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Sia - Never Give Up (from the Lion Soundtrack) [Lyric Video] -
Published: 3 months ago By: Sia

By: SiaPublished: 3 months ago

21, 242, 045 views

209, 293 Likes   4, 563 Dislikes

Sia's lyric video for "Never Give Up" from the movie LION, produced by Greg Kurstin. Download & stream the song now:

A Chisel Pixel Production
Directed by Lior Molcho

Producer - Chen Biton
Cinematographer - Danit Sigler

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Lexically Ambiguityness
Seriously?? this song is just soooo fuckin shit
Ficzek krisztián
'Ficzek krisztián' 5 hours ago
althaf ua
'althaf ua' 5 hours ago
perfect song for the movie....thank you sia
hedy chan
'hedy chan' 6 hours ago
Brahim Benameur
'Brahim Benameur' 7 hours ago
this is the best song ever wow
Pearl Sea
'Pearl Sea' 8 hours ago
One of the best songs of Sia...... and the world. It's really moving.
shabnam mdam
'shabnam mdam' 8 hours ago
wow seriously awwsm😍
Aldi AP
'Aldi AP' 9 hours ago
Love From Indonesia ❤❤
'HypedMany' 11 hours ago
This is such a powerful song it had me in tears
Sanket Kharwar
'Sanket Kharwar' 15 hours ago
Nice song
Azgear Gear
'Azgear Gear' 23 hours ago
When i was watching The Lion ;someone never stopped the cutting onions...
Kavesh Naidoo
'Kavesh Naidoo' 1 day ago
Others are pop stars, Sia is an artist!
Dayana Stamenova
'Dayana Stamenova' 1 day ago
Joshua Gideon
'Joshua Gideon' 1 day ago
everytime I'm imagine ending scene while listening these MV's.... I'll cried 😢😭
'Pengwina' 1 day ago
How they can breathe?
'TheSilverese' 1 day ago
please firstly watch this movie than come here for read comments. ı dont wanna someone eatings spoiler
'iceonaboy' 1 day ago
Sia could sing the football scores and it would sound good!
George Dickson
'George Dickson' 1 day ago
every time shes hiding her face 👎🖕😒😬
Radek Cichy
'Radek Cichy' 1 day ago
love sia
Ryantosinaga2609 26092000
Oh My lord,blessed this artist SIA * she motivation people throught a Song. Amen.
Arjun Chauhan
'Arjun Chauhan' 2 days ago
People who have watched this movie will understand the meaning of this video.....
'Thehotshotcentral' 2 days ago
top comment.
'Thehotshotcentral' 2 days ago
johnnnnn ceennnaaaaaa??????????????????
Muwanga Arnold
'Muwanga Arnold' 2 days ago
سوري وأفتخر
من سورية 😍😍 بنقلك سيا انتي اسطورة ليس لها مثيل 😍😍
'athulnathmk12' 2 days ago
The song keeps me motivated af
Stefany Alvarez
'Stefany Alvarez' 2 days ago
listening to this song makes me goosebumps. I saw the movie "Lion" and as soon as the credits started to come out, I fell for this song. it's amazing
Dagg M.
'Dagg M.' 2 days ago
Beautiful rhytmic syncopes everywhere.
Magic 21O4
'Magic 21O4' 2 days ago
what's that song called by sia, it goes
we are in such a buuble bubble, so high that we cannot see the trouble trouble or something like that......
Mariam Chubinidze
'Mariam Chubinidze' 2 days ago
Great Song <3
'RBLX Mimi' 2 days ago
♡_♡ so powerful, i will share to my friends ♡_♡
Adnan Cvr
'Adnan Cvr' 2 days ago
most underrated song ever and best of sia
'Roméo SUN WAH' 2 days ago
'Gallious' 2 days ago
Y a quand même quelque chose dans les chansons de SIA qui te donne de l'espoir, qui te donne envie d'aller plus loin et de réaliser tes rêves. Merci SIA ❤️
Minna Youandi
'Minna Youandi' 2 days ago
I wanna watch this movie is it good ??
Restu Diana
'Restu Diana' 3 days ago
Rajesh Maharjan
'Rajesh Maharjan' 3 days ago
Every word here has magic if you watched the movie. Would be better if the video made from movie itself than these two. (y)
Rahma Bougadi
'Rahma Bougadi' 3 days ago
Mária Hajagos
'Mária Hajagos' 3 days ago
The movie is so powerful!<3
'Hattan' 3 days ago
ابيها مترجمه
Serap Karslıoğlu
Lion'dan gelenler...
Roquet Marie
'Roquet Marie' 3 days ago
Ayat. bt
'Ayat. bt' 3 days ago
The lion movie is AMAZING....and this song is so good...I always loved Sias voice
Sevda Elizade
'Sevda Elizade' 3 days ago
Sevda Elizade
'Sevda Elizade' 3 days ago
Kripa Patel
'Kripa Patel' 4 days ago
I am Indian so this rly inspired meh! This is y India is so special! #TeamIndia. Never Give Up!
Celina W.
'Celina W.' 4 days ago
Sia is amazing 😍
Beauty Glory
'Beauty Glory' 4 days ago
sia 😘😘😘😘
Beauty Glory
'Beauty Glory' 4 days ago
sia 😘😘😘😘
انس احمد
'انس احمد' 4 days ago
This song is so beautiful 😆😆

from Libya😌✌🏼😻
John Cena
'John Cena' 4 days ago
Lion should've won the oscar for best picture
Renato Dias Medeiros
Guys check Nicole Scherzinger live never give up in Late Late Show her version from this song is far better than Sia`s. Nicole sings with more emotion and her voice is more addictive
The Joker
'The Joker' 4 days ago
Best Song from Sia
Davina Heradi
'Davina Heradi' 4 days ago
I love you Sia
'DECSTRUCTODanny' 4 days ago
Septia Ningsih
'Septia Ningsih' 4 days ago
i always love ur music n lyrics it gives us strength.
Momo Misha
'Momo Misha' 4 days ago
love from pakistan!!!!
Xperia Tipo
'Xperia Tipo' 4 days ago
omg really really she's every song is perfect!! the most beautiful voice on the world 🌍
RIP Guddu :(
Malak Amari
'Malak Amari' 4 days ago
I will find my way home
Rock Immi
'Rock Immi' 4 days ago
'Lion' was a great movie. I never get emotional with movies, yet this one hit me hard.
Zeynep Şevval Turkut
Canal Instalado
'Canal Instalado' 5 days ago
que medo desse clip da Sia
Leidy Yaurima Araujo
wow que hermosa canción. Tiene una combinación de pop con música india de fondo.
black name
'black name' 5 days ago
i can't stop listening to this song 😍😍.. i love sia 😍
wolverine sb
'wolverine sb' 5 days ago
a love this song
Noemi Hollo
'Noemi Hollo' 5 days ago
I listen this song from Romania!It's a beautiful song!
Surya Rajini
'Surya Rajini' 5 days ago
sia is the best
Sanela Zecirevic
'Sanela Zecirevic' 5 days ago
:3 good and asome ;3
Helen TB
'Helen TB' 5 days ago
Sia i love you😍
Angvil Marl
'Angvil Marl' 5 days ago
That arabic rhythm at the beginning tho 🔥💘
'filip912' 5 days ago
Sia hello :-)
Onur Türk
'Onur Türk' 5 days ago
bayılıyorum sia 'nın sesine hangi şarkıyı söylese dinliyorum zaten sen soylee yeter zaten efsaneeee oluyor
Michael Saf-Owen
'Michael Saf-Owen' 5 days ago
i love the sound of this darbouka instrument :o
sudhindra srinivas
This song sticks like glue with the situation in the movie. Great song and a fabulous movie. You've got to be prepared buckets though!
Donatron Gaming
'Donatron Gaming' 5 days ago
sia u are absolutely amazing
ashraf zoghaly
'ashraf zoghaly' 6 days ago
My queen 👑👑👑👑👑
'GABY KAWAII' 6 days ago
'GABY KAWAII' 6 days ago
Sweet Peach
'Sweet Peach' 6 days ago
Jessica Rios
'Jessica Rios' 6 days ago
Just watched this today and I am destroyed af someone send help
Elif Yılmaz
'Elif Yılmaz' 6 days ago
bu şarkıya bayıldım
hem sözleri anlamlı hem de çok güzel söylenmiş
Yaren Açıl
'Yaren Açıl' 6 days ago
Duygu abladan gelen yokmu skjhdkjsdk
'Minik' 6 days ago
Duygu Köseoğlundan Gelenler ?
Ahmet Can Alayyalı
Duygu köseoglun dan gelenler
Paola alvarez
'Paola alvarez' 6 days ago
Sia is such a powerful, inspirational person it amazes me
'TSDV Sarp' 6 days ago
Kırolar gelmeden #REZ
Ramazan Ozbay
'Ramazan Ozbay' 6 days ago
It is a movie that must be watched by the whole world.
Linda 82
'Linda 82' 6 days ago
🤧 😭 i feel sorry for sia what she has been through
koray özcan
'koray özcan' 6 days ago
Duygu köseoğlu'ndan gelen +1
Aman Hoseini
'Aman Hoseini' 6 days ago
"This is a Panda 🐼,"

"The Panda Have No Friends!🐼, "

"1 Subscribe And Like,1 Friend!"
Edward Kelles
'Edward Kelles' 6 days ago
King Boo
'King Boo' 6 days ago
I find my way😔😦😢💪
Khatuna Bolkvadze
'Khatuna Bolkvadze' 6 days ago
The great movie the great song! Perfect work!
Asmaa Abdulaziz
'Asmaa Abdulaziz' 6 days ago
how old is sia she looks 12
Szymon Krawczyk
'Szymon Krawczyk' 6 days ago
this is york???
Timur Mamytov
'Timur Mamytov' 6 days ago
love from Kyrgyzstan)
Efah 18
'Efah 18' 7 days ago
suck advertisment
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