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DJ Snake - The Half ft. Jeremih, Young Thug, Swizz Beatz -
Published: 3 months ago By: DJSnakeVEVO

By: DJSnakeVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

18, 199, 608 views

277, 086 Likes   9, 050 Dislikes

Directed by Director X
Produced by DJ Snake & Steve Goncalves
Concept by Steve Goncalves & Daouda Leonard
Light Installation: Hoshi by Nonotak Studio
Programming by Nonotak Studio

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Music video by DJ Snake performing The Half. (C) 2016 DJ Snake Music under exclusive license to Interscope Records

Nonotak Studio:

'GENEVIEVE MONTOYA' 36 minutes ago
this gross and they both have a small butt
Manuel Gameplays - Vlogs
Lol que mule de rola
njjbwjjbqbskjjjaw Sandezz
toto. puta. 😈😈😈😈😈
alejandra nicol ganoza ruiz
soy yo
tu amiga
alejandra nicol ganoza ruiz
estas felix
'HSSINA . B' 11 hours ago
My brothers participated in my channel, I am a poor person. I want to work in YouTube. I am afraid that my work is going to be free.
Erica Garcia
'Erica Garcia' 13 hours ago
my ninjas y'all did it
Chalisa Nolan
'Chalisa Nolan' 15 hours ago
the girl with the circus color outfit killed it.
Gianluca Robey
'Gianluca Robey' 16 hours ago
Light skin squuuuaaaaaddddd😅😂
crash kancha
'crash kancha' 16 hours ago
The beats and drops are truley awesome support frm #NEPAL \m/
Low Kii Savage
'Low Kii Savage' 19 hours ago
DJ Snake made this beat drop harder than Harambe
'Kamyk' 20 hours ago
0:56 😍
karan MORE
'karan MORE' 23 hours ago
like dirty vibe remix and another u want
karan MORE
'karan MORE' 23 hours ago
dj snake make some fire drop new
david santiago Robayo
grande DJ Snake😍
Valarie Zachary
'Valarie Zachary' 1 day ago
The Best Place tо Mеet Singles Neаr You. Go herе >>>
Jadis Breezy
'Jadis Breezy' 1 day ago
Thugger is the best rapper 🙌🏼
Tafari Cummings
'Tafari Cummings' 1 day ago
Never heard Jeremih rap before
'diabloyouknow' 2 days ago
3:04 is the best part, is like tarzan callin jane haha! I like young thug!
nikunjo das
'nikunjo das' 2 days ago
This song is my favourite song
Orhan Alija
'Orhan Alija' 2 days ago
okey veryu god
That Guy
'That Guy' 2 days ago
i only came for the fine girls dancing
Mariafatima Sh
'Mariafatima Sh' 3 days ago
why young theg wearing a bullet proof jacket?😁2:17
Rianix 14
'Rianix 14' 3 days ago
superr song!!!
Todd Cole
'Todd Cole' 3 days ago
2:45 thugga bumps into dj snake
Raenan Blanco
'Raenan Blanco' 3 days ago
Rewind now! Drop beat tan tan tantan tan tantan tan tan
I'm like: ... (@0@)
Hananta Pranata
'Hananta Pranata' 3 days ago
who model?
uri boyka
'uri boyka' 3 days ago
alluring EDM
'Quentin' 4 days ago
bonne ambiance ^^!
Mr. Poy
'Mr. Poy' 4 days ago
This song deserves 1 billion views
Isso é sério !?
'Isso é sério !?' 4 days ago
cadê os🇧🇷??
Elmond Wilson
'Elmond Wilson' 4 days ago
Swizz Beatz's coat looks like a magnum wrapper
George Nascimento
'George Nascimento' 4 days ago
dan bizerian
Marquez Johnson
'Marquez Johnson' 4 days ago
Jeremiah makes the song better no lies but it lit☺☺
Myjayah Harvey
'Myjayah Harvey' 4 days ago
I like this song
'TheMug' 4 days ago
This is Cringy...
milena ilcheva
'milena ilcheva' 5 days ago
Saintclaire Tnias
'Saintclaire Tnias' 5 days ago
smoke that kush smoke that kush baby 🚬🚬🚬🚬💸💰rich boy one so more
martingames Croatian for life
Dani Hertz
'Dani Hertz' 5 days ago
s***t major killer
Guava juice
'Guava juice' 5 days ago
nice song haha lol roi here
Der Gamer XD Boy
'Der Gamer XD Boy' 5 days ago
young thug have stick legs
Aldrin Griffin
'Aldrin Griffin' 5 days ago
it's Like Goblins From Mars Bitter World
Nana Williams
'Nana Williams' 5 days ago
ko pop 😘
Norkia Mcboss
'Norkia Mcboss' 5 days ago
mero tema
Symphony Evans
'Symphony Evans' 5 days ago
why young thug have a band aid on his face
Symphony Evans
'Symphony Evans' 5 days ago
ain't been around call me tupac pull up in my old hood in a new drop 😂😂😂😂😂💀
'Miracle' 5 days ago
2:20 is this Nicki Minaj?
Augusto ble
'Augusto ble' 6 days ago
alguem BR?
Augusto ble
'Augusto ble' 6 days ago
Anne Bernard
'Anne Bernard' 6 days ago
i really like the song lol I have listened it a couple of times its one of my fav
wayne bennett
'wayne bennett' 6 days ago
'RJ THEO' 6 days ago
Jo-Ann Govender
'Jo-Ann Govender' 6 days ago
finally dj snake puts nigga in his videos
Alya  RiskA
'Alya RiskA' 6 days ago
Hemant Rawa
'Hemant Rawa' 6 days ago
Young thug and dj snake hats off to you
Caitlin Oreilly
'Caitlin Oreilly' 6 days ago
I've heard this is 2016
Mariah Middleton
'Mariah Middleton' 6 days ago
everybody look cute together
william Lopez
'william Lopez' 6 days ago
cool niggas i love
'ABDO YAMANI' 7 days ago
Autumn Bonneau
'Autumn Bonneau' 7 days ago
lol these guys are pervs...
Der Gamer XD Boy
'Der Gamer XD Boy' 1 week ago
sub Der Gamer XD Boy
'Onyx' 1 week ago
Epic crossover,Epic song, DJ Snake is Epic
Aracenia Rodrigues
My mom likes u
'elie' 1 week ago
i love the song 100
'DJ JULIA SNAKE' 1 week ago
Hello BROTHER😂😂😂😂
Christian Kyle Gardose
oh yeah😂
Abalama du 29
'Abalama du 29' 1 week ago
i love you
'노희원' 1 week ago
Oh my GOD! girl's super SEXY! WOW......
Jesus Cervantes
'Jesus Cervantes' 1 week ago
esta chida jeje
Princess LaQueer
'Princess LaQueer' 1 week ago
This song tho!!!❤️😩
Mohammed Ibrahim
'Mohammed Ibrahim' 1 week ago
awesome hit
милена андонова
Love this song❤️
Douglas Paulsen
'Douglas Paulsen' 1 week ago
I honestly do not understand why they think big flabby ass and thighs are hella sexy. All riddled with cellulite and stretch marks. It's fucking gross but they are all pitching tents and 💭 by damnnnnnn she is fine! The only attractive one is the bitch in the yellow DayGlo body suit and maybe the chick in the baby blue outfit too in the beginning and even then they are boarding on getting some of those cottage cheese thighs.

But god damn it if the beat ain't catchy as hell. That's really all this songs got.

Cuz 2pac is rollin in his grave with the horrible lyrics in this song
Wycliff Escoba
'Wycliff Escoba' 1 week ago
thugga thugga... Jeffery all day
NoureDDine Eski
'NoureDDine Eski' 1 week ago
Sarn Saetern
'Sarn Saetern' 1 week ago
This is such a good song! Dude this should be on the radio more often.
Fela Kuti
'Fela Kuti' 1 week ago
Chris Breezy should have been in this buy luv it all the same
Davids revenge
'Davids revenge' 1 week ago
I was blasting this in my car and some guy started laughing
weverton rian
'weverton rian' 1 week ago
Dj Snake E Foda Ou N É? Lgc Q É
Nabi Blanko
'Nabi Blanko' 1 week ago
'ivaerak' 1 week ago
I hope this routine comes to Just Dance 2017
Alfian  ego
'Alfian ego' 1 week ago
good luck
Alfian  ego
'Alfian ego' 1 week ago
JG gemer072
'JG gemer072' 1 week ago
martim fernandes
'martim fernandes' 1 week ago
when the song is 100000000000000 times better , just because young thug is there to fu*cking kill it (as you could w8 from young thug)
heitor batata
'heitor batata' 1 week ago
alguem brr
Amanda Marie
'Amanda Marie' 1 week ago
These niggas don't know the half 🔥
Massocre Videoz
'Massocre Videoz' 1 week ago
Just skip to 2:20
Vitor Amaral Camper fodao
kashem ali
'kashem ali' 1 week ago
Ain't no way that nigga just called himself 2pac. RIP Tupac Shakur, so sorry that this guy tried to compare his self to you.
Marie Rebuffel
'Marie Rebuffel' 2 weeks ago
Dj snake t'es meilleur que David Guetta !!!!!💪🏼💪🏼
Лиза Солосенкова
Честное слово фигня
Sankalp Tiwari
'Sankalp Tiwari' 2 weeks ago
this song reminds me ayo by Cris brown
Archie Taran Daclan
'Archie Taran Daclan' 2 weeks ago
great music!
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