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World Record Edition | Dude Perfect -
Published: 8 months ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 8 months ago

36, 919, 683 views

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It's time to break some recs! (records)
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Сергей Бадмаев
Russian GUY:-)
Hina Din
'Hina Din' 3 hours ago
That is cool!😂
'Hinana' 4 hours ago
I feel sorry for Michael cause they're a bit mean to him 😂
Kai Dwyer
'Kai Dwyer' 4 hours ago
It is so sad that normal people can't be amazing like them.... by definition....
Aless Pochez
'Aless Pochez' 4 hours ago
qui parle francais
Ryhen Trinidad
'Ryhen Trinidad' 4 hours ago
tyler you are awesomw
'Ushter' 4 hours ago
Why can Dude Perfect do a 520 feet basket ball but Why can i only get 1 feet
Viktor Schmidt
'Viktor Schmidt' 4 hours ago
Aero Uixie
'Aero Uixie' 4 hours ago
I'm watching at 2017 hahahaha.
Billy Ball
'Billy Ball' 6 hours ago
ive done a longer behind the back shot just messing around with my friends
Billy Ball
'Billy Ball' 6 hours ago
imagine being the Guinness Records guy, watching people accomplish their dreams everyday...
Rafi “Gaming” Fadhil
iki menungso opo guduk :v
Derek Walrus
'Derek Walrus' 8 hours ago
How to they print those records so fast?
Chris Humphrey
'Chris Humphrey' 9 hours ago
how many world records have all of y'all made in your life time
The BFF Show
'The BFF Show' 10 hours ago
You guys are AWESOME.
G “waites4N1” Waites
that first take one lol lX D
'SrTacoo.' 12 hours ago
No lo se Rick, parece falso.
'Stefanie's World' 13 hours ago
These looks sort of fake but it's so so cool and entertaining
Jorge Ortiz
'Jorge Ortiz' 13 hours ago
Dude Perfect in the funk (Fort Worth, Tx)!
Jaime Roman
'Jaime Roman' 14 hours ago
I had an ad with dude perfect in it it was an ruffles ad and now I am watching more dude perfect
player 1
'player 1' 14 hours ago
'ThothGaming' 14 hours ago
How do chips make do like 10 world records?
I guess my name is long enough for youtube
My world record is not having one
this can't be real, can't!!!!
Michal petard
'Michal petard' 19 hours ago
luizgustavo carvalho de oliveira
o luco mano
Liam Morris
'Liam Morris' 20 hours ago
Legitimate argue promotion luck wealth civilian port.
Mati Labo
'Mati Labo' 21 hours ago
do they do it at first try?
'644jake1' 21 hours ago
But could you do it on a rainy Tuesday night in Stoke?
Roblox Master
'Roblox Master' 22 hours ago
i breat the highest building shot,i went to the highest building in the world shot OMG its real!
Charles Cordova
'Charles Cordova' 1 day ago
Bilal Aridi
'Bilal Aridi' 1 day ago
how could they have the certificates right ahead of time
Rainbow rain 360
'Rainbow rain 360' 1 day ago
How can you tell which ones Coby and Cory?
'SchweetZki' 1 day ago
When the aliens/androids play basketball
'SchweetZki' 1 day ago
why dont they just for a basketball team?
Thew _12
'Thew _12' 1 day ago
Where are you from Dude Perfect?
PS Forever
'PS Forever' 1 day ago
not real
'zeewoozoo1' 1 day ago
that building shot was mind blowing !!! he couldnt even see the basket ... its like throwing n hoping against hope that it would atleast land in the near vicinity of the basket
that last record was broken lol
Alexis Omar Martinez Perez
If you eat Ruffles you could beat WR like Dude Perfect crew
if someone didn't watch ur video...

'deepspacepilot' 1 day ago
Why aren't they on a basket ball team or something
trash bag boy
'trash bag boy' 1 day ago
This came out on my birthday
Dead Pool
'Dead Pool' 1 day ago
:o on the two guys one they beat him by one point 😮😮😮😮😮😮😱😱😱😱😱😱
'TwistedRope887' 1 day ago
Is ty A navy seal
StarCow Meat
'StarCow Meat' 1 day ago
did they break the record for most broken records in one week?
Chuckie Vanhoose
'Chuckie Vanhoose' 1 day ago
Big easy took his record back
John Babcock
'John Babcock' 1 day ago
ty=migran on the first shot
'Kbird' 2 days ago
Leen. The Pink Unicorn.
What I if told you
logan maru
'logan maru' 2 days ago
jion a basketball team
'43bor' 2 days ago
i love all dressed
Sanad Adwan
'Sanad Adwan' 2 days ago
is this fake ?
zizou ishere
'zizou ishere' 2 days ago
they should join the NBA
'Tederuzzkeee' 2 days ago
the song goes so well with the video, Nice!
'Hermix' 2 days ago
Dude perfect check out guinnis world rekcord someone has steal your rekcord
Mert Sivrikaya
'Mert Sivrikaya' 2 days ago
EPICFAIL223/Robot wizard Jacob
krysku playz
'krysku playz' 2 days ago
you should be professional basketball players
Space Man12263
'Space Man12263' 2 days ago
OMG HOW 6:39 !!!!!!!!
'EFSANEVİ OYUNCU' 2 days ago
100%100 photoshop
tekkerZ skillZ
'tekkerZ skillZ' 2 days ago
plzz subscribe to my channel i have an awesome channel !! its about trickshots !!
I gotta edit that out
somebody beat your high basketball shot
Jakub Canady
'Jakub Canady' 2 days ago
You guys are awesome how do u make every shot and just do so good
'msanger777' 2 days ago
you guys are so DOPE DUDE!!!! DAMN COOL
Safana Noreen
'Safana Noreen' 2 days ago
yo dude
Jack Conrod
'Jack Conrod' 2 days ago
DP Harlem made a new vid breaking your records
iichickennugget 2nd
cool video
ghaith the gamer
'ghaith the gamer' 2 days ago
One of the records are fake
Daxmion GamingHP
'Daxmion GamingHP' 2 days ago
Yep Parfact so Parfact
tran nhat anh
'tran nhat anh' 2 days ago
i like all of you Dude Perfect
1 like
Aeshwarya Sethi
'Aeshwarya Sethi' 2 days ago
How can they do it so perfectly?
'tacoluke' 2 days ago
Itz Elit3Gaming
'Itz Elit3Gaming' 2 days ago
1 sub=1,000,000,000 dollars
Ignore= bad luck for 100 years
Glo Kapalungan
'Glo Kapalungan' 2 days ago
Flow NationzHD
'Flow NationzHD' 2 days ago
What's your goal of subs for 2017?
'4e1ove4ek' 2 days ago
'DJ9935' 2 days ago
DUDE, this is PERFECT!
Wow You are so awsome I liKe yoU gUys
I am Cringe o3o
'I am Cringe o3o' 2 days ago
That's fricking incredible...
'Firestorm' 2 days ago
These records were just beaten by Harlem Goldtroters😞😞
Joey Batts
'Joey Batts' 2 days ago
your highest shot record got broken
Preston Dos Santos
please comment back I got a dude perfect basketball set I LOVE it and Owen keep it up
DxC Cawthon
'DxC Cawthon' 2 days ago
all of those shots are insane
Lindsay Leahew
'Lindsay Leahew' 2 days ago
While I was watching I was eating ruffles
Eric Zavaleta
'Eric Zavaleta' 2 days ago
damn Chandler parsons is good!
Mikhel Bunge
'Mikhel Bunge' 2 days ago
good christian song
'Dany131' 3 days ago
'F T P' 3 days ago
Shouldn't you guys get a certificate for most world records broken or am I wrong?
Ninja Monkey
'Ninja Monkey' 3 days ago
I can probably get the free throw record and the 3 point record
Faze AlPhA
'Faze AlPhA' 3 days ago
I'm skydiving
PixelCarPro Racer
'PixelCarPro Racer' 3 days ago
I'm supposed to be playing clash royale, but this one player keeps requesting for my troops
awesome Ayesha
'awesome Ayesha' 3 days ago
wow u guys r sooooooooo awesome
Brock Roberts
'Brock Roberts' 3 days ago
Do they live in Oklahoma USA
Creeper Universe
'Creeper Universe' 3 days ago
Aye keep it up 😀👍
Vladimir Watkins [Student]
They all beat a word record: "World's most records broken by one person/one guy". Right?
hama nawroz
'hama nawroz' 3 days ago
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