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Marvel Contest of Champions Howard the Duck Spotlight -
Published: 4 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 4 months ago

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Jessia Quigley
'Jessia Quigley' 7 days ago
G U Y S , L O O K I N G F O R F R E E G O L D & U N I T S ?
G E T N O W ➜ ➜ =>
C O M M E N T Y O U R U S E R N A M E & P L A T F O R M I F N E E D H E L P! ❤️
harold le
'harold le' 3 weeks ago
H E Y G U Y S ! G E T F R E E G O L D H E R E !
✚ ✚ ✚
C O M M E N T Y O U R U S E R N A M E & P L A T F O R M I F N E E D H E L P! ❤️
The Purist
'The Purist' 4 months ago
This game needs to be an actual fighting game on Marvel vs Capcoms lvl.
'minomininni' 4 months ago
Now this game is perfect.
'Carlos09e' 4 months ago
well we finally know how he'd work in a MvC game.
'Carbonwater' 4 months ago
Howard for MvC4.
black gamer HD #
'black gamer HD #' 4 months ago
So he's arms fall of In every fight
Starnana Guy
'Starnana Guy' 4 months ago
I can't believe they didn't rip off Tron Bonne's hyper combo for this like they ripped off Street Fighter characters's ultra move for alternate Spider-Man and Luke Cage.
Faezan Mahmud
'Faezan Mahmud' 4 months ago
Tony the duck------Howard Stark
'정태일' 4 months ago
he's cute lol
nick quesada
'nick quesada' 4 months ago
wonder where they stole this concept...
The Valentin XD
'The Valentin XD' 4 months ago
'Mr.Game&Watch12' 4 months ago
We need a Howard the Duck MCU movie
ash and pikachu
'ash and pikachu' 4 months ago
stupid hero
'DragonLord1125' 4 months ago
Howard(The Duck) : Tony.. I AM Your True Father!
faze franku
'faze franku' 4 months ago
Jinx The Babe Cannon
'Jinx The Babe Cannon' 4 months ago

Артем Буев
'Артем Буев' 4 months ago
Time to delete this game....
'STUFF N STUFF' 4 months ago
Kai Drandro
'Kai Drandro' 4 months ago
Anyone had a feeling Howard the duck would feature on Maevel VS capcom 4? I had a weird feeling that he'll join.
'ERMAHGERD' 4 months ago
Put him in Marvel vs capcom!
'Rage!' 4 months ago
Put him in Marvel vs capcom!
Mortal kombat is the Best
Put him in Marvel vs capcom!
Otis the milkdud duckett
Put him in Marvel vs capcom!
Rhodie Slayer
'Rhodie Slayer' 4 months ago
Put him in Marvel vs capcom!
BodyChopper Productions
Put him in Marvel vs capcom!
A Friendly Duck
'A Friendly Duck' 4 months ago
Can u make it easier to option catalyst
'Leshain' 4 months ago
wot he's a marvel character? how, why and when?
Aaron Muniz
'Aaron Muniz' 4 months ago
I now expect him to be in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite! No excuses! 😂
'serenityq26' 4 months ago
in armor???? NO
Samuel John
'Samuel John' 4 months ago
Howard the Duck is the real God of the Marvel Universe.
'Danny' 4 months ago
He was the last Christmas lockbox hero in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.
Why Marvel?
'NotMike95' 4 months ago
T.Bonne? :p
Nala Lioness
'Nala Lioness' 4 months ago
I have this game 😄❤
'Telsion' 4 months ago
have been playing the game for a bit and damn, its a nice game!
Yung Reggie
'Yung Reggie' 4 months ago
Where's Ghost Rider at???
Edward Young Jr.
'Edward Young Jr.' 4 months ago
Is he only unlockable with PVP, or rare RNG crystal opening? Would love at least a 2-3* version from solo questing.
Tommy A
'Tommy A' 4 months ago
Howie! Awesome!
Only good stuff
'Only good stuff' 4 months ago
Is that duck in Marvel... cuz i dont know... i was like whats that duck doing in there???
'AkaRed' 4 months ago
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
Jorge Rodriguez
'Jorge Rodriguez' 4 months ago
another champion I can't get
'Luman' 4 months ago
tronne bonne
Confused Thor
'Confused Thor' 4 months ago
angry persona
'angry persona' 4 months ago
marvel should do a console fighting game like this with more contents.. marvel vs capcom are good.. but we need the one mainly for marvel characters.. just like injustice..
Black Soul
'Black Soul' 4 months ago
lol that duck can fight :-D
Emmanuel Lopez
'Emmanuel Lopez' 4 months ago
Daffy Duck: Thats Despicable
Brandon knight
'Brandon knight' 4 months ago
since when did he have that machine
Lego Ghost Rider
'Lego Ghost Rider' 4 months ago
*Sigh* No one cares about my boy anymore do they?
José Luis López Alvarado
Howard The Duck > Tony Stark lol
Howard The Duck
'Howard The Duck' 4 months ago
Wow he's handsome :)
The Alpha
'The Alpha' 4 months ago
Simon Perea Lozano
'Simon Perea Lozano' 4 months ago
5 comentario
Bacon Gamer115
'Bacon Gamer115' 4 months ago
Ger Torres
'Ger Torres' 4 months ago
Fast :v
Yahir Fuentes
'Yahir Fuentes' 4 months ago
primer like yprimer comentario
'MRcrafter13' 4 months ago
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