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Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky. Epic Rap Battles of History -
Published: 2 months ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 2 months ago

6, 811, 514 views

142, 905 Likes   6, 582 Dislikes

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▼ CAST ▼
Wayne Gretzky: Zach Sherwin
Download Zach's new album ""Rap!"" -

Tony Hawk: Nice Peter

Bobby Orr: EpicLLOYD

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Nice Peter


Written by:
EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter, Mike Betette, Zach Sherwin, Dante Cimadamore

Senior Director of Studios:
Michelle Maloney

Atul Singh

Associate Producer:
Shaun Lewin

Production Coordinator:
Matthew Schlissel

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter

Mixed by:
Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso and Nice Peter

Mastered by:
Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Music Supervisor:
Dante Cimadamore

Beat Produced by:
Hollywood Legend Productions & Jose "Choco" Reynoso

Video Editing by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Nice Peter, Javi Sánchez-Blanco, Nice Peter

Assistant Editor:
Josh Best

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Javi Sánchez-Blanco

Costume Designer:
Sulai Lopez

Costuming Assistant/Senior PA:
Morgan Christensen

Department Make Up Head:
Katie Middleton

Hair Department Head:
Michelle Connolly

Make Up:
Brittany White

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Kyle Herman

Andy Chinn

Production Assistant:
Roberto Lewis

Produced by:
Atul Singh for Maker Studios


Jimmy Crescent
'Jimmy Crescent' 3 hours ago
I would like to see Ovechkin vs Crosby !!!!!!!!!!
Андрей Шабалин
Do Lev Tolstoy (Лев Толстой) vs William Shakespeare
'knowziewoh' 6 hours ago
who didnt catch the street fighter reference the 1st play through?
'knowziewoh' 6 hours ago
man erb word play is sick...tbh they rap better than mainstream rappers today
Younus Bendame
'Younus Bendame' 7 hours ago
They should've made Gretzky change uniforms mid-rap
Elizabeth Leaf
'Elizabeth Leaf' 7 hours ago
Long live Wayne Gretzky! He won! XD
Bradley kennedy
'Bradley kennedy' 7 hours ago
Gretzky definitely won
TheVloger and TheGamer
Philip Brown
'Philip Brown' 11 hours ago
I thought tony won
Austin Calahaisn
'Austin Calahaisn' 12 hours ago
connor mcdavid vs sidney crosby
kingeasybrezzy23 kingeasybrezy23
tony hawk won
'Just-A-Flying-Turtle' 16 hours ago
Tbh one of the most underappreciated raps in the series.
Natetube of the 8tube🏀
Steph curry vs. lebron james
'Dunksy' 17 hours ago
Gretzky won on that X-games line alone
Awatif Omar
'Awatif Omar' 17 hours ago
I feel like whenever Zach is in a battle it's fireee🔥
Maruf Hossan
'Maruf Hossan' 22 hours ago
Wayne wins
'ryuichi1000' 23 hours ago
Saltbae vs. Roll Safe please
'MAX .BAZRAS' 1 day ago
gordon freeman vs Arnold (terminator)
Angel Muneton
'Angel Muneton' 1 day ago
next you sould do Leonel messi vs cristiano ronaldo
Youel Awesome
'Youel Awesome' 1 day ago
Tony won like if u agree
Patricia Moll
'Patricia Moll' 1 day ago
morty from rick and morty vs marty from back to the future
Lukas Sobolewski
'Lukas Sobolewski' 1 day ago
Tony hawk
Daniel kim lakezurichkim
Tony hawk won for sure
Tooth Pick
'Tooth Pick' 2 days ago
Gretzky wins
Bryn Kanar
'Bryn Kanar' 2 days ago
Comedy youtubers vs gaming youtubers
The Fourth Wall
'The Fourth Wall' 2 days ago
Greztky won
William Pettitt
'William Pettitt' 2 days ago
Wayne wind
Wemdy The Wendi
'Wemdy The Wendi' 2 days ago
Canadians. We may be in one of the coldest places on earth, but we can roast with the best of them.
Alejandro Bustillos
the only reason i know wayne gristski's name is because of everybody hates chris
'crasome77' 2 days ago
i met both of them and hate both of them
Beebo From P!atd
'Beebo From P!atd' 2 days ago
Hawk. Nobody jokes about poutine.

*Canadian triggered*
Mjrtoo Tube
'Mjrtoo Tube' 2 days ago
Gretzky for sure.
Yungboy V
'Yungboy V' 2 days ago
Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi
Prince Ator
'Prince Ator' 2 days ago
Cristiano ronaldo vs Lionel messi
Mantapus Productions
"its a Street Fight T-Hawk"  Digging deep with that Super Street Fighter II reference and its kind of a diss unto itself because T-Hawk is like, the worst character in that game.
Erik Back
'Erik Back' 2 days ago
Gretzky smashed him
Slytherin Reviews
'Slytherin Reviews' 2 days ago
Tony Hawks, that Wayne Gretzky is so full of himself
Pack A Punched Gaming
Pewdiepie vs Hitler would be so cool
Cold Chilli
'Cold Chilli' 3 days ago
Pepe vs deep nutz
Memorible werd
'Memorible werd' 3 days ago
both lame
'sup6031' 3 days ago
Amelia Earhart vs Sally Ride (Female Aviators)
Harvey Dent/Two Face vs Gus Fring (Fictional characters who lost half their face)
Usain Bolt/ Jesse Owens/ Forrest Gump/ Barry Allen/ Sonic The Hedgehog ( fast people)
Ice Cube vs Mr Freeze (actually that one is really bad)
Mother Teresa vs Malala (Female Nobel Peace Prize winners)
K.I.T.T vs The Delorean (Famous Cars)
A-Team vs X-Men (Groups with Letters in their names)
Han Solo vs Indiana Jones
Iwanaga Haru
'Iwanaga Haru' 3 days ago
Tony Hawk
'Nova' 3 days ago
I expected Wayne to apologize at the end
Amun Ra
'Amun Ra' 3 days ago
skating is life skating is love
Coaster Rider Media
Napoleon vs Hitler vs Trump
Coaster Rider Media
Gary Johnson vs Andrew Johnson
Coaster Rider Media
Harry Potter vs Eleven
Coaster Rider Media
Mike Pence vs Anderson Cooper
henry huang
'henry huang' 3 days ago
henry huang
'henry huang' 3 days ago
BS Fields
'BS Fields' 3 days ago
Wayne Gretzky
Missmeree Clark
'Missmeree Clark' 3 days ago
Vyrion Nauta
'Vyrion Nauta' 3 days ago
I like the american wasteland background in this battle.
Sam Kadry
'Sam Kadry' 3 days ago
Gretzky won that all the way
'bp326' 3 days ago
tony has skill and is a legend the fucking guy on ice is a cunt
Adwaith Praveen
'Adwaith Praveen' 3 days ago
I don't know much about Wayne Gretzky but with that 184 line, he fucking ended it so hard.
Brandon Johnson
'Brandon Johnson' 3 days ago
"For true sports fans.." and he's in a rap with Skating and Hockey, lol!!
ichigo anime
'ichigo anime' 3 days ago
Wayne Gretzky
'WillCuber' 3 days ago
John Wooden vs Vince Lombardi
ahmad afzal
'ahmad afzal' 3 days ago
"I'm the dude who blew up extreme sports
That nose looks like you've seen some extreme snorts
I mean look at that thing
That slope is gigantic
Even I wouldn't fly off a ramp that titanic"

I'm dead
ahmad afzal
'ahmad afzal' 3 days ago
How about John Cena Vs. Muhummad Ali
Fantastic Massassin
Wayne Kicked Ass
Riley Connolly
'Riley Connolly' 4 days ago
Messi vs Ronaldo
Nabeelah Tavernier
Freddy Krueger vs. Jason Voorhees
dino face
'dino face' 4 days ago
That was a Wayne Gretzky victory.
Casey Scharler
'Casey Scharler' 4 days ago
Tom Brady vs Kobe Bryant
'Equix' 4 days ago
Shittiest one.
Emma moen
'Emma moen' 4 days ago
Wayne Gretzky vs Alex morgan
Amelia Tosti
'Amelia Tosti' 4 days ago
i think wayne won with "your on your forth wife talking bout the ex games"
'Nova' 4 days ago
Pocahontas vs Geronimo
Gamer Girl
'Gamer Girl' 4 days ago
Wayne Gretzky won
Brent Halpin
'Brent Halpin' 4 days ago
team skateboarding
Craig Walker
'Craig Walker' 4 days ago
Satan vs Hades or John Wick vs Deathstroke
Jon Irenicus
'Jon Irenicus' 4 days ago
John Cena VS Captain America
Josh Lange
'Josh Lange' 4 days ago
Ice cube vs easy e
Я Лс
'Я Лс' 4 days ago
Vladimir Lenin vs Karl Marks
Samuel launchpad
'Samuel launchpad' 4 days ago
Tanaya Anne
'Tanaya Anne' 4 days ago
i love all these guys !!!
Dhananjay Sharma
'Dhananjay Sharma' 4 days ago
I didn't understand anything
Brighton & Friends
Shaggy and Scooby Doo vs. Mega Man & Rush
Goiliath Games
'Goiliath Games' 4 days ago
Do the Beatles vs modern rappers
Britton Thompson
'Britton Thompson' 5 days ago
Tony Montana vs. Tony Soprano
Elite Ethan
'Elite Ethan' 5 days ago
If I got a penny for each time I hit the replay button, I'd be as rich as Donald Trump and have to use all my money to fix it
Elite Ethan
'Elite Ethan' 5 days ago
This deserves like at least 20 million views, the flow is so unrepeatable and original!!!
'tjbandz' 5 days ago
cash me outside girl vs doctor phill
Vaddix 99
'Vaddix 99' 5 days ago
I think it's a tie, tbh. Both had amazing lines.
Chloe Price
'Chloe Price' 5 days ago
omfg omg its so slow after the sped up
'Purple_Wolf09' 5 days ago
Tony hawk win fo sure
coco savage
'coco savage' 5 days ago
Gretzky won
Huỳnh Lê Anh Dũng
Epic Rap Battle vs Princess Rap Battle ......
'KYLO REN' 5 days ago
fuck off
Kawaii-Chan Running 4 the the Queen of all Joes
How does Tony win guys? GRETZKY DESTROYS HIM
Alaric Tenorio
'Alaric Tenorio' 5 days ago
Yugi Muto vs Tutenkhamen.
Soh Phanny
'Soh Phanny' 5 days ago
Trump vs Justin Trudeau
Sean Genette
'Sean Genette' 5 days ago
Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player of all time, vs Tony Hawk, and overrated X-Games competitor........ I think we all know who wins this
Jordan Bourcier
'Jordan Bourcier' 5 days ago
I'm from edmonton so I think Wayne won xD
Op Gamer
'Op Gamer' 5 days ago
Wayne Gretzky won
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