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Beyoncé - Self-Titled, Part 3 -
Published: 3 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 3 years ago

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Self-Titled, Part 3. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Tyler Tamez
'Tyler Tamez' 2 months ago
means there are 66 songs we havent heard. does anyone hear me tying the noose?
Symone G
'Symone G' 2 months ago
I really love this because it feels like I'm really in the studio with her and I'm apart of her life, like she's just pulling me in. You know like we been friends forever and we're sitting on her couch talking about life. She's truly inspiring
Kesha Isom
'Kesha Isom' 4 months ago
your life is profete and what is your name anyways.
AutisticWhale 2
'AutisticWhale 2' 4 months ago
That ghost remix tho.
Aurora Chimuco
'Aurora Chimuco' 4 months ago
Beyonce and rihhana bests singers😍😍
Aurora Chimuco
'Aurora Chimuco' 4 months ago
Mayara Alves
'Mayara Alves' 6 months ago
04:12 song please ?
'MEREDITH LOGGINS' 8 months ago
kinda suprised how many people STILL work with terry richardson after everything thats came out about him over n over agian..
Butter Francisco
'Butter Francisco' 11 months ago
she does got some good filmers
Butter Francisco
'Butter Francisco' 11 months ago
I don't like the fact he called her bitch because oh wait never mind she is one
David B.
'David B.' 1 year ago
what she needs to do is compile all her unreleased songs and put them out there
XO Tiana
'XO Tiana' 1 year ago
0:41, trying to look for Kim K. cause according to Kanye she's on that wall somewhere lol
'dejonb2' 1 year ago
If she recorded 80 songs, thats 66 songs we didnt hear 😩😩😩 i need to hear them now!!!
Boubakar D
'Boubakar D' 1 year ago
"We weren't tryna make a hit record" but ya know, they did anyways so...
'bodybalancer' 1 year ago
"Beyoncé is the shit" 😂👍🙌
Jacq Jacq
'Jacq Jacq' 1 year ago
I think BEYONCE should break the record of having certain amount of songs in an album...why not release a album with 80 songs in it. We can never have enough of Queen B!! :)
Andrew Lobster
'Andrew Lobster' 2 years ago
"Beyoncé is the shit"
Dane Weekes
'Dane Weekes' 2 years ago
Beyonce is the SHIT!!! LOL
'AJ..' 2 years ago
4:55 I literally thought that guy was Donna Goudeau 😂
Ktoś Tam
'Ktoś Tam' 2 years ago
And this album didnt win the "Album of the Year" Grammy Award
'kiira0823' 2 years ago
I don't think all 80 were full songs. I remember when she was doing BDay, she said she recorded a verse and the bridge for the songs and then went back and finished the ones she wanted for the album. Either way I want hear anything she makes... I love a lot of her unreleased songs.
'LILY CLASS' 2 years ago
What Jay says when he record?
marc clark
'marc clark' 2 years ago
Fuck this someone turn in that nicki minaj 😻😻
Douglas Skyers
'Douglas Skyers' 2 years ago
i love how you have taken music back to what i would say is the root, raw, uncut soulful. 
Carla Diniz
'Carla Diniz' 2 years ago
Amo bastidores, e quando se trata de Beyoncé são todos maravilhosos!
Beyoncé I Love You
'Kwamster' 2 years ago
I want to hear these 80 songs 😍
Jalen Hemphill
'Jalen Hemphill' 2 years ago
She Said She Recorded About 80 Songs And There's 14 Songs On the Album…… I Wonder What the Other 66 Songs Sounds Like!
Gianfranco Torres
'Gianfranco Torres' 2 years ago
I love the whole album and the amazing music videos... SHE'S THE FUCKING QUEEN!!!! I LOVE YOU BEY
Robert Escamilla
'Robert Escamilla' 2 years ago
Can anyone read the track names from some of the songs on the board at 0:16? I'm wondering if any of those are from the leaked track list for her new album that's supposed to come out by the end of the month!
'IVA N0' 3 years ago
'Beyoncé is the shit."
Elaine Johnson
'Elaine Johnson' 3 years ago
Beyoncé have always been my idol ever since I was a little girl
Meetali Kutty
'Meetali Kutty' 3 years ago
That looks like Loki on the computer
Tobias Orion
'Tobias Orion' 3 years ago
Awkward award 2014.
Taylor Winter
'Taylor Winter' 3 years ago
"Beyonce is the shit" period! 
Ema Džehverović
'Ema Džehverović' 3 years ago
whats the song that starts at 4:12? Its so beautiful!
Jéssica Melo
'Jéssica Melo' 3 years ago
ew terry richardson
inez huibers
'inez huibers' 3 years ago
Madison Ordy
'Madison Ordy' 3 years ago
I wanna do a dougie battle with Beyonce...
Simon Chang
'Simon Chang' 3 years ago
At the end the guy says "Beyonce is the shit" =)) just don't know what that aims
Fay Ali
'Fay Ali' 3 years ago
I can't over how incredible beyonce is
'TuubiUser' 3 years ago
what's the music 4:12 ->
ibou gaye ndao
'ibou gaye ndao' 3 years ago
I love beyonce music
ibou gaye ndao
'ibou gaye ndao' 3 years ago
I love beyonce music
Nikki prikki
'Nikki prikki' 3 years ago
Beyonce is the shit
'chinaslife' 3 years ago
Beyonce was in my home coney island wow love you bee
João Vitor
'João Vitor' 3 years ago
No Angel and Grown Woman are the worst videos for me but i looooooooooove the songs...
'MariaTheCurious' 3 years ago
Beyonce is the "shit" :D hell yeah dude i see u realy are her new best fan xD <3 Beyonce
David Daniel Pierce
'David Daniel Pierce' 3 years ago
how the hell did she keep the album a secret
Kaileigh Ainsworth
'Kaileigh Ainsworth' 3 years ago
Wow, just when I thought I couldn't be anymore of a beyonce fan she comes out with this... love her <3
love di choreo
'love di choreo' 3 years ago
I have a new found respect for Beyonce's liberation
Rebecca Morroe
'Rebecca Morroe' 3 years ago
nel ag
'nel ag' 3 years ago
what's the song at the end?
'Okay' 3 years ago
Thank you so much. 'Cause I wanted to be a actrice, but i think ¨I'm never a actrice¨. Now I've seen your videos and now i'm thinking: ¨Don't give up.¨ Thank you so much (Sorry for the bad English, but i'm a Dutch girl). 
Jacqueline Brown
'Jacqueline Brown' 3 years ago
Love Beyonce. Even when she was a teenage. And still love her. Bad Grown Woman. Jackie from Houston Texas.
Kanisha West
'Kanisha West' 3 years ago
Thats crazy because i remeber watching TMZ and they were following B to this fair or whatever but lil did they know, she was recording her video..  She was low key for real.
Ronald wynn
'Ronald wynn' 3 years ago


win zaw
'win zaw' 3 years ago
Kim Borges
'Kim Borges' 3 years ago
Love this video
Amber Toley
'Amber Toley' 3 years ago
lol at 2:50 Beyoncé looked like no this heifer did not put her tongue on my breast now im need sanitizer!!!! cut lol !!!
Ilyas Jebbari
'Ilyas Jebbari' 3 years ago
Janeiro Richards
'Janeiro Richards' 3 years ago
What is the song at 4:34??!! That beat is amazing
'kevinoyaka' 3 years ago
Oh God why. Beyoncé's voice when she's singing is very incredible! But when she's talking that's horrible
winny joseph
'winny joseph' 3 years ago
is that kelly rowland???
'ThisisKalaTV' 3 years ago
#Beyonce is so freakin' dope, man... She's a genius !
'p0sebittch_' 3 years ago
That Dusse!
Freeman Da Gospel Rapper
youtube search freeman da gospel rapper far gone
Angelo Fullo
'Angelo Fullo' 3 years ago
Surfboard, surfboard. HAHAHAHAHA
zentz rollo
'zentz rollo' 3 years ago
Nate Koch
'Nate Koch' 3 years ago
can't take beyonce seriously when she's working with a guy like terry richardson. Feminism is more than talking the talk, you've got to walk the walk too
Daniela Santos
'Daniela Santos' 3 years ago
Christina Martin
'Christina Martin' 3 years ago
This depicts how much beauty there is in the world wether its in the hood or abroad. I do wish everyone can experience that beauty. Humans, interactions, culture,food and life there is beauty in this world and sometimes we need to stop for a second no matter where we are, and appreciate that.
L. Amorosha
'L. Amorosha' 3 years ago
what's the name of the song that starts at 4min12 please?
Dianne Christenson
'Dianne Christenson' 3 years ago
shooting the vid in black and white was smart...perfect.
Nacho Tamburlini
'Nacho Tamburlini' 3 years ago
Videos like YONCÉ, XO and No Angel were made without a big production and those are amazing videos. They key is enjoy music that is true art!
Art is not recicle a paint about a lady with a sea-shell bikini and made a whole reductive album.
Colin Mark
'Colin Mark' 3 years ago
baby making music is back! (( :
pritam sarwade
'pritam sarwade' 3 years ago
you r very hot girl
karina ogando hernandez
la adoro
Alex Doherty
'Alex Doherty' 3 years ago
Hii everyone I am 10 and I have started doing videos with my 13 year old cousin my videos are like were u tell us what u want to see and we try do it our best if u like it like us plz
'ainsheea' 3 years ago
please don't wear fur, bey, u don't need it ur beautiful as god made u :) much love
Von Gandhi
'Von Gandhi' 3 years ago
Love Beyonce, her laugh is sex
Grace Bambo
'Grace Bambo' 3 years ago
I love her
Terry Henderson Jr
'Terry Henderson Jr' 3 years ago
nick era
'nick era' 3 years ago
PuGGlee Oliver
'PuGGlee Oliver' 3 years ago
love u 
'vinvinnboy' 3 years ago
awesome directors
Amanda Amara
'Amanda Amara' 3 years ago
follow @amanda_shanae on twitter
Lizzy London
'Lizzy London' 3 years ago
Surfboard...surfboard hahahaha'
Asia Huff
'Asia Huff' 3 years ago
Brown just did a Dougie battle wit Beyonce and kilt it..;..Beyonce is the shit lol she is doe
'millie' 3 years ago
she sounds just like she does live!
ThaniiaMariia Abreu
'ThaniiaMariia Abreu' 3 years ago
ThaniiaMariia Abreu
'ThaniiaMariia Abreu' 3 years ago
'HipHopEnthusiast' 3 years ago
4:14 name of the song pleaseee<3
'EMPOWA' 3 years ago
beyonce is the shit
raounak yousfi
'raounak yousfi' 3 years ago
Now i love even more this woman
Coslyn Boyd
'Coslyn Boyd' 3 years ago
Part 5 hurry
PokerFace Filipinas
'PokerFace Filipinas' 3 years ago
Paula Simango
'Paula Simango' 3 years ago
I love you beyonce
'iAM80tv' 3 years ago
where was this video shot???
'Chrispychoc' 3 years ago
Love it! So natural and real...mmhuú..
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