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The Science of Doctor Strange -
Published: 2 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 2 months ago

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Chin Po
'Chin Po' 1 month ago
Wasn't the entire point of this movie that this has actual magic? Why are you undermining that?
nalan a
'nalan a' 1 month ago
what is the song in the background
'Smackmate' 2 months ago
matpat already discussed this
Brick FORCE studios
'Brick FORCE studios' 2 months ago
22 december - Now in theaters xddd
Magdalena Lechner
'Magdalena Lechner' 2 months ago
Starting length eventually their shot traditional tennis.
The Movie Buffs
'The Movie Buffs' 2 months ago
Seorang Lelaki
'Seorang Lelaki' 2 months ago
cant wait for Marvel cinematic universe phase 4
Lindsay Reynolds
'Lindsay Reynolds' 2 months ago
That'd be cool if one day we could be awesome like Doctor Strange, and then keep revisiting the Dark Dimension just to annoy him :)
Timothy Chizmar
'Timothy Chizmar' 2 months ago
This movie sucks
Malcolm Swoboda
'Malcolm Swoboda' 2 months ago
AKA more China (not people, the government) appeasing.
Clayton Ramaker
'Clayton Ramaker' 2 months ago
I HATED what they did with Dormammu!! Dormammu is supposed to look mystic, not cosmic. I also hated that they didn't do the magic he uses in the comics with energy projection and the like. Other than that, I loved the movie
Ben noneofyourbeeswax
the kalediscope fight in the openning scene is pretty cool, 360 degrees
Krimsii Primsii
'Krimsii Primsii' 2 months ago
Where is the SCIENCE!!
'militao14' 2 months ago
trailer is better than the movie
Sir Strangefolk
'Sir Strangefolk' 2 months ago
"push aginst the limits of the possible", as Strange's magic reaches beyond the boundaries of the frame. See what you did there.
Steven C. James
'Steven C. James' 2 months ago
I loved this movie so much.
Praveen Prathapan
'Praveen Prathapan' 2 months ago
Anyone else find that lady's hand-waving annoying?
Juzar Kachwala
'Juzar Kachwala' 2 months ago
I loved this movie. ps. I loved the badass cape toss
Kim Taylor
'Kim Taylor' 2 months ago
Stephan Strange is a physician, not a scientist. There's a difference.
JAM Mox Mode
'JAM Mox Mode' 2 months ago
When will it come out on Blu-Ray/DVD?
mike wattie
'mike wattie' 2 months ago
dr strange is one of my top 10 favorite superhero of all time and his movie made me very very happy! #goodjobmarvel
chouji akamichi
'chouji akamichi' 2 months ago
im so glad they cast Bengay Comroderie as Dr. Strange
'cpblasterdark' 2 months ago
1 word,
Amanda Pike
'Amanda Pike' 2 months ago
No Whimsical magick or casual spells? Why the Hell not? Why pretend that's a bad thing? Oh, right... China. I liked Doctor Strange but the 2007 version was more daring and more respecting of magick as a whole and not some limited thing for the sake of sidestepping Chinese distributional rules. Think about it, you showed a film about sorcery to science consultants instead of Pagan or occult consultants and you're taking pride in that. I wish Marvel was braver...
Spaz {spastic}
'Spaz {spastic}' 2 months ago
+ filmtheroy
'TheSamuraiApocalypse' 2 months ago
When is it coming out on Blu Ray! Ooooh I can't keep waiting, I'm getting way too antsy. I don't want to wait several months, get the damn thing made already!
'SP-1204' 2 months ago
But hey, that's just a theory. A Marvel theory that Matpat explained way better.
'Aanszo' 2 months ago
'ExtractEngineer' 2 months ago

'GAME CHANEL Music' 2 months ago
'CessnaDriver2' 2 months ago
Read enough about string theory and it all seems possible! LOL
'priNc3itachi' 2 months ago
I have yet to see this movie
i am Groot
'i am Groot' 2 months ago
So no magic? Just science??....
ThatOne Sir
'ThatOne Sir' 2 months ago
My second favorite movie of 2016. First is Captain America: Civil War.
'thebatmanover9000' 2 months ago
Woo woo!
avram vlad
'avram vlad' 2 months ago
I've seen this movie with a friend who doesn't like superhero movies. yet he liked Suicide Squad more than I did. this movie, he kinda hated it, because of all the cheesy lines and childish humour (worse than in any other marvel movie). still, as a marvel fan I got over this. and now there truly are quite a few interesting concepts in this movies. best example is, I think, Ancient one's line " At the root of existence, mind and matter meet. Thoughts form reality." I really hope the next Dr strange movie will fix the humour and have a better plot, because the philosophy of the movie is so great that it's a shame to not give it a proper story.
Spicy McSpice
'Spicy McSpice' 2 months ago
'CreativeDerp04' 2 months ago
Dormammu ive come to bargain
'Dhaivat' 2 months ago
dvd please <3
'Saurian' 2 months ago
I love this film so much, will definitely see it again over the holiday.
Muhammad SUbhan
'Muhammad SUbhan' 2 months ago
'RafaelMehdi' 2 months ago
What is the music that is playing in the background??
'RoJo UK' 2 months ago
Um was this meant to be posted a long time ago
'SalsaSpartan7' 2 months ago
Me in Math Class
Professor - "You think you know how to solve for X? What if I told you,
the formula you know, is one of many."
Professor begins to write a bunch of mumbo jumbo on the board
Me - "That doesn't make any sense"
Professor - "Not everything does. Not everything has to"

Professor - "Through Calculus, we harness trigonometric functions, and
shape the answers. We solve complex equations, in an instant."
Me - "How do I move point A from here to there"
Professor - "How did you find X?"
Me - "Algebra classes. Years of it."

Principal - "There's a strength to him"
TA - "But will he study?"

TA - "Be careful which test you study for. Smarter men than you have
Drunk Friend - "I have Beer. And Drugs. You'll fail studying for that
Me - "I can't study this."
TA - "There is no other study sheet."
Test day comes
Professor - "I've spent so many years, peering through test scores.
Looking, for you."
I try to epically finish my test before time runs out

Cute girl hands me a paper
Me - "What's this? Another Formula?"
Cute Girl - "...My phone number... I'm not a complete math nerd."
el Médico Extraño
'el Médico Extraño' 2 months ago
Looking forward to see other sorcerer supremes as well :)
Kitty S
'Kitty S' 2 months ago
"What if I told you that reality is one of many". Here, eat this magic shrooms and unleash the mystical being in you. I unleashed the Unicorns one time. 💁
Aditya Shekarbabu
'Aditya Shekarbabu' 2 months ago
"dormammu iv'e come to bargain with you" probably what Disney said to marvel
'JoannaK' 2 months ago
The science of (DEDUCTION) Doctor Strange
Edel Flores
'Edel Flores' 2 months ago
Edel Flores
'Edel Flores' 2 months ago
Edel Flores
'Edel Flores' 2 months ago
Edel Flores
'Edel Flores' 2 months ago
Edel Flores
'Edel Flores' 2 months ago
Edel Flores
'Edel Flores' 2 months ago
ferid bagirov
'ferid bagirov' 2 months ago
Marvel where is Spiderman
Tobey Maguire movie?I hate new Spiderman :(
Truth And Justice
'Truth And Justice' 2 months ago
The science in Dr. Strange: There is no science. Nothing makes sense and too much bullshit and then a few jokes
'josh1212121' 2 months ago
im sorry, since when did doctor strange become a scientist? this guy doesnt know what he's talking about
Ŕ̵̵͟ad̨͢͠ ЯaϾϾooИ
This movie was fantastic
Jd King
'Jd King' 2 months ago
"he's a scientist" looool
Can Kiral
'Can Kiral' 2 months ago
mat pat was right
'JPW9384' 2 months ago
Check out KT the Arch Degree. He dedicates lots of time decoding all these movies, and the science behind it. Hollywood Decoded - Doctor strange.
'BAT MAN' 2 months ago
wow film theory did this already
David Thomas
'David Thomas' 2 months ago
Film Theory
Max Atchley
'Max Atchley' 2 months ago
So it's the same "science we don't know yet" crap from Thor that we all hated
Luis Guerra
'Luis Guerra' 2 months ago
Didn't listen ti anything they said. I just read the comments XD
Michael Garcia
'Michael Garcia' 2 months ago
lets start a timeloop
Dormammu ive come to bargain

NOTE: EVERYONE can write this comment,i may have started it but i dont own this meme, just dont comment on other dormammu comments basically saying i did it first so you can not or something along the lines of that
'Quadrant' 2 months ago
through the mystic arts we harness energy and shape reality
Daniel Ruelas
'Daniel Ruelas' 2 months ago
Moral of the movie: text and drive and you'll become a superhero eventually.
'Telsion' 2 months ago
wait, Doctor Strange is still in theatres?
'Gotham's Finest' 2 months ago
Last weekend it was still playing & I watched it!! I was alone in the Theater it was so cool!! 😃

Edit: For the second time I meant.
'AshXXMayftw' 2 months ago
You know, for as shallow as Kaecilius may have seemed in the movie, he was probably one of the most relatable ; aside from Zemo. (Spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie)

 The fact that he wanted to save the people of Earth from their inevitable deaths was pretty refreshing. And that's how Dormammu got to him; he played with his emotions and seduced him with a promise of everlasting life for all if he let the Dark Dimension swallow up Earth. I'm sure plenty of us would want to stop our inevitable deaths, but the truth is, death comes for all. Also, this is the second Marvel movie in a row where the main villain didn't die.
Sherlock Gonzalez
'Sherlock Gonzalez' 2 months ago
Dormammu I've come to bargain!
'Gotham's Finest' 2 months ago
1 or 2 shots from trailers are missing in the movie I guess!!
'Jkop' 2 months ago
Also known as magic.
Georgia Laufeyson
'Georgia Laufeyson' 2 months ago
'Rick' 2 months ago
Dormammu, I've come to bargain!!!
Aashish Panchal
'Aashish Panchal' 2 months ago
its a matrix influence
'techno639' 2 months ago
Matpat is probably on it right now
'LamsterLou' 2 months ago
Bs, I've seen that in gift shops
'Milmiskew' 2 months ago
'Neoxon' 2 months ago
I mean, the movie didn't really try to justify magic through science, which I definitely enjoyed. Like, they provided some explanation for how things work, but they didn't root it heavily in science.
'Sonny' 2 months ago
bring back the ancient one
Marcos Amparo
'Marcos Amparo' 2 months ago
They should make a prequel movie and call it Dr. Normal and show his normal life
Hail Hydra
'Hail Hydra' 2 months ago
so was matpat right
'Svartvatten' 2 months ago
finally here before 1k views
Lego Ghost Rider
'Lego Ghost Rider' 2 months ago
Dormammu I've come to bargain!
Swetha Sanjay Sindhu
'Swetha Sanjay Sindhu' 2 months ago
It's called magic
Hail Hydra
'Hail Hydra' 2 months ago
'JUANES SANBANDA' 2 months ago
Hello is no se hablar inglish
Spider Man
'Spider Man' 2 months ago
'Julius' 2 months ago
Awww yeah
Marco Antonio Sosa
'Marco Antonio Sosa' 2 months ago
Kenneth Swindell
'Kenneth Swindell' 2 months ago
early bird
'Mistaj86' 2 months ago
'yeaboikat' 2 months ago
Ugh still have to watch it!!!!
'FanoSteel' 2 months ago
Estuve aca cracks primero
Mystik Inferno
'Mystik Inferno' 2 months ago
One of the best Marvel movies yet!
alan gamer19
'alan gamer19' 2 months ago
five coment
Are you Jaffa
'Are you Jaffa' 2 months ago
Jai balayya?
Christian Knuth
'Christian Knuth' 2 months ago
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