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(Lindsay Lohan) 2007 A Multi-Layered Drama Comedy Romance ("R") -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Patrick DaRomantik

By: Patrick DaRomantikPublished: 2 weeks ago

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(From The King of Romantic Comedies, The Late Garry Marshall)

(With Supporting Cast: Jane Fonda - Felicity Huffman - Garrett Hedlund - Dermot Mulroney, Cary Elwes & Hector Elizondo)

Patricia Urena
'Patricia Urena' 16 hours ago
such a great movie but it was not a romance movie in my opinion
Teja Boo
'Teja Boo' 19 hours ago
Have u noticed that in most of her movies, her character is lying about something?! I still love her tho<3<3
Naz Mohamad
'Naz Mohamad' 20 hours ago
the hardest things to do in life is to trust, have faith and forgive-georgia rule
'MUHAMMAD AWAIS Khan' 21 hours ago
its really hard to find a sane women... Oh Jesus
Abdul rehman Khan
'Abdul rehman Khan' 23 hours ago
beautiful and serous girl for serous relationshif contact me my whatsaap number is 00923459680774
raga Belingon
'raga Belingon' 1 day ago
Damn this made me 😭
valerie vergara
'valerie vergara' 1 day ago
Gosh I adore lindsay lohans outfits and body, curly hair and make up In this movie!! Lol
Ron Hoffman
'Ron Hoffman' 2 days ago
Jane commie howitzer fonda
Samira Mirandela
'Samira Mirandela' 2 days ago
feel sorry for the girl
Cathy Knapp
'Cathy Knapp' 4 days ago
Patrick could you get the burning bed with Farrah facet Please? No one will get it? I don't understand, the full movie in english is not available
Divya Gopaul
'Divya Gopaul' 5 days ago
all great movies
Jacque p
'Jacque p' 5 days ago
Thanks for the upload.
Eugene Babad
'Eugene Babad' 6 days ago
sa be Dili nko bg wkho ManlLyn De Csatro ko dhg yuoe 17 & sko 28 @ ko
Joshuabosz21 Gorde
I don't understand this movie at all
anonymous bosh
'anonymous bosh' 1 week ago
Lot lot better than I was expecting. Really enjoyed that.
Ashley Love
'Ashley Love' 1 week ago
Good Movie, bought me to tears 👏😢❤
Bob G
'Bob G' 1 week ago
I'd rather be in Hades with my back broke than watch Hanoi Jane Fonda in anything. Thanks for posting the other movies.
Nina Gold
'Nina Gold' 1 week ago
Cary Elwes plays a sleazebag really well, and he also plays a hero really well too.
Jack Amq
'Jack Amq' 1 week ago
She is probably a pro at swallowing
Made Me Bananas
'Made Me Bananas' 1 week ago
Thank you Patrick: as per usual a good quality upload. Hugely enjoyable.
Kate spade
'Kate spade' 2 weeks ago
excellent movie 👌 worth the watch 😊
Commander Erik
'Commander Erik' 2 weeks ago
when lindsay lohan was still functional. I miss her.
Nabin Parajuli
'Nabin Parajuli' 2 weeks ago
I just gave you a blowjob .and it wasn't even a date 😂😂😂😂😂
Finn Rasmussen
'Finn Rasmussen' 2 weeks ago
Extreme low resolution
Kimmey Len
'Kimmey Len' 2 weeks ago
Grandmother & daughter and granddaughter are no respect for each other and then it like ....?
hseh reh
'hseh reh' 2 weeks ago
sweet movie and it was sad at the end I was crying at the end
Carlos Sorto
'Carlos Sorto' 2 weeks ago
Lo que si ,
Fourty Six
'Fourty Six' 2 weeks ago
what a sexy gal
Sonia Baby
'Sonia Baby' 2 weeks ago
Sweet movie
sashu aghomo
'sashu aghomo' 2 weeks ago
what did Lindsay Lohan do?
'TheMinnie419' 2 weeks ago
Rob Riner (sp) always directs great movies and these two actors are always great. I am sure glad that I didn't miss this. Wonderful movie, wonderful lines.
alex rdz
'alex rdz' 2 weeks ago
lindsay was so cool, missed her
Hamid Ali
'Hamid Ali' 2 weeks ago
Maci Johnson
'Maci Johnson' 2 weeks ago
god love this movie
Bitnah S
'Bitnah S' 2 weeks ago
Last great movie she made and sadly, when filming, Lindsay wasn't very cooperative. Such a shame. I enjoy a lot of her work.
Stephanie LaPiana
'Stephanie LaPiana' 2 weeks ago
this is one of well yes besides mean girls she is amazing in tgis movie like 2 only movies and she rocks em
Kaylynn Jackson
'Kaylynn Jackson' 2 weeks ago
Best Movie Ever
vik sin
'vik sin' 2 weeks ago
pedo6 world take love from us all
Pooja Taneja Asri
'Pooja Taneja Asri' 2 weeks ago
nice movie...
'trashpakker' 2 weeks ago
Thank you fr this
JiNSoG Rizwan
'JiNSoG Rizwan' 2 weeks ago
Great Decision taken by Lindsay Lohan! Great Girl..
Iidah San
'Iidah San' 2 weeks ago
Great Movie It Has A Moral Lesson and will make smile and cry... im looking for new movie for Linsay Lohan and Ms.Jane Fonda.
Iidah San
'Iidah San' 2 weeks ago
Great Movie It Has A Moral Lesson and will make smile and cry... im looking for new movie for Linsay Lohan and Ms.Jane Fonda.
'FPSONNY' 2 weeks ago
Why don't you put Georgia RUle in the title?
Adult TV 1
'Adult TV 1' 2 weeks ago
Well done!
Grace Lagrue
'Grace Lagrue' 2 weeks ago
What´s the name of the movie?
Jane Doe
'Jane Doe' 2 weeks ago
Nvm i saw her wear a red dress
Jane Doe
'Jane Doe' 2 weeks ago
Why does she always wear white?
Elmero Mero
'Elmero Mero' 2 weeks ago
Lindsay Lohan 😍😍😘😘
Dm Chn (DMC)
'Dm Chn (DMC)' 2 weeks ago
surprisingly a nice movie...enjoyed it
'Tanblondalex' 2 weeks ago
A bad come back for all the big names mentioned above....too bad
sally walker
'sally walker' 2 weeks ago
Nancy M. Hawthorne
'Nancy M. Hawthorne' 2 weeks ago
Good Movie. Worth the Watch.
Supreme Spiritualist
TRUMP 2016
Cheshire C
'Cheshire C' 2 weeks ago
Is this a doctored photo? That dude looks huge, he could open his mouth and swallow her head?
Tahir Chaudhry
'Tahir Chaudhry' 2 weeks ago
beautiful style great characters lovely story.
Jm S
'Jm S' 2 weeks ago
Thank's for uploading this wonderful movie. 😉😭❤
'ILSC S' 2 weeks ago
Awesome Movie! Thank you for the upload!
MDRasid Laskar
'MDRasid Laskar' 2 weeks ago
Onchy Junior
'Onchy Junior' 2 weeks ago
I love Lindsay Lohan <3. I still love her, no matter what she you Lindsay Lohan <3 and love the movie too :) <3
Burda Ellis (#NerdyBurdRecaps)
the husband/stepdad was a lying creepy jerk of a lawyer,who lied through his teeth. glad rachels mom saw through him n/d end.
Misla Philistin
'Misla Philistin' 2 weeks ago
I love it
Mariaclara Yamanikq
'Mariaclara Yamanikq' 2 weeks ago
LOVE IT !!❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👏👏👏
Patrick DaRomantik
'Patrick DaRomantik' 2 weeks ago
(Georgia Rule 2007)
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