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Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky. Epic Rap Battles of History -
Published: 3 months ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 3 months ago

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▼ CAST ▼
Wayne Gretzky: Zach Sherwin
Download Zach's new album ""Rap!"" -

Tony Hawk: Nice Peter

Bobby Orr: EpicLLOYD

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Nice Peter


Written by:
EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter, Mike Betette, Zach Sherwin, Dante Cimadamore

Senior Director of Studios:
Michelle Maloney

Atul Singh

Associate Producer:
Shaun Lewin

Production Coordinator:
Matthew Schlissel

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter

Mixed by:
Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso and Nice Peter

Mastered by:
Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Music Supervisor:
Dante Cimadamore

Beat Produced by:
Hollywood Legend Productions & Jose "Choco" Reynoso

Video Editing by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Nice Peter, Javi Sánchez-Blanco, Nice Peter

Assistant Editor:
Josh Best

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Javi Sánchez-Blanco

Costume Designer:
Sulai Lopez

Costuming Assistant/Senior PA:
Morgan Christensen

Department Make Up Head:
Katie Middleton

Hair Department Head:
Michelle Connolly

Make Up:
Brittany White

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Kyle Herman

Andy Chinn

Production Assistant:
Roberto Lewis

Produced by:
Atul Singh for Maker Studios


Erika Aiyami
'Erika Aiyami' 9 minutes ago
gretzky totally won that
piss lips
'piss lips' 24 minutes ago
butters vs harry potter
Simon Jude
'Simon Jude' 1 hour ago
Yeah, you're not gonna beat Gretzky, that's not how this works.
Kevin Murry
'Kevin Murry' 10 hours ago
Will Smith vs. Ice Cube vs. Ice T vs. Snoop Dogg
Blaze Lander
'Blaze Lander' 12 hours ago
ilon musk vs Tony stark
'MajesticalDerp' 13 hours ago
Tony hawk is more known than Wayne, and personally I think more likable than Wayne, I even think Tony's more talented than Wayne, and tony had consistently dope lines and good rhyme scheme...... but god damn did Wayne kill that shit, Wayne won.
Julio Prado
'Julio Prado' 13 hours ago
Tony hawk was fire
Relatable Royalty
'Relatable Royalty' 14 hours ago
I have no fucking idea, but I keep replaying it to try and decide.
SwagPasta Bro
'SwagPasta Bro' 14 hours ago
I'm from Edmonton so I'm kinda biased towards Wayne gretsky
'imjinahlove' 16 hours ago
if this was how tony hawk really rapped (if he did rap) id buy all his shit
Luis Hernandez
'Luis Hernandez' 19 hours ago
Zordon vs Face of Boe
King Duck
'King Duck' 22 hours ago
Eminem the rapper vs Eminem the candy
Larry Legend
'Larry Legend' 22 hours ago
Larry Fitzgerald V.S Anquan Boldin And Kevin Durant V.S Westbrook
Eren Yeager
'Eren Yeager' 23 hours ago
Ruby Rose(RWBY) vs Damian Wayne(DC).
Hasan Mahmood
'Hasan Mahmood' 1 day ago
Tom Brady vs. Jesse Owens
Katelynn Tasker
'Katelynn Tasker' 1 day ago
Hockey dude won
Robin Reese
'Robin Reese' 1 day ago
Tony Hawk definitely won
'Tudeh' 1 day ago
Tony won
'Kentama' 1 day ago
Chun Li VS Chumlee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Davyn Rodocker
'Davyn Rodocker' 2 days ago
'hahaH0ll13' 2 days ago
Samuel L. Jackson v. Andrew Jackson
Owen Johnson
'Owen Johnson' 2 days ago
'SupercoolRoman' 2 days ago
tony hawk won
lps tom Boy
'lps tom Boy' 2 days ago
usain bolt vs. homer simpson
John Wakimura
'John Wakimura' 2 days ago
eminem vs busta rhymes
Aidan Corbacioglu
'Aidan Corbacioglu' 2 days ago
Wayne Gretzky
NotSoLucky 2004
'NotSoLucky 2004' 2 days ago
seth doiron
'seth doiron' 3 days ago
Dan Ghessling Vs Vanessa Rutso
Enderblaze Animations
I feel like ERB is saying that neither of them can rhyme, they rhyme 'Wayne' with 'Wayne', 'nets worth' with 'net worth' I mean really?
The Crazy Jester
'The Crazy Jester' 3 days ago
do russian skaters vs american skaters, or call it miracle on ice
Wendy Henninger
'Wendy Henninger' 3 days ago
Philadelphia Flyers Vs The Penguins🤣😋 PLEASE lol
Sebastiaan Asselbergs
An ERB song can only be truly appreciated when rewatched.
owen hill
'owen hill' 3 days ago
Wayne Gretzky won
swagsarah101 Ludemann
wayne gretzky insulted himself when he said that tony hawk had 184 acheivments and he himself had 183
Brandon Starcevic
'Brandon Starcevic' 3 days ago
Wayne wins
Kieran Heslop
'Kieran Heslop' 3 days ago
Tony hawk won
'kaokiller' 4 days ago
'TheRumChum' 4 days ago
time to binge watch ERB tonight ;) fuck I love these.
Timmons Baller
'Timmons Baller' 4 days ago
Lebrun James vs steph curry
Jackson Sodeman
'Jackson Sodeman' 4 days ago
Wayne Gretzky won easy
'marktheshark326' 4 days ago
If anyone thinks Tony one than they need to listen to that again. Wayne destroyed him
Peter Rosenbæk Olesen
Next up: Tom Brady vs. Roger Goodell
pay load53
'pay load53' 4 days ago
Tony won that
Alexander Woo
'Alexander Woo' 4 days ago
Pele vs Maradona
Billy Mays
'Billy Mays' 4 days ago
'strongforce5' 4 days ago
I like Tony Hawk and all, but he lost, badly
Bryson Nacci
'Bryson Nacci' 5 days ago
Dora the Explorer vs sherlock holmes
'Reetae27' 5 days ago
Frasier Crane VS. Sigmund Freud
'waterlilyqueen' 5 days ago
Many people are saying that they don't know who Wayne Gretzky is and are often complaining about having him in the battle, As a Canadian, from Edmonton specifically, that's why I love the battle. It's about something that is especially famous in Canada, especially Edmonton.
Zac Aman
'Zac Aman' 5 days ago
Mother nature vs Father time
Ghost Cat
'Ghost Cat' 5 days ago
Samus v megama
3 56
'3 56' 5 days ago
Prashant Tudu
'Prashant Tudu' 5 days ago
God this is one of the best rap battle.
Jessica Valenzuela
tony hawk vs. batman
Lady T
'Lady T' 6 days ago
can we have more Zach please
Jaycen Drayde
'Jaycen Drayde' 6 days ago
I actually really enjoyed the nudges to American Wasteland's pink color scheme in Tony's verses. well played.
Mati mas
'Mati mas' 6 days ago
Who won
John Moseley
'John Moseley' 6 days ago
ABBEY Taylor
'ABBEY Taylor' 6 days ago
Tony hawk
KLG is Dope
'KLG is Dope' 6 days ago
Stephen curry vs messi
DonnyFire 13
'DonnyFire 13' 6 days ago
Tony Hawk Won with ONE line "All The Ice underneath you will get melted into water when I hit you with a trick that's even hotter than your daughter"
Yacin M
'Yacin M' 6 days ago
Calamity Jane vs Kim Kardashian
'abductedbanana' 7 days ago
Indiana Jones vs Lara Croft!
Nolangw21 //Nolan Wright
Tony hawk won.
The Average Avelin
I'm a hockey fan so gotta go with Wayne
Pats cards 87
'Pats cards 87' 7 days ago
Richard Sherman vs michal crabtree😂(they hate each other)
'PandaPower18' 7 days ago
Wayne Gretzky won
Stone Kidman
'Stone Kidman' 7 days ago
just noticed this was max landis...mind blown
'TheFieryNinja' 1 week ago
Wayne Gretzky destroyed
Justin Wachtel
'Justin Wachtel' 1 week ago
Mao vs ted cruz
'saint7992' 1 week ago
Sam Colt vs Gaston Glock
'BAHRUM RAIYHAN' 1 week ago
Rothschild vs Rockefeller
'BAHRUM RAIYHAN' 1 week ago
Rothschild vs Rockefeller
'BAHRUM RAIYHAN' 1 week ago
Rothschild vs Rockefeller
'BAHRUM RAIYHAN' 1 week ago
Rothschild vs Rockefeller
'BAHRUM RAIYHAN' 1 week ago
Rotschild vs Rockefeller
'BAHRUM RAIYHAN' 1 week ago
Rotschild vs Rockefeller
Marshall Mathers
'Marshall Mathers' 1 week ago
Feliks Zemdegs vs Mats Valk
'ItsKaitlin' 1 week ago
"For true sports fans this battle was over as soon as they heard the matchup" OOOOO GRETZKYYYYYY
Greg Erfulgerman
'Greg Erfulgerman' 1 week ago
skip every one of Gretzky's verses lol
Nathan Said to
'Nathan Said to' 1 week ago
corvo vs emily (dishonerd)
gab 2133
'gab 2133' 1 week ago
Next do HIMYM for Friends
misty Patch
'misty Patch' 1 week ago
Tony halk
Dr. Titz
'Dr. Titz' 1 week ago
Eminem vs Ben Shapiro
Phillip Lewis
'Phillip Lewis' 1 week ago
I wanted Tony to win this so bad...unfortunately, that was most definitely NOT the case.
The geeking channel
batman vs superman rap battle would be really funny or a iron man vs Captain america rap battle
Deadpool 102
'Deadpool 102' 1 week ago
pewdipie vs Puncheie1
Puncheie 1
'Puncheie 1' 1 week ago
pewdipie vs Puncheie1
Rojan Jalili
'Rojan Jalili' 1 week ago
Satan vs God
Tristan Kemmsies
'Tristan Kemmsies' 1 week ago
Tony Hawk definitely
queeen riley
'queeen riley' 1 week ago
"184, that's plenty of 'em... and i've set 183 of 'em" gretzky won
'Crazy56U' 1 week ago
Daniel Webster vs. Saul Goodman
'Lokpyrite' 1 week ago
Vampires vs Werewolves, and they both get ate by zombies
Bradyn Burke
'Bradyn Burke' 1 week ago
The Flash vs.  The Hulk
Sugary Sodagaming
'Sugary Sodagaming' 1 week ago
Jackson Bennett
'Jackson Bennett' 1 week ago
Gretz did!
Jackson Bennett
'Jackson Bennett' 1 week ago
Do King Kong vs Godzilla!
Jackson Bennett
'Jackson Bennett' 1 week ago
Did anyone else notice the oilERB???
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