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The Worst Things About Being A Woman • Wine Mom -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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Pulling a tampon from your purse sounds like Christmas morning.

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Matthew Bigelow
'Matthew Bigelow' 11 hours ago
What is the difference between a feminist and a suicide vest?
A suicide vest will actually do something when it is triggered.
FleeComber Man
'FleeComber Man' 2 days ago
Those darn straight white men trying to control women's uteruses
Koreh Lawson
'Koreh Lawson' 3 days ago
well no of fence but if there wasn't creeps woman wouldn't be scared to walk by themselves
'Mysterion' 5 days ago
There are alot of people that are male and are afraid to walk down a strret alone at night. Why do you think that so manny people in America carry guns?
'X.E.X C.G' 5 days ago
People who aren't even a woman can relate to some of these
Bone Jangles
'Bone Jangles' 6 days ago
I've been blessed with tiny hands so I'm super good at untangling things
Junko Lyptus
'Junko Lyptus' 6 days ago
Junko Lyptus
'Junko Lyptus' 6 days ago
If you mention the lie that is the wage gap in the Western World ever again I will stop watching.
'Cattliant' 7 days ago
Is Hannah doing the butterfly project?
Emma Craig
'Emma Craig' 1 week ago
You could make a whole series out of the worst parts of being a woman
blues clues
'blues clues' 1 week ago
jean pockets
Social Fell
'Social Fell' 1 week ago
is it weird that im watching this and im a teen... probally not
Audrey Arnold
'Audrey Arnold' 1 week ago
I'm not a mom. I'm an 11 year old girl but this is helpful
tesia crumb
'tesia crumb' 1 week ago
Why is everyone in the comments saying the wage gap isn't real? I've literally seen it at two of the jobs I've worked.(and by me saying that I don't mean that every company does this but there are a lot of companies that give unequal pay) to people that I work with literally go hired at the same and also got promoted around the same and the man makes almost a dollar more than the women. Many private companies can get away with this because wages and earnings do not have to openly be disclosed, so you really don't know about anyone's else's earnings unless they share it with you.
Roodles 83
'Roodles 83' 1 week ago
ima girl but i trained myself to pee standing up so i could pee my name in the snow my cousin did this so I CAN TO! and i did that showed him! ("T^T) -whyyyy
S Doyle
'S Doyle' 1 week ago
I'm so afraid to venture into the comments section
Syd B
'Syd B' 1 week ago
lol all the guys trying to put an input on what they don't deal with.
hilal emekci
'hilal emekci' 2 weeks ago
Straight white men wanting to control your uterus. LOL I laughed so hard
Charlotte Louise
'Charlotte Louise' 2 weeks ago
Oh, wear boxer shorts (for women) they are sooo comfortable and super cool
Bubble Buddy
'Bubble Buddy' 2 weeks ago
nooooooo the wage gap isn't real, I highly advise you to do some research on it. Women do not literally get paid less than men, its average earnings not individual earnings.
'TheCactusQueen' 2 weeks ago
Feminist propaganda
helena sowards
'helena sowards' 2 weeks ago
When there's a wine commercial before the episode
'Phil's eyelash' 2 weeks ago
There is this guy me and my friends had a fight over bones vs periods he said boners are worse he said cause it's more abaressing like how? You don't have blood over you and when you open the tampons and pads its horrible and he said oh yeah chocolate helps the pain so stop whining
'beastar15' 2 weeks ago
pants with no/fake pockets
Katikuni Azyre
'Katikuni Azyre' 2 weeks ago

1) you lean up against a tree or building.
2) sit on an invisible chair, while leaning the tree or building.
3) pull down your pants (duh)
4) let it all out
'tarateller2010' 2 weeks ago
Do a plank when you goto pee outside
Ava Rutz
'Ava Rutz' 2 weeks ago
All of this is so true
Amber Francis
'Amber Francis' 2 weeks ago
low cut shirts, bras, pressure to be as skinny as you can be, pressure to be sweet and loving and selfless all the time. to have perfect hair, skin and nails.
Lianna Pfister
'Lianna Pfister' 3 weeks ago
I thought this would just be funny...had to bring politics into it
Geeky Blue
'Geeky Blue' 3 weeks ago
ᕼOᑎEᔕTᒪY I ᗩᒪᗯᗩYᔕ TᕼOᑌGᕼT IT ᗯᗩᔕ ᑕᗩᒪᒪEᗪ "ᗯᕼITE ᗰOᗰ" IᑎᔕTEᗩᗪ Oᖴ "ᗯIᑎE ᗰOᗰ"
'themissingslink' 3 weeks ago
The wage gap is a fallacy.
'Ry-Ry' 3 weeks ago
Im a 6"3 broad built guy and i do the key thing coz i dont feel safe at night so i feel you there, in my experience people looking for trouble see us taller broader guys as a challenge to prove themselves. But that feeling sucks :/
Unicorn4 Prez
'Unicorn4 Prez' 3 weeks ago
And I'm a hot mess. I've had people come up to me and tell me my shirts on backwards. But at least I'm hot?
Molly Jane
'Molly Jane' 3 weeks ago
I take self defense classes so when I go to college I can feel better about walking alone
'FleckME' 3 weeks ago
I am 10 and have Girl friend and We are Walking alone at Night around 2:30. There drug dealers in out neighborhood and the Girl isn't scared. So you are just Big whimps
Unicorn4 Prez
'Unicorn4 Prez' 4 weeks ago
What would be a good name for Wine Mom fans? Winers? Mommies? Mommy winers? HELP ME HERE!!!!!!!!!!
megan reichl
'megan reichl' 4 weeks ago
Every time I Bing up women rights my guy friend gets really mad at me
Savannah Hofman
'Savannah Hofman' 4 weeks ago
Men thinking that social norms from the 1950's are still the way things work
kieran516 fuck the courey
1. lip stick on teeth huh, it must be hard to find a mirror or something
2. you having long hair is your choice and not a product of being a woman, if its such a problem get a hair cut
3. the wage gap, if you believe this is real without looking into it yourself i pity you. Any economist worth their salt wont even entertain the thought of a wage gap
4. No comment. (Periods)
5. Once again this is a choice and if your that shallow to be concerned over what the clothing is called you have bigger issues.
6. Same as above the jewelry you where is a choice and isn't inherent to women, if it bothers you that much find something else
7. I don't even know where this one is coming from, in all the time I've been on the internet I've never heard of a straight white man wanting to control a uterus.
8. No comment (Periods)
10. No comment (Tampons)
11. No comment (Peeing)
12. How much is it for a condom? And chances are if you don"t have one the man will
13. No comment (Childbirth)
14. If you look into the statistics its more likely you will be assaulted if you're a man
15. You have to option to buy different clothes
criticisms welcome
kerighan throtted
'kerighan throtted' 4 weeks ago
It should be called "Whine mom" at best. I feel like this gall has nobody to talk to and needs to vent to the camera about her sad sad life... and she calls it her 'creative job'?
Olivia Shanks
'Olivia Shanks' 4 weeks ago
I love you, Hannah! Do one on OB/GYN appointments! I'm 19, but I still hate going to the OB/GYN!
'nenaember4' 4 weeks ago
Worst thing about being a woman uti
Sarah Mosley
'Sarah Mosley' 1 month ago
You can add a pinch of corn starch to a knot in chain necklaces. It will help it to get itself out of the knot easier.
Erin Symonds
'Erin Symonds' 1 month ago
You work at buzzfeed, why are you complaining about the wage gap?
Beary Cool Stuff
'Beary Cool Stuff' 1 month ago
Wage gap isn't real
Banana Buss
'Banana Buss' 1 month ago
now look at this! ugggh...
'bookloverholic' 1 month ago
Get A she wee
'bookloverholic' 1 month ago
Granny knickers make your trousers fall down, not going to lie, the more comfy your knickers are the more likely your trousers or tights, or leggings are to slip down
'STAT STAT' 1 month ago
STOP DRINKING. My 'wine mum' happened to be a suicidal alcoholic. YOU ARE PROMOTING ALCOHOLISM YOU ACTUAL IDIOT. WISE UP. This is NOT a joke.
'Lilllate' 1 month ago
Like 90% of my dresses have pockets. (Not the tiny ones in shorts, actual pockets). Pretty magical right?
Cancer Cries
'Cancer Cries' 1 month ago
The wage gap doesn't exist, mom ;P
Cristina Varela
'Cristina Varela' 1 month ago
Wage gap: doesn't exist
The Tempestuous
'The Tempestuous' 1 month ago
I'm not a mom and I'm not even technically a teenager but I can relate to most of these things. I take care of four little kids all the time so I know some of the things moms go through lol
Grace Banner
'Grace Banner' 1 month ago
Why are there 3K dislikes?
Zara Wolfe
'Zara Wolfe' 1 month ago
The wage gap is a myth but the rest of the list is true
Bob the Builder
'Bob the Builder' 1 month ago
this is just a woman complain fest in the comment section. You know men have problems too, but you're too busy worrying about yourself to notice that.
Toni Davis
'Toni Davis' 1 month ago
I never understood why women are shy about taking tampons and pads to the restroom.

Even in school I would raise my hand to go and then take my things out like I was grabbing a pencil. And if the teacher asked why I needed to go? "I'm bleeding from my vagina," always did the trick.
Cool sushi
'Cool sushi' 2 months ago
I'm not even a mom. And I'm not legally aloud to drink wine. Why am I here.
Vicious Goldfish
'Vicious Goldfish' 2 months ago
Wine mom is one of the only good things from Buzzfeed
'jadenmajor' 2 months ago
wag gap is fake m8
'LoveSaddity' 2 months ago
buzzed should put all of the woman experiences together and make the try guys do it all for 3 days... period cramp simulation with the blood and uncomfortable clothes, while having boobs and breast feeding with having to wear makeup and do long hair while wearing heels everyday... maybe then they would understand why women are so emotional at times and how strong we actually are.
Camille Ortiz
'Camille Ortiz' 2 months ago
I'm a mom to a dog
Nichelle Christine
'Nichelle Christine' 2 months ago
The size of our pant pockets... So tiny!
'KhatKat13' 2 months ago
About the underwear situation? Go try a pair of men's boxers ladies. Thank me later.
'dakitticat' 2 months ago
Screw dresses that have no pockets, what about PANTS that have no pockets/FAKE POCKETS?! PISSES ME TF OFF. ;-;
'Bigfoot539' 2 months ago
Being transgender from male to female and being a girl inside of a boy's body has some parts that are worse than just being a normal girl. But I would have to say transgender and a "normal" girl are about equal. So I can agree with a lot of the things in this video.
Bob Kan
'Bob Kan' 2 months ago
Buzzfeed is cancer
Bob Kan
'Bob Kan' 2 months ago
It must be so hard complaining about how bad your life is
Bob Kan
'Bob Kan' 2 months ago
Oh my god you are so right i can not believe how much you are suffering.
Reina of Kalopsia
'Reina of Kalopsia' 2 months ago
Pants with almost non-existent pockets are pretty annoying too!
'What_in_damnation' 2 months ago
I'm a woman with a vagina, but I can stand up and pee.
'Rosi' 2 months ago
honestly if you find a good pair of thongs that fit RIGHT, their really comfy <3 ^^ (almost like going blank)
Jake Gasson
'Jake Gasson' 2 months ago
I feel like having experienced being a woman, I'm a better boyfriend. When she has cramps, I know how she feels so I go and get her whatever she wants to help her deal with that. I will also protect any woman who feels like she is unsafe walking alone and would never just let anything like that happen. I know how she feels and I don't want her to feel like that at all.
Sabrina A
'Sabrina A' 2 months ago
When you say something out of line and all guys say: "Oh, on your period huh". 😡
'ShiaraMoon' 2 months ago
FAKE POCKETS. How dare my clothing tease me with the illusion of pockets and then deny me!!!
'IO9802' 2 months ago
2:23 Do men? I (a male) feel pretty unsafe walking alone at night, like I'm pretty sure any sane person does.
Samantha Weps
'Samantha Weps' 2 months ago
Lil Pingu
'Lil Pingu' 2 months ago
not being able to sleep on your front, I discovered that I always fall asleep when on my front when my boobs began growing. I cant anymore :(
Kathleen Wilson
'Kathleen Wilson' 2 months ago
My mom gave me one of those keychain alarms for Christmas. I put it on my keys because I thought that was an ok idea. I then accidentally triggered it while I was putting my key in the ignition of my car. It was hilarious and terrifying. It's now in my purse lol!
Louise Mwangiru
'Louise Mwangiru' 2 months ago
This woman is my spirit animal.
Andrew Coleman
'Andrew Coleman' 2 months ago
I'm a 23 year old dude and I watch Wine Mom religiously hahahaha I love this show
'Its_Me_Carmen' 2 months ago
I got 15!and you missed out shaving
'stargazer154' 2 months ago
Jean pockets! Either there are no pockets or they're shallow as heck!
Sophie Francis
'Sophie Francis' 2 months ago
I am glad that birth control is free the uk. You don't need to bring an adult you just come in on your own and ask for it and they will provide ir
Sophie Francis
'Sophie Francis' 2 months ago
use a shiwee
Rhonette Smith
'Rhonette Smith' 2 months ago
dresses with pockets are the beeeeest
Trini&Cookie SHOW
'Trini&Cookie SHOW' 2 months ago
bra sizes
Lifted CMW
'Lifted CMW' 2 months ago
Paige Wnek
'Paige Wnek' 2 months ago
bahahaha period in unfortunate times!!! long distance boyfriend visits for a week, I get it the afternoon right before I pick him up from the airport
Edie -17
'Edie -17' 2 months ago
jeans with non existent pockets
'SHINeePINee33' 2 months ago
'martatanya' 2 months ago
Pants with fake pockets or pockets that can't fit anything bigger than a quarter.
Boob sweat
Pretty much all things boob related
Shaving all the things
Camille Santiago
'Camille Santiago' 2 months ago
what wine are you drinking this looks good
Mik Frank
'Mik Frank' 2 months ago
Emerald Green
'Emerald Green' 2 months ago
High heels
'QueenLuna' 2 months ago
The wage gap doesn't exist! It's just averaged out wages and males just have better paying jobs.
Bool crop
'Bool crop' 2 months ago
when you look close the left and the right are more similar to each other than they want to believe. They both stick to crazy lives and myths, the left believes in the completely false and debunked wage gap, while the right believes in things like massive voter fraud. Both equally ignorant but neither want to admit when they're wrong or admit that they are just as unreasonable as the other side. People need to pop their own bubbles and realize their own stupidity as well as recognizing when they are right . People lock themselves away from dissenting opinions and become stubborn nearsighted fools.
'GraceGummi' 2 months ago
omg the comments are just full of fragile masculinity
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