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Do These Things Make You Super Uncomfortable? -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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Avery Shep
'Avery Shep' 2 hours ago
i can't stand when someone takes a fork and scrapes it against pots
uughghghhg. just thinking about it…
Cooking with Cazzy
'Cooking with Cazzy' 2 hours ago
I hate it when you have to touch ceramic plates with dry hands. It's the worst!
'EXtremely' 3 hours ago
when ur friends ask u if you watch porn or if you try to say a funny joke and they dont laugh.
scott mcquitty
'scott mcquitty' 4 hours ago
In school when someone bumps there arm into me when I'm writing something
RBLX Carmonense
'RBLX Carmonense' 5 hours ago
When someone makes a pain sound on the board
SwaggerDoesYT 22
'SwaggerDoesYT 22' 7 hours ago
when you step on lego...
Yellow Snail
'Yellow Snail' 11 hours ago
When people scrape their teeth it a FORK!!!!!!!!!! Urg!
'Lavaball@gt' 12 hours ago
All of those annoy me
'JayKay' 12 hours ago
Things that make me uncomfortable:
1. People watching me draw
2. When there is silence and I'm the only one who wants to talk
3. When you eat and you bite your tongue AND GOD FORBID THE GUMS
4. People watching me eat
5. Eating or sleeping with headphones on(not the earphones)
6. A sudden stare down
Sumon Mathew
'Sumon Mathew' 14 hours ago
sitting on a chair with a bag
Michaela Esteban
'Michaela Esteban' 20 hours ago
stepping in a puddle of water with my socks on
'arianator' 21 hours ago
when u think someones talking to you but they're talking to the person behind u
FaZe Anthony
'FaZe Anthony' 21 hours ago
Bitting spoons like that hurt my teeth
'Mestuppokeslam' 22 hours ago
Fun fact about me I don't like a lot of people I hate most of them
Bella Gonsalves
'Bella Gonsalves' 23 hours ago
These all annoying to me😹😹
alina kern
'alina kern' 24 hours ago
what makes me uncomfortable is when your eyelashes feel like they're stuck together but they're actually not
'KitCatLovesKittens' 24 hours ago
when I say something in the morning and then my voice is all scratchy and weird in front of everyone
royalty cupcake
'royalty cupcake' 1 day ago
it makes me uncomfortable when you scratch your fingernails on a piece of paper
Ally fun vlogs
'Ally fun vlogs' 1 day ago
when mom makes fun of your friend's names
MadMad7 AJ
'MadMad7 AJ' 1 day ago
1:05 Lol that doesn't make me uncomfortable, I bite my spoons hard all the time when I'm eating
Super Girl
'Super Girl' 1 day ago
while eating corn and it getting stuck in ur teeth AND u dont have a toothpick to pull it out
Adam Sabek
'Adam Sabek' 1 day ago
when you turn a page and it makes your spine tickle
Qtr Ops2
'Qtr Ops2' 1 day ago
What makes me uncomfortable is when you sit down on a chair and you feel like your but is eating your pants 😬
Stormtrooper riding a narwhal
When someone scratches their plate with their fork
KawaiiKitten :3
'KawaiiKitten :3' 1 day ago
Plastic scraping paper. Whiteboard pens on paper. Scratching on anything Like paper. Writing on a whiteboard
Fresh Girl
'Fresh Girl' 2 days ago
When your mum makes you wear annoying clothes
Giovanni Productions
I hate the sound of polystyrene especially the squeak.
Ava Lovell
'Ava Lovell' 2 days ago
I missed my bed the whole time watching this
Martha Lamar
'Martha Lamar' 2 days ago
When you have to scratch your knee but you have jeans on.
'Tyler' 2 days ago
When you fart really loud in the library or
In class and everyone looks at you.
iiLeniee __
'iiLeniee __' 2 days ago
Im on phone,by the title I thought it was gonna say..Do these things make you super unicorn? :(

I clicked fast too..
Cookie claws
'Cookie claws' 2 days ago
all of them
'AwesomePiggy44' 2 days ago
That moment when your with a group of people and you need to blow your nose.
'JCake' 2 days ago
This was the most relatable thing I've ever seen
Official Gymnast
'Official Gymnast' 2 days ago
I cannot stand hearing your nails scratch on a chalkboard
Cleriox awm
'Cleriox awm' 2 days ago
what makes me uncomfortable is when I do not sleep with a blanket all of a sudden I get cold then I get sick
'WolFFixi' 2 days ago
When you go hi a person that you think is your friend Like hey and just start talking and you find out its a stranger. 😶
Unicorn Tails
'Unicorn Tails' 2 days ago
When it's a lockdown drill at school, and people talk and whisper UGHH
Amelie Firby
'Amelie Firby' 2 days ago
I know this might sound wierd,but I can't stand when I rub my teeth on wooden Lolly sticks or something like that.
Greater Than Lol
'Greater Than Lol' 2 days ago
pig tastic
'pig tastic' 3 days ago
when I scratch paper with my finger nail
Charlie Jones
'Charlie Jones' 3 days ago
improper grammar and English
eg: ME and my friends died.
so irritating >:/
Terrence Lacsamana
My new uncomfortable feeling that I have is hearing people say all the uncomfortable feeling
Alexa Garcia
'Alexa Garcia' 3 days ago
all of them makes me uncomfortable
Avery Lawson
'Avery Lawson' 3 days ago
The video TOTALLY gets me
'augster' 3 days ago
I can't stand (or sit) to, hear spoon metal on a metal material (such as a thermos) or the feeling of fingernails on the fabric on the roof of a car
'•XoXO•' 3 days ago
The spoon just no
Alison Allmon
'Alison Allmon' 3 days ago
I HATE the sound if chewing and when rough fabric rubs against my neck
Marina Shenouda
'Marina Shenouda' 3 days ago
When someone bites their sleeve
Bella Wella
'Bella Wella' 3 days ago
2,3 and 5
Conturn Productions
When you get called on in class and you don't know the answer, and everybody looks at you
Olivia La Via
'Olivia La Via' 3 days ago
yay Jen!
Mad Dog
'Mad Dog' 3 days ago
Why can't you just roll up your sleeves? Wouldn't that be much easier?
hOla! i can
twice people have watched me read a book it's really uncomfortable knowing there's someone behind me watching me read xD
jesse waddell
'jesse waddell' 3 days ago
when you get nutted and your dad walks in
Floe The Flower
'Floe The Flower' 3 days ago
what makes me uncomfortable is when my jaw kinda starts to feel weird or something.
'GenoEvis' 4 days ago
When a teacher is helping another student that happens to be near your desk and the teacher bends over 😖
Rizaldy Añoza
'Rizaldy Añoza' 4 days ago
OMG Hedwig bag at 0:36!
Pink Princess Jin :3
When you get a birthday cake and they spell your name wrong
Sasha Braus
'Sasha Braus' 4 days ago
When my music is loud, and I think everyone around me can hear it through my headphones
The Super Hunter07
I was feeling uncomfortable looking at this 😂
'Angelo' 4 days ago
all of them
'//Eleanor//' 4 days ago
when people stare at my toes if I dont have socks
Asian Arts
'Asian Arts' 4 days ago
whenever i touch, see, see someone bite, imagine someone bite, or even use a spoon it feels wierd
power wolf
'power wolf' 4 days ago
I hate it when I'm doing something and people won't stop looking over my shoulder.
SamJ737 !!!
'SamJ737 !!!' 4 days ago
getting a haircut and u have an itch on your eye or nose and you cant move!
'DIYwithErdene' 4 days ago
Clickbait Title Machine
`sitting in a chair with a backpack doesn't really bother me.
Alice Wonderland123
When everyone in my class put their chairs on the sides and I'm the only one that didn't or when i walk across the room and i feel like everyone is watching me
'TheUnwantedGamer' 4 days ago
When your late to class and everyone stops and looks at u.😫😫😩😩😕😱😱🤢🙄🙄
'Ilaal10' 4 days ago
The spoon killed me
'Butternutter73' 4 days ago
Scraping the metal of an eraser on paper,digging ur nails in chalk, digging ur nails in paper and rub long ur long sleeve against paper😖
'Tw1Tw2' 4 days ago
when I accidentally swallow a whole ice
Toe Nail
'Toe Nail' 4 days ago
Zenobia Gonzales
'Zenobia Gonzales' 4 days ago
When your little sibling/cousin/[other] watches you on your phone

Just Ayan
'Just Ayan' 4 days ago
When you have to decide whether to switch on Fan or the AC
Maryam .I
'Maryam .I' 4 days ago
Not covering my feet when i'm in bed makes me REALLY uncomfortable
'albert' 5 days ago
Touching small iron thingies
example: necklaces, earrings etc.
I hate touching that, idk why.

When a stranger sits next to you or something like that.

When you chew bubble-gum and you accidentally clinge your teeth together..

When you need to touch the bathroom door handle after washing your hands with soap
'Orion's Arrow' 5 days ago
When you feel like you have to sneeze but you just can't.
jessy mations
'jessy mations' 5 days ago
'PsychicPaper488' 5 days ago
It makes me so uncomfortable when people are eating with a fork, and it makes that loud, screeching sound
TootsieRoll tt
'TootsieRoll tt' 5 days ago
omg I saw the thumbnail and I felt so uncomfortable
Kaylin Hernández
'Kaylin Hernández' 5 days ago
White Hawk Gaming and Wrestling
Scratching leather with the showing part of your fingernail
Kimberly__ Gomez
'Kimberly__ Gomez' 5 days ago
I hate when metal scratches metal I get chills all over my body!!
Daymax Videos
'Daymax Videos' 5 days ago
1. when someone looks at you when eating
2. when someone justs acts nice to you to borrow or have one of your things.
3. when your back itches
ParisGabriel Allado
When people look at me intensely in school
Epic_Blue 4
'Epic_Blue 4' 5 days ago
Hair gets stuck in my braces and it's gross
72Nicholls Gaming
'72Nicholls Gaming' 5 days ago
Yesterday I chipped my tooth biting on a spoon...
hey yo what
the spoon
Ahsy Greene
'Ahsy Greene' 5 days ago
Theses are all so true!!
Ahsy Greene
'Ahsy Greene' 5 days ago
It's so annoying and disturbing when metal clings together or smash together it makes my teeth feel weird
LeaaniH - Ponies and more!
When I'm sat next to somebody in school at lunch time and they have hot dinners, then they scrape their teeth on the metal fork and spoon.. AAH IT GIVES ME SHIVERS DOWN MY SPINE
Sumaiya Hannan
'Sumaiya Hannan' 5 days ago
All of those happen to me
Wolfie Gang
'Wolfie Gang' 5 days ago
When my mon tells me if I have period
Guntas Sran
'Guntas Sran' 5 days ago
This video itself made me feel hella uncomfortable....
AHLIE Bernas
'AHLIE Bernas' 5 days ago
when someone rubs their spoon with their teeth
'Randolph' 6 days ago
when my crush looking direct to my eyes
Sophia Eisen
'Sophia Eisen' 6 days ago
When you have your period but you use your only pad and already felt it's full
Lia K
'Lia K' 6 days ago
when you're the only person crossing a road and all the people in the cars look at you..
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