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Beyoncé - I Was Here (United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance Video) -
Published: 5 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 5 years ago

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Beyoncé's official United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance video for 'I Was Here'. Click to listen to Beyoncé on Spotify:

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I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time
Know there was something that, meant something that I left behind
When I leave this world, I'll leave no regrets
Leave something to remember, so they won't forget

I was here
I lived, I loved
I was here
I did, I've done everything that I wanted
And it was more than I thought it would be
I will leave my mark so everyone will know
I was here

E aí Nycolas
'E aí Nycolas' 4 hours ago
q música maravilhoso
Mark Aslem
'Mark Aslem' 6 hours ago
best song in my life so far to generations yet unborn this song lives forever in my heart could hold that tears
Mark Aslem
'Mark Aslem' 6 hours ago
best song in my life so far to generations yet unborn this song lives forever in my heart could hold that tears
H.Angel.Gonzalez M
'H.Angel.Gonzalez M' 9 hours ago
Wow amazing I was touched like felt her soul ....I'm an empath so it was a very deep healing she is singing
Naomimarie Kessee
'Naomimarie Kessee' 17 hours ago
i have a dream i will say i was here to help people in need. as people we should stick together not treat another bye what what color nor look like. bye how poor or how rich but as equl. that is my dream for this world for this viloent world.
Naomimarie Kessee
'Naomimarie Kessee' 17 hours ago
this vid made me cry so hard
cynthia mlambo
'cynthia mlambo' 18 hours ago
i love u bee a lot
Razan Abu
'Razan Abu' 19 hours ago
Beyoncé is honestly like no other performer out there. Her poise, voice, beauty, strength....unbelievable
Humairaa Bobat
'Humairaa Bobat' 20 hours ago
This makes me want to got out there and make a difference to the world!
K. M
'K. M' 20 hours ago
it's beautiful song
Maria Christie
'Maria Christie' 21 hours ago
She looks SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Aslem
'Mark Aslem' 21 hours ago
Ramson Andre
'Ramson Andre' 21 hours ago
wow I'm crying I love you Beyonce
Zia Ae
'Zia Ae' 22 hours ago
wedding gown Goals
Эльвира Юркова
какая же она красивая....
Nika Tatoshvili
'Nika Tatoshvili' 1 day ago
Best performance ever!!!
Mrs. Irene Yeboaa Ashiley
I can't have enough of this song.
Kim Crawford
'Kim Crawford' 1 day ago
Powerful performance!!!! Almost made cry! Beyonce ❤❤❤
Shannon Jones
'Shannon Jones' 2 days ago
this is where NASA told me on the WGN broadcasting network about the meteor comet that was coming to destroy our shuttles around 2021
Natalia Almousawi
'Natalia Almousawi' 2 days ago
her body is stunning
Jonh Lovato
'Jonh Lovato' 2 days ago
Choro com essa musica
Top Drop
'Top Drop' 2 days ago
это было шикарно
Teresa Nolasco
'Teresa Nolasco' 2 days ago
Beyoncé makes me so emotional. I love her
Flufi Toku
'Flufi Toku' 2 days ago
I will with you and always I will help you
Angel Clarke
'Angel Clarke' 3 days ago
I cried when I heard this song
Abdul Shakur
'Abdul Shakur' 3 days ago
one of her best preformances!
Tired Mood
'Tired Mood' 3 days ago
9.894 rasist evil teribble and disgusting "human?" who dislike this amazing video.
'KAREKLA THONET' 3 days ago
ειναι τελιο μπραβο!!
Fikile Nyakale
'Fikile Nyakale' 3 days ago
I can't get enough of the song. #ThinkingofMyLife.
Leticia Marques
'Leticia Marques' 3 days ago
Leticia H
'Leticia H' 4 days ago
this video makes me cry every time i see it
yDeh_ MCPE
'yDeh_ MCPE' 4 days ago
Danielle Beaumont
'Danielle Beaumont' 4 days ago
LEGENDARY !!!!!!!!!
tom klokk
'tom klokk' 4 days ago
if im on my period i come to here this song and i just cry
marcela lemus
'marcela lemus' 4 days ago
this song brings me to tears each and every time i hear it so beautiful
The David Show
'The David Show' 4 days ago
So inspirational. This is why Beyoncé is queen.
jeele Zarah
'jeele Zarah' 4 days ago
Mitochondrial Eve..
Rajab K. Mangochi
'Rajab K. Mangochi' 4 days ago
it is nice and all, but...
Kaliyah Aria
'Kaliyah Aria' 4 days ago
I love Beyoncé so much!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Carolyn Bland
'Carolyn Bland' 5 days ago
you are amazing
Jeyda J
'Jeyda J' 5 days ago
I cried through out the whole thing definite I wish I was famous like her
Nataly carter
'Nataly carter' 5 days ago
Victoria Venning
'Victoria Venning' 5 days ago
a beautiful song she sang for Armenia she is amazin
Удивительные факты,события и всё самое интересное у нас!
Бобур Усманов
The only song which makes me cry every time when I listen
Elen Grigoryan
'Elen Grigoryan' 5 days ago
This song is about Genocide of my land Armenia. Just thank you for remembering us. Great song and great singer. Love you so much.
Glaucia Ramos
'Glaucia Ramos' 6 days ago
'StayHigh彡' 6 days ago
Im actually crying right now .
Good job Beyonce, i will forever love you
'Moufida' 6 days ago
Who's watching this amazing video in 2017 ?? 😍🎶
'ivd' 6 days ago
Half throught the performance, i just wanted to stand up from my chair and do something!
Mary Michel
'Mary Michel' 6 days ago
wow Beyonce and her sister look so much alike 😉..just love the way she sings
Mimi Dab
'Mimi Dab' 6 days ago
Est ce que il y a des français?😊
RoyaltyGamee Gal
'RoyaltyGamee Gal' 7 days ago
u cannot say she don't have talent
Paulina The Hooligan
She is an angel!!!
e rih
'e rih' 7 days ago
starts singing I'M STILL HERE
Myriam Fangari
'Myriam Fangari' 7 days ago
I Love you BEYONCÉ
Ikraan Aliliban
'Ikraan Aliliban' 1 week ago
everytime if i listing to this i always cry😥
'E2704G' 1 week ago
That Projection is a masterpiece! The intro and the closing - SPECTACULAR <3
Twisted French
'Twisted French' 1 week ago
Beautiful and inspiring performance. Beyoncé is at her best when she sings about empowerment and hope.
'박비앙' 1 week ago
she looks like a diamond in this video. The world class diva
'atblt' 1 week ago
… I WAS …………
………. HERE ……
Angélica Santos
'Angélica Santos' 1 week ago
Rainha <3
Charlotte Brown
'Charlotte Brown' 1 week ago
It makes me cry every time
Charlotte Brown
'Charlotte Brown' 1 week ago
love this video so much I always watch it when I'm in a bad mood so I remember that there are people starving in some parts of the world. such an insparation
Andreas Löfgren
'Andreas Löfgren' 1 week ago
I was here 2017-03/17 !
Jēssica Jheey
'Jēssica Jheey' 1 week ago
Que fodão esse vídeo 😱❤
Plam Umba-sasi
'Plam Umba-sasi' 1 week ago
touchante , vraiment ! !!!
Wizard Ed
'Wizard Ed' 1 week ago
She's a queen.
Hain jakson
'Hain jakson' 1 week ago
im in 2017
Vusimuzi Thabethe
'Vusimuzi Thabethe' 1 week ago
Who's watching this in 2017?
Angelina Gabaitse
'Angelina Gabaitse' 1 week ago
Fikret Dushku
'Fikret Dushku' 1 week ago
I,m sorry bud you never was there.
McKenzie ᆞ
'McKenzie ᆞ' 1 week ago
Touching video
jk yadav
'jk yadav' 1 week ago
mindblowing song
jk yadav
'jk yadav' 1 week ago
beatuful song
B de Beyoncé
'B de Beyoncé' 1 week ago
Who's watching this in 2017? ♥
Dkdkxoskss Skdowiaksso
When you vandalizing the bathroom at McDonalds
'Clara' 1 week ago
I don't understand the people who disliked this.
valeri imerlishvili
who's wathing in 2017?
cabdi wali cali dhimbil
This is something important to learn what every society on the planet, between eg in a while you learn the clan did not make any progress made difficult but as a person's name has also to identify the bad who looga complaint thus society between the traditional flag and the environment in which everyone has a unique characteristic to have at the same time as you feel your best when you arrive in your neighborhood are country aaydin neighborhood a sense of humor to show what he feels to be the new his immediately help to share the word to find what you need as your new already active and the reception is the cause of social development and ecologically interesting, but if the situation becomes our protective status is not suitable for living and communication human then you homework for this country has made progress in the integration of life and social and cultural development and the environment are always like the task of participating in emergency humanitarian health education human rights media and freedom of the individual by Abdiweli Ali coal Eastleigh Nairobi, Kenya
Dessie Hemsworth
'Dessie Hemsworth' 1 week ago
Who's watching this in 2017?
Juliet Wanjira
'Juliet Wanjira' 1 week ago
I love how Bey is serous in this performance, makes it very deep
Tina Bourdages
'Tina Bourdages' 1 week ago
Tina Bourdages
'Tina Bourdages' 1 week ago
i have to say that song is one4 of the best everr she will make a mark ....for sure
B de Beyoncé
'B de Beyoncé' 2 weeks ago
Who's watching this in 2017? 🍋 LOVE U B
ke xu
'ke xu' 2 weeks ago
The Gamer change
'The Gamer change' 2 weeks ago
who else cried
'xXandiiXx' 2 weeks ago
who's watching This 2017 😍
'Y TM' 2 weeks ago
I adore her. I don't understand why they always try to make her look bad
Doris Loverslye
'Doris Loverslye' 2 weeks ago
la première fois que je l'ai suivi c'était à un camp de vacance en projection et cette chanson je pense jamais l'oublier elle m'a marqué c'est sur ♥
Doris Loverslye
'Doris Loverslye' 2 weeks ago
who's here in March 2017
la parisienne____
'la parisienne____' 2 weeks ago
this movie make me cry❤😢
Beyonce Queen BR
'Beyonce Queen BR' 2 weeks ago
Qual a data de apresentação???:
Susan Sulloe
'Susan Sulloe' 2 weeks ago
who's watching this in 2017
Brandon Gibson
'Brandon Gibson' 2 weeks ago
Who was Here in 2017??
Yo Realest
'Yo Realest' 2 weeks ago
even before she starts singing, it's kinda touching my soul. I was here... I'll make sure I leave my mark in this world (FOR GOOD).
Robert B
'Robert B' 2 weeks ago
This looks like a movie. 🐝🍋
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