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Rob $TONE - Meetings ft. Denzel Curry -
Published: 8 months ago By: Promo Sound

By: Promo SoundPublished: 8 months ago

412, 988 views

6, 918 Likes   219 Dislikes

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ill malexx
'ill malexx' 3 days ago
wat about this one?
Luis Angel
'Luis Angel' 4 days ago
fuck rob stone that niqqa a pussyyyy
Trill_ _Jody.
'Trill_ _Jody.' 1 week ago
'Nepazīstamais' 1 week ago
Clayton Gilligan
'Clayton Gilligan' 2 weeks ago
rob you just know x and ski mask already took your spot and you a butthurt pussy that jumps people because you ain't got no hands to take anyone on by yourself
ryan ess
'ryan ess' 2 weeks ago
"Like a river had thoughts " get it cause he flows and rivers flow to
Clayton Gilligan
'Clayton Gilligan' 2 weeks ago
Rob is a pussy nigga for jumping ski 👏
lani jacquez
'lani jacquez' 2 weeks ago
"swerve up in my pickup too pick up my buds"
Zach Schneider
'Zach Schneider' 3 weeks ago
fuck rob stone pussy nigga
Batrick Pateman
'Batrick Pateman' 4 weeks ago
Denzel savin an otherwise garbage track
Andy Rose
'Andy Rose' 4 weeks ago
This shit go hard af bruhh.... #solobaricbruh
fish nation
'fish nation' 1 month ago
i like how chill rob stone is
Ye Uh
'Ye Uh' 2 months ago
'kkk666kkk6661' 2 months ago
Hey guys! Sub to my channel and ill make some vids for ya day to be better! Hope everyone is having a cool day.
lil qro
'lil qro' 2 months ago
I like this mm
'Loafz' 2 months ago
curry kills every word he spits.. how is it possible
CGC 420
'CGC 420' 2 months ago
Forget the whole this niqqa better thing, can we all agree this song fire???
'GURVIRRR' 2 months ago
only here for Denzel
Kyle Prenot
'Kyle Prenot' 2 months ago
you guys are saying he killed it, he fuckin sucked. The only thing that was slain in this song wad the beat. he fucking said peter pan lol, what a fag nigga.
David Cummings
'David Cummings' 2 months ago
1:28 is why i am here
Souljer trunx
'Souljer trunx' 2 months ago
you guys collab to a next level
'Kazamishness' 2 months ago
Rob $tone should be way more famous in my opinion but I guess he has time to make more music videos and get discovered
47th Chakra
'47th Chakra' 2 months ago
Kills me when people class Curry in the same area of the game as 21 savage etc because the reals g's no how Artistic and lyrically skilled he actually is..
RichHomie Kel
'RichHomie Kel' 3 months ago
Robs part was so boring and sounded so elementary compared to Denzels verse.
Ed N
'Ed N' 3 months ago
vlog hog ,,its 2 different steelos nigga
This beat cold as fuck. 😪
Biggie Smalls
'Biggie Smalls' 3 months ago
Seriously tho when's this gonna be on I-Tumes I need this Album😅I loved it when it first came out and still do!
Nathan Smith
'Nathan Smith' 3 months ago
"Popped a quarter bar" who tf does that?
nicolas vasquez
'nicolas vasquez' 3 months ago
Denzel Curry means views !!!
cooper guffey
'cooper guffey' 3 months ago
I kill curry's party every time
gooch butter
'gooch butter' 3 months ago
Denzel had a better verse/flow but Rob sounds better cuz of the delivery. The cadence of his voice compliments the instrumental slightly better imo
Lolol Himmm
'Lolol Himmm' 3 months ago
Denzel straight killed it. No hate on Rob but daaamn Denzel went off🔥🔥🔥
Diego Torralba
'Diego Torralba' 3 months ago
i don't know why this song reminds me of wiz khalifa's most of us when rob is rapping
lani jacquez
'lani jacquez' 3 months ago
2017 ANTHEM 4 ME
'sixthsense11100' 4 months ago
Denzel needs a worthy collabing artist..Like Issa gold or AK. Now that's real heat.
'lego' 4 months ago
denzel and j cole gotta collab
Alan Valdes Lopez
'Alan Valdes Lopez' 4 months ago
when Denzel comes on it's a completely new song like +43 points
King Audi
'King Audi' 4 months ago
its different i like it. wavy Shyt.
'topsbombing' 4 months ago
Julius Mendoza
'Julius Mendoza' 4 months ago
I love Denzel
'Suavesito' 4 months ago
Logic and Curry!!! That shit will be 🔥🔥🔥
Nigel Cooper
'Nigel Cooper' 4 months ago
Denzel Curry x Vince Staples x ScHoolboy Q would be insane
'Gabreelish' 4 months ago
Juaquin Gutierrez
'Juaquin Gutierrez' 4 months ago
Joseph Tasos
'Joseph Tasos' 4 months ago
The bass seems strong af! Anyone had a chance to bump this in a car??
Hockey Crop
'Hockey Crop' 4 months ago
dropping bars!!!!
Samus Aaron
'Samus Aaron' 4 months ago
Rob stone + Denzel curry= straight🔥
Alex Torres
'Alex Torres' 4 months ago
'it's Mind' 4 months ago
This song is so fire fuck.
King Clyde
'King Clyde' 5 months ago
rob garabge
denzel jesus
'HAZZARD' 5 months ago
Stone is trash....his verse sounds like the hook....why do that from a song making standpoint its boring. Curry saved this song tbh.
Kolby Robinson
'Kolby Robinson' 5 months ago
you are my favorite rapper in the world without question
Zxkvng_ ramboZx
'Zxkvng_ ramboZx' 5 months ago
one hit wonder
Nick Grimmenickgrimme
2:10 goes in hard as hell
KirbzHdz 7
'KirbzHdz 7' 5 months ago
"my flow is genius like a river had thoughts"
this is what makes this kid different from other artists coming up. this is a illmatic nas, carter 3 wayne type of metaphor.. hes gooood.
Shawn Alexander
'Shawn Alexander' 5 months ago
so, Fall Hard Again is a michael jackson song...
'AJAX' 5 months ago
Denzel made the song better
'ZzOvechkin8' 5 months ago
rob stone & vince staples
Julius Mendoza
'Julius Mendoza' 5 months ago
Ayyy 🔥collab
Trey Irving
'Trey Irving' 5 months ago
Shit goes too hard💯🔥 ally homies bumpin this now💯
Trey Irving
'Trey Irving' 5 months ago
Shit goes too hard💯🔥 ally homies bumpin this now💯
'Angelb1235' 5 months ago
Should of been longer and put Maxo Kream on this or Da$h
Multimedia master
'Multimedia master' 6 months ago
as far as im concerned this is Denzels song now
Nick Hicks
'Nick Hicks' 6 months ago
he got the rinnegan !
King Trap_1738 123abc
Rob $tone goes hard to hard for ya fuck u mran
Shontya King
'Shontya King' 6 months ago
dudes eyes look like rennigan
J Mosher
'J Mosher' 6 months ago
SMH why all you fools hating on Rob $tone?
Stephen/// Davies
'Stephen/// Davies' 6 months ago
Only here for Denny
'Tragedy' 6 months ago
Denzels flow is genius like a river had thoughts
Alexis Hebert
'Alexis Hebert' 6 months ago
anything denzel has done has been good
Calvin Blount
'Calvin Blount' 6 months ago
LOL yeahhhhh THat nigga Curry made this track, as soon I heard I was bout turn that shit off
Damian Noe
'Damian Noe' 6 months ago
$tone spanked this track like it was his child
'ImTaylorGang' 6 months ago
like forreal this denzel curry verse is one of the best rap verses i've ever heard is no one realizing this??
'Goldo' 6 months ago
does someone have some good songs for a french who loves us rap please ?
Eion Lovejoy
'Eion Lovejoy' 6 months ago
it's just a fly ass track....period.
'Jawad' 6 months ago
'Jawad' 6 months ago
Fr stfu all you lot man. Who cares if Denzel is "better" than Rob $tone. Everyone has a different style. FUCK listening to the same thing
Cameron Castleman
'Cameron Castleman' 6 months ago
Theres puppets, and then theres prophets. Youll know the difference.
Sir Million Polo
'Sir Million Polo' 6 months ago
Denzel's my favorite rapper
'tree420allday' 6 months ago
these foos r wacc the meaning of this song was ... hahahahhaa
immanuel duran
'immanuel duran' 6 months ago
denzel curry needs to get signed to good music
Xavier Graham
'Xavier Graham' 6 months ago
denzel curry go hard..this song and beat go hard..slapper
'Bigzed4' 6 months ago
Call me Julius cause I had to cease her 🔥
zabbion minga
'zabbion minga' 6 months ago
this shit hard but cut the bs, denzel always goes in nomatter wat
Seth Gerrish
'Seth Gerrish' 6 months ago
why the fuck dont yall like Rob $tone!? Bumass niggas
'kelvinhuayra' 6 months ago
different styles of rapping don't make u a worse or better rapper. if you think that way than you just a basic ass nigga .
Griffin Reyes
'Griffin Reyes' 7 months ago
denzel curry's considerably one of the next upcoming rappers to make it big
'Dareios' 7 months ago
"call me Julius cause i gotta ceaser (cease her)" FUCKING BARS
'Mr.NukeTastic' 7 months ago
put denzel on everything and he'll murder it
Rogelio Silva
'Rogelio Silva' 7 months ago
denzel fans bearly coming up go listen to Strickly To My R.V.I.D.X.R.Z
Kael Brentnell
'Kael Brentnell' 7 months ago
Robb Stones flow is hard I like his cadence on beats, especially this beat it's fire. Curry make this nigga look weak though lol, never hop on a song with the ULT you will get bodied.
'FEED TONY '05' 7 months ago
*Denzel curry ft. Rob $tone
'Qazu' 7 months ago
I want a K.A.A.N / Denzel Curry song so bad... Too bad K.A.A.N is too underrated.
'MOBSQUAD IV' 7 months ago
Quarter Bar??
Olde English
'Olde English' 7 months ago
Denzel is trash now bro I'm sorry but fuck that shit lol he's not good
Marcus Cesar
'Marcus Cesar' 7 months ago
Rope Gang
'MARS3TIMES' 7 months ago
damn denzel snapped
Naldo Juan
'Naldo Juan' 7 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 man
Logic Shotz
'Logic Shotz' 7 months ago
can i use this song on my youtube videos?
raul Barajas
'raul Barajas' 7 months ago
1207 TO THE TOP BOY!!!
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