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Beyoncé - I Was Here (United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance Video) -
Published: 5 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 5 years ago

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Beyoncé's official United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance video for 'I Was Here'. Click to listen to Beyoncé on Spotify:

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I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time
Know there was something that, meant something that I left behind
When I leave this world, I'll leave no regrets
Leave something to remember, so they won't forget

I was here
I lived, I loved
I was here
I did, I've done everything that I wanted
And it was more than I thought it would be
I will leave my mark so everyone will know
I was here

Marcelo Souza
'Marcelo Souza' 11 hours ago
Roberto Sanchez
'Roberto Sanchez' 12 hours ago
rica muy rica
Victoria Venning
'Victoria Venning' 12 hours ago
rip Armenia
Victoria Venning
'Victoria Venning' 12 hours ago
I love u beyonce u sang these song for Armenia .I am Armenian decent .my great grandad mother was born under the Soviet I not a hater but I care about the country
Yasmine A.D
'Yasmine A.D' 16 hours ago
beyonce 👑
Sweet Disposion
'Sweet Disposion' 17 hours ago
I cried...
Kimberly Lopez
'Kimberly Lopez' 17 hours ago
Tears, every single time.
Martin D Brew
'Martin D Brew' 19 hours ago
This is the song i want played at my FUNERAL.............
Gobbek Meyer
'Gobbek Meyer' 23 hours ago
ntege samuel
'ntege samuel' 1 day ago
Beyonce; Oh yeaah! An element of change
Milla Furtado
'Milla Furtado' 1 day ago
Huyen June
'Huyen June' 1 day ago
don't know why I burst into cry when seeing this video... so emotional😯
Somiyah Nelson
'Somiyah Nelson' 1 day ago
I love this video!
Jesüs Stratford
'Jesüs Stratford' 1 day ago
Cada vez que lo veo lloro, literal
Sinem Atma
'Sinem Atma' 2 days ago
Abe Viray
'Abe Viray' 2 days ago
who's watching this 2017??
Busenur Şahin
'Busenur Şahin' 2 days ago
such an amazing, marvelous, remarkable, spectacular, magnificent message and show. thanks for givin a chance to watch
camilla thais
'camilla thais' 2 days ago
ESSA MULHER É SENSACIONAL!!!😍😍😍 Eu amooooooo!!!
Sagar Gorinta
'Sagar Gorinta' 2 days ago
Astonishing.....great job.😍😍😍
Kelliane Kouam
'Kelliane Kouam' 2 days ago
who's watching this in 2017?
Yazzy C
'Yazzy C' 2 days ago
She is so beautiful and successful. It's amazing. It's wonderful.
Lilia Louis
'Lilia Louis' 2 days ago
vraiment les 9K de personnes qui n'ont pas aimée je ne vous comprends pas comment vous pouvez mettre un 👎 alors que cette chanson parle de la pauvreté et plus
mais c'est votre choix
Anne van Yperen
'Anne van Yperen' 2 days ago
Who's watching this in 2017?😍
Gil Gili
'Gil Gili' 2 days ago
so much hypocrasy... millions of dead around the glod and the UN did nothing but shiting lies about israel...
Murphy Efetobore Elo
Who is watching this in 2017?
Waleed Atef
'Waleed Atef' 3 days ago
Keri Bogan
'Keri Bogan' 3 days ago
I felt really bad eating my pop tart while watching this... 😐😥
melanie irene de ocampo
oh my God i cried... this is beautiful.. very very beautiful
Maya Boo Peters
'Maya Boo Peters' 3 days ago
í just love Beyonce song them
Michael Lampley
'Michael Lampley' 3 days ago
my grandma left this earth November 5th 2016 and man that was the most powerful woman i know she definitely left her legacy here rip granny
Haifa Sharf
'Haifa Sharf' 3 days ago
who is watching this in 2017?
Shushu W
'Shushu W' 3 days ago
2:24 I live for this
Jermain Pitt
'Jermain Pitt' 4 days ago
love u so much Beyonce
Sarah Taban
'Sarah Taban' 4 days ago
I like this song.
Bianca Dias
'Bianca Dias' 4 days ago
Me apaixonei assim que ouvi. ❤ chorei que lindo....
Molly Finn
'Molly Finn' 4 days ago
Sarah Delahaye
'Sarah Delahaye' 4 days ago
omg.. Just Amazing ❤
Berenike Fuchs
'Berenike Fuchs' 4 days ago
Who's disliking this?! 😱😭
'yoerin' 4 days ago
hallo 9
Francisca Mendes
'Francisca Mendes' 4 days ago
Simret Simret
'Simret Simret' 4 days ago
i love kind and kindness
Ortega Leonard
'Ortega Leonard' 4 days ago
I'm from Vietnam. I watched this and cry everytime! I love you, my idol !!!
Roxana Rosales
'Roxana Rosales' 4 days ago
so amazing
Sugar Ganchimeg
'Sugar Ganchimeg' 4 days ago
Үзэх болгонд л нулимс гарах юмдаа
'Macbarbie07' 4 days ago
Tomasz T
'Tomasz T' 4 days ago
Great song !! Text, music voice !! <3
D. Richie
'D. Richie' 4 days ago
People are struggling man...very saddening.
Nana Nyambura
'Nana Nyambura' 5 days ago
I get really emotional every time I watch this video!
Javari Robinson
'Javari Robinson' 5 days ago
but people say she queen illuminate
ThePersonWhichWillDie BecauseOfKPop
The only one here because of that AMAZING and DAMN EMOTIONAL Jimin FMV?
Leticia Galvao
'Leticia Galvao' 5 days ago
Amo essa musica ❤
Leticia Galvao
'Leticia Galvao' 5 days ago
Caiyuan Hong
'Caiyuan Hong' 5 days ago
Milana Kuzmicheva
'Milana Kuzmicheva' 5 days ago
Beyoncé. For prisident 2020!!
kyle ice
'kyle ice' 5 days ago
racist white people cause you didn't get the album of the year
Marie Hanne
'Marie Hanne' 5 days ago
I'v cried so hard to that song 😭
'LG LG' 5 days ago
Patty A
'Patty A' 5 days ago
and carlos santanas bitch ass had the nerve to be like she's not a singer... if thats the case then I must not be black.
Rebeca Alves
'Rebeca Alves' 5 days ago
i love you
rajaa bendahmane
'rajaa bendahmane' 6 days ago
this makes me cry, i am literally criyng
'Kirsty' 6 days ago
I can't believe it's taken so long for me to find and hear this song. I love it and the video is stunning!
Jai Plays
'Jai Plays' 6 days ago
Beyoncé you may of not won album of the year but let me tell you something. You've left your mark in this world and you have impacted so many people's lives. You're incredible. You're a true legend. The grammys are not worthy of you and they also do not understand true talent.

We love YOU Beyoncé. Thank you for EVERYTHING ❤
'KristaStarburd' 6 days ago
I wasn't expecting to cry...
Norma Brito
'Norma Brito' 6 days ago
Andressa Albuquerque
Brasileiro por aí ?
Patryk Gortych
'Patryk Gortych' 6 days ago
I wanna say so many words but I don't know how, so I say- beautiful
Nazely Shahenean
'Nazely Shahenean' 7 days ago
Only Beyoncé can sing it like this❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
This is a fantastic video! very powerful!
'Bertlmuc' 7 days ago
beyonce for president !!!!!!!! thats the way !!!!!!
Kyra Sewyer
'Kyra Sewyer' 7 days ago
Gabi Martins
'Gabi Martins' 7 days ago
Jo Jo
'Jo Jo' 7 days ago
gave me chills doe
'Catalina' 1 week ago
She's lip syncing
Bla Kali
'Bla Kali' 1 week ago
Scream out for animal rights as well. They are so greatly forgotten.
Wellington Barbosa Luciano
Essa mulher e D+😍 Rio de janeiro.... jr
Misty Chan
'Misty Chan' 1 week ago
I Dont Get Chills Easly But This was Beatiful
'방주희' 1 week ago
뮤직비디오진짜 우리랑 차원이다른듯 진짜 감동적이면서도슬프다
Dream catcher
'Dream catcher' 1 week ago
Everytime i watch this is like the first timmmeee
Selda Maria
'Selda Maria' 1 week ago
Who's watching it in 2017
gemma sammati
'gemma sammati' 1 week ago
beyoncé this song(i was here) is very beautiful song. my ❤ open nw
Karolína Ondráčková
Tina TM
'Tina TM' 1 week ago
Issac Kaiser
'Issac Kaiser' 1 week ago
Pure Evil.
Maria Passawe
'Maria Passawe' 1 week ago
Why am I tearing up
Tilly Lunga
'Tilly Lunga' 1 week ago
I was here 2016 who is here 2017 with me🙋
Snaaaly Zèmaès-Èntèlg
C Neeet`¡👊😉
Esha Mishra
'Esha Mishra' 1 week ago
this was so good im sh00k
Orit Gasasa
'Orit Gasasa' 1 week ago
amazing 😭😭
JuNiOr SoUzA
'JuNiOr SoUzA' 1 week ago
melhor video clip que vi dos ultimos anos... #DIVA
Flávia Santos
'Flávia Santos' 1 week ago
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