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Beyoncé - I Was Here (United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance Video) -
Published: 4 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 4 years ago

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566, 553 Likes   9, 407 Dislikes

Beyoncé's official United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance video for 'I Was Here'. Click to listen to Beyoncé on Spotify:

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I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time
Know there was something that, meant something that I left behind
When I leave this world, I'll leave no regrets
Leave something to remember, so they won't forget

I was here
I lived, I loved
I was here
I did, I've done everything that I wanted
And it was more than I thought it would be
I will leave my mark so everyone will know
I was here

Sofia Lourenço
'Sofia Lourenço' 5 hours ago
the best singer in the world
'justdina' 6 hours ago
sparkle Moon
'sparkle Moon' 6 hours ago
sparkle Moon
'sparkle Moon' 6 hours ago
C K Squad
'C K Squad' 9 hours ago
Tray Scott
'Tray Scott' 11 hours ago
randy deeryn
'randy deeryn' 12 hours ago
Am I the only one who cried?
Gray Fox [ROU]
'Gray Fox [ROU]' 12 hours ago
This song motivates me!
lucaspregador lucaspregador
amo de paixao a beyonce
Cinthia Santos
'Cinthia Santos' 20 hours ago
Difícil não chorar.
MysticSun 167
'MysticSun 167' 1 day ago
Best Song ever I don't care what anyone says it is!
blah blahx3
'blah blahx3' 1 day ago
Carmellita Jackson
I love this song
Yasmine MTF
'Yasmine MTF' 1 day ago
YOU DID NOTHING FOR PALESTINE!!!!! such a shame trying to lie on our faces BUT WE SEE THE TRUTH AND YOU CAN NOT HIDE IT FROM US, yes you really did for your OWN good, you ain't fooling anyone but yourselves.
tańcząca żelka która skacze W lesie rewolwerowców
this song just make me cry
Erasmus Pongo
'Erasmus Pongo' 2 days ago
Still sounding good in 2017
Cierra Mayweather
'Cierra Mayweather' 2 days ago
Watching this incredible song in 2017 vote Beyonce for president 2020 ❣
Marcia Queiroz
'Marcia Queiroz' 2 days ago
Timea Farkas
'Timea Farkas' 2 days ago
jo zene 😘
Δώρα Νανιτζανιάν
Watching this in 2017 and still getting so emotional!!!
Steven Hill
'Steven Hill' 2 days ago
this song was made just for you! I am a BIG FAN! continue being you.
Kristin Gerovich
'Kristin Gerovich' 2 days ago
I cry
derDany R
'derDany R' 2 days ago
Wow! This is pure emotion! I love it, though it brings me to tears almost every time I hear it ❤️
Melek xo
'Melek xo' 3 days ago
One of her best songs
'hi' 3 days ago
Mya Simon
'Mya Simon' 3 days ago
change the world
Nubia Caetano Costa
Beautiful 📿
Juliet Moyo
'Juliet Moyo' 3 days ago
I love queen b God bless her
Riza Ehlers
'Riza Ehlers' 4 days ago
So very inspiring
Delaurent adedelau
In this song she seems so selfish ... everything she have done is for the gratitude of others
Kinga Lipiec
'Kinga Lipiec' 5 days ago
Sutch a shit
kawtar korina
'kawtar korina' 5 days ago
i wish i can sing my song about helping the world and people here like beyonce ! one day
Sibongile Mdlalose
brings tears to my eyes every single time
Bengisu Sarfaklar
'Bengisu Sarfaklar' 5 days ago
literally crying everytime i'm watching this😭😭😭
אילף סילמן
Kris Villa
'Kris Villa' 5 days ago
Hola fuck this is amazing,
Ana Silva
'Ana Silva' 5 days ago
Essa mulher é espetacular 😍👏👏👏 Uma das poucas cantoras (que eu conheça) que tem a voz idêntica a que ouvimos no rádio e nos clipes. Essa sim merece o título de cantora
The Originals Hardcore Fan
Michael Jackson was here and he always will be, in our hearts❤👑✌
Batul Aali
'Batul Aali' 6 days ago
Appearance of instant goosebumps.. 👏
Vicky S.
'Vicky S.' 6 days ago
i think i broke the replay button
Anthm Thomas
'Anthm Thomas' 6 days ago
Ulrich Naobeb
'Ulrich Naobeb' 6 days ago
Please help me
Zori elle
'Zori elle' 6 days ago
😭😃😊wow 👍
nefretedenzat (nefretedenzat)
is ist playback?
Yetty Salakory
'Yetty Salakory' 7 days ago
I'm crying of this video
PATIENT “patxo_96” Tshivuadi
who's watching 2017?
Sam Ben
'Sam Ben' 1 week ago
Elle es fière son clan organisé ces guerres
Sam Ben
'Sam Ben' 1 week ago
Hippocrite 💩👹👹👹👹👹👹👹
Fidan Valiyeva
'Fidan Valiyeva' 1 week ago
Keşke bi tane böyle bir klipde yapsan Beyonce ,iraq suriyayı nasıl yer yüzünden silindiyini gösteren klip
maria arroyo
'maria arroyo' 1 week ago
my hearts🗿🗽🌐🌍🌏🌎
maria arroyo
'maria arroyo' 1 week ago
Krisly Morales
'Krisly Morales' 1 week ago
Isadora Lucas
'Isadora Lucas' 1 week ago
Lotta Haapaniemi
'Lotta Haapaniemi' 1 week ago
Omg I started to cry because of this song and those pictures on the background😍😭🤧😭 And I'm ver sorry about my bad English😅
Whitney Gary
'Whitney Gary' 1 week ago
love that song
Shiza Haha
'Shiza Haha' 1 week ago
Pk ya pas un commentaire en francais ❗️❕❗️❔❓
Raj Miah
'Raj Miah' 1 week ago
2017 watching this
rai nasdian
'rai nasdian' 1 week ago
Very touch my feel. Great backround and great song and performance. I Am here in 2017
Gaby!! 18
'Gaby!! 18' 1 week ago
she is beatiful is very Prety
léo david
'léo david' 1 week ago
much emotion!!
I'm like.thank_you beyonce.*_*you are my preferé.
Bruno Barbosa
'Bruno Barbosa' 1 week ago
Soniya A
'Soniya A' 1 week ago
The confidence with which she performs is so mind blowing!!!!
Luiz-Leon Wippermann
Saskia Chapman
'Saskia Chapman' 1 week ago
I was here January 2017....
Zoé Desautels
'Zoé Desautels' 1 week ago
one word - Chills
Abby Cardona
'Abby Cardona' 1 week ago
I'm fr crying
ray l
'ray l' 1 week ago
Eric Thomas brought me here.
lunie brutus
'lunie brutus' 1 week ago
for my grandmother
Flávia Procópio
'Flávia Procópio' 1 week ago
Amazing Beyoncé, you sure are making a difference with your art,voice, music,touching our hearts in every way. I love you.
paulo araujo
'paulo araujo' 2 weeks ago
Como alguém pode dá dislike em um vídeo desse? meu Deus
Lyna Shanel (Bella)
'Lyna Shanel (Bella)' 2 weeks ago
I was here January 2017
izzy1987 Barlow
'izzy1987 Barlow' 2 weeks ago
I love beyonce she is so caring to all her fans and to everyone she is such an amazing singer ❤❤❤
Beyonce Queen BR
'Beyonce Queen BR' 2 weeks ago
Algum brasileiro ai que ama esse live/música 😍
Beyonce Queen BR
'Beyonce Queen BR' 2 weeks ago
Beyoncé is the best person of the world !!! I love you so mutch
John Korres
'John Korres' 2 weeks ago
This song can touch your soul. :')💜
'rocketsoulYa' 2 weeks ago
Hass Zemoura
'Hass Zemoura' 2 weeks ago
وماذا عن سوريا ومصر والعراق.هل كانوا حشرات«حاشى عليهم»
raoul vazquez
'raoul vazquez' 2 weeks ago
2017 !!!!!!
'ilovetheculture' 2 weeks ago
I love her so much.
This song makes me want to be a better human being...
Jasmin K.
'Jasmin K.' 2 weeks ago
The song goes in my heart 😭💘💘💘💘
angelo fruta
'angelo fruta' 2 weeks ago
my God i just felt so sad!!! ;( #ILIVED #IWASHERE!
Gabriel santos
'Gabriel santos' 2 weeks ago
"I was here lip syncing"
Gabriel santos
'Gabriel santos' 2 weeks ago
Qualquer Coisa
'Qualquer Coisa' 2 weeks ago
Só podia ser... a rainha do mundo!
Queen Bey 😍
Sanaa Johnson
'Sanaa Johnson' 2 weeks ago
I love this song
Αθανασiα Τσιακαλάκη
Beyonce brings so much happiness to my life
Constança Matos
'Constança Matos' 2 weeks ago
I Love !
'Federer' 2 weeks ago
Phelisters Jomo
'Phelisters Jomo' 2 weeks ago
Jasmin K.
'Jasmin K.' 2 weeks ago
Her voice is sooo goalssssss
Jasmin K.
'Jasmin K.' 2 weeks ago
Beyonce is a legend❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭
Jasmin K.
'Jasmin K.' 2 weeks ago
Jasmin K.
'Jasmin K.' 2 weeks ago
Queeen b
Miyzan Fuadiy
'Miyzan Fuadiy' 2 weeks ago
people sitting there are bullsh*t, they don't really care with this world....
they only show you what they want you to know,..
the fact of this world so much worst than this
Jada Beckham
'Jada Beckham' 2 weeks ago
who's watching this amazing performance in 2017?
'FunBuzz' 2 weeks ago
I want to be a singer when I grow up
Anita Kocab
'Anita Kocab' 2 weeks ago
I think it would have been much better if she changed the words, instead of I was put They were cause that day wasn't about her but instead about all the great peolpe who went out there and helped others.
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