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Zeus vs Thor. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 4. -
Published: 2 years ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 2 years ago

32, 379, 922 views

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'A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the size of his heart.'

▼ CAST ▼
Zeus: Nice Peter

Thor: EpicLLOYD

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Forrest Whaley

Animated by:
Forrest Whaley, Sean Willets & Zach Macias

Production Assistance by:
Paul Hollingsworth

Written by:
Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD & Zach Sherwin

Staff Writer:
Dante Cimadamore

Writer: Mike Betette

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter & Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Song Mixed by:
Nice Peter and Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Beat Produced by:


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'ElisabethDiemer' 3 hours ago
"now make like your daddy, and swallow my baby's" That was brutal.
'KurayamiXHikari' 3 hours ago
Gabe Newell vs Jeff Kaplan
Arda Şen
'Arda Şen' 3 hours ago
zeus win
cooper falcon
'cooper falcon' 11 hours ago
Ernesto Morandarte
'Ernesto Morandarte' 16 hours ago
'ElectroVenom' 18 hours ago
This is quite possibly the greatest thing ever, Thor won with 3 lines.
"You shape shifting rapist!"
"I'll drop hard like Greece's GDP"
"Now make like your daddy, and swallow my babies!"
'ETB_EmperorWolfYT' 19 hours ago
i just realised you had a god of gods fight against thor not even a high ranking god compared to zeus
R Pandey
'R Pandey' 21 hours ago
Percy Jackson vs Alex Rider. Set vs Hades. Mo Farah vs Usain Bolt
TheSoccer Legend
'TheSoccer Legend' 22 hours ago
cerberus the three headed hellhound belongs to Hades
Ra Given
'Ra Given' 1 day ago
should of been Odin vs. Zeus
Joel Haggis
'Joel Haggis' 1 day ago
I would like to see the original Thor vs. Marvel Thor.
Ma Ju
'Ma Ju' 1 day ago
"it couldn't even the women in our homeland the sniffles"

How women are downgraded by men 😧
'Leyah' 1 day ago
Ah, I was expecting sexy dudes but damn the animator for this erb must of took forever
'Leyah' 1 day ago
Ah, I was expecting sexy dudes but damn the animator for this erb must of took forever
ethan grimm
'ethan grimm' 2 days ago
Juan Ivaldy
'Juan Ivaldy' 2 days ago
Magnus Chase vs Percy Jackson plzzzz
TheSaiyanRace Krieg
Who's watching this because he is hyped for Vikings Wolves of Midgard or the new God Of War game 😍
Damian Durrant
'Damian Durrant' 2 days ago
Should of been Zeus vs Odin
Charlie Sweeney
'Charlie Sweeney' 2 days ago
Deadpool V Steven Hawkins
Preston Ward
'Preston Ward' 2 days ago
Zeus won!
Kaizen Ellazar
'Kaizen Ellazar' 3 days ago
Zeus won
Emma Martin
'Emma Martin' 3 days ago
omg "Im on point like Posidens trident" YAS
clo Bleach
'clo Bleach' 3 days ago
Thor definitely won
The Ad Archive
'The Ad Archive' 3 days ago
"I'll drop you like Greece's GDP" SAVAGE
Yaj Padua
'Yaj Padua' 3 days ago
this is a good animation
Guru Saran
'Guru Saran' 3 days ago
thor destroyed zeus👏👏👏👏
Carson Roberts
'Carson Roberts' 4 days ago
creek mythology is not a religion
Carson Roberts
'Carson Roberts' 4 days ago
I study different things that people believed in different cultures and belief that I also am a historian who studies history including science
Carson Roberts
'Carson Roberts' 4 days ago
Greek mythology was from around Zeus the Greek god including four who is a viking with the is the god of thunder and all that bull crap which is just not a religion
Carson Roberts
'Carson Roberts' 4 days ago
I know
Storm trooper
'Storm trooper' 4 days ago
Im surprised no one made a Percy Jackson reference. That's why I was able to understand all of the refrences
Susan Martin
'Susan Martin' 4 days ago
So savage
Carson Roberts
'Carson Roberts' 4 days ago
I don't believe in Greek mythology I believe in the Bible but I only like him because he's from Avengers
Samuel Doughty
'Samuel Doughty' 4 days ago
Pingu and Pinga
'Pingu and Pinga' 4 days ago
I smell some sponsorship from Lego company 🤑
Tristan Murphy
'Tristan Murphy' 4 days ago
Thor won
'Jdogg7565' 5 days ago
Why does Zeus remind me of Vitruvius so much?
'MrTBSC' 5 days ago
zeus ... and guy/s making this video
Mikhail Razor
'Mikhail Razor' 5 days ago
Stavros Sideris
'Stavros Sideris' 5 days ago
hermes vs savitar would be dope though
Rudy Play
'Rudy Play's Clash' 5 days ago
It's hard to chose a winner
answer pls
'answer pls' 5 days ago
When legos rap harder than you XD
'Chikalaka' 5 days ago
'Drop you like Greece's GDP!' XD
Aneesh Sinha
'Aneesh Sinha' 5 days ago
zeus wins
Mikhail Razor
'Mikhail Razor' 6 days ago
Conor Brown
'Conor Brown' 6 days ago
Jesus Christ this is so well researched
kostastsom gr
'kostastsom gr' 6 days ago
zeus won
Harry Butcher Harrybutcher
Peter from family guy vs Stan from American dad
King Trinidad
'King Trinidad' 7 days ago
Zues is a beast
'algini12' 7 days ago
I will drop you like Greece's GDP?? Too good. Thor wins.
Adam Sherry
'Adam Sherry' 1 week ago
Anubis Vs Satan haha
Abigail Bishop
'Abigail Bishop' 1 week ago
R.l stine v.s the maker of fnaf
Evan Choi
'Evan Choi' 1 week ago
Nordic puns
Jordan Webb
'Jordan Webb' 1 week ago
Curious George vs. The Cat in the Hat
MrDoggy890 006
'MrDoggy890 006' 1 week ago
Out of everything you pick legos and spoil better ERB
meraa kyaa
'meraa kyaa' 1 week ago
😄😁😃 I love this!
Uno Ude
'Uno Ude' 1 week ago
Ghengis khan vs Stalin
Mazarine Priest
'Mazarine Priest' 1 week ago
Thor. Lego Thor but still.
Kaleb Wells
'Kaleb Wells' 1 week ago
i love erb lego kind
Kaleb Wells
'Kaleb Wells' 1 week ago
Peter Sweeney
'Peter Sweeney' 1 week ago
Hippocampas - Minecraft Roleplay
Who's here in 2017 march
'MunkenDK' 1 week ago
Naruto vs Meliodas from seven deadly sins plz
Isaiah Owoussou
'Isaiah Owoussou' 1 week ago
Thor murdered Zeus
Νικος Σταυροπουλος
when he says "you will fall down like greece's GPD" that's racist to me cause I am greek
Tiffany Foisia-Gordon
Bru zeues won
C Trevino
'C Trevino' 1 week ago
tell your three headed bitch I said hi. Thor killed it at the end.
Braden Phillips
'Braden Phillips' 1 week ago
Thor wins, because #1 His raps were good, and #2 Norse mythology is better than Greek.
Zu-tul McMasters
'Zu-tul McMasters' 1 week ago
Thor won!
'Durzio' 1 week ago
This Lego thing was awesome
Plus the raps were outstanding,
Overall one of my favorites
Ginkom Gaming
'Ginkom Gaming' 1 week ago
thor was as savage as gordon ramsay in that one
Ginkom Gaming
'Ginkom Gaming' 1 week ago
1:39 Good GDP diss... XD
'Katzztar' 1 week ago
Zeus was loosing from the beginning but he killed himself when he tried to insult Thor by saying "Loki must have written your lines". If Loki had written Thor's lines, they would have been even wittier and cut deeper since Loki was also called Silvertongue due to his smooth talking.
Andrew Johanson
'Andrew Johanson' 1 week ago
I'd say that was a tie
'Unie' 1 week ago
"Tell your 3 headed bitch I said hi" God damn Thor pummeled him
Punisher Pool537
'Punisher Pool537' 1 week ago
Thor beat Zeus. DEFINITELY
Sampson Clevenger
'Sampson Clevenger' 1 week ago
jared. valeska
'jared. valeska' 1 week ago
"your glory days are ova. the Oracle shoulda told ya. I'll kick your wrinkly dick back in your toga like OPA!" Thor won
'knoxdoesgaming' 1 week ago
After Shock
'After Shock' 1 week ago
Can U please make another lego one
'BobTheSpartan' 1 week ago
Sir James Paul McCartney vs. Sir Elton John
Vargas Martinez Roberto
Thor won
'IanHarker1' 1 week ago
they should do more lego ones
Matt Todd
'Matt Todd' 1 week ago
Try a famous youtuber one maybe
William Gaming
'William Gaming' 1 week ago
thor won..... maybe
Super Gamer 47
'Super Gamer 47' 2 weeks ago
I guess I'm the only one who thinks that Zeus beat Thor.
Jonny Maves
'Jonny Maves' 2 weeks ago
Hitler vs. General Hux
kara zorel
'kara zorel' 2 weeks ago
Nathaniel Drummond
'Nathaniel Drummond' 2 weeks ago
thor won
Ethan Merritt
'Ethan Merritt' 2 weeks ago
loke won i dont know how to spell his name though
Death Gaming
'Death Gaming' 2 weeks ago
zeus'll win
vaisnavic Rithu
'vaisnavic Rithu' 2 weeks ago
thor won. 2 fatal verses against zeus:
1) put ur asgard up coz I ragnarok the house
2)take these drachmas and tell ur 3 headed bitch I say hi
Edgar Andrade
'Edgar Andrade' 2 weeks ago
Teen mutant ninja turtles vs the power rangers
Mayson Golbourn
'Mayson Golbourn' 2 weeks ago
i love the first line from zues
'biggangster20016' 2 weeks ago
Kanye west vs Eminem
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