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Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky. Epic Rap Battles of History -
Published: 1 month ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 1 month ago

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▼ CAST ▼
Wayne Gretzky: Zach Sherwin
Download Zach's new album ""Rap!"" -

Tony Hawk: Nice Peter

Bobby Orr: EpicLLOYD

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Nice Peter


Written by:
EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter, Mike Betette, Zach Sherwin, Dante Cimadamore

Senior Director of Studios:
Michelle Maloney

Atul Singh

Associate Producer:
Shaun Lewin

Production Coordinator:
Matthew Schlissel

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter

Mixed by:
Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso and Nice Peter

Mastered by:
Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Music Supervisor:
Dante Cimadamore

Beat Produced by:
Hollywood Legend Productions & Jose "Choco" Reynoso

Video Editing by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Nice Peter, Javi Sánchez-Blanco, Nice Peter

Assistant Editor:
Josh Best

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Javi Sánchez-Blanco

Costume Designer:
Sulai Lopez

Costuming Assistant/Senior PA:
Morgan Christensen

Department Make Up Head:
Katie Middleton

Hair Department Head:
Michelle Connolly

Make Up:
Brittany White

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Kyle Herman

Andy Chinn

Production Assistant:
Roberto Lewis

Produced by:
Atul Singh for Maker Studios


chrisswaggness gaggle
'chrisswaggness gaggle' 10 minutes ago
Wayne won
Nate Nance
'Nate Nance' 49 minutes ago
Gretzsky for the win.
'YaBoiSweetz' 60 minutes ago
Gretzky, and u should do obama vs trump
Tom Domino
'Tom Domino' 2 hours ago
tom brady vs lebron james
'PopFizzCJ' 2 hours ago
Hawk won
When I hit you with a trick hotter then your daughter
'Mcmaster4411' 3 hours ago
Wayne Gretzky
333 Aqua666
'333 Aqua666' 5 hours ago
youve been going down hill since pro skater 3 roasted!
Luca Morris
'Luca Morris' 8 hours ago
Koko Webb
'Koko Webb' 9 hours ago
T hawk
'Dion' 9 hours ago
Wayne destroyed Tony
Random Rice
'Random Rice' 9 hours ago
"You like finger flips? How bout of these!?! Sit on this and rotate 900 degrees" I was crying laughing when I first saw that part
brian robb
'brian robb' 10 hours ago
tony hawk
Jamie Fehr
'Jamie Fehr' 12 hours ago
I say Tony Hawk won
Evan Nguyen
'Evan Nguyen' 14 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks this is the best erb in this season??I like both the actors
'Bighead1740' 16 hours ago
Ronald McDonald vs Colonel Sanders
Zack Sherwin = Colonel Sanders
Nice Peter = Ronald McDonald
Epic Lloyd = Bernie Sanders
'mattbomb22' 19 hours ago
It's sad that Wayne was better
Jaxon Mangiavellano
'Jaxon Mangiavellano' 21 hours ago
cam newton vs sean silveria
Gregory Indelicato
'Gregory Indelicato' 21 hours ago
all the way Gretzky all the way won
Andrew Garcia
'Andrew Garcia' 21 hours ago
Barbie vs G.I. Joe
shane persaud
'shane persaud' 21 hours ago
Gotta give it to tony on this one kinda sad coming from a canadian
shane persaud
'shane persaud' 21 hours ago
Gotta give it to tony on this one kinda sad coming from a canadian
Tom Woodthorpe
'Tom Woodthorpe' 22 hours ago
Gretzky by a mile
Ronald Reagan
'Ronald Reagan' 24 hours ago
talk about the X games
Zandachu The amazing
Tony won but Wayne's best was you've been going downhill since Pro skater 3. But Tony hawk won
evan collins
'evan collins' 1 day ago
FACT CHECK: Gretzky is worth 200 Million
Hawk is worth 120 million
That's not double net worth
Diche Bach
'Diche Bach' 1 day ago
You're an artistic genius ERB.
Sans & Papyrus
'Sans & Papyrus' 1 day ago
Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo
'TurntTurnip' 1 day ago
Mugirator Mugirator
Love me
'Rozq' 1 day ago
Tony Hawk
King Grey Rose Crow
"that nose looks like you've seen extreme snorts, I mean look at that thang that slope is gigantic even I wouldn't fly off a ramp that titanic" if you didn't laugh at this rap or thought it was bad you have no sense of humor and no sense of good rap you probably listen to these new idiots
Atif Al-Muhsin
'Atif Al-Muhsin' 1 day ago
Do Popeye vs Marco Polo interrupted by Sinbad
'NyteMunkey' 1 day ago
This is one of the best.
Kenneth Liang
'Kenneth Liang' 1 day ago
Ms. Frizzle (magic school bus) vs Alexander Fleming
Vega punk
'Vega punk' 1 day ago
My favorite so far
Jurassic Gamer
'Jurassic Gamer' 1 day ago
The NHL teams suck. That's funny. Maybe Toronto and Phoenix, but that's it.
C-O-D call of duty
'drunkcow37' 2 days ago
Wilt Chamberlain vs. Tiger Woods
Dagr8est Penguin
'Dagr8est Penguin' 2 days ago
Harry Potter vs. Neo interrupted by Percy Jackson.
SpaceCow 01
'SpaceCow 01' 2 days ago
Gretzky won
'Extremerazr' 2 days ago
"Great One Wayne,
lemme tell you something Wayne,
I got 99 problems
and you aint one Wayne"

best line
PLG KyrpäJooseppi
Hockey is love, hockey is life <3
Ryan Joseph
'Ryan Joseph' 2 days ago
T Hawk won that one
'Elbo' 2 days ago
Theresa May vs Nigel Farage
'Pyro' 2 days ago
In my opinion if Zach Sherwin and Peter switched roles, it would've been better.
Jaxon Mangiavellano
Scott cawthon vs toby fox
'TheRealOGnick' 2 days ago
jagr is better than gretzky straight up
Nate Anderson
'Nate Anderson' 2 days ago
Still wondering why you haven't done Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady. NFL is the king of sports in the US, and that was the great rivalry of that league for the better part of 15 years.
'DarkXDestroyer1' 2 days ago
The last line was the winner "For true sports fans this was finished as soon as they heard the matchup"
Ben Huntley
'Ben Huntley' 2 days ago
The beatles vs ACDC?
trollerz trollerz
'trollerz trollerz' 2 days ago
greztky's first verse was not that good but he came back with his 3rd verse and he might have came back to grab the win although tony hawk i think is the winner of the rap
Jaden White
'Jaden White' 2 days ago
Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Assassin's creed
Jason Bourne


Vs Both movies.
Labidi Naouar
'Labidi Naouar' 2 days ago
so who won ?
Love Lived
'Love Lived' 2 days ago
Amazingphil vs Danisnotonfire
Hayden Jones
'Hayden Jones' 2 days ago
I'll suck your D for 1 free PERCY JACKSON VS HARRY POTTER
Geo Shark
'Geo Shark' 2 days ago
Genji vs Hanzo plzzzzzxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsssssssss
Kent Janneker
'Kent Janneker' 2 days ago
Ron Swanson vs Ron Burgundy
Andrew Weiss
'Andrew Weiss' 2 days ago
Freddie cougar vs the wolverine
Andrew Weiss
'Andrew Weiss' 2 days ago
Freddie cougar vs the wolverine
Andrew Weiss
'Andrew Weiss' 2 days ago
hawk isn't lying Paulina Gretzky is hot as hell
Eliseo Martinez
'Eliseo Martinez' 2 days ago
on the score sign it said 0 on wayne lol
'EazyETM406' 2 days ago
Usain bolt vs flash
Ryan Bandy
'Ryan Bandy' 3 days ago
Tony hawk one
MVP Hockey
'MVP Hockey' 3 days ago
jack marquand
'jack marquand' 3 days ago
Wayne definitely won
Mikayla F
'Mikayla F' 3 days ago
Ron Swanson vs Michael Scott
Heaven davis
'Heaven davis' 3 days ago
i mean i get this is for historical figures but i mean come on............

Markiplier vs Jacksepticeye
Something with usain bolt
Jonathan Hearn
'Jonathan Hearn' 3 days ago
this one was a bit weird...
'JOSEPH BELISLE' 3 days ago
Sam Schutte
'Sam Schutte' 3 days ago
ramsay bolton vs negan
4 Truth
'4 Truth' 3 days ago
Tony won .
Naomi Smy
'Naomi Smy' 3 days ago
Tony is the best
Gustav “10ggren” Tenggren
Really liked the special effects for Tony Hawke
'RevengeHunter01' 3 days ago
the timer on the scoreboard was almost perfectly timed with the final verse
GR8 PL8 M8 182
'GR8 PL8 M8 182' 3 days ago
Steve Harper and Tony Abbot
GR8 PL8 M8 182
'GR8 PL8 M8 182' 3 days ago
Wayne won. By miles.
'2000hades' 3 days ago
Gretzky won, hands down.
Kegan Watkins (whiteboyswag777)
eminem vs lil wayne
'Koluxion' 3 days ago
Wayne got traded but still won a cup lol
'Koluxion' 3 days ago
Half the people don't get what Wayne is saying lmao
dracinE maibA
'dracinE maibA' 3 days ago
I got excited when the gloves came off, lol. I'm used to the Tampa bay lightning. man, we can fight...
Dead Shot
'Dead Shot' 3 days ago
they got make lebron vs jordan!!!
Adelar Vunita
'Adelar Vunita' 4 days ago
Wayne won this one
Me12222 Awesome
'Me12222 Awesome' 4 days ago
plz!!!!!!!!! harry potter vs dr strange
Mikey 3009
'Mikey 3009' 4 days ago
Cameron Sellner (Cameron S Vlogs)
tony won
Deezzz Nutzz
'Deezzz Nutzz' 4 days ago
Do the kardashian vs blachyna
The Dank Dog
'The Dank Dog' 4 days ago
do Jackson 5 Vs the Beatles
kj zxedra
'kj zxedra' 4 days ago
tony won
N. Smith
'N. Smith' 4 days ago
Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather
'Bunnington' 4 days ago
Captain Jean-Luc Picard vs. Captain Han Solo!
'ForsakenArchAngel' 4 days ago
Tony won! And I love hockey. Lol. Snow White vs Elsa!
'TheAikidoboy' 4 days ago
The Addams Family vs The Brady Bunch.
'1gneel' 4 days ago
damn this rap grows on you
Randie Cobb
'Randie Cobb' 4 days ago
Zoey Redbird vs Nefert plzzzzzz it would be amazing
Doctor X
'Doctor X' 4 days ago
Such an underrated ERB tbh. The lines, flow, and visuals were SO good.
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