when u scrach on them,what makes u uncomftroble
Sami Rose
'Sami Rose' 5 days ago
Walking up to dump your lunch tray alone and having everyone stare at u. Also when I'm laying in bed and I have a blanket and it's too hot so I take it off, too cold so I put it on. Stick one leg out... demons of all hell have come for me in my sleep because it is my time to go
Jared Alvidrez
'Jared Alvidrez' 5 days ago
I L I K E P U P P I E S !
Hannah shiflit
'Hannah shiflit' 5 days ago
Fun fact: I can run as fast as a greyhound Dog and their pretty fast if I do say so myself
bright star
'bright star' 5 days ago
when your in class and the teacher just stairs at you
Kawaii Cats
'Kawaii Cats' 5 days ago
When you bite the medal spoon and feel that chill..
Rose Alam
'Rose Alam' 5 days ago
When ur Muslim and every time you look at the clock at 9 it's 9:11 fml.
Dinøsaurr Jøseph
when you bit your nails and you scratch paper or a chalkboard..
'PrimeLords' 5 days ago
When I imagine biting down on cold ice cream with my front teeth
Alyssa Muniz
'Alyssa Muniz' 5 days ago
'AnseZ' 6 days ago
yes, Yes, YEs, YES!!
jazzy_unicorns jasmine
when I go to the shop and don't have enough money
'QueenCoolJewel' 6 days ago
Sometimes I try so hard not to cough when my throat itches and then my eyes start tearing up.
100 subs no video challenge Please
Metal scratching on metal
Farya Naseri
'Farya Naseri' 6 days ago
When people watch me while I am eating and messed up
Waleed Shahzad
'Waleed Shahzad' 6 days ago
When my friend give me something to eat but I hate it and I have to eat it so my friend feelings aren't hurt
Bronagh Xdonnelly
'Bronagh Xdonnelly' 6 days ago
Tmi but I was watching this vid while needing to pee 😬
'Wesley' 6 days ago
omg all of these I can relate to
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