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DJ Snake - The Half ft. Jeremih, Young Thug, Swizz Beatz -
Published: 2 months ago By: DJSnakeVEVO

By: DJSnakeVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

15, 108, 317 views

252, 195 Likes   7, 936 Dislikes

Directed by Director X
Produced by DJ Snake & Steve Goncalves
Concept by Steve Goncalves & Daouda Leonard
Light Installation: Hoshi by Nonotak Studio
Programming by Nonotak Studio

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Music video by DJ Snake performing The Half. (C) 2016 DJ Snake Music under exclusive license to Interscope Records

Nonotak Studio:

ArticularCord 13
'ArticularCord 13' 54 minutes ago
Pause at 1:55 you can see the camera man on the left side 😂😂😂
'ADRI-naline' 3 hours ago
come on dj snake we want a new song!!!!!!
eddy hernandez
'eddy hernandez' 4 hours ago
no se rick, parece autentico.
Jan Ponocný
'Jan Ponocný' 11 hours ago
Lol, that black guy is gay or what
'DJ LIAMSII' 14 hours ago
Hi guys, please listen to my new song "Some Loops" on my channel
Deepanshu Verma
'Deepanshu Verma' 16 hours ago
Nice video 📹
Perla Esquivel
'Perla Esquivel' 17 hours ago
Love the beat!
Bianca Eunice
'Bianca Eunice' 19 hours ago
dj snake is in the house! littt 🔥 hottt instrumental tho' , dj snake is now one o my fave dj ever, ur the man bruhh
Ricardo aka Rico Don Frank
I would hit that bitch from behind
'Dreamer' 1 day ago
The name of the girl ?

She's so hot.... :OO
Ths 13120
'Ths 13120' 1 day ago
Les Fr manifestées vous !!!!!!
beast mode gaming
damn Daniel
'TotinElNegrin' 1 day ago
Pls stop using vocal chops

It hurts
MIJO 1810
'MIJO 1810' 1 day ago
rappers, hit my channel up! free beats 'Every week.
mohammad osman
'mohammad osman' 1 day ago
اصلى يا صاحبى
uncommon username
1:40 when you use the booty as a pillow
cheryl montebon
'cheryl montebon' 1 day ago
Hi, can I use your music for my video on facebook? I would like to ask a permission please.
Alba  Mejia
'Alba Mejia' 1 day ago
KspEEd Elevated
'KspEEd Elevated' 1 day ago
Man Swizz the GOAT
Your Local Nigga
'Your Local Nigga' 1 day ago
is Young thug wearing a bulletproof west?
romain sorriaux
'romain sorriaux' 1 day ago
love you
very good music. I like shredding odd stuff while listening to this music. it is pumping me.
Vishnu sharma
'Vishnu sharma' 2 days ago
Here for young thug.
Ness Onettboy
'Ness Onettboy' 2 days ago
Swizz Beatz:
It's a Friday, I'm 'bout to go off
Got my chains on and I'm 'bout to show off
DJ Snake up in here about to go off
Now go off, now go off

Jeremih&Swizz Beatz:
Smoke stress to get rid of all the stress
On the run, nigga, gunnin' for the cheques
These niggas don't know the half (show time!)
These niggas don't know the half (show time!)
See the hoes, see the clothes, see the cash (goddamn!)
Gettin' high for the low, shit was bad
These niggas don't know the half (say what?)
These niggas don't know the half (talk to 'em)
Swear to God, these niggas don't know the half
(Rewind now!)

(These niggas don't know the half)
(Smoke stress to get rid of all the stress)

Kill 'em off like I got a mask on it
Guillotine a Benz, you don't know the half of it
Whole squad winnin', you got small money
Don't need too many hands, I need all of it
You ain't ever been around, call me 2Pac
Pull up in my old hood in a new drop
On that kush, on that kush, blow a cloud of it
I'm the man, I'm the man, yeah I'm proud of it
Blowin' bands, got 'em jumpin' out the window
Shout out, shout out, pour some more and call it reload
Know I pull up, pull up on 'em like a free throw
Or go straight up, up the middle like I'm D. Rose
Treat your chick just like a whip and get another one
Wanna grab it, push it, smash and get another one
See my dogs on top, that's the math of it
Multiply the money up, no that's just half of it
(Talk to 'em! Rewind now!)

(These niggas don't know the half)
(Smoke stress to get rid of the stress)

Young Thug(Verse2):
Smoke that kushy, smoke that kushy, baby
Meanwhile me and you stuntin', that lil' mushy, baby
I don't want cook, I wanna book it, baby
I'll knock that lil' shit out the park to let you know I'm not no rookie, baby
Oh, take a breath
These niggas don't know the half of the first steps
My day one niggas, I don't pick through, I don't stutter step
That's cakin', nigga, you not a pimp, you don't know the steps
She showered and she dry it off, and then she lay it
That head done brought that dope back, like I'm in the 80s
I'ma pimp the parkin' lot, I'ma let you play it
You never 'posed to stop, but you can relay it
And I'm like wooh
You don't know the half, you don't know the mothafuckin' truth
You don't know how much stress I release when I'm on boots
It's all a lot, you don't know what come behind the groove
It's a lot, but get with, lil nigga, I do
(Talk to 'em! Rewind now!)

(These niggas don't know the half)
They don't know
(Smoke stress to get rid of the stress)

Young Thug:
See the hoes, see the clothes, see the cash
Gettin' high for the low, shit was bad
These niggas don't know the half
These niggas don't know about it
These niggas don't know the half
Ness Onettboy
'Ness Onettboy' 2 days ago
Francis Frost
'Francis Frost' 2 days ago
this BEAT IS SICK~ 💎💙
Habeeb #1Bully
'Habeeb #1Bully' 2 days ago
I can see the camera in the mirror
Kimberly Ruiz
'Kimberly Ruiz' 2 days ago
Subscribe to my channel Windless cake140 not windless cafe
Anapaula Vignolo Pozo
Que buena música !! 😆
Patrick Carty
'Patrick Carty' 2 days ago
Its a Friday and I'm about to go off
rene quispe
'rene quispe' 2 days ago
The Nice Guy
'The Nice Guy' 2 days ago
Pop or EDM ? FUCKING let The EDM remain pure & clean. Dont make it shit
Sandra Stolc
'Sandra Stolc' 2 days ago
Arshad AL king
'Arshad AL king' 2 days ago
Kurşun Asker
'Kurşun Asker' 2 days ago
Türkler neredesiniz bi ses verin
Julian Carter
'Julian Carter' 2 days ago
this a hit
Danna Fagoo
'Danna Fagoo' 2 days ago
kamila habidoldaeva
very nice song
good luck guys...
Abo37ry4hrjf Abodjeb33ie8
nikhil rajput
'nikhil rajput' 3 days ago
Young thug killed it 😬
Dutch SoccerSkillers
Kozhin Aram
'Kozhin Aram' 3 days ago
Just Feel The Music.
Big Breezy
'Big Breezy' 3 days ago
Patrick Carty
'Patrick Carty' 3 days ago
This is my new jam I love any song that jerimih is in
Tiziana Zaccaria
'Tiziana Zaccaria' 3 days ago
mahmood akhtar
'mahmood akhtar' 3 days ago
dont rap with food in your mouth
Osama Lamrabet
'Osama Lamrabet' 3 days ago
like if this is the best song or beat.👍👍❤😍
Neto Ferreira
'Neto Ferreira' 3 days ago
Quem For Do Brasil Dexa O LIKE Pra Representar💣
Anju evantrii sinaga
lagu bujang
Lil Leafz
'Lil Leafz' 4 days ago
not age restricted... XD
Wo83 Fht
'Wo83 Fht' 4 days ago
Nice music
Regina lomzuali Kc
i like it😄😄😊😊
mohamed amin
'mohamed amin' 4 days ago
the drop <3
jimena # MI VIDA acosta
me encanta DJ snack es lo mejor y sólo participa con los mejores
mansoor TV
'mansoor TV' 4 days ago
The girls on this video are hot as FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Huntersgaming123' 4 days ago
That's 😎
Dikky Fajri
'Dikky Fajri' 5 days ago
'Awesomebhav' 5 days ago
Multiply the money up not just half of it
'SARTHAK JARUHAR' 5 days ago
nice 1
Smooth Simmons
'Smooth Simmons' 5 days ago
love this
Minecraft Man the 1st
was this song on the radio?
'CASABLANCA' 5 days ago
Very good music .
'YoungA170' 5 days ago
Hello world! I'm an upcoming music artist can you guys listen to my music and show support thanks.
Ray Tijerina
'Ray Tijerina' 5 days ago
I love when bitches move like dis
Julio Dinis
'Julio Dinis' 5 days ago
before beeing famous
Alyen BG
'Alyen BG' 5 days ago
best 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Alyen BG
'Alyen BG' 5 days ago
Nelson Nephew
'Nelson Nephew' 6 days ago
I love what young thug was wearing
sere ne
'sere ne' 6 days ago
Hisarci SN
'Hisarci SN' 6 days ago
veri good music
Aron Mojica
'Aron Mojica' 6 days ago
whos that girl 😍
prashant lahre
'prashant lahre' 6 days ago
awesome song DJ snake
Damn You
'Damn You' 6 days ago
Dew Officer
'Dew Officer' 6 days ago
música top demais
luis david fernandez bido
very good music
INDIA Chanel
'INDIA Chanel' 6 days ago
I love you singer & DJ Snake
the beast mann
'the beast mann' 6 days ago
love it
'ScienceTwist' 6 days ago
very good music. I like shredding odd stuff while listening to this music. it is pumping me.
Jayden Beadle
'Jayden Beadle' 6 days ago
i like how Young Thug rap
Amara Santosh Kumar
just superb
Damifejla Senaj
'Damifejla Senaj' 7 days ago
super :D
Paralelos games
'Paralelos games' 7 days ago
I love this song
Luisito7 moreno
'Luisito7 moreno' 7 days ago
like si Hablas español :v
Javs Rome
'Javs Rome' 1 week ago
DEAM, THAT SONG IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shax H
'Shax H' 1 week ago
Erik Alexander
'Erik Alexander' 1 week ago
DJ Snake simply rulez
Jhonny Soares
'Jhonny Soares' 1 week ago
Henry TheGreatAmerican
More crap with totally paid for view counts. Crappola!!!!
kaustuv sanskrityayan
what is meaning of dj
Alasdair Skelly
'Alasdair Skelly' 1 week ago
Screw little t
Thibo Staneala
'Thibo Staneala' 1 week ago
dj snake making a mix of trap , hiphop , hardstyle and tropical house
FarhnN AhmMd
'FarhnN AhmMd' 1 week ago
Real song starts at 2:18 ....#YoungThugger
Lyne Dupre
'Lyne Dupre' 1 week ago
love dj snake
Adrian Gallegos
'Adrian Gallegos' 1 week ago
let me just say this shitt been fire just tryna announce before the bandwagons come 🔥🔥🔥
Juan Ponce
'Juan Ponce' 1 week ago
This song was so good that my ears lost their virginity
Brick Bazuka
'Brick Bazuka' 1 week ago
Respect from Russia
christian maldonado
good dj
Katherine V
'Katherine V' 1 week ago
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