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Do These Things Make You Super Uncomfortable? -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 2 months ago

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ItZTiger 1234
'ItZTiger 1234' 10 hours ago
I can't stand someone or me drawing with marker on a sheet of paper
Brook Carson
'Brook Carson' 14 hours ago
Thumbs up if you came here from the try not to smile
Esosa Izevbigie
'Esosa Izevbigie' 17 hours ago
People who chew with their mouths open !!!!!!!!
Watermellon Girl Rules
The spoon biting is really uncomfortable 😟😫
Hidden Snowflake
'Hidden Snowflake' 23 hours ago
When you hear a song at the store and you can't remember the name
Payton Dunne
'Payton Dunne' 1 day ago
I like puppy's too
When a broken popcorn kernel gets stuck in the back of my throat and I feel like I am choking.
Uniique Mejias
'Uniique Mejias' 2 days ago
doodle wonder
'doodle wonder' 2 days ago
when people ask me to draw them when I'm in the middle of drawing my own THOUGHTS
'DinoGameRex' 2 days ago
For the backpack one, just take it off!
'monochrome' 2 days ago
I hate when your walking in the rain with skinny jeans on and when you try to take them off its so sticky/stuck/watery
Roro Reem
'Roro Reem' 2 days ago
Watching this video
Jorge Diaz
'Jorge Diaz' 3 days ago
when im sleeping and i dont not feel corfortable left or right or straigh
PheonixFireStone AJ
When people sing happy birthday to me 😓
Sixmo Da beast
'Sixmo Da beast' 3 days ago
1.When you did not clear ur history and ur parents go on ur device
2. wearing jeans in water
Potatoknishes123 123
Scratching a chalkboard,telling a joke and nobody laughs,saying something and somebody starts talking over me
Potatoknishes123 123
When I step in water while wearing a sock
Queen Chibugo
'Queen Chibugo' 3 days ago
When I or someone else scratches paper. It's so uncomfortable.
brooke Ashton
'brooke Ashton' 3 days ago
when I'm hot
Aaliyah malagón
'Aaliyah malagón' 3 days ago
everything makes me uncomfortable,who agrees with me?
hhb hhb
'hhb hhb' 3 days ago
I always bite on spoons and when I saw that I was like oh. I guess I'm obnoxious then lol
KookieSuga ヅ
'KookieSuga ヅ' 3 days ago
When you make a silent fart in class and everyone says "It stinks" and you just have to play along.
Kate Beck
'Kate Beck' 3 days ago
all of them
'TheTOADZZ' 3 days ago
when your parents look whats on your phone...
kool msp
'kool msp' 4 days ago
I sit in a chair with a backpack
'Kyrnoff' 4 days ago
When you fart in class and everyone STARES
'DERPY' 4 days ago
Trying to read youtube comments without glasses.
Makayla Fullmer
'Makayla Fullmer' 4 days ago
I hate when people interrupt an important conversation, and it makes me feel so uncomfortable. Who agrees
Billybobjoejr Bob
'Billybobjoejr Bob' 4 days ago
When you write with your mechanical pencil and it starts making screeching sounds
Hannah Collier
'Hannah Collier' 5 days ago
All of them make me uncomfortable
Cassey Robertson
'Cassey Robertson' 5 days ago
When ur mom takes ur phone
'Ayakata' 5 days ago
I HATE being around my crush cuz im just shy when it comes to some stuff
Penguin Alis
'Penguin Alis' 5 days ago
literally everything
Lee Ern Foo
'Lee Ern Foo' 5 days ago
I hated the wearing long sleeves while washing hands so annoying!!
Megan Cline
'Megan Cline' 5 days ago
I learned how to juggle and half of the reason why was because I would have something to say for the "tell a fun fact about yourself"
GlueChristmasBoi Animates
1:10 dat face tho
Cam McNamara
'Cam McNamara' 5 days ago
the spoon one kills me
Emma piggywiggles
'Emma piggywiggles' 6 days ago
you're videos
Otaku Girl
'Otaku Girl' 6 days ago
1:07 ı hate when this happen ;-;
Mihajlor mc
'Mihajlor mc' 6 days ago
biting metal makes me uncomfortable
Miss Natallia A
'Miss Natallia A' 6 days ago
When i lick a lolly pop lol 😂 its kinda random but like ppl stare at me,so i guess lollypops are sexual 😂
hiba shakir
'hiba shakir' 6 days ago
seriously everything!!!
'Jerk2127' 6 days ago
Anyone else read "trying to jack off while driving"? My mind keep switching words around...
Michaela Shaw
'Michaela Shaw' 7 days ago
When you have to blow your nose in class and EVERYONE looks at you.
Ashley Allen
'Ashley Allen' 7 days ago
MJD Cool yo
'MJD Cool yo' 7 days ago
My step sister ALWAYS watching me draw is unimaginably uncomfortable and ANNOYING!
Lilly Reschke
'Lilly Reschke' 7 days ago
when i have sand in my mouth, showing my mom a video i think is hilarious but she doesnt like it, looking at all the other thin girls in my classroom and then at my body weight.
hello!!!!! jello!!!
So....... relatable .👍👍
Miles Youngblood
'Miles Youngblood' 1 week ago
1:05 NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I hate when people bite a spoon. The CRINGE is real
how to and what to do channel
when u have to scratch ur two when ur at the mall and don't know how to do ur shoes
'S_u_m_m_e_r7' 1 week ago
Every single one of them.
'TaterQuinn' 1 week ago
When you almost fall, but attempt to play it off, but everyone saw it
'LionWolfGAMING' 1 week ago
I can't stand it when a moth lands on a window and just stares at me
Gamer girl Noob10561
Squidward Dabs
'Squidward Dabs' 1 week ago
when you catch someone staring at you
'D.J. JORDAN' 1 week ago
when i walk in the class late during a lesson and everyone just stares at me like i just killed 5 people.
'D.J. JORDAN' 1 week ago
i cant stand when i accidentally scrach my nails on a hard surface because its one of the things that make me cringe and make my teeth grind.
Stacey Schroeder
'Stacey Schroeder' 1 week ago
someone scratching their fingers on a chalk board
Sakupen -
'Sakupen -' 1 week ago
When i'm talking with my friends on skype then my Mom Or Dad come in my room and start talking my personal things
Boniface Korie
'Boniface Korie' 1 week ago
most of them
Larry Crap
'Larry Crap' 1 week ago
People. People make me uncomfortable.
Caroline Phillips
'Caroline Phillips' 1 week ago
when you talk to your friend in class and then get yelled at by the teacher
Your life with me
'Your life with me' 1 week ago
when i stand in front of many people
Kittens4 Ever
'Kittens4 Ever' 1 week ago
When I'm watching buzz feed and my mom walks by... I instantly shut it of, and delete my history😂
Mom: hey, what ya watching me:😳

And when I'm drawing something and someone walks by, like my brother or something and peeks through the crack of my door, and then scares me and says"BOO!"
Me: "AHHHH!" (Falls of chair and wrinkles up paper on purpose)😬😳
Avionic Gordon
'Avionic Gordon' 1 week ago
When someone tears paper...
kittycraft msp
'kittycraft msp' 1 week ago
When your in class doing a class activity and everyone puts there hand up other than u then the teacher says your name everybody looks at u and u don't no what to say
Jenny Chesnut
'Jenny Chesnut' 1 week ago
Abigayle Drake
'Abigayle Drake' 1 week ago
getting a wedgie in pants that are REALLY tight
Saffanah Khan
'Saffanah Khan' 1 week ago
nah none
Shayla Powell
'Shayla Powell' 1 week ago
when someone asks to borrow your phone
Artsy Unicorn
'Artsy Unicorn' 1 week ago
Ok so relatable 😂😂😂 especially the hair in the mouth one its sooo annoying
Ariana Mckee
'Ariana Mckee' 1 week ago
when people watch me eat
Vlogirls X
'Vlogirls X' 1 week ago
Charlotte Playll
'Charlotte Playll' 1 week ago
Looking at lots of different holes aka trypophobia
Kazuhiro Hitoshi
'Kazuhiro Hitoshi' 1 week ago
When you pee then your butt gets super itchy but you can't scratch it
Madison Heck
'Madison Heck' 1 week ago
People chomping gum and when people squish waterbottles
Joe Herberr
'Joe Herberr' 1 week ago
What makes me uncomfortable is this cancerous channel
Homie SUPERNOVAgaming
finding out my grandma watches my videos and "likes them" (it has happend to me before)
Mystically Mystical
'Mystically Mystical' 2 weeks ago
I feel uncomfortable when people are looking at me
'KawaiiPumpkin' 2 weeks ago
when stuff scratches on paper, like a pencil without a eraser so its just the metal part ;-;
Fastest Slowpoke
'Fastest Slowpoke' 2 weeks ago
I Like Turtlez
'I Like Turtlez' 2 weeks ago
Your hair get tangled and that day when you couldn't use your WiFi
Em and Aov
when ur mom wakes u up 4 school
having a tickle in ur troat
Alchemist Rocker
'Alchemist Rocker' 2 weeks ago

once i was eating and there was a hair in mouth.
I managed to catch it and pull it but it was reaching my neck
so when i pulled it it hurt a bit and was a long one.
Anh Kieu
'Anh Kieu' 2 weeks ago
I can't stand homework
DaSwagLord AJ
'DaSwagLord AJ' 2 weeks ago
What about scratching paper
Owen Davis
'Owen Davis' 2 weeks ago
Feminazis make me uncomfortable
Puerto Rico Town
'Puerto Rico Town' 2 weeks ago
What makes me uncomfortable is when boys stand near me especially my crushes
'STEELER NATION' 2 weeks ago
The Deepiest Web
'The Deepiest Web' 2 weeks ago
I get really uncomfortable when my hair gets in my mouth and i don't know were is it so i can't take it out
Wei Xu
'Wei Xu' 2 weeks ago
I don't like paper towels scratching my teeth
wimpy knight
'wimpy knight' 2 weeks ago
my chair is super hard, so the bag acts as a cushion
'SuperLegoBuilder09' 2 weeks ago
When you eat something with a stick it it like a lollipop and you bite into the stick
Ultranoahroblox - Roblox & AJ Videos!
When you have an awesome dream but when you describe it, it doesn't sound as cool.
Daniella Jones
'Daniella Jones' 2 weeks ago
The fox trot Fam
'The fox trot Fam' 2 weeks ago
The wind shield tho
Maci V
'Maci V' 2 weeks ago
I always bite my spoon for some reason
Gia Gutes
'Gia Gutes' 2 weeks ago
When you have a itch on the bottom of your foot and it feels weird to scratch it
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