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Zeus vs Thor. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 4. -
Published: 2 years ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 2 years ago

32, 636, 493 views

388, 314 Likes   15, 814 Dislikes

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▼ CAST ▼
Zeus: Nice Peter

Thor: EpicLLOYD

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Forrest Whaley

Animated by:
Forrest Whaley, Sean Willets & Zach Macias

Production Assistance by:
Paul Hollingsworth

Written by:
Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD & Zach Sherwin

Staff Writer:
Dante Cimadamore

Writer: Mike Betette

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter & Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Song Mixed by:
Nice Peter and Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Beat Produced by:


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yusuf lawal
'yusuf lawal' 14 minutes ago
dude you should do optimus prime vs tony stark
Douglas Adjei
'Douglas Adjei' 3 hours ago
Put your Daddy on the Phone!!!!, did loki write your rhymes!! ...Zeus killed it
locky 122
'locky 122' 4 hours ago
thor won...
end of story
Carlos Quiroz
'Carlos Quiroz' 19 hours ago
Best vid they ever made 😁
FoxyGaming YouTube
tell ur three headed bitch I said hi omg fire Thor won
Isak Ronestjärna
'Isak Ronestjärna' 2 days ago
Imperial Black Guard
Shapeshifting rapist. Lol
Mitchell Horton
'Mitchell Horton' 2 days ago
Loki won with that face.
Byronn Leigh Adventure
zeus is the king and father of gods so he wins
Jarod Wolff
'Jarod Wolff' 3 days ago
thankfully Zeus didn't release the Kraken
Valorous Gaming
'Valorous Gaming' 3 days ago
This is the worst one they made
Zakiryah Sellers
'Zakiryah Sellers' 3 days ago
'MrSovietGreen' 3 days ago
my favorite epic
the only reaosn thor won is beacuse the greeks have done so much stuff that theres more to rap abour
Billy Joe Joe Billy
Thor won
Sonny Charfauros
'Sonny Charfauros' 3 days ago
The white one is the winner😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
big pauly
'big pauly' 3 days ago
thor win
jack lau
'jack lau' 3 days ago
The Norse gods can back up there threats cause they are constantly training for the final battle. All the Greeks gods do is Rape and punish.
sj 0128
'sj 0128' 4 days ago
Thor won
'FlameGazerPlayz' 4 days ago
Naruto Vs Sasuke
'X X' 4 days ago
Thor kicked Zeus & Greece's ass.
Larinda Grobe
'Larinda Grobe' 4 days ago
thor right
Giuseppe Floris
'Giuseppe Floris' 4 days ago
lego , yeah
'hasan' 4 days ago
still legend
DeadLeAf 05
'DeadLeAf 05' 4 days ago
Lee Smith
'Lee Smith' 4 days ago
Thor totally took it, after tearing greek history apart. :D
Mike Bang
'Mike Bang' 4 days ago
'TheAssasingGR' 4 days ago
saying greeks are weak but say that to the turckis we have the most anhient history
James Hale
'James Hale' 5 days ago
this song could have been great without the legos
Clay Livi
'Clay Livi' 5 days ago
"I will drop you like greases GDP" 😂
Joseph Britton
'Joseph Britton' 5 days ago
Thor is the most savage ever
Bartholomew Productions
Peter griffin vs Homer Simpson
Juicy Ball Sack
'Juicy Ball Sack' 5 days ago
zeus wont be doing so good against odic because he can fucking decide feith. he sais what happens and what dont
'Relic22' 5 days ago
I will drop you like Greece's GDP
Thor won that line!
'MeTube' 5 days ago
y the lego?
'rick24lb' 5 days ago
'Sparrow' 6 days ago
i will drop you like greece's GDP

Christian Losh
'Christian Losh' 6 days ago
thor won
Sygurd Kravetz
'Sygurd Kravetz' 6 days ago
shouldv'e been Zeus vs Odin
Víctor Castro
'Víctor Castro' 6 days ago
one of the most savage erbs of all time
Jadyn Reed
'Jadyn Reed' 6 days ago
Can you do a avatar aang vs avatar korra?
'Slidderislusk' 6 days ago
thorr won btw it was spelled with two r's i know im swedish an study old norse and the vikings recorded their stories with RUNES...
josh vid
'josh vid' 6 days ago
You shapeshifting rapist, first line and he's won
Adam H. Adventures
zeus is a greek god and thor is a viking

okay i am with zeus
Lamb & Wolf
'Lamb & Wolf' 6 days ago
Best erbh ever
SlightlyInsane TeddyBear
I love coming back years later and re-watching all these videos. Like this shit is the greatest and I'm glad that it was created. I love it so much 💖😂😂
Joshua Barnhill
'Joshua Barnhill' 6 days ago
Offstar 2058
'Offstar 2058' 6 days ago
I do love this rap but the one thing that always bothered me was the part about the Greeks being the bedrock of democracy... which actually isn't true the Persians were the bedrock of democracy and the Macedonians who pretty much solidified it after the Persians.
Terri Odessa
'Terri Odessa' 7 days ago
"I'd spit in your face but you'd probably like it."
TheGamingNinja 281
I found this sort of racist because im greek and if you didnt know greeks were the first people to win and have someone surivive war...wait im not teaching history f**k this
'Oralkrieger' 7 days ago
Lego vs Playmobil! :D
Matthew Zarzour
'Matthew Zarzour' 7 days ago
'JM JM' 7 days ago
Zevs whon
Sublime Donut
'Sublime Donut' 7 days ago
You shapeshifting rapist
news from Laknaj
'news from Laknaj' 7 days ago
hey can you do Stalin vs Vladimir Putin
Vivek Krishnaa
'Vivek Krishnaa' 7 days ago
thor ragnoroked
Al Perez
'Al Perez' 1 week ago
hello Kitty vs Daniel tiger
Al Perez
'Al Perez' 1 week ago
hello Kitty and Daniel tiger vs Peg + cat
Diepreye Ujile
'Diepreye Ujile' 1 week ago
haha ha swallow my babies
'TheUnKnownGamer' 1 week ago
swallow my babies XD
ultimate spanky73
'ultimate spanky73' 1 week ago
why lego.......just asking!!!
Bev Sweeney
'Bev Sweeney' 1 week ago
Zeus won
Josie xx
'Josie xx' 1 week ago
1:13 anyone else see Bombor from the Hobbit
'fin.' 1 week ago
"I will drop you like Greece's GDP"

Holy shit.
Joseph Stalin
'Joseph Stalin' 1 week ago
Thor... hail Odin
Liam O
'Liam O'Sullivan' 1 week ago
It's definitely one of the more savage ERBs. "I stone a mothafucka if he looks at me wrong"
'LOGAN BRASSEUR' 1 week ago
Thor vs Hercules dooooooo iiiiiitttttttt
'Krevaitchz' 1 week ago
the subtitles are funny if you turn it on lol
'F_exploder' 1 week ago
Julian Taylor
'Julian Taylor' 1 week ago
thor won
Coony Tunes
'Coony Tunes' 1 week ago
anyone else think this wouldn't have worked if it was live action
Dani Calero
'Dani Calero' 1 week ago
Thor's references of greek and norse mythology are PRICELESS!! He won hands down!
keron weekes
'keron weekes' 1 week ago
yea he win
keron weekes
'keron weekes' 1 week ago
thor won although i aint watch it yet
'CreeperKing5' 1 week ago
Agent 9
'Agent 9' 1 week ago
Thor wins
Bernardo Coutinho Almeida
i think zeus won cuz i like greek mitology better than nordic
Super N N N
'Super N N N' 1 week ago
zeus won !!!!!
'XxZodiacHunterxX' 1 week ago
Walt Disney vs. Mark Zuckleberg
JKRzCrown AMViez
'JKRzCrown AMViez' 1 week ago
now they're godlike
Melanie Dalton
'Melanie Dalton' 2 weeks ago
Who else here is on ERB spree
Annette Taylor
'Annette Taylor' 2 weeks ago
zeus won people.
David Smarjesse
'David Smarjesse' 2 weeks ago
the best thing about this isvthe visuals, forrestfire101 is amazing
'william15818' 2 weeks ago
drop you like Greece's GDP

Best line i have ever heard
Yago Reck
'Yago Reck' 2 weeks ago
Storm of Shadows
'Storm of Shadows' 2 weeks ago
This is the battle that had the most roasts
Jahir Sanchez
'Jahir Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
"Now make like your daddy, and swallow my babies" SAVAGE. If yall know this Greek god stuff yall would understand
'stellataso' 2 weeks ago
Lol I'm Greek and I understand everything
Jackson- Roblox & More!
Deadpool vs death stroke
Trevor Harden
'Trevor Harden' 2 weeks ago
Thor easily won this battle
Cynical Fish
'Cynical Fish' 2 weeks ago
"I'll drop you harder than Greece's GDP" Well he won goodbye
Bashier Jones
'Bashier Jones' 2 weeks ago
These bars are Godlike
Pupp Gamer
'Pupp Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Thor is kind against humans but Zeus isn't he deserves to be killed by Kratos
Destiny Ramos
'Destiny Ramos' 2 weeks ago
tris vs katniss
'Blackout4121' 2 weeks ago
DC vs Marvel
'Espeon' 2 weeks ago
It VS The Joker
'FREDDY MAXUEL' 2 weeks ago
y'a t'il des français
'PersianMuffin' 2 weeks ago
zeus fucks odin and thor
Rightyboy Wilson
'Rightyboy Wilson' 2 weeks ago
"I'd spit in your face but you'd probably like it"
Best line ever
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